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very good University for graduate studies. They have a strong research path that will lead you to get a decent job.
very good University for graduate studies. They have a strong research path that will lead you to get a decent job.
I love online classes. Wish they would add a email (microsoft) notification button.

Teachers end class early sometimes.

Easy to learn online.

A little hard to navigate through the dashboard. Was never given a tutorial on how to navigate it.

Book Store is online. .........................................................................................................................................
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Capitol is a great university for the academically minded. The campus is isolated and the student population is so small that everyone knows everyone and crime is virtually nonexistent. It's a very focused school, so don't expect to have big parties every weekend; people tend to stick to hosting small game nights with close friends every now and then. There are lots of fun events, though, from Zombie Week in the fall, to campus-wide movie nights every season.
If you ever run into problems with professors or your major, there are many outlets Capitol provides to help get you back on track.
Online classes are very fun to attend. The professors are easy to reach and communicate with. Classes are interactive and often rely on the input of the students using online features such as polls, text chat, and screen sharing.
Great small school, dorms are really nice and the people are very friendly. Classes are great and can get very personal with the teachers if you would like.
The atmosphere is great, you know everyone, everyone knows you. The teachers are very helpful and most of them work very hard to help their students succeed.
Honestly the worst school I have ever been to, there is no organization in the administration at all. If you have any type of disability they dont care and refuse to be helpful with needing accomadations. John Washington (counsoler) is probabily the laziest and rudest person I have met. He never helps with any isses at all and his only responses is "no" or "not my problem". There is about 20 girls in the whole school, most of the guys are complete pervs and the school turns a blind eye on most harrasment reports just to make their records look better. Most people dont graduate from here, if you want to be any type of engineer dont go here. Half of the degrees promised dont actually exist and so you cant really graduate anytime soon. None of the teachers are professionals in their fields and most are very pretentious. Most of the grades are based on if the teachers like you or not.
I love Capitol Technology University because it is a small college where everyone knows everyone. When you are on campus you automatically fit in because there is at least one thing you have in common with another person. I also like how the school supports interaction with others and provide students activities and events to participate in. Not only is it great socially but they also provide professors that are determined to help you understand a subject that you may be struggling with. The professors always find new ways to teach the class while staying on the subject. They do multiple methods of teaching so that they can understand how the student learns better. Also, the classes are smaller than other universities so that gives people a chance to get to know their professor on a personal level and it gives students connections with job opportunities in the process.
I am a student in the doctoral program. This is definitely a good school and trending upwards. The faculty changes in the past two years in my program have brought new energy and ideas to the table. The newest parts of the campus are great. The groundskeeping needs to have more attention to detail.
This University was a great experience for me. I learned alot of material in 5 years. My favorite thing about this school is that the professors care. They will go out of their way to help you as much as they can. Also, the classes are smaller which makes it easier for learning.
It's a nice place, small, which is what I needed. The teachers actually listen when you have a problem, even if they tend to get on you about work. They recently remodeled and I couldn't be happier to see what's in store!
the college isn't too bad, it's a pretty good university for it is small and well balanced. the professors are nice and very understanding when it comes to schoolwork.
I went to an open house at Capitol Technology university my experience was amazing. I really felt how everyone treated each other like family. I like how it's a small campus to easily get around. I really love it I really would like to attend to this college.
I like the campus, etc. Professors and administration are nice. I plan pursue a degree in Information Technology at CTU.
Good school, off the beaten path, great teachers, 1 on 1 tutoring if required, small in depth classes, lots of opportunity for extra curricular activities, generous scholarship program, evening classes for working individuals
The academics at the university is mostly towards cyber security, computer science, engineering, aerospace, and business. The professors and teachers for those academics are really good. One of the professors really helps the newcomers to any class he teaches and breaks it down for you. The learning center is a perfect place to go to if your struggling really bad in one of your classes.

The campus is really small, but doesn't have a lot of things to do unless an event is going on. Students can live in the towers that is shared between other universities like college park and Bowie near the Metro. A shuttle does travel between those two places to drop off students who have classes. There's no major parties going on campus and sports teams we have that play seriously. The campus have a lot of geeks and nerds that is into computers, video games, and anime.

Finally, the financial aid office will help anyway they can to help your tuition and make sure you can come to Capitol.
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Despite being kind of unheard of outside STEM communities, Capitol is well respected by employers. A significant amount students get internships from government departments or major government contractors( DOD, NASA, Lockheed Martin).

Many students have jobs waiting before they graduate. A Lot of graduates work for the government directly or indirectly. The rest are spread out among telecommunications, computer networking, cyber security and power distribution companies. Our alumni association is pretty strong, They donate a lot of scholarship money.
Capitol is a small school that specializes in Electrical, Computer, Aerospace and Cyber security engineering.

The teachers are really knowledgeable in those subjects, but there is a limited variety of courses offered in other subjects. Some professors are dedicated and helpful while others can be somewhat inconsistent.

A lot of classes, especially general studies, are offered in the form of live online lectures. All classes are small between 5 - 40.
I feel safe on campus. We're small so everyone sort of knows each other. Also, the main campus is kind of isolated in the suburbs, so we don't have much time.
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