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Capital has offered me many opportunities to network through my close faculty relationships. I am still shocked at the willingness of my professors to assist me in class and beyond.

I have not lived in a residence hall for a couple years, but I really appreciate the ability to live in university-owned homes, apartments, and townhomes.

Truly the academics and close faculty relationships are what I came here for, and that's what I'm getting. Improvements have been made to student life in the last 5 years, which adds a good environment to the campus. The food situation seems to be an issue with students, but I have no experience. I love being in the Columbus area, and Bexley does well to accommodate students and make us feel included.
It was very organized and the staff was very welcoming. I applied to attend this college and it is at the top of my list. I would love to learn more about it as I am deciding on a college
I love the nursing program at Capital University and how it allows you to begin nursing sooner than most colleges. It also has very invested professors that are always available and flexible with their office hours. There are many resources that help you to succeed in your academic assignments which is very useful. I believe Capital could be even better if they renovated/updated some of the older things on campus because the dorms could definitely use some changing. I think it would be great if it could have more modern and up-to-date things on campus as well as more diversity.
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Cap is nice in theory, but in reality, at least with my freshman class, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t party and drink a ton on the weekends. I have seen it first hand, and as a non-drinker and non-partier, it makes me VERY uncomfortable. As a nursing major, I feel like the nursing degree isn’t taken as seriously here. For example, every one of my friends who are nursing majors at different schools are not taking the bs classes Cap makes us take freshman year, but they are actually taking classes that are important to our major, like anatomy and physiology and microbiology, and are then having more time in the clinical field. Other than that the food isn’t great, as has been mentioned, but there are some really great extracurricular activities and President Paul is really a great woman.
Honestly, I believe that this school gets more recognition that deserved. Academically, I couldnt have chosen a better school to attend. However, when it comes to the culture and diversity, it lacks.
I couldn't have made a better decision than coming to Cap. Although I'm only freshman , it's been some of the best months of my life.
I was immediately welcomed by everyone and I have never been surrounded by so many kind people.
Capital truly cares about their students and made welcome weekend awesome. I went to many events that were provided and met the girls who are now my best friends.
While moving in, there were so many volunteers that I didn't have to carry anything myself.
There were AMAZING OL's to help make my transition smooth and made me so much more comfortable.
The only complaints I have are the food, and parking. I got food poisoning and the options are limited in the dining hall. The freshman parking lot is only open a few hours of the day and I don't always have access to my car.
The Capital University experience is one I would not trade for the world. Everyone here is friendly, the professors want you to succeed, and you can always feel at home. The campus is small, though, so if you don't mind running into people that you know then you're all set!
I really enjoy the small campus and the beauty of it. It feels like a second home with everything being so close together.
I really enjoy living here at Capital along with being a part of the Capfam. Coming in as a freshman I instantly felt welcome and now returning for my second year I once again feel welcomed to return. Capital is a very accepting University and tries to meet all students needs and concerns.
This small private school is located in the heart of Columbus, oh and has a lot to offer. It has great staff and faculty as well as a great location.
Capital is a place for everyone. There are so many student organizations that welcome everyone and it feels like a home away from home. The staff is very interested in making sure everyone has what they need and making sure the school year is a success. Personally, I had met with my music professor before I chose Capital and she gave me a free lesson, tips, and method books! All of the returning students are so welcoming during the orientation days. I am very glad I chose Capital University.
Capital University is a great campus, personally I like the smaller layout and it gives you a chance to know more people and make connections. I would really like to see the athletic program grow but it has a really great foundation.
Capital is a great University. The professirs are very well informed in their respected fields and will help you through anything through constant interaction. The Residential life is pretty sweet, you can really come & go as you please. The cleaning staff are also very polite & friendly. The food is exceptional at all times. The scenery is gorgeous, we have fountains, trees, nice lawns, wonderful buildings as well as ample parking.
Capital University is a very nice private school in Bexley, OH. The location is so nice being 10 minutes from downtown Columbus and the atmosphere around campus is great. Everyone you meet is so friendly and open-minded. There are no "cliques" as you would say but everyone has their friend groups. But since the campus is so small everyone is usually all together anyways. Everyone at Capital University is so involved on campus and in the community. They do service work such as cleaning the streets to helping make sure that you are safe and in a good environment. The staff at Capital makes you feel so at home. They are always happy and welcome you with open arms and are always there if you need help.
It's a beautiful campus with such a diverse group of people. Feels like home the minute you step on campus. There's always so much going on
What i love about Capital Universtiy is the ablility to do whatever I want. Becauase it is a small campus I am able to be a part of many different clubs, be involved in sports, and be a nursing major. No where else I looked let me do all of this. Another thing I loved about Capital is that the Nursing Program was direct admittance. This was so helpful. Instead of dreading and stressing about getting into a nursing program at a large school, I already knew that I was set and secure with my major. Another thing that is great about Capital is that it was my cheapest option. It may be a private school and cost a ton, they were the most generous with scholarships and financial aid. This was the most crucial in my decision making process.
I think capital is a great school and I have a geeat time being on the football team I have fun at the party at the houses the classes are good
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My experience at Capital University has been fairly decent. The professors I have had, have worked with me around my sports schedule and are very easy to talk to if you have questions. I have not had any problems with professors. The only things I dislike about Capital University is the cafeteria food, which could be said about any college, and the heating system in the dorms. There is no air conditioning and my heat is always on. Sometimes my room is so hot I have to go somewhere else to sleep. Overall I would recommend Capital University to someone who is looking for a small school.
Friendly but distant faculty. Most faculty are adjunct so it is difficult to get a hold of them. Campus is small, campus population is also small. Too close to the city, too noisy, too bright. Occasionally feel unsafe walking alone at night. Very little opportunities to study abroad.
liberal as all get out. If you have any views other than that of the university you will find yourself a outcast. there are very few republicans on campus. You cannot fly a Mississippi state flag here. But you can fly a LGBTQ flag.
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