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I have had some problems with misunderstandings with professors and administrators but overall Capital is a great school with many resources to ensure student success.
Although online learning is brand new to many students and professors, my experience with it has been pretty good. I dislike not being able to go speak to a professor or faculty member immediately but overall online has been a success so far.
I had no online classes at Capital University but the online coursework that accompanied in-person learning was fine.
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I value the time I had here, but have not seen much come out of my particular degree choice career-wise.
My online learning experience has been great! I have learned so much already. The professors have really stepped up and have helped me learn so much. I enjoy being online!
My overall experience has been great! I have had a great time at Capital so far. I truly enjoy the professors. They are so knowledgeable. The student life is great. There are so many ways to get involved. The diversity and inclusion office is amazing. They are so willing to help.
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, myself as well as other students were forced to move out of our dorm rooms and continue our classwork online. My professors were engaged and ready to help whenever I needed it. Though this was frustrating because I could not ask my professors in person, they still were about to answer all of my questions in order for me to successfully end the semester on a good note.
Capital University is located in a great location. The school sits right in the middle of the City of Columbus, Ohio which gives students a great opportunity to venture out and explore all the great businesses in which surround the school. What I would like to see change is the diversity on campus. Though Capital has gotten a little better on this issue, I still however would like to see more minority students being enrolled on campus.
I have taken a few online classes and I genuinely like them. Usually, you can work at your own pace during the week. The professors work hard to try to connect with you, even though you aren't in person. You still feel like you are learning all of the information, but it is more convenient.
I like how small the class sizes are. It makes it easy to connect with your classmates, as well as with your professors. As a nursing major, it's very beneficial because there can be some hard topics to understand. During labs, you can ask as many questions as needed because there are only about 15-20 people per lab. People are always there to help you succeed and they want you to succeed. The campus is small, so you don't have to walk very far in between classes.
Since it's my first year I haven't had a online experience. But, I hope in the future If I do have online classes then it would be good and well understanding as if I'm in the classroom learning.
This will be first year at capital. But ever since I went on a tour there it felt like another place I could call home and how welcoming it is.
I'm taking online classes currently. They are going well and I like them. Communication and layout could be better.
I like the personal atmosphere since the student population is down. I believe it could improve with better facilities. A lot of the dorms are worn down.
Professors were awesome when it came to taking classes online, they were very understanding when it came to the troubles of technology. Professors made sure the work we had was both challenging and easy to access online.
Capital was amazing academically, the professors really do care about the students and are very personable. The campus is beautiful and the people are incredible. Capital continually offers opportunities for students to gather and get to know each other and has several ways students can become more engaged with their school. I would like to see Capital University improve housing for its students since it is so expensive.
Capital University is such a welcoming environment. So welcoming that when I visited campus by myself, a current student's noticed my confusion on where to go and they assisted me!
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My experience at Capital University was incredible. The university is small so I was able to make many close friends and run into them daily while walking through campus. The size also allows for personal attention from academic advisors and professors which allowed me to succeed as a student.
Professors were great! Overall dorms need updated and better health conditions but good curriculum. My freshman year was a rollercoaster so maybe the college should do a better job at showing the resources we have and how to get to them.
The campus is lovely, the application process is easy, and they give out lots of financial aid! I love that the colors are purple and white, and the teachers are very knowledgeable. The tour guides as well are very intelligent and knowledgeable about campus. The students are nice and welcoming!
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