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Capital is a great University. The professirs are very well informed in their respected fields and will help you through anything through constant interaction. The Residential life is pretty sweet, you can really come & go as you please. The cleaning staff are also very polite & friendly. The food is exceptional at all times. The scenery is gorgeous, we have fountains, trees, nice lawns, wonderful buildings as well as ample parking.
Capital University is a very nice private school in Bexley, OH. The location is so nice being 10 minutes from downtown Columbus and the atmosphere around campus is great. Everyone you meet is so friendly and open-minded. There are no "cliques" as you would say but everyone has their friend groups. But since the campus is so small everyone is usually all together anyways. Everyone at Capital University is so involved on campus and in the community. They do service work such as cleaning the streets to helping make sure that you are safe and in a good environment. The staff at Capital makes you feel so at home. They are always happy and welcome you with open arms and are always there if you need help.
It's a beautiful campus with such a diverse group of people. Feels like home the minute you step on campus. There's always so much going on
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What i love about Capital Universtiy is the ablility to do whatever I want. Becauase it is a small campus I am able to be a part of many different clubs, be involved in sports, and be a nursing major. No where else I looked let me do all of this. Another thing I loved about Capital is that the Nursing Program was direct admittance. This was so helpful. Instead of dreading and stressing about getting into a nursing program at a large school, I already knew that I was set and secure with my major. Another thing that is great about Capital is that it was my cheapest option. It may be a private school and cost a ton, they were the most generous with scholarships and financial aid. This was the most crucial in my decision making process.
I think capital is a great school and I have a geeat time being on the football team I have fun at the party at the houses the classes are good
My experience at Capital University has been fairly decent. The professors I have had, have worked with me around my sports schedule and are very easy to talk to if you have questions. I have not had any problems with professors. The only things I dislike about Capital University is the cafeteria food, which could be said about any college, and the heating system in the dorms. There is no air conditioning and my heat is always on. Sometimes my room is so hot I have to go somewhere else to sleep. Overall I would recommend Capital University to someone who is looking for a small school.
Friendly but distant faculty. Most faculty are adjunct so it is difficult to get a hold of them. Campus is small, campus population is also small. Too close to the city, too noisy, too bright. Occasionally feel unsafe walking alone at night. Very little opportunities to study abroad.
liberal as all get out. If you have any views other than that of the university you will find yourself a outcast. there are very few republicans on campus. You cannot fly a Mississippi state flag here. But you can fly a LGBTQ flag.
I really loved how friendly everyone was. You know everyone on campus in a pretty short time, and I liked that the staff was always so welcoming. #CapFam is a real thing! However, the food is a huge minus. The cafeteria has poor gluten free items, and simple things like coffee are to expensive. A lot of the dorms are not ADA regulatory as well.
The academics are great. Slightly challenging but not impossible. The social life is off, however. Weekends and anytime past 4 on the weekdays, expect to see no one on campus. It becomes a ghost town and it's kinda strange for a college campus.
I felt that administrators, faculty, and staff were well acquainted with members of the student body, and took interest in students' success. In addition, degree programs are structured in such a way that it is more than possible to complete a double-major within the typical four-year period. However, because the university is small, many courses are only offered for a single session, making scheduling difficult.
I love how Capital University is a small school where you can always find a way to contact your professors. Since it is a small school you don't have to walk far from class to class.
I love the atmosphere at Capital University. When I arrived for a college tour here I instantly felt at home and welcomed. This college is one of my dream colleges.
I came from a small high school and I wanted to attend a smaller school. Capital University the perfect example of a small school. I am so glad i made the choice I did. Capital is located in Bexley, a small town, but only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the big city--Columbus. Being at a small school, I know most of the students in all of my classes and all of my professors. Campus is friendly and most students are very involved in on-campus events. Some people think that going to a small college keeps you from really experiencing college, but that's not true. College is a crazy ride with lots of ups and downs and you will experience that at any school you attend. By being a small school Capital provides you with support through it all.
Capital is a relatively small school, so everything is very personal. You get a lot of personal attention, and there are a lot of opportunities for career building activities.
I like that it is a small school because class sizes are small and the professors are easy to get to know and contact. I think the school could do a better job of communicating events that are going on. News travels by word-of-mouth mostly, which is not efficient.
The Campus is gorgeous. The only part I really don't like too much is the atmosphere on the weekends. Lots of students go home so there is no one here. Also, there are a lot of cliques and making friends at first was hard.
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Friendly people and helpful professors, they really want the best for you and to help you to succeed.
I very much enjoy attending this school and think it is a very nice community to be a part of. I enjoy the small class sizes and feeling cared about by the professors. They are all very understanding and are very willing to make accommodations in difficult situations. They care about the well-being of their students and do everything they can to help you if you fall behind.
A degree from this school is highly valued, and the school does everything they can to help students who are getting ready to graduate to find employment. They also do a great job of pairing students with internships while they are still in school, as many majors require at least one type of internship.
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