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Throughout my journey at Capital I have had a great experience. I have met wonderful professors who truly care about their students. Capital has helped me grow academically and on a personal level,m by challenging me with difficult assignments and having me take a in depth look at my life and how the things that I have learned apply to my life. I love the diversity on the campus. Most students are willing to work with one another and support each other.
Capital University has so much to offer, from the moment you step on campus to the time you head to bed. There's always activities for you to do, the library is always a great place to study, all fellow students are super nice and welcoming. Specifically the upper class men are always willing to help our the new students with their transitions to college. The staff and faculty make it a priority to see us succeed and do good. Capital is an overall great school with good experiences.
Capital Univerity is a great small liberal arts school. The majority of the professors care about their students and because of small classroom sizes, professors can actually have relationships with the students.
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I graduated from Capital Spring 2019. Throughout my time there I was apart of several student organizations, such as Sister Network, Students for the Advancement of Afikan American Society, and Student Government. I can honestly say the organizations and the relationships I made through not only them but the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Smooth Transitions were the keys to my survival at Capital.
The greatest thing about Capital is the emphasis it places on personal relationships. From students up to faculty and staff, Capital University excels in fostering long term relationships. I've made some of my best friends there, as well as found some mentors. I do wish that Capital would be more intentional in creating an atmosphere that is truly diverse and inclusive.
My experience with Capital University has been nothing short of exceptional. I'm beyond excited to take part in higher learning at such a fantastic university. The university staff and students are always eager to help and promote a positive environment that I'm proud to be a part of.
Capital University is a close-knit campus based on approximately two blocks of land in Columbus, Ohio. It is a wonderful school for greater professor-student relationships. The class sizes make it easier to learn and makes the classes more student need based. However, the buildings and equipment for nursing majors is extremely outdated.
The dorms need to be better and the non air conditioned dorms need to have something other than fans for the warmer weather but overall it's amazing!
Capital has such a welcoming and familial experience. Everyone is always so willing to help, if they don’t have an answer they will direct you to someone who will. The small classroom sizes make for more personal connections to be made with fellow students and professors. The nursing program is great and there is nowhere else I would rather go.
What I like about capital is the education and they're very open with diversity shows the schools maturity. I think what should change is how expensive it is, the cheaper it is, the more people gone want to come.
It's a relatively small campus, so getting from one side to the other takes about 5-10 minutes, which is ideal for me. I personally don't like big campuses where there are too many buildings to even remember where anything is. I'm not sure if this is how every college is, but the professors here teach the students like mature adults and it is a freeing feeling. I'm trusted to do my work, and when things get in the way of my work, they are understanding and usually willing to extend deadlines since life can be difficult sometimes. It's more diverse here than at my high school and I love seeing other Asian American students besides myself. There is also a strong LGBTQ+ presence with many diverse clubs and communities. I feel comfortable here and I found a great friend group within a week.
The education part of Capital is fantastic, but everything else is very rough. The living situation is hard to deal with, the food is not good and it's a lot of money for the little we get.
Capital is a fun loving school! With it being a smaller campus, the walk to classes are extremley convenient. I enjoy walking around day to day seeing the same familiar faces greeting you. The proffessors are kind and caring. They are always willing to put in that extra bit of help to exceed your learning. Not only is capital and family in academics, but also sports. I had the opportunity to play basebatball here and i learned so much more about life. Capital is a great University to attend!!
The campus is beautiful and they have a prestigious reputation, but looks can be deceiving. I was a music major, and I had a horrible experience for my four years there. Most of the professors were pretty nice and helpful. Some were the most horrible people I've ever met. Some professors like to play God and tell you what will never happen in your lifetime. NOT a positive environment for older students, nor for anybody with conservative values, unless you're ready to keep it an absolute secret and fall in line with all the lefty snowflakes. Chapel Choir members can do no wrong. Good food and friendly staff in eating areas though. That way you don't have to go ALL day without interaction with other decent human beings. The Dean is an awesome person and a good listener. I couldn't have survived it without her. Once I went to student teach - my coop had had a very similar experience. Had to go to counseling after graduation to get over all the rejection and verbal abuse.
My experience was very good there. The tour was very informative and the campus was beautiful. If I could change something, I would choose A/C in the freshman dorms!
The Campus is very nice and the people are very welcoming. The atmosphere is nice, and also the surrounding area. There are a lot of places to eat and go off campus so there are a lot of things you can do. There are also a lot of clubs that are pretty good so that everyone on campus has something that they are interested in doing. Their sports are decent and are very welcoming to others trying out in any way.
Capital University is a small campus, which I love. I have had some amazing professors and am lucky enough to be in a nationally accredited program.
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Intimate classes that allow you to ask needed questions and have concerns addressed by the professors themselves. Lots of office hours for one-on-one time with professors.
Very close knit college. Faculty is more than willing to help and be involved in the journey. Small classes that make you more engaged and more eager to learn. I loved it here!
After completion of my first year at Capital, I am very grateful for selecting this college versus all my other top contenders. As a Music Tech major, Capital has a very large and hands on program to quickly establish your understandings and abilities as a prospective or current audio engineer.

First year housing is as expected; nothing fancy. Currently Capital is in the process of getting a new food services company as they have parted ways with their old one, so the rating only reflects what has been offered not what will be offered.

As a first year, I had a very pleasant experience and had many opportunities presented to me that I was eligible for despite being a freshman. The school offers a study abroad in Hungary and the Music Tech dept. offers trips to AES conventions and starting to offer international spring break trips to work with other schools or places for audio engineers.
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