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My experience was very good there. The tour was very informative and the campus was beautiful. If I could change something, I would choose A/C in the freshman dorms!
The Campus is very nice and the people are very welcoming. The atmosphere is nice, and also the surrounding area. There are a lot of places to eat and go off campus so there are a lot of things you can do. There are also a lot of clubs that are pretty good so that everyone on campus has something that they are interested in doing. Their sports are decent and are very welcoming to others trying out in any way.
Capital University is a small campus, which I love. I have had some amazing professors and am lucky enough to be in a nationally accredited program.
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Intimate classes that allow you to ask needed questions and have concerns addressed by the professors themselves. Lots of office hours for one-on-one time with professors.
Very close knit college. Faculty is more than willing to help and be involved in the journey. Small classes that make you more engaged and more eager to learn. I loved it here!
After completion of my first year at Capital, I am very grateful for selecting this college versus all my other top contenders. As a Music Tech major, Capital has a very large and hands on program to quickly establish your understandings and abilities as a prospective or current audio engineer.

First year housing is as expected; nothing fancy. Currently Capital is in the process of getting a new food services company as they have parted ways with their old one, so the rating only reflects what has been offered not what will be offered.

As a first year, I had a very pleasant experience and had many opportunities presented to me that I was eligible for despite being a freshman. The school offers a study abroad in Hungary and the Music Tech dept. offers trips to AES conventions and starting to offer international spring break trips to work with other schools or places for audio engineers.
My experience at Capital has been incredible! Amazing networking opportunities with peers and professors. The teachers actually care about you as well. Great experience!
I am currently enrolled at Capital and looking to transfer. I am pursuing a BA in political science and, after one of their most renowned department professors leaves, they will only be offering a handful of poli sci courses this autumn. The university has committed dozens of critical health food violations and done little to improve eating facilities.
I love everything about Capital. I especially like the class sizes and how determined the professors are to help you graduate and reach your goals. The campus is beautiful and the people are just a plus.
I researched this university and it is a very nice college that has everything you could possibly need. Yes there might be a hefty price, but the overall experience is worth it.
I love the overall feel of the campus. They are very accepting of you and your interest. They have a one on one feeling with all of your teachers and overall is a wonderful school.
They are slowly improving campus, but it is taking forever to do so. The dorms are run down, and the food is tolerable but they also are working on improving. The new president is working to change the way campus has turned. The area is okay as long as you know where to walk and not to.
Good academics and faculty, most professors are super helpful! Class size is pretty small, good for someone who likes student faculty interaction and ask questions. On campus life, the student body is pretty conservative. ROI is good if you study hard, no problem getting a job in public accounting for me. The downside is the food, it has gone downhill like 2 years ago since the operation got outsourced to a different company.
I love the small campus and the sense of community! Even being a commuter, I still feel connected to my fellow students.
I love that the professors are dedicated, the campus is small, easy to navigate and just outside the city.
Capital University serves students with a sense of excellence. My experience with Capital University has proven to be a hardworking and self-advocating lesson.
Great professors for the most part, but the food it very poor. The campus's recent push for community engagement is great and all, but it'd be nice if that time, effort, and money went into maintaining/updating/renovating the on-campus housing and classrooms first. Facilities is short staffed and always behind or overworking the low number of employees they have, and it shows when the campus gets heavy rainfall or hosts an event it doesn't have the staff to clean up after. The education I am reviewing at Capital is wonderful, and I couldn't be happier with my professors and the friends I've made on campus. But it would be nice if the higher ups took care of their current "Cap Fam" before spending money on appearances.
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Capital has offered me many opportunities to network through my close faculty relationships. I am still shocked at the willingness of my professors to assist me in class and beyond.

I have not lived in a residence hall for a couple years, but I really appreciate the ability to live in university-owned homes, apartments, and townhomes.

Truly the academics and close faculty relationships are what I came here for, and that's what I'm getting. Improvements have been made to student life in the last 5 years, which adds a good environment to the campus. The food situation seems to be an issue with students, but I have no experience. I love being in the Columbus area, and Bexley does well to accommodate students and make us feel included.
It was very organized and the staff was very welcoming. I applied to attend this college and it is at the top of my list. I would love to learn more about it as I am deciding on a college
I love the nursing program at Capital University and how it allows you to begin nursing sooner than most colleges. It also has very invested professors that are always available and flexible with their office hours. There are many resources that help you to succeed in your academic assignments which is very useful. I believe Capital could be even better if they renovated/updated some of the older things on campus because the dorms could definitely use some changing. I think it would be great if it could have more modern and up-to-date things on campus as well as more diversity.
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