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Its a good college just wish there was more diversity and they offered scholarships cause god knows how much people struggle for education.
Capital Community College is a centrally located school, it is a very easy commute. Capital has wonderful professors who are willing to go out of their way to help you both within the classroom, and with personal issues outside of the classroom. The building is nice and kept clean. The class sizes are generally small which is a great thing when it comes to one on one help.
I like Capital Community College. I would like them to offer more option in different classes. They have Saturday and hybrid classes which is very convenient.
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An overall excellent experience. College is made accessible to students because it has a convenient location bring what I call in the heart of CT. Professors and staff are professionals in their dealing with students. There is an inclusive environment. I recommend it, indeed I do.
If Capital Community College were in a more update building I feel students would be more compelled to enroll here instead of the other community colleges.
I loved the teachers. I had some really great teachers, both in class and online. I found out the online classes didn't give me the learning experience I wanted, but I was still able to learn and do well in the classes, but I enjoyed the experience of face-to-face discussions more.
I enjoyed my 2 years at Capital. The actual campus is unique because it is only one 11-story building. This is both good and bad because you get to meet faculty, students and even the school president as you go up and down the elevators. On the downside, waiting for those same elevators can be a hassle. The school may be small, but it is quite diverse, the faculty is very involved, and the quality of education is above par.
I felt as if i was instantly welcomed with open arms by both the staff, the board and the students. the atmosphere is like no other, everyone is very accepting and understanding. i recommend this school to any and everyone, definitely a great start to your career. i love every bit of this college, its very nice and clean and the classes are semi-decent. Overall if you ever had any plans of attending this school be sure to read up on the majors thats offered & what can be accomplished.
Capital is or an awesome school. IThe school has many community events. The professors are easy to talk to and are readily available to help. I would recommend the school to anyone
I have had the best experiences here.
haven't taking any class online
i just wish when some one can't pay for school any more that the school has funds to let the student Finishes school
With online you do not learn as much as you do in the classroom
With online classes you do not get the hand-on experience and you do not learn as much
You can apply for work study when you complete your financial aid for the school. Basically it is just jobs around the school and you get paid for it
I have been in class with over 50 students and they are ready to learn and help out. I worked with a lot of great professors and I am learning a lot of new things. The students are awesome and very helpful
I am going there from Medical Assisting. In my first semester, I was taking all of my general classes. Now I am going to take all my medical classes as they apply to my field
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Capital Community is the best school I am attending because this school makes you feel like you are home. It has the best professors that teaches the great subjects. You get to meet amazing students and you just learn so much. The counselors are great, They help with anything having to do with your classes or any financial situation
I have not yet gone to this school because I missed one semester and I am going to start college this upcoming semester but so far I have heard great things about this school.
The courses can be challenging, but are fair. Most professors want to see their students succeed so they have a lot of extra credit or bonuses related to the material. The class sizes are small, which makes class more comfortable, but in some courses it can be a bit frustrating because too many questions are asked about topics during class, which cause interruptions.
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