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A little expesnive despite having average teachers and most of the content is online anyways but it was nice and quiet.
I made all A in this semester because I felt more comfortable here at BRCC. I like the fact that my financial aide and paper work was completed on time and I did not have any issue about it. BRCC is a diversity school. I made many different friends here at BRCC. The campus was really small, so it was more convient to go from class to class. BRCC have a fitness room availiable for all students and staff, which help us stay healthy. The professors at BRCC, are very nice and helpful at BRCC. The campus food was average. I liked most of their food, but some if BRCC food are too cold sometimes. I felt safe at BRCC because it was easier to be around people since BRCC is small. My student life so far was good.
Hello everyone,

I had a great experience at Baton Rouge Community College at the Jackson. My major was medical assistant. We are well repare. I learn a lot by hands on and talking to my professor. If I needed any help, I could ask my professor the question. I also stay over to study to have quiet time for my test. On the other hand, A better parking lot and signs outside of the school can attracted more students to join the Jackson campus. We also need more majors as in the health care!
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What I like about Baton Rouge Community College is its' small campus that's easy to become familiar with but offers a great deal of associate degrees. Small size classes allows you to take on a more personal relationship with your Professor. It's not intimidating like larger Universities. Being that I am a non-traditional student I feel really comfortable walking the campus and attending classes. It has motivated me to press on. So I say thanks BRCC for making my dreams come true.
I love the teachers and professions. The teacher I have had are so helpful and they are understanding and they do not overload you on assignments.
Baton Rouge community college is an amazing place. The classes are small, there is a 1-28 ratio for teachers to students. All of my teachers remember me, so I feel they care a lot more. I'm a person and not just a number like a big college. I wish they offered a few more classes for my major, but I have to realize its a community college and not a university. They have started to offer more majors and are trying to satisfy everyone. The Teachers are very encouraging and are always available to help students. Many of my old professor still check up on me to see how my post semesters of them teaching me is going. I feel apart of the school, not just a student. Teachers and students host academic tutoring for all subjects. I love this school.
I think the campus resources are good, they just need to be a little more structured.
I chose this school based on the distance from my home.
I have a small class so the instructor has more one on one time to help each student.
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