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2,672 reviews
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I have been attending Capella University for over a year now and all of the professors have been exceptional. The courses have been challenging and the website was very well done. They seemed to have thought of everything. I highly recommend the University.
I honestly like my TA better than my teacher. My student adviser has not contacted me other than the one time. I feel this shows a lack of thought and care. Other than that the teachers are ok and they love to real you in for school. They can be very helpful when it comes to your professors.
Capella University is an affordable alternative to those with limited time and money to spare and that pretty much fits all of the people in the world.There on-line graduate program I found to be very helpful in me obtaining the necessary credentials I needed to be a force to be reckoned with in my chosen profession which is ESL.I would highly recommended this university to anyone who wants a meaningful education and affordable education.
Capella is a great University to attend for those that are also working full-time. The ease of access virtually allows those working parents the opportunity to advance their education, while still working. The counselors and staff at Capella are very helpful and ensure that you are on the right track.
I have had one professor that did not answer emails was not present in the courseroom at the bachelors level. I passed fundamentals of Finance with an A. Accounting with a D if he would have actually taken the time to grade my work i would have a C. same thing at masters. Outside of these things its a great experience. Flexpath was great i wish it would have taken place a year earlier.
My online experience with Capella University, has been an amazing journey thus far has been more than I've ever expected with being online however, I can truly say I have more flexibility for family, work, & school so overall things within my life are working out with achieving a much higher degree so that I can be balanced with providing for myself and my family. I've also learned since being with Capella University as an online student that they provide many reliable tools and specific resources that are available for one's reach when ever needed such as tutoring for every course there's help & great guidance that's accurate for each individual whomever is seeking much more needed knowledge.
So far in my graduate studies Capella professors have been amazing and very flexible when situations arise that call for extensions.
I have been in the DrPH program and It has been a very challenging program despite its online offering. Sometimes it has been difficult to reach resources and complete projects due to slow turnaround of material required to be reviewed. Overall, it felt like a true doctoral experience would feel.
The professors are respected and show respect to the students. The staff and technical support are superb.
I love everything about Capella University because they really make it easy to learn. The entire campus is user friendly. the only thing that I do not like is how and assignment is split into small assignments and then merged into a last assignment. I prefer to do the entire assignment instead of having it broken into little pieces.
Overall my experience at Capella has been excellent. I have learned a lot which has helped me in my career in ways that I never expected.
Capella University is an excellent school for the learner. Capella University strives to impart the goal of being a successful learner to the students and provides the highest quality education academically. Capella University professors, scholars and academic advisors, are profoundly knowledgeable in fields of discipline. The school challenges the students to achieve their goals academically and how to attain it.
I love and recommend capella university to my friends and family. My first experience was very welcoming and very nice and down to earth staff and professors. I would not change anything about this college they should stay the same. I even like that the staff actually cares about our success and accomplishments accomplishments.
My experience with Capella University was a great one. I never knew I had it in me to get straight "A's" until I enrolled at Capella. The professor was very helpful and so were the enrollment counselors they made the enrollment process so easy. If I had to do it all over again I would choose Capella University for my under grad degrees as well.
I understand Capella is a for profit school, but I wish their pricing wasn't so high, it's getting harder and harder to manage.
Capella University is a very good. I go to school on line and if the school operates the campus like the online,the students at the university have a great place to study.The food should be great, it is hard to keep good students around with out any great food to eat.All in all, I have known people that go to the Yale,Harvard schools and I have everything those schools can offer . Teachers that care about their students at Capella.
Best online school for the money.
This is not a school of leisure alot of misconception is brought about where online schools are concerned. Capella is a challenging yet rewarding place to get a proper education if student is willing to put forth the effort to study and communicate with professors.During my time at Capella the professors helped me strive for being better then what I applied ,and this method worked.With a little more study and a little more research I was able to keep the hardest classes at an a level.You absolutely get what you put into your studies.
The most innovative school I've ever attended. It's perfect for working adults. The class structure is easy to understand. Capella really cares and want you to succeed.
What I like about this college is all the online help assistant that the school and professionor offer. What can be done better is lowering that tuition price for a degree.
I love the online experience at Capella. The professors are very knowledgeable about what they are doing. They also help out in any way possible as long as you are trying.
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