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Online courses are great! Easy to navigate and able to work at your speed whether it be fast or slow!
The instructor was very helpful and I passed my first online course ever! I’ve never been able to keep up online but I made it through!
Capella is very user friendly. The advisors are very helpful and make sure you get in the right program and you understand the requirements.
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My experience is excellent at Capella University. It is a 4 year university with two intensive residencies for the masters in clinical mental health counseling. The classwork is fairly rigorous bur it is also rewarding. The program is also carcep accredited which is beneficial for those of us that will be seeking out licensing ay a later point. The faculty advisors are always helpful and available whenever we call. The academic advisors are always kind and receptive whenever I contact them. The professors have for the most part have been reasonable and kind should I need an extension for a paper that is due. It is in my opinion, that it is all of these things that my Capella a great school.
The learning experience has been extremely good. I appreciate the hard work of the professors and staff. The new student preparation they've added in the last two years is a great guide for the learning experience.
I am in a Flex Path program which allows me to work at my own pace. It’s great except for the weekly check-ins which seems ridiculous, unnecessary and a total waste of time. We are adults who know exactly what the consequences are for any delays in our school work. Overall, it is very nice to have such option in today’s very busy world.
Great school with great benefits. Advisers are easygoing and doesn't pressure you. Flexible hours due to the courses being online.
I have not started yet but have taken the orientation so far. I like how flexible they are they start every month so you can take a month off if you want in between quarters.
What i like about it is the communication and availability from the staff is. Whenever i have queations abouy anything they respond to emails and phone calls as soon as possible.
Instructors are real people. Classes are at an accelerated pace, but extremely relevant and applicable, making the ability to learn and comprehend the materials taught very easy.
The staff at Capella have been very helpful in getting me started with the Flexpath! All of my questions have been answered and I am well on my way to achieving my goals!
I absolutely love how much support there is offered at this school. It is easy to navigate through classes and campus and makes for a wonderful experience!
It's all online. Convenient with good selection of graduate programs! I love that they have different learning path, the guided path and flex path which is extremely helpful with people who work full time and going back to school at the same time. You are able to fit your learning around your work hour and have more flexibility and luxury to create your own learning routine.
So far my experience is good. The professors are accessible but do not initiate engagement in my opinion. The online courses are detailed and challenging and you are able to learn your craft if you put forth effort. Their website is loaded with resources to help you to succeed in class and after you graduate.
I will have to say that my experience so far is excellent. I am excited about learning. Capella University provides a positive learning environment. They encourage you to do your best. They offer excellent resources and they are very accessable. I am an older learned so I am nervous about going back to school. The admission process was easy. You have coaches for everything and they cheer you on.
Classes are 10 weeks long, then 3 weeks break - always! Makes scheduling life easier. Great professors and resources. The order of assignments are always according to book! Do-able!
I just started Capella University 3 weeks ago and it is wonderful. I am studying the Pre-Counseling Psychology for my bachelors degree then I will pursue my Masters for both programs they have online classes and this is wonderful for me I have a full time job and a 5 year old so going to class would have been a no go for now. Capella’s online programs are easy to navigate and any questions or concerns you can find mostly on their website or contact anyone at anytime! So far it been great!!
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Capella a unique education in that it has all types of resources to prepare a person in their chosen field of study.

The tuition are very costly. The price to get a degree should be lower.
I really like how they have the FlexPath program even for undergraduates and graduates. You can make your own schedule, go at your own pace, and take as many courses as you want for one flat rate per quarter.
It’s a great school. They stay in contact with your through everything. I like that I can go at my own pace which allows me to finish my degree sooner
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