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I really like how they have the FlexPath program even for undergraduates and graduates. You can make your own schedule, go at your own pace, and take as many courses as you want for one flat rate per quarter.
It’s a great school. They stay in contact with your through everything. I like that I can go at my own pace which allows me to finish my degree sooner
I am new to Capella, but my daughter has been with them longer. After having very bad experience with her former school, this has been much better. I had a wonderful admissions counselor who helped me get everything setup in no time at all, find the right classes and degree plan for what I want to do. They offer a great flexible path for those of us who have never finished our general degree. I can work on my generals along side my bachelors requirements and save time and money.
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Capella is a nice affordable university with a flexpath program which enable you to go according to your pace. The coaches were very helpful in answering questions and helping you navigate your program.
Capella is a university that'll keep you challenged and driven. The instructors are well educated in their professions and make excellent individuals to learn and grow from; their knowledge is unsurmountable!
I just began the doctoral program for counselor education and the professors are engaging and helpful. The support staff is friendly and available any time I have a question. The on-line format was confusing at the the beginning but has proven to be user friendly as I have progressed through the coursework. I have taken on -line courses in the past and completed my undergraduate work on-line. This format is comparable to others and I would recommend it for the support and the professionalism of the faculty and the students.
I have been to many online school and compare to others , this one seem to really take interest in making sure you know what you are doing. All the staff are very helpful and giving information to help you be prepare for any course or your time with
I am a strictly online graduate student. The professors are very patient and considerate of my current situation as I am deployed overseas. Whenever I have questions they are there for me as well as advising and military support program. I am truly thankful for being accepted to such an amazing school.
I enjoy going to online classes thought Cappella University, I feel no pressure and the staff is very helpful.
Capella is helping me archive my goal of receiving my DHA, they are always willing to help you alone the way, with anything you need to help you be a successful student.
They have many programs that range from certificates to doctorates in many areas. They help you through the enrollment process, set you up with tutors, coaches, and mentors the entire time you are enrolled. Capella has a great Alumni community which provides great networking opportunities.
It has been an amazing experience thus far. Get instructors and class mates. Getting to travel has been a perk during residency courses as well. I have made life long friends thanks to this school as well all over the country.
Capella is great for me because of its online environment. I share a car with my wife and that combined with us both working full-time makes the online exclusivity appealing to me. The counselors are helpful and always have been willing to answer any questions I have.
The school is great and they make it easy to learn and grow by using an app on my phone and they guide you as a student throughout each semester so that you as a student can move along easy and be great.
One of the best things about Capella University was the ability to complete my Master's degree online and to now Continue into my Ph.D. My experience with the professors at this University was overall excellent, they where supportive and kind, always willing to help.
I am newly enrolled but their website information acceds and application process is on point! So easy, so imformative and they have a lot of great things to offer
Capella University has the best Professors ever. The Professors at Capella make themselves available to assist you when you need them. My experience thus far has been phenomenal.
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Getting in touch with my advisors is as easy as an email or phone call. My advisor took her time and listened to all of my questions and concerns about choosing the right program for me. The professors are very personable and easy to contact. Considering this is an online school, that's very important to me. Capella is also very military friendly. Whenever I've had drill duty, after contacting my professor she was willing to give me an extension on the assignment. If there was anything that I could change, I would like for the classes to be a few weeks longer so that it wouldn't feel as if assignments had to be crammed in a short period of time.
So far, things have gone well. I have had some amazing professors along the way and only one that was really a problem. Most are kind and understanding that life sometimes gets in the way of learning. Most are helpful and actually want you to learn something in their class, not just mass produce assignments.
Capella University offers several different programs to receive your bachelors, masters, doctorates, and PHD degree. Their programs are flexible for the working student and the professors create a good learning environment, use different teaching and learning strategies, and collaborate with their students. There online classes are flexible and provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to be a successful student.
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