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It's pretty amazing. The College is very easy going and the staff is excellent. It is on more of the expensive side and isn't the best College if your a math major. Nonetheless it's a journey and experience that will stay with you for a life time.
Instructors are very helpful, admissions staff is excellent. Love this school and would suggest anyone looking into University of Phoenix look at this school prior to that one. Capella has the same format as University of Phoenix, without the learning teams. I have attended four colleges prior to coming to Capella University and wish I had located them prior to now.
I have no experience with Capella University . I was informed that is a good college to attend, and the graduation rate Is exceptional.
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At Capella University, the professor cares and try to help you succeed. There are many options at Capella University. The classes are tuff but they prepare you good for the work environment after you finish school. There are options to take classes at your own pace or lead by an instructor. There are many tools to help you succeed.
After 20 years of being out of school I have decided to return to get my Bachelors Degree. Reentering the college scene has been scary and exciting. From the start Capella has guided me through each step. The admissions counselor has been welcoming and supportive. She has been available and attentive to my questions and concerns. When I received notice about the orientation taking 5-10 hours I was amazed. I thought it would never take that long. Well it did. When I finally completed it I was reassured I could do this school thing again. It was completely interactive and gave me the tools and resources I will need to complete my program. I'm confident that in starting my first course I will be successful.
My experience has been excellent with Capella. Teaching staff is supportive and helpful and there are all kinds of resources available to those who are struggling. Moving forward to a masters program is intimidating and scary, advisers are extremely supportive of this process.
I really like the flexibility with FlexPath to do assignments when I have time rather than due dates on a syllabus. I like not having to buy and resell books because all needed resources are provided with each assignment. You are given specific directions and a rubric so, you are able to acheive a good grade the first time you submit an assignment. If you aren't happy with the grade you've received, you are able to edit with feedback provided from the professor and submit two more times. They are very generous with transferred credits applied to general education courses.
User-friendly online platform and very helpful faculty! They answered all my questions quickly and helped me with options to save money!
I love the layout of their online college program. The assignments are very versatile and the professor give you extra links to assist in different ways of how the information relates to everyday experiences.
This institution challenges learners so they are able to excel and strive beyond their comfort zone, while assisting them to reach their goals.
I enjoy my program with Capella. The course work is reasonable and allows for independent work vs group work which is very important for adult students. The professors I have encountered have also been
The online application is fast and easy. Communication is swift and very understandable. So far, my class instructor is very nice, communicates often and has a clear and concise course outline.
Capella is a great online university where I can complete my degree as well as continue to maintain my busy lifestyle.
I am not at all happy about being a student at Capella. The professors I have had have been decent, but a few were absolutely horrible. They don't explain everything to you during first contact. I feel like this has been a terrible waste of money.
Capella University Staff is by your side every step of the way. An adviser is always available. The instructors are phenomenal. The courses are structured around learning. Capella is the biggest decision I’ve made to date. It is the one thing that I am most proud of. I just love this University. I cannot stop talking about the experience I have here. Just awesome.
Great guided-path program! Easy to follow and understand with tons of additional support. They offer a variety of ways to obtain any necessary help through labs, tutoring and JITA. Professors and advisors respond in a timely manner and always provide as much support as needed.
Very Great flexible hours to do work. This is a great school for people that already have jobs and are working towards earning a degree.
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Great institution. This university gives everyone a chance to make it in college. It depends on the individual to pursue the opportunity given to him or her. If you are willing to study and do your work, Capella is the school for you. Most of the student in this institution knows what it is to have a second chance, and they try to utilize such chances and excel in their academic duties. Thank God for the opportunity Capella has given me, I would not have had a chance to go back to school as a graduate student consider my family obligations an all
I truly love the inclusive online learning that Capella provides. The teachers are thoughtful and help the students succeed in every possible way. There is no hesitation when the students need help or have questions. The online learning is best for some and is truly a wonderful experience at Capella. The online Blackboard is easy to use and extremely organized - you never miss anything!
Really enjoy the online aspect of earning my degree on my time. Professors are great, equal opportunity for everyone. Academic accommodations available for those that qualify. Overall, great experience so far.
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