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I just started here at Capella university this past March and have to say that everyone I have talked to from admissions to my professors has been great!!
The website is super easy to work with and everyone is there to help you even when you may not need it. If you start getting behind people will call you or email you to make sure everything is going okay.
I've had a great experience so far with Capella. They are easy to get ahold of when you need them, and the professors are helpful and encouraging.
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Capella is a great online university that allows you to reach your degree goal at your own pace. The instructors are very helpful and are always there for assistance. This is my second year there and look forward to graduating with my Bachelors degree in 2019.
I have enjoyed every course I have taken so far! The professors and resources available have all been very helpful & I love the flexibility of the classes!
My process has been great from registration until taking classes now. The curriculum matches my degree I'm seeking in Homeland Securtiy.
Capella is an online University that works with students that want to continue education. The opportunity to continue online instead of in the classroom is a more valuable learning experience worth investing in.
Some of the teachers over grade things. I love the school and everything that is being taught at the school. But some things are over graded.
I have had a wonderful experience at Capella University. I am an undergraduate in my junior year of achieving my B.S. in Psychology. The mentors and faculty at Capella have been very supportive. When students need clarification on assignments the instructors will be readily available to assist them. The staff at Capella also makes us as students feel optimistic about our future after graduation. They give us resources on career aspects and offer career advice. I have an academic planner and advisor that calls me and asks if I'm doing ok. That goes beyond what is expected and it shows that Capella's goals are to assure their students that they will achieve their own goals. I'm so happy I chose to be a student at Capella. The online classes give me the opportunity to continue being a successful employee, mother, and wife. I would recommend Capella University to anyone looking to further their education.
So far everyone has been very patient and understanding with me. They are truly working with me and my schedule to get me into the program of my choice
I have been with Capella since my undergrad until now, and I appreciate the diverse culture of the university.
The courses are set up so that you can still work or have time for family. This school is perfect for adults and youth who are serious about their education. The faculty are great and you have contact with them at all times during the course. The are tutoring opportunities available for those who need help and work study for those who want to get experience while getting their education. The registration process is easy and you can see your grades at all times during the class. Contacting advisors or financial aid is easy and there is no long line. This school has allowed me to pursue my education while, being there for my family and working a job. I highly recommend this institution.
Depending on the professor you have they will work with you. I have been fortunate to have those who believed in me and gave me the chance to succeed. There were situations where I was very ill and life was just coming at me from all directions. I had empathetic professors that listened and heard my cries and cheered and assisted me through. I am thankful for them and may GOD continuously bless them just because they believed in me. What would I like to see change? Capella has worked for me I devoted more of my time to this institution than any other school I have attended over the last 30 years. If anything what would I like to change in me is be more dedicated than what I am. Not that I am but more put a little more time into my studies. But I have health issues that stop that from happening.
As a full time single mother and correctional counselor at a juvenile center, I do not have a lot of free time available to attend college to finish my criminal justice degree. Capella University allows me to work at my own pace with set deadlines, further my studies, and gives me the opportunity to finish my bachelor's degree.
this has been an excellent experience. i would recommend it to any orher student. As a graduate student it seems to be meeting my expectations.
Thus far, I have enjoyed taking online Capella courses. I am in a graduate program, and the courses are usually project-oriented. They are also learner-centered as opposed to teacher-centered.
I like the 10 week classes with a 3 week break. Classes are online friendly and provide you with the resources to obtain the knowledge needed to obtain your degree.
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Currently It's a nice University with a great support service and supportive and Imforative Instructors.I am on the Mental Health Counseling Program which is accredited by CACREP ,necessary for applying for state licensing in this field!
My educational journey with Capella has been a fulfilling one. I chose an online graduate school after my bachelors so that I can stay at home to raise our family without stopping my educational goals. I like the flexibility the school offers and access to world class study materials makes studying and research an effective one.
Exchanging views with course instructors and classmates on course work and related topics provides needed interaction in the online setting.
Capella is one of the most rewarding schools I have ever attended. The faculty members are very caring, and attentive to each individual student. I felt welcomed the first moment I interacted with the staff online. They help you when needed, and guide you through the entire enrollment process. I am very excited to start and finish my education with Capella University.
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