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I recently started at Capella University, an online college, to finish my degree. Because the professors don't create all of the courses they teach, they are sometimes unable to answer questions related to the course assignments. The online portion is a little difficult to navigate as well, as I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out their online library.
The professors are very active in the online discussions. If you happen to have a disability, they have a program that is fantastic and allows you extra time for assignments and posts so that you can maintain a great GPA. The classes are relatively small, so you get a lot of great feedback on your work!
This is an awesome school so far! Everyone has help move, and or guided me in the direction I needed to go in !
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I am excited and pleased to be a student with Capella University. I have had no issues with processing my application online, and my student advisor went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I choose Capella University based on the program available and how I will achieve my academic plan with their guidance.
The convenience of online learning is a benefit of attending Capella University. The responsiveness of the professors has been very helpful. Each professor has incorporated their experiences into the classroom and this has been beneficial to the learning experience. The financial advisors and academic counselors have all been very accessible during this process. Each faculty member has been easy to work with and extremely helpful.
Capella has been a wonderful online university to study at. I have had wonderful professors and great classmates. I have learned a lot in my classes since the start!
Flexibility, online classes, campus courses, 2 hr sessions in the ABA courses on Adobe Connect, tutoring, excellent teachers, great technical support, essay writing help.
The experience here at Capella university is quite challenging but very unique to my learning abilities as in my graduate studies. The instructors as well as the counselors are very resourceful to this journey while completing these courses online and getting prepared for a better career in the future. I encourage anyone to go to Capella. Because they are more than just an online school they are a role model to the learning experience for all attending. Love it very much!
Snall class sizes, great availability of resources to helo you succeed in the pursuit of your degree. The teachers and the assistants are amazing very helpful and flexible for a busy lifestyle.
I have never been a fan of online classes from my previous educational experiences, however, I would tell everyone serious about going to school to try online through Capella. It makes all the difference.
So far my experience with Capella has been great. They have been extremely helpful and provided lots of information to help me get started.
I love attening Capella, the professors are wondeful they really care about you as a student. If you work hard you can get good grades.
It's pretty amazing. The College is very easy going and the staff is excellent. It is on more of the expensive side and isn't the best College if your a math major. Nonetheless it's a journey and experience that will stay with you for a life time.
Instructors are very helpful, admissions staff is excellent. Love this school and would suggest anyone looking into University of Phoenix look at this school prior to that one. Capella has the same format as University of Phoenix, without the learning teams. I have attended four colleges prior to coming to Capella University and wish I had located them prior to now.
I have no experience with Capella University . I was informed that is a good college to attend, and the graduation rate Is exceptional.
At Capella University, the professor cares and try to help you succeed. There are many options at Capella University. The classes are tuff but they prepare you good for the work environment after you finish school. There are options to take classes at your own pace or lead by an instructor. There are many tools to help you succeed.
After 20 years of being out of school I have decided to return to get my Bachelors Degree. Reentering the college scene has been scary and exciting. From the start Capella has guided me through each step. The admissions counselor has been welcoming and supportive. She has been available and attentive to my questions and concerns. When I received notice about the orientation taking 5-10 hours I was amazed. I thought it would never take that long. Well it did. When I finally completed it I was reassured I could do this school thing again. It was completely interactive and gave me the tools and resources I will need to complete my program. I'm confident that in starting my first course I will be successful.
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My experience has been excellent with Capella. Teaching staff is supportive and helpful and there are all kinds of resources available to those who are struggling. Moving forward to a masters program is intimidating and scary, advisers are extremely supportive of this process.
I really like the flexibility with FlexPath to do assignments when I have time rather than due dates on a syllabus. I like not having to buy and resell books because all needed resources are provided with each assignment. You are given specific directions and a rubric so, you are able to acheive a good grade the first time you submit an assignment. If you aren't happy with the grade you've received, you are able to edit with feedback provided from the professor and submit two more times. They are very generous with transferred credits applied to general education courses.
User-friendly online platform and very helpful faculty! They answered all my questions quickly and helped me with options to save money!
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