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Good experience overall with the school. I have struggled with a couple of courses but there has been good resources in place to help me with classes. Some professors are helpful with extensions with assignments.
Capella is awesome! It's all online, and can fit in my busy schedule. So far, I've found my classes challenging but doable. At this rate, I hope to get through my CompTIA A+ certification after this semester, and my Net+ in the next semester. It's hard work, but high standards produce good results.
What I love the most about Capella University is their team of faculty and how dedicated they are to making sure their students succeed. I also love the fact that they are strictly online and I am only speaking for myself when I say that the online program works for me. I am one to say that I a classroom setting I get easily distracted so I like the fact that this college is all for their students.
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I loved my first course at Capella. The interactive lab and the amount of support offered is amazing. I loved having discussions and getting responses not only from my instructor but from other learner's. I appreciate this opportunity and would highly recommend Capella to everyone I know.
I like the fact that it is an online university and that I am able to work when it is convenient for me. It allows me the flexibility I need with two kids in sports and a husband who is also in college for his bachelors degree.
Awesome school! Best decision I have ever made. Everyone who can't sit in a classroom and would rather be online, choose this school!
After sitting out of school for a few years after my mother’s passing I decided to reenroll to complete my bachelor’s degree. I had previous experience with online classes so the format wasn’t new to me. My experience with Capella has been exceptional.
Capella is vested in the overall empowerment of its students. Support is given and you are encouraged to be your best as you work toward graduation. Capella instructors are dedicated to giving real life experience to courses. Aidind students to bring real life experience all for the development and empowerment of successful professionals in many areas of study.
I absolutely love Capella University! I am able to do my homework on my own time and the professors have been great with giving me very helpful feedback on assignments. I also love that I got a scholarship for 8 free classes on their sister site Capella Sophia for doing well in my very first class with Capella.
I just completed the 4 year online Flexpath BS of psychology at Capella University. The program was excellent and I enjoyed this self-paced process. However, I feel the program would be improved with more opportunities for faculty and peer interaction via webinars, audio lectures, and even local seminars.
Capella has made it possible for me to work full time and pursue my educational goals within my budget. Their programs are intense, but the resources, course planning, and faculty are amazing.
I like the flexibility of not having to go to campus and being able to study online. I also like how the professors and teachers are available to help and are understanding of your circumstances (if any). Each Sunday an assignment is due along with a discussion board post every Thursday. The discussion posts often times require a lot of thought but its open discussion for you to have with your classmates, along with your professor. The weekly assignments often consist of written papers, or worksheets to be completed to make sure that you're comprehending the work correctly. Out of the professors that I've had, they all are pretty cool. I've only had maybe two that were sticklers when it came to the work being done. I feel as though I produce good work, but some professors are very particular about how they want the work completed.
It has been a really great experience for me at Capella. I am a mom, a full time nurse, and a wife this online program has made it possible to continue my education and still handle my everyday responsibilities. I have been challenged and also learned a lot that has not only helped me reach my academic goals, but has given me knowledge to help with my current job. The class load is reasonable and you can take it at your own pace. It also gives you the freedom within reason do get your homework done throughout the week when it's most convenient for you. I have done the in classroom setting while being a mom, and it's just too much. Since I had to do the reading and the work on their time I really didn't have time for my family and to work. This program really gives me the best of everything.
The education I have received as a graduate student was intense and life changing. The professors challenged me to think outside the box and learn to become a scholarly practitioner. I utilize the knowledge and skills I acquired through my studies with Capella University in my daily work as a counselor. I would highly recommend Capella University.
To me Capella University is tje best!!!!!!!! They have a very caring staff thats attentive to students needs.
Excellent counselors/advisors. Classes are specific to your own pace. Financial aid is available. Professors are easily accessible. Tutoring is available as are community groups and forums. Love the ability to access all areas of help when needed.
It it very easy to use the online program with great support. The assignments are interesting and as long as you can follow directions you can get a good grade. The staff are friendly, helpful and professional. I am using the flex path and it is allowing me to move through the program quickly which is saving me money and time.
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I am only in my first semester. Signing up was very easy. They were extremely helpful with assisting me with the financial aid portion. A dedicated person was given to me from start of the application through the second week of class.
Capella University is an amazing learning environment. The staff, professors, and fellow learners are all amazing. Going to Capella University was the best decision I made to date.
Capella is an online university that has offered a lot support, the professors stay in contact each quarter and offer support and resources to ensure the students are successful after graduation. I was able to find an intern with the support of the university.
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