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When I decided to go to Capella for my MBA, it was the best choice i made. They are so helpful and always makes sure that everything is going good with me.
The application process for applying to Capella was user friendly and easy to access. Enrollment counselor are very welcoming and helpful. Anytime you call there are always available.
The admissions counselor mr. Stone is wonderful when it comes to answering your questions and helping you with anything that you need to get you registered for upcoming semester.
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It all depends on the professor you are assigned to for each class because each professor requires something different. Some professors I feel don't look at edited papers very well because they have skipped over things they say i have missed but haven't. The tutors are great to have but half the time they forget about your appointment with them which is disappointing when you are trying to get help and cannot.
My experience at Capella University over the last 2 years have been great. The programs are tailored to meet your schedule, advisors and instructor’s cares about your learning.
A great online experience. The faculty has been exceptionally proficient in providing me the learning tools and strategies to enhance my career. Capella is a great choice, and I am so pleased to be a part of this institution.
Capella is and outstanding University that has an exceptional online school. The online classses are diverse and they offer several different Bachelors degrees that you can choose from. The guided path format is excellent and once you are familiar with the classes I suggest switching to the flexpath courses. Flexpath is well worth the money and financial aid is accepted also.
So far, my experience with Capella has been positive. Most of the staff I have worked with seemed to genuinely care about my success and were quite helpful.
I have enjoyed my time with Capella. I will be completing my degree this December and I love the flexibility this program has offered me.
capella is a great online school for nursing RN to BSN . they also have the program BSN to MSN to FNP. great instructors that really teach and involve themselves in helping you any way they can. staff is great. definitly would reccomend this school to anyone going past their RN.
I love Capella University and their Flex Path degree program. It is allowing me to return to school, which I have wanted to do for years, and work around my very busy schedule. I am a single mom and work a full time plus position. This is allowing me to reach my dream to continue my education. I am so grateful and cannot say enough good things about the University and the program.
I am currently receiving my 2nd Masters through Capella Online, The instructors are great, you work at your own pace.
I love Capella University! The faculty and instructors are all very kind and helpful. They really genuinely want you to succeed in your coursework and do plenty of things to help you a long the way. Capella has plenty of resources that can help with Time Management, APA Citation, etc. etc. If you're worried about how to afford going to college, they also have plenty of creative ideas and helpful information on financing your education. Although it has other programs, Psychology, Social Work & Human Services seem to be it's niche. I consider this the best online school and I'm proud to say that I am a student.
The enrollment counsilers and instructors are very precise and get right back to you with any answers to your questions. They make you feel at ease with the different lifestyle of online schooling!
I'm currently enrolled in a graduate program here. The advisors are extremely supportive. The main course work is online so communication and technical acumen is a must in order to succeed here. The course work allows for some flexibility, although there are some deadlines that an individual will have to work with. Overall it is a good experience for working professionals continuing their education.
Originally what I liked about Capella was the programs offered and course content. This changed as the program direction changed, 3 courses (12 credits) were lost, and 2 of the "new" required courses covered much of the same material from the previous courses.
Most of the Professors are great, but a few are slackers.
I really like how much you communicate online. It helps me develop critical writing skills. My overall experience with Capella has been positive. They are great communicators when helping you achieve your personal goals.
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Great teaching ability for being online. Communications could be better so students stay informed. Feels like I have to do most everything on my own to succeed. My wife is going to a different online university and with every move she makes, someone reaches out to her to help her out.
Capella is a great online school. Everyone has been really helpful and extremely nice. They make sure you have everything you need and the course is easy to navigate.
Capella is a great university. The staff has always been there and they are really concerned about their students. During my time there, I've had many different situations happen in my personal life and each time a professor has reached out to me and cared about what was going on in my life. This is a first class organization and i would recommend them to anyone.

The curriculum gives you real world experience and really prepares you for the future. They use real applications that many organizations use and this will help you in the real world.
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