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The online learning environment is made easy to navigate. The enrollment counselors are incredibly helpful and very quick to respond to email/messages.
Love Capella University. Professors are diligent and always make sure the students are cared for as part of due diligence and that they receive all resources needed for their studies.
I have had a good experience with Capella's online courses. They have been very informative and easy to follow. Capella has so many tools to use right on their website, it makes it easy to do research and turn in assignments on time. Capella was a good choice for me after being out of school for over 30 years. The professors are very different, but I have been fortunate to get very good ones that are willing to help. I would recommend Capella's online courses for anyone that does not have the time to go back to a campus for schooling. I hope to continue and finish on time.
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I thought my teachers were good and informative. Most of my displeasure is caused through communication errors on the administrative side of the school.
My experience this year has not been the greatest.
I have been attending Capella since 2009. I obtained both by Bachelor's of Science and my Master Degree online and I was happy that I found a way to finish my degree. Out of the blue I got a letter from financial aid saying that my funds would end 2 days before the semester. I had heard of students that was long term getting help from the school to finish a degree program and all I received was an email telling me to put in for the 1 scholarship that they had available. I have been finding my own way to finish my DBA, by applying for scholarships and getting side jobs to help me pay because the tuition has gone up every year that I have attended the university.
I enjoyed the classroom environment, and the professors are excellent. I only suggest in the doctoral program, mentors be assigned in the last course.
I am still attending Capella University. The thing that I love about Capella is that the instructors are well informed and takes the time to respond to students, but help with loading programs have caused me to delay my graduation date which is very discouraging.
I love it the professors are excellent and always there when needed. When I have questions and send out an email the professors respond within the timeframe needed. This is my first year at Capella and my experience so far has been amazing
This school is a privet for profit school so they are for the student and focus on what is needed in the workforce and what is also needed in your direct career path so that you have the knowledge needed to pass any certifications. This plays a big part in your Job confidence and give you the advantage that employer are looking for.
The classes where easy to undaerstand, and the instructors were easy to get a hold of. And I enjoyed it because it is online.
Excellent communication with advisors, financial aide counselors, enrollment, etc. They reach out and are available to answer any questions at any time! My academic advisor calls promptly when I have a scheduled appointment and listens to what I want from my college experience. The orientation course to become familiar with the online course room and Capella was incredibly helpful! Instructors and teachers aide are available whenever I need assistance with a course.
My overall experience with Capella University left a lot to be desired. The admission process was tedious in addition to not being able to pursue the major I desired even though was informed that it was the correct one while not fully disclosing all truthful information as well as the inability to select the courses of your choice. Also the instructor only responded days later after numerous contact attempts while in the meantime I was dropped from class which prompted me to enroll elsewhere. Capella University needs to be more forthcoming to potential students.
Take the Capella orientation very seriously. It is very well designed to get your ready for classes.
The coach and tutors are great to work with and they have a true desire to help you succeed.
Capella has great online classes for both undergraduate and graduate programs. You can go with a structured program or a less structured program (FlexPath) that allows you to learn at your own pace, which means you can finish classes quicker and save on the cost of your degree.
I love the online classes where you can still have a due date but sometimes work at your on pace. The work is challenging but it is reasonable.
I am a student in the mental health counseling program. While the flexibility is great I had a hard time feeling really connected with my fellow learners. However, the mental health program is CACREP accredited and does require face to face hours. I did my first colloquium in November and the entire experience was great. The professors were obviously invested in their cohorts and dedicated to making good use of our limited time. I would, and have, recommend Capella for those who want the flexibility of an online program with a desire for quality coursework.
The course technology used to allow for assignments to be graded barely worked for me and the professors (actual and graduate student) for the course passed the buck as to who would care more to help clarify things, when one refused. The only good part of this university was the lab technician, who went beyond her requirements to verify that I had turned assignments in. By the 9th week of the course, I withdrew from the university as it was clear I would fail as the professor (the graduate student) refused to acknowledge the technology was at fault for the assignments she could not find.
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Their communication is great . They were able to explain everything to me with no extra stuff . The website is easy to navigate as well.
Great place and great instructors . The cost of my MSN was a great price and it’s one of the reasons I choose Caplla.
As a mother, a school teacher, and I wife I found Capella to be an excellent fit to help add student to my list of hats. If your looking for encouraging instructors, excellence in service, and innovation, then Capella is the University for you!!!!
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