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I've just begun my education at Capella University and have been very pleased with the experience so far.
Capella University is a great online school that goes above and beyond to meet student needs. They understand that in today's economic state, education is important, but also that it is not easy to access when one is working part, or full-time, which is what makes their online learning format so great. Staff in every department are friendly, answer questions, and are sure to guide you through every step of the process, whether it is applying, registering for classes, courses, or even graduation! I have been enrolled since July in 2019 to finish my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and have felt very fortunate for the support, and guidance they have provided thus far.
i'm just sighing up and switching from one school to another, but the experience and the stuff they offer is great.
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Capella University has been an amazing experience for me. Their resources available to students have helped me throughout my academics. The work is challenging and encourages you to go further. The one thing I would like to see change is more teacher guided lectures. In most of my courses, there has been no lectures from the professors. It is mainly interactions through weekly discussions posted in the course discussions. I would recommend having a live weekly lecture from the professors.
Capella is great for people returning to school and trying to get ahead. The class structure is designed to help students succeed and the work is relevant and challenging without the stress of making it to a physical classroom.
Choosing the online MS School Counseling program from Capella allowed me to enroll in a CACREP accredited program without having to relocate. My courses have been rigorous and comprehensive and my professors are leaders in their fields. I could not recommend the program more highly.
I had a great experience from beginning and close to the end. The recruiter, coach, tutors, and professors were awesome. The staff has been encouraging and supportive the whole way through.
I love Capella. Everyone is so understanding and flexible. When I went to my 1st residency in January of this past year, it gave me a whole new love for Capella. I made some really amazing friends while at my residency that we still keep in touch today. I also learned so much and had such a positive feedback and experience. I would recommend Capella to anyone who has a busy life but wants to get a degree. It’s worth it!
Capella University provided me an opportunity to continue and complete my education dream to obtain a Ph.D. I worked very hard and found the journey at Capella included the best mentor and doctoral committee members that believed in my research and a final dissertation. I am proud to say that I am an alumnus of Capella University.
Any questions you have they answer immediately! The online Campus is laid out well and the tour is also easy to follow along.
Currently, I just started my educational studies in Cyber security and enjoy everything. The professors that I've had are very friendly. ThIs university is all online based but is CAE recognized by two federal government agencies. This is helpful if you want to start a meaningful career.
Accessible, affordable. Professors are excellent; friendly, want you to succeed, reachable. Lack of constructive feedback. Capella has numerous resources in and out of the classroom.
I like how there is a lot of support made available and they have a diverse courses that that will become useful for life after the program.
My experience with Capella University has been an excellent one. The professors are exceptional and very helpful and supportive. I have no complaints about any aspect of my experience in the school whether it be academics or financial aid or student population.
Generally speaking, my experience with grad school has been a lot of work but very little learning, but then, I've been working for a while and learned a lot on the job.
Capella University is a great online college that allows students to complete their degrees remotely without having to go to a physical class. Students are able to complete their courses in a timely matter since the majority of students have full-time and/or families. The professors are easy to work with and are great to work and communicate with during your course.
wonderful online classes! From the minute you apply to the first day of classes, you have people guiding you and cheering you on!
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I love the flexibility of the Flex Path Program. I love that there is no busy work. Your course just entails your handful of assessments and your learning is from research conducted for your assessments.
They are very helpful to their students with academics, financial aid and other resources. You can succeed at this college if you are determined and work hard.
I love the teachers, love the structure of their guided path online classes. The reading helps me learn the material and the assignments make me feel like I am putting into practice what I am learning. The classes are completely online, which was really the only way I could have gone back to school. I've just been so pleased with my experience.
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