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I'm taking 2 classes online and so far I'm impressed! The workload is reasonable and the website never crashes. My assignments are easily accessible and my instructor is ver responsive.
Great campus, up to date technology and reasonable tuition. What more can you really say? The website works flawlessly for online classes and the instructors really care.
I am taking 2 online courses this semester. Both classes have simulated labs that are engaging and test your knowledge through practical application. I don't really feel like I'm missing out on any instruction. The instructors are very responsive as well.
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Cape Fear has several programs available, very friendly and helpful staff and instructors. Everything from applying for admission to registering for classes to paying for and attending classes was tremendously easy.
Professors and Teachers are really good, if you can get past the Administration, office staff, and counselors, whose focus is anything else other than the student.
I have attended this College once before 20 years prior. At that time, the lack of compassion between the guidance "counselors", financial aid "counselors", as well as main office staff was beyond atrocious. You would think 20 years later things would change, unfortunately not. I have never experienced such lack of communication, compassion, or understanding in an establishment as I have experienced at this institution. The only outcome I would anticipate is a "pass-the-buck" attitude with a "why are you bothering me" demeanor. I would urge anyone to look into ANY of the other schools in the area.
I am a 40 year old single mother of 4 and I am finally doing what I probably should have done a long time ago. I am so thankful for the school and even more grateful for the teachers and advisors.
I just love this school. I am not good at online classes but I have the right instruction and great help to make sure I succeed.
I have absolutely loved going to Cape Fear Community, they have some very well educated caring professors and a great staff that will help you with whatever needed!
I have personally struggled since I’ve been at Cape Fear but solely because of my own decisions. Every single professor I’ve had want to see you succeed, they’re very honest but also very helpful when you let them be.
Cape Fear Community college has a beautiful campus. The faculty is very helpful and make it their goal to help you as much as possible.
The instructors are very dedicated to their jobs and are willing to help students that put in the effort and seek out additional help. The online portal is very easy to navigate and makes things simpler for students that don't want to go to the crowded downtown campus.
Really good teachers and classes are awesome! I wish textbooks would be provided, I bought all of mine and hardly used any of them.
I have had an enjoyable experience so far. I have had wonderful professors understanding of my educational needs and have allowed me to excel throughout my academic career. I enjoy the environment as well.
Cape Fear Community College, as my first college experience, has been an exciting and wonderful place to learn and grow.
CFCC years ago because I was poor. Went from JTHHS -A member of NHS to this lifeless, dull institution. Students were low caliber, into drugs, alcohol, cheating, sex, and simply bad. Worked hard in classes, in work study job and job at Burger King. CFCC was in a rough part of Wilmington. Shocked to learn how little my constant changing set of advisors cared about me or my progress. The school was always about the money. Had a much better education from my high school. Earned a worthless degree in business from CFCC. If you are a young person reading this, please find a better school. If you are an older student considering a return to college, find a good school such as UNC Chapel Hill or even NC State U. I am ashamed I ever attended CFCC. I never mention it to anyone. If CFCC is the best school you can get into, consider yourself a loser in life. Hold out until you can save or borrow enough money to get to a real university. You will thank yourself later.
Going back to college was scary and CFCC made that transition seamless. After taking seven years off the support I have received from counselors, professors and peers has been wonderful and speaks to how the school is as a whole.
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Great professors and staff, affordable education. Downtown Wilmington is a nice area but I don't feel super safe walking around alone at night there.
This is my second go-round at Cape Fear Community College. I will be finishing this fall with my Associates in Arts. I have nothing but kind words about this college. One thing that I would like to mention. My student advisor has helped me out tremendously! From the time I walked in her door, not knowing much about this new aged-college life. She has given me her undivided attention and expertise in my curriculum. Kudos to Cape Fear Community College Student Advising Team!
At CFCC I am so engaged with my educational experience and all of my instructors is very good as well. This is a great school and the support staff of all kinds are extremly helpful. Everyone is willing to work with you no matter what and answer eveery question that you have. I like this place so much more that the four year university that I attended before coming here.
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