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I went to the Cape Fear extension campus in Surf City for a year and I absolutely loved being there. All of the students I met were friendly and ready to learn. The professors were ready to teach and loved being there. My professors were always willing to help us with anything we didn't quite understand and would give us their time before or after class.
I’ve definitely had a good amount of issues trying to get into any of the programs I’ve attempted to get into. For instance I was accepted into the Radiography program, made to pay 145$ on a “trial session” or “skills awareness” class and then was kicked out along with a few other people because we didn’t do well enough. It’s like the instructors didn’t want to actually “teach” us but would rather eliminate the weakest links. But I’ve finally been accepted into the ADN program with no strings attached so I am happy.
Cape Fear Community College is a school where the staff wants to see their students succeed. They will do anything possible to help students do their best. There are multiple campuses and the ones I have been to are well maintained and I am always greeted with a friendly face ready to help. The Downtown Wilmington Campus is placed directly into the beautifully historic Riverfront. There is always something for the students to do from shopping to dining.
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Cape Fear Community College is a wonderful College campus with friendly faces and a great educators. My experience at Cape Fear has been amazing over the last year I've been here. Everyone is always so willing to help and eager to teach. I wouldn't change anything about how Cape Fear works.
The things I like about Cape Fear is the campus itself, the teachers, and the diverse variety of students everywhere. what I don't like is that Cape Fear doesn't have a working cafeteria. however, food vendors do come to the campus on the weekdays.
I like cape fear because it gives me the college experience while also affordable to pay for college.
Cape Fear Community College is a great low-cost option for education. The programs offered have a very wide range and there is something interesting for everyone. The teachers are very friendly and helpful and will do their best to help you succeed. The biggest problem I have had is with trying to contact the school. I have encountered some rude employees on the phone which was upsetting but I have tried to be understanding that they are just busy. Overall it is a great school to attend and I would highly recommend it.
Cape Fear Community College has treated me very well within the two years I have attended. They always provide the kind of help needed and have the support a lot of other places don't have.
I attended cape fear community college for my first year of college. All the staff and teachers I've met are really nice and helpful. The environment is perfect, and all the students are also nice. The whole process to get into Cape fear is fairy easy and so is registration for classes
Almost everything about CFCC is great! All of the locations I have been to are amazing. The staff is always willing to help you, no matter the situation. Their advising office is one of the best i've been to. Everyone there helps you understand what you need to do to complete your education and they never fail to help you organize your schedule on the spot. The professors are there are truly one of kind as well. They are there to help you succeed and give you their office hours so you can come to them for extra help. It is truly a wonderful school and I am so glad I am able to attend.
Cape fear community college is a great school for new college students because the facility and staff are always willing to help you walk through your degree. The majority of the professors are extremely helpful and the school also has an abundance of resources to help a student succeed. I would recommend Cape fear community college to any new college students or anyone looking to go back to school. The location is convenient for Wilmington residents.
Cape Fear is a great school! Amazing teachers and everybody is really friendly. If I would choose any community college I would Cape Fear every time.
Cape Fear is very student oriented and the staff is always willing to help whenever and however they can. They offer such a wide variety of courses, you can find a class for almost anything you're interested in. The teachers are knowledgeable and professional, but still relaxed in a way that makes classes run smoothly. A great school overall!
I am an alum of CFCC, as well as a current student. I returned back to school at CFCC in 2003 for the first time since attending Penn State as a scholar athlete in the 1990's. While I had no idea what to expect going in, I knew it wasn't going to be anywhere near my experience in State College 15 years earlier. I must say though, I was, and have been, even up to this very day, pleasantly surprised, quite impressed and MORE than happy with the level of professionalism that I have been met with from each and every instructor, department head, and each member of all of the various departments that I have worked with over the last 15 years. From the book store to the Financial Aid office, the employees have either helped me in a manner with which solved my problem, or found the right person to do so, and very cordially I might add. I have enjoyed my experiences with CFCC. Maybe there's something to be said for 3,000 some undergraduate students vs. 30,000...just sayin.
I think I really discovered who I really am as a person since I have been taking classes here. Everyone is accepting and the teachers that I've had have been really hard working. I actually enjoy going to school now.
Cape Fear Community College is a great first year school. I've had many questions and concerns with my career path, but there has always been resources to help me.
Cape Fear Community College is a great school! They have excellent professors and provide the resources you need!
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Cape Fear provides the perfect platform to get your feet wet in the college experience. The main campus is right on the river making an enjoyable view or study break walk by the water. The professors are obviously very passionate about their work and burst with joy when watching their students succeed.
Cape Fear Community College offers a great selection of programs and classes, there is something for everybody. The teachers are always ready to help and the administrators are easy to get a hold of. I went into CFCC thinking all I would do is save a little money, but I came out with good memories and a great start on my education.
I have loved my experience so far with applying to Cape Fear, and have also heard tons of great things!! I can't wait to start my future here.
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