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Cape Fear provides the perfect platform to get your feet wet in the college experience. The main campus is right on the river making an enjoyable view or study break walk by the water. The professors are obviously very passionate about their work and burst with joy when watching their students succeed.
Cape Fear Community College offers a great selection of programs and classes, there is something for everybody. The teachers are always ready to help and the administrators are easy to get a hold of. I went into CFCC thinking all I would do is save a little money, but I came out with good memories and a great start on my education.
I have loved my experience so far with applying to Cape Fear, and have also heard tons of great things!! I can't wait to start my future here.
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Going to Cape Fear Community College was one of my best decisions. The teachers were really enthusiastic and inspiring. However, I do wish there was a better sense of community between students.
I have been very happy with CFCC. I am in the mechanical engineering program. The professors are all wonderful. The campus is clean and the office staff is courteous and helpful
Cape Fear Community College has been a wonderful place for me to grow. Although not perfect, I have been both challenged and nurtured at this school. Although community college can hold a stigma, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this school defies the stereotypes. With all the financial aid, counseling services, accessibility services, wide range of academic classes, and even extracurricular classes available, it is clear that this is a school that cares about its students. I have met many interesting people, caring professors, and even helpful secretaries. Although there have always been a few anomalies thrown into the mix, my experience at this school has overall been incredibly positive and prepared me for the next step of my life at university.
I love going to Cape Fear. It's a great school. Knowledgeable teachers, nice campus, interesting classes. The only thing I would want to see change is more availability of class times. There are pretty much no night classes for my major. I don't know about others, but I think it is the same.
Definitely growing in a good way over the few years that I have been here, very happy with it although it would have been nice to have the cool new stuff that is coming after I graduate.
I love Cape Fear! The professors are wonderful and extremely helpful! I am so excited to be able to be a student at Cape Fear for another year. The atmosphere of the college is wonderful, and there is such beautiful scenery because it is Downtown, Wilmington!
Cape Fear Community College is a wonderful to school to attend. Whether you plan on getting a two year degree or transfer to a four year institution, they will help you along the way. They have many programs to choose from. The professors are there to help you succeed. If you have questions or need help with your courses the professors make themselves available to you if you ask for the help. For the students that would like to transfer, the academic advisors are there to help you decide which path to go down and help you choose and apply to the school of your choice. The school also has many four year institutions visit, so that the students can gather more information, ask any questions they may have, or find out exactly what they need to do in order to get accepted to the institution. Cape Fear Community College is a wonderful institution.
There are services to assist and guide students as needed
The school has been convenient and hassle-free
There are services in order to assist and guide students as needed
I take online classes as well as a traditional classroom class and I think all of my teachers are wonderful and I am having a good experience so far.
The school provides a learning lab along with tutors, advisers, and counselors to assist and guide students as needed.
I don't know the full opportunities that my school provides currently because i have only been attending CFCC for a few weeks and I'm new to the city and school.
I have been taking classes for a couple weeks now at CFCC and I have loved it so far. I'm pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education and my teacher for that class is very present and passionate about the subject which I believe is very important and am very happy that she takes the care and education of young children so seriously, as I do.
Review Cape Fear Community College
I've easily been able to work fulltime and go to school fulltime
I'm not a big fan of online classes, but I've taken hybrids, and CFCC does it well
I have a job, and the type of careers that are taught here, I'm not interested in, but I know this is a great trade school.
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