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Cape Fear Community College has a very calm environment with great teachers. The downtown campus offers stores and restaurants that are walking distance from your class. The teachers provide great support and opportunities for you to show what you can contribute to your every day life.
Cape Fear is an excellent 2 year school. From the academic counselors to the teachers, all the staff members at this campus work hard to see their students succeed. On top of the friendly staff, the college is also incredibly affordable and offers many clubs and extracurricular activities.
The teachers actually care about the students and the have amazing programs just as good or even better than Universities for 1/3 of the cost!
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The people are awesome and so kind. Everyone is there to help because if you are new to college it can be easy to get lost. The campus is so nice and I feel safe there. The professors are great and will help you with any question that you may have. I would like to see nothing change at Cape Fear. The school is already amazing but I do wonder what it would be like if they did change thew school. If the people decided to change to the school, I bet it would make the school even better than what it is now.
Loved the downtown campus, I am a veteran and it was easy for me to get enrolled and start classes. The veterans center helped me so much and the teachers I had fall and spring semester were all really good teachers.
I really love CFCC. I love the fact that I can take the same classes that I would be taking a a 4 year university for so much cheaper. CFCC is pretty close to a bad part of Wilmington, NC but I always feel safe.
My experience at CFCC has been better than I expected. The professors truly care and go above and beyond to help me learn.
It was a great environment and a great experience. Excellent educators and the facility is very modern.
If I could recommend any community college it would be Cape Fear. This is because of the small class sizes, amazing help from teachers, and great food options.
So far my experience has been great. Very knowledge professors and sweet classmates. Downtown campus is right by the water in Wilmington and the campus is new and clean.
I absolutely enjoyed attending Cape Fear Community College. I was able to receive my associates in the Arts in just two short years. I was able to get the most excellent teachers who wanted to see me achieve my degree. I gained many friendships through my journey there, and still talk to my adviser many times each month. I loved the college so much that my sister now attends the college as an early college student. I am proud to say that I have a degree from CFCC because it has bettered my education one hundred percent.
This school is an excellent starting school for any career you wish to pursue. The only thing I would say needs improving is the downtown parking.
Very affordable, great programs. Easy to transfer to a university. Great town, wonderful people! Campus and school growing fast
Its a cool place, because professors are always ready to help someone in need.
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It’s been pleasant so far! Some of the online and administrative stuff is a little disorganized but it doesn’t take to long to figure it out or find it. I've enjoyed most all of my classes and professors, and have had a great start to transitioning back to school and a great start to eventually transferring to a four year school and starting a new career.
All of the teachers at this school are genuinely caring for their students and want them to succeed. The class size is small so there is more interaction within classrooms. I enjoy my time at this school and have made many long term friends.
I have mostly attended Cape Fear Community College via online classes, but my experience has been great. The professors are very nice and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have. The campus is close to home if I ever need to go speak to someone directly. Overall I would definitely recommend this college!
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I went to the Cape Fear extension campus in Surf City for a year and I absolutely loved being there. All of the students I met were friendly and ready to learn. The professors were ready to teach and loved being there. My professors were always willing to help us with anything we didn't quite understand and would give us their time before or after class.
I’ve definitely had a good amount of issues trying to get into any of the programs I’ve attempted to get into. For instance I was accepted into the Radiography program, made to pay 145$ on a “trial session” or “skills awareness” class and then was kicked out along with a few other people because we didn’t do well enough. It’s like the instructors didn’t want to actually “teach” us but would rather eliminate the weakest links. But I’ve finally been accepted into the ADN program with no strings attached so I am happy.
Cape Fear Community College is a school where the staff wants to see their students succeed. They will do anything possible to help students do their best. There are multiple campuses and the ones I have been to are well maintained and I am always greeted with a friendly face ready to help. The Downtown Wilmington Campus is placed directly into the beautifully historic Riverfront. There is always something for the students to do from shopping to dining.
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