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The Cape Cod Community College is brimming with opportunity--opportunity to learn in an intimate environment, opportunity to be cultured in the international environment , the opportunity to gain experience through college life, opportunity to experience great cuisine and diversity, and the opportunity to have a great college experience.
Overall, a wonderful school. Great Community and student life atmosphere. Professors and the courses are fine and the tutoring services are always there when you need them. Only thing I would change is to update the quality of the building to be more modern.
The professors at Cape Cod Community College along with other faculty members genuinely care about your education and well being. "CCCC" has plenty of ways to be involved on campus, ranging from a variety of different clubs to internships offered. Cape Cod Community College had been one of the best decisions regarding my academic career!
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I love Cape Cod Community College. It is an affordable school with major benefits. Two years at CCCC will give you a tuition discount at any state school. The advisors are extremely helpful, the school is updated, location right off the highway, caring professors, and great food! All the employees are very involved in the school making it a great choice!
I completed the lpn-rn program at cccc. It was a challenging program. I wormed full time while I attended. I felt that I learned a lot and would recommend the progr am to other lpns.
I love this school. It has amazing professors whom are dedicated to helping you succeed. The location is right in Hyannis in a good location near the mall as well as the highway. I am glad I went here and look forward to getting my degree this May.
Most students I have talked to have gotten a lot of opportunities for moving on to better places and acquiring higher degrees.
My experience with professors and courses has been extremely positive, the teachers have been really helpful whenever i have trouble and always answer my questions.
Everyone values what they are studying and work toward their goals daily
The process of using my major in a career is fun
I absolutely love my experience at this college
Good class size. However, profs. voiced the opinions they wanted, which I think they should not, as students are there to learn and listen to ALL opinions and think for themselves, not spew what the profs. are voicing.
Thought me how to open up, not be plastic. Also forced me to go out of my comfort zone, which was great!
Lafayette is mostly an engineering school, econ. mostly the rest ( like me). Workload, though hard, was fair.
Those were the best times of my life!! You have to think, not just sail through! I remember one professor who was mostly a consultant to companies. He taught because he wanted to! He used case studies, and said that we have to put all our recommendations on one page. He said that in the real world, people will not read 2 pages. Condense!. Glad he showed that there is a difference between college and the " real world"
Online courses are very convenient for me, I do not drive but I commute to school so my class selections have to be based around myself and other's schedules to get to and from school. With that being said, online courses lack a social interaction that I think is beneficial in learning and growing as a person.
The career services center does a great job making themselves available for students at all times of the day. They schedule events all of the time for students and also for particular classes.
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The professors do a great job handling the material and teaching what is needed. The class sizes are usually anywhere from 15-32 students. The classes are often times not very challenging.
The professors do a great job teaching the coursework that goes along with each course but I often feel as I'm not being challenged.
Cape Cod Community College is a very affordable school for students looking to save as much money as possible on their General Education Requirements. That being said, in many of my classes I don't feel I'm being challenged enough so most of the courses aren't very attention grasping.
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