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I loved my experience at CCCC. I thought the campus was easy to navigate, the staff were all helpful and experienced, and it was affordable. I especially enjoyed all of the many art curses I took there!
It really depends on the professor how the online classes were. I had a few that were great and easy to navigate, and one that was difficult, as the time between when an assignment would be uploaded to when it was due wasn't enough.
At CCCC as a dual enrollment student, I found a very welcoming environment. Teachers were very accommodating with various schedules such as older and younger students, along with part-time students with full-time jobs trying to further their education.
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Great place to start your college journey. All the faculty and staff i have been in contact with are very supportive, they offer you every chance and care about your success!
This is a very good Community College. You won't get the full experience of dorms or partying, but the classes are top-notch and it's a great decision to attend here if you aren't sure what you want to do or if you need to get those Gen Ed classes out of the way. There aren't many extracurriculars compared to bigger schools, but the food in the cafeteria is good and it's right off of exit 6, so it's easily accessible
Cape Cod Community College is a great place start because even if you don't know what to do you can explore courses until you find something. Without breaking the bank
I’ve had a great experience at Cape Cod Community College. The professors are very helpful and committed to their students learning. They have great resources available on campus to help students. The price is very reasonable for college courses. They have great programs and are always looking for feedback for improvement.
The college is alright, but the campus needs some renovations and there needs to be more for students to do. The staff also needs to show more compassion towards their students.
If you can afford to not go here, then don't. This school will save you money but the administration is awful and the student body attracts a lot of crazy and unstable people. Burger King tastes like a 5 star restaurant compared to the awful food here. The advisers can be unhelpful and rude (along with completely ignoring what you want to do and pressure you to do something else). As I said earlier, the student body is full of awful people and the clubs are full of drama and bs. In conclusion, don't go here if you can afford not to or be able to drive to a different community college.
I loved everything about Cape Cod Community College (4Cs). It is truly home and I am forever proud that I started at 4Cs. You definitely soar with the help of professors, advisors and other students.
Basic community college experience. There are some staff that are God sent others need a bit more training to work with entry level students. For the most part my experiences have been good .
I was just enrolled in my first classes today and it was extremely easy to do so. The staff is very helpful and will guide you to the information. If you have a problem, everyone is there to answer your questions and make it easier for you. My application was processed in just a couple days and they were ahead of everything.
I think Cape Cod Community College is not the best academic institution. I have only taken two courses; however my experience has been horrible. This semester I took english one. My teacher did not give instructions to the class on assignments and expected us to know exactly what the assignment was. Upon meeting with my advisor to pick my classes she discouraged me from taking online classes. I am an extremely dedicated and independent student. I even built a desk in my house. She then proceeded to sign me up for a class that I would have to travel forty five minutes away to attended, when I expressed to her I did not want that as an option. The only reason I will give the college a three is because my experience with my sociology teacher was amazing. She left detailed comments and spoke to us one on one. Cape Cod Community college is the only college to attend on Cape Cod. This is the only reason I stay as this institution.
I love the college, I have a great experience and the teachers are amazing, the only thing I could change have more lights around for the night classes
Four C's is a good school for anyone who doesn't know what they want to do yet. It also helps if you can't afford a four-year college yet or at all. There are a lot of options for courses online and at school. I take all online and I love the way most of them are structured. It can be harder to connect with your peers but a lot of the professors check their emails every day so it's easier to get in touch with them.
Unfortunately my review can only be so detailed as I am an online student at Cape Cod Community College. Registration for the course I am taking was easy enough, but compared to other schools online class systems such as Blackboard, I’ve found Moodle to be challenging design wise. Discussion boards are hard to decipher whose submitted a response, and you get a email every time someone posts in the class which can be excessive, especially it its not directed towards you. The class structure just feels unorganized. My professor is very kind and helpful though, I just feel that the campus needs to update their online class systems.
Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is a great college at which to begin one's college education. What 4Cs lacks in dorms it makes up for with a tight-knit campus community and with intelligent, helpful professors. Instructors provide students with as much or as little assistance as they may want, and the course material is always intellectually stimulating and informative. More or less, the administrative staff were also accommodating. Active and engaging clubs and cocurricular activities supplement one's academic track and give one a sense of belonging at 4Cs, if one affiliates oneself with one or a few of these groups. 4Cs is a respectable college that is often overlooked by residents and commuters alike.
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The Cape Cod Community College is brimming with opportunity--opportunity to learn in an intimate environment, opportunity to be cultured in the international environment , the opportunity to gain experience through college life, opportunity to experience great cuisine and diversity, and the opportunity to have a great college experience.
Overall, a wonderful school. Great Community and student life atmosphere. Professors and the courses are fine and the tutoring services are always there when you need them. Only thing I would change is to update the quality of the building to be more modern.
The professors at Cape Cod Community College along with other faculty members genuinely care about your education and well being. "CCCC" has plenty of ways to be involved on campus, ranging from a variety of different clubs to internships offered. Cape Cod Community College had been one of the best decisions regarding my academic career!
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