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Cankdeska Cikana Community College Reviews

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The athletic center and weight room is fairly new and they started a basketball team last year, which is very good this year. The remodeling of the back end of the school was done a couple years ago, which makes the college look very modern and new unlike before.
  • Apr 23 2013
  • Campus
College Algebra – this was a class i dropped twice due to unnecessary distraction
Disregard for Fellow Students – I would recommend CCCC to others,but I would also recommend every student who attends there need to rest assured that they get what they are paying for. It's UNFAIR that there is so many infants and toddlers and preschoolers in the classrooms disrupting my CONCENTRATION that I fely forced to drop classes TWICE
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Education Is Expensive – The financial aid office should be better, now that there is a new person in office
  • Nov 26 2011
  • Value
The Students Are Great – There is a look of determination and success when you're anywhere from the classroom to the study or relax area.
The Academics Are Great – Ilove the hands on knowledgable learning, and the the one on one and great experience.
The Tuition Is Great – the schools tuition and financial aid is one of the best and most affordable in all the colleges I've attended.
  • Sep 15 2011
  • Value
Really Well Done! I thought everything went smoothly and I enjoyed talking to the instructors. They help you through stuff and I liked it.
  • Feb 14 2011
  • Value
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