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I would like to see this campus to become more integrated. This is a predominately Caucasian private institution. Not only African Americans, I would like to see more of every ethnicity.
Canisius has a beautiful campus, a good academic programs, great dorms, and all the people are very nice!
Canisius College has a beautiful campus nestled into a busy section of Main St. in North Buffalo. While this is a private school so tuition is expensive, the school has been committed to lowering costs and providing financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Canisius faculty and staff truly care about the well being and safety of the students here. Canisius has great campus security that works tirelessly to keep the community safe.
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Canisius has brought me out of my shell. There's constant opportunities to join various clubs and teams. Everyone is inviting. The work is hard but its worth it in the long run.
I like that Canisius is a very small college. There is always a familiar face around the corner. I also like the small class sizes that allow for me to ay better attention.
The campus atmosphere is 1 in a million, everyone is extremely friendly and trustworthy, the professors are amazing, the academics are engaging and interesting. Not to mention the variety of things offered to do on campus or through the clubs and programs the college offers. Truly an all around great college, it offers a little of everything to everyone and does it all so well
I personally was not happy with this school at all. The only thing that got me through it was an old friend from high school to be honest. After my first year, I just had to transfer. There wasn't enough to offer for what I wanted to do and the campus is felt so....depressing to me. There was only about 3 professors that I had in the whole year that I actually had felt they cared about their students. Diversity was just terrible. In every class I'd either be the only person of color or 1 of 2 in class. The amount of debt I have over tuition from that one year I attended is just sad too, I had to take out several loans because financial aid wasn't enough smh.
It's disappointing to say this because Canisius was my #1 option and I was so excited to be there when I went through the tour and orientation but as the school year went by, I just felt constant anxiety and stress and I just overall didn't feel as if I belonged there.
My only complaint with the school is the price tag. I feel it is an amazing school that offers great majors, just it is limited by financials. Some majors have it better off than others. The student population is amazing, the professors are so wonderful, and the city of Buffalo is so easy to fall in love with!
Would not recommend. To anyone. Not a good school.

You can do better. Biggest complaint is it's near impossible to get involved in research because the school is so small. Second complaint is that financial aid packages are ridiculous. You get an average education for an astronomical price.
I love Canisius because it's comfortable for me. It has small classes and you are able to connect with your professors. They are very inviting and friendly. Each professor is different and you can learn so much from them. The campus is beautiful especially the Quad during the winter. The underground tunnels help during the winter if you don't like the cold. There is something for everyone and a variety of clubs for everyone even if you commute.
For the positives, the biology department is great.The honors program is also good, giving students cool options for classes and a small class size. The dorm buildings are nice for freshmen. As for the negatives, there are a lot. Student Life is horrible, I had 2 terrible roommate experiences that student life did the worst job handling and it left me depressed with no one to help me. Most of the students at this school are disrespectful and it seems that most only care about partying (which goes on every Friday and Saturday night in surrounding houses and dorm rooms). The athletes here get special treatment and it seems as though the school only cares about them. I do not feel safe at all on campus. The neighborhood is sketchy. Be very careful around here, in one year there have been 2 shootings in the area, a student getting harassed on the street nearby, and a student getting robbed on her way back to her dorm. The food is also terrible.
I love the atmosphere at Canisius. At the start of the year you see people running all over the place to hug their friends. This never stops all school year. It truly feels like home.
Canisius College is a great place to attend college. The professors and advisors truly show that they care about you. It is a small environment where you have the opportunity to know and get close to a lot of students, professors and advisors. It is located in a great area that is close to downtown Buffalo but far enough away where you are safe.
You can do better than this place. Most students here go to school because they have to, not because they want to. This is a safety school for better or worse.
Financial aid is really good by private school standards. Food is hit or miss. It is a Jesuit school but all religions are accepted. Surrounding area is sketchy. Minimal school spirit, volunteerism, or extracurricular involvement. Expect to feel surrounded by Biology or ABEC (Animal Science) majors. Easy to feel isolated. Professors are great. However, you will either feel overwhelmed in work or feel that you have nothing to do; there is very little in-between. Housing options are good.
Students here are very clique-ish. On Friday nights expect the student body to be at exclusive-feeling nearby house parties, working off-campus, or in their rooms watching Netflix. Study abroad options are poor. Wrong place to go if you wish to grow and feel intellectually stimulated. Bottom line, this place is a last resort.
I love Canisius with all of my heart. For me to be able to go here and get an education is a dream come true, however, there isn't really a lot to do around here. Unless you are someone with enough money to go out and do something, then you are doomed to just sit around and not have anything to do.
Canisius College is the most caring and most social college one can come to. If one is shy then don't worry the college helps you break out of the shell with how social everyone is here. There is never a time that there is nothing to do, there is always events to attend and clubs to join. Professors are amazing they really give you the attention you need, and they actually hear you if you approach them.
I like the atmosphere. The school is very welcoming and is full of nice people. There are many clubs and organizations on campus. I also like that this is a Jesuit school and the service learning portion is very important. However, it is very expensive. I would like to see the tuition price decrease.
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I Absolutely enjoy the people here. There are plenty of things to do around here whether it be to listen to a guest speaker, clubs, or concerts. I think that the only downside is the price, but then again college is expensive no matter where you go.
They have lots of different opportunities
Small class sizes. Lots of course options
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