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The math department is very good. The orchestra is fun to be part of. And the music minor is fun. The college is great in general.
The school's campus is nice.The academics is good.Not too much homework, until the end of the semester and it is easy to keep up with all assignments and also balance school work and a social life.The class sizes are very small, which makes it very easy for students to get as much attention as they may need to help them succeed.One of the great things about the campus is that it is connected by underground tunnels so that when the terrible cold and hard snow of buffalo hits, you do not have to go outside from your dorm room which is very convenient.However the food in the dining hall can be very subpar considering the amount of money we pay for it.Also, the way you pay for lunch and dinner is very confusing and the things they have for dinner is usually not as good as what they have for lunch.They do have a place called Iggy's which is a life saver because they have food that is actually worth eating.The school life here is pretty good besides the fact that it is not really diverse.
I love the campus, there is so much to do and explore. I also love the students and faculty, they are like family. One change I would like to see is no rats in the dorms.
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I am enrolled in a master's program here , and I am thoroughly disappointed by nearly everything about Canisius. The academics lack rigor and creativity. The professors are not highly educated or advanced in their field (with a few exceptions). My undergraduate institution was far more rigorous, but Canisius refuses to except some of my undergraduate credits. The lack of diversity of background and thought is stark. I expected so much more from this program.
When I went to visit Canisius College it seemed great. I was wrong. Its very cliquey and if you don’t do sports you’re already a step behind for making friends. Some teachers are great and some are terrible. The food options are very limited and is VERY cheap. The buildings are also very old with the science hall exception. Parking is hard, debris from the parking garage falls on people’s car. The dorm rooms are okay. Some of them can be dirty. carpets are old, the paint is chipping and the stairways are never clean. Perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of safety. They have their own department but all you ever see them do is hand out parking tickets. The garage is a 10 minute walk from the closest dorm hall. Bad side of Buffalo is only a block or two away. There is also a specific crosswalk used to get to the main side of campus but cars frequently blow through it. For some reason they took out the pedestrian lights which makes it worse.
I love Canisius College, it was everything I have expected it to be. I have made wonderful friends here, the atmosphere is not really diverse, but it is what you make it. College have allowed me to be more open things that I was scared of doing before, and even just going out more in general. I love how many club they have here, I personally enjoyed the Afro club and Colleges Against Caner Club. The campus is very safe, so you do not having nothing worry about.
I would totally recommend students to attend a Kairos Retreat, it is so refreshing especially if you are going to be a incoming freshman.
I love the academic programs at Canisius as well as the professors' passion for not only the things they teach but teaching in general. The food is not great and there is certainly a lack of diversity on campus, but I think the diversity issue is something that the school has been working really hard to change. Canisius is small which allows every student to receive the attention that they need and makes every student feel important. The small class sizes are probably my favorite thing about Canisius. Additionally, there are quite a few clubs to join on campus and it is super fun to get involved and make friends that way.
I like the student life at Canisius. It is a friendly environment where students can be connected with students, faculty, and alumni throughout the college experience at Canisius
Really amazing opportunities in the Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation program. Pretty good professors who care about their students! The dining hall is pretty bad. Overall I've had awesome experiences here, but I feel as if they're pretty isolated to the ABEC program. The classes aren't always very challenging, in my opinion, but I am learning things.
My experience so far at Canisius College has been pretty good. I had a warm welcome week, and have been shown a lot of respect since I got here. One thing that must change however, is the diversity. The diversity is poorbut understandable, because the college isn’t the most popular in the country.
Canisius college is great on all terms when we look at education; athletics, small class sizes and the professors are so close to work with. If I have to rate 1 through 10 then, I would rate 10 out of 10 because everything is great and it's easy to get involved with others. My experience so far on Canisius college was great because I was accepted in HEOP program (Higher education programs) also the staffs and professors were nice to get involved with.
When I went on my tour, I had a very kind, funny, informational tour guide. I felt very welcomed by the other students who attend Canisius College. I also liked how small the campus was. It was very easy to get around. At the end of the tour, they gave me a free t-shirt!
Visited once along with many other colleges in the area, can’t wait to start here in the fall of 2019
As a new student being welcomed onto campus for the first time, I was immediately greeted by faculty and current students. they asked me if I knew where I was going and if I needed help.
Canisius is a very student friendly school. Administrators are very helpful to the students and are very knowledgeable
Not worth the money. Career center doesn't help you find a job or any open opportunities. Can't get a job at your own school. Registrar office personnel are nasty and rude to parents about getting children's transcripts and diploma even with students email explaining the information to allow their parents get the info. They have no problem taking the parents checks for tuition, but have restrictions on other things.
Canisius is a good school. I love the small environment. The teachers work well with the students and they are very helpful.
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I love the campus and the professors. It is a small school, so you can connect with people on a very personal level. There is not a lot of parties on campus, but the school is very close to party schools, which is better because you can come home to a peaceful dorm room.
I love Canisius, it's a nice little school with a lot of opportunities offered to the students. I feel like I am able to take advantage of all they have to offer.
It's a nice, small campus located in the heart of Buffalo (and just a subway ride from Downtown) where there is plenty to do during your free time.
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