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Really amazing opportunities in the Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation program. Pretty good professors who care about their students! The dining hall is pretty bad. Overall I've had awesome experiences here, but I feel as if they're pretty isolated to the ABEC program. The classes aren't always very challenging, in my opinion, but I am learning things.
My experience so far at Canisius College has been pretty good. I had a warm welcome week, and have been shown a lot of respect since I got here. One thing that must change however, is the diversity. The diversity is poorbut understandable, because the college isn’t the most popular in the country.
Canisius college is great on all terms when we look at education; athletics, small class sizes and the professors are so close to work with. If I have to rate 1 through 10 then, I would rate 10 out of 10 because everything is great and it's easy to get involved with others. My experience so far on Canisius college was great because I was accepted in HEOP program (Higher education programs) also the staffs and professors were nice to get involved with.
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When I went on my tour, I had a very kind, funny, informational tour guide. I felt very welcomed by the other students who attend Canisius College. I also liked how small the campus was. It was very easy to get around. At the end of the tour, they gave me a free t-shirt!
Visited once along with many other colleges in the area, can’t wait to start here in the fall of 2019
As a new student being welcomed onto campus for the first time, I was immediately greeted by faculty and current students. they asked me if I knew where I was going and if I needed help.
Canisius is a very student friendly school. Administrators are very helpful to the students and are very knowledgeable
Not worth the money. Career center doesn't help you find a job or any open opportunities. Can't get a job at your own school. Registrar office personnel are nasty and rude to parents about getting children's transcripts and diploma even with students email explaining the information to allow their parents get the info. They have no problem taking the parents checks for tuition, but have restrictions on other things.
Canisius is a good school. I love the small environment. The teachers work well with the students and they are very helpful.
I love the campus and the professors. It is a small school, so you can connect with people on a very personal level. There is not a lot of parties on campus, but the school is very close to party schools, which is better because you can come home to a peaceful dorm room.
I love Canisius, it's a nice little school with a lot of opportunities offered to the students. I feel like I am able to take advantage of all they have to offer.
It's a nice, small campus located in the heart of Buffalo (and just a subway ride from Downtown) where there is plenty to do during your free time.
I really enjoy the help i have gotten from all of canisius staff. They are extremely understanding and very friendly. I would choose canisius over and over again.
Canisius College is a good school academically. The honors program there is challenging but rewarding because you can take various classes on topics that are not typically available to students. There is a diverse culture at the college, as there are clubs for different ethnic groups. The area surrounding the college is not very safe, which is why the college only gets four stars. There are shootings every year that occur very close to the campus. The public safety officers are always around the campus, and they carry guns, but it still does not feel like a safe environment. Overall I am happy with my time at Canisius.
I loved the campus and the tour I attended in May but I am disappointed with the admissions office and the lack of help they gave me with my transfer process and I reached out multiple times.
The program I am involved in at Canisius is an amazing program that I would recommend to anyone. However, as a graduate student I feel very disconnected from the whole college/college scene. As well, it can often be challenging to get in contact with important people about major, scheduling, and many other important decisions.
Canisius College is a great college. If you’re looking for a small school then Canisius is the right one. Being at Canisius has been a great first year experience as a college student, not what I expected my first year to be. Canisius has many great opportunities for students as well as resources to help you succeed.
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It's a nice sized liberal arts college in the middle of Buffalo. Some of the professors actually care about your grades while others rather see you fail than to be a guide for you. The parties are alright, you just have to find the right people and make a party with them.
I was here for a 2 semesters. The biggest problem here is the size. It's smaller than it seems, I met almost everyone within 2 months and there was no one new. The teachers are amazing but the coursework is meh. The dorms are amazing though.
This school is so small that students get the attention they need from professors. The library is the best library a college student could ask for. There is very little parking for commuters and the location is not the safest. However, my overall experience with Canisius College was fantastic. This college makes it easy to learn and succeed with the amazing staff that they have hired.
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