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I loved the campus and the tour I attended in May but I am disappointed with the admissions office and the lack of help they gave me with my transfer process and I reached out multiple times.
The program I am involved in at Canisius is an amazing program that I would recommend to anyone. However, as a graduate student I feel very disconnected from the whole college/college scene. As well, it can often be challenging to get in contact with important people about major, scheduling, and many other important decisions.
Canisius College is a great college. If you’re looking for a small school then Canisius is the right one. Being at Canisius has been a great first year experience as a college student, not what I expected my first year to be. Canisius has many great opportunities for students as well as resources to help you succeed.
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It's a nice sized liberal arts college in the middle of Buffalo. Some of the professors actually care about your grades while others rather see you fail than to be a guide for you. The parties are alright, you just have to find the right people and make a party with them.
I was here for a 2 semesters. The biggest problem here is the size. It's smaller than it seems, I met almost everyone within 2 months and there was no one new. The teachers are amazing but the coursework is meh. The dorms are amazing though.
This school is so small that students get the attention they need from professors. The library is the best library a college student could ask for. There is very little parking for commuters and the location is not the safest. However, my overall experience with Canisius College was fantastic. This college makes it easy to learn and succeed with the amazing staff that they have hired.
I loved getting to know my community and make the friends and experience that I did. The classes were engaging and made it easy to get help if needed. The food was sub par, but there are a BUNCH of local restaurants near by! Party life is pretty dull if that's something you're super into I may reconsider your school choice.
I like the small class sizes at Canisius and how well you can get to know your professors. Also, since this is buffalo and it is normally cold here, I really enjoy the tunnel system that takes me right from my dorm building to my classes. What I would like to see change is the food options here, I don’t think there are enough of them. On top of that, the food locations on campus have inconvenient hours. The library hours are another thing I would change, I believe the library should be open 24 hours, at least during the week.
Smaller class sizes, you get to know you're teachers and the students around you, always lots of club meetings and events, lots of tutoring and advisement available to help you out.
I love the close knit feel, and community style learning. I wish we had more opportunities to work with the community than just service learning, and that more on campus jobs were available to students who do not qualify for work study. I would also love to see housing that allows for pets on campus without the need for emotional support animal paperwork to be filled out.
Overall I have enjoyed my time at Canisius. I live being in the city and having lots around us to explore/visit. He campus holds a lot of fun events and gives away free stuff often. The food is not great at all- I wish there was more healthy options. Otherwise, I’ve found my time at Canisius to be enjoyable.
Great campus with great faculty and staff. Professors who genuinely want students to succeed. Manageable class sizes.
Canisius is a great school if you’re looking for small class sizes and a tight knit community. It is very easy here to make connections and get to know professors and faculty. The city of Buffalo is a great college city where you can find lots to do and many places to eat and drink. Overall it is a fun place to be and I know I’m getting a great education.
If you come w/ extremely high expectations you will likely be disappointed. Others agree, 6 of my friends are transferring and I am Fall 2018. Food is good at first, but the menu never changes so it gets old, open hours are bad. Its finals week and I have 100+ meal swipes left ( waste $). Elevators in the dorms broke 8 times this semester, sirens go off constantly at night. Tunnels only go to old main. So it's a 15min walk to HS in the sweltering sun or snow. Freshman who come in w/ transfer credits are screwed if they want to get into any classes other than their foundations ( ENG 101, RST 101, etc). If you get bored there's not a lot to do unless you have $ to spend. They also truly did not lower tuition, they cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and your financial aid will now lower now too. However, each year I got around 5 "free" shirts and a pair of sweatpants!
I would like to see this campus to become more integrated. This is a predominately Caucasian private institution. Not only African Americans, I would like to see more of every ethnicity.
Canisius has a beautiful campus, a good academic programs, great dorms, and all the people are very nice!
Canisius College has a beautiful campus nestled into a busy section of Main St. in North Buffalo. While this is a private school so tuition is expensive, the school has been committed to lowering costs and providing financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Canisius faculty and staff truly care about the well being and safety of the students here. Canisius has great campus security that works tirelessly to keep the community safe.
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Canisius has brought me out of my shell. There's constant opportunities to join various clubs and teams. Everyone is inviting. The work is hard but its worth it in the long run.
I like that Canisius is a very small college. There is always a familiar face around the corner. I also like the small class sizes that allow for me to ay better attention.
The campus atmosphere is 1 in a million, everyone is extremely friendly and trustworthy, the professors are amazing, the academics are engaging and interesting. Not to mention the variety of things offered to do on campus or through the clubs and programs the college offers. Truly an all around great college, it offers a little of everything to everyone and does it all so well
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