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Cañada College excellent in every way. Professors care for their students and provide a variety of resources; staff are friendly and helpful; and provides a great amount of financial aid such as Cañada cash. This community college is great for those who want to transfer to a four year university or just earn an small degree.
Canada college is a great community college because they focus on the students more than anything else. Other colleges in the district tend to spend their money on agriculture or other things that do not relate to a students education, but Canada college takes the time, money, and effort to produce great students. They have so many accelerated programs, tutors, and scholarships that are all intended to benefit the students. They also seem to take the time to find great teachers, because I have not had a single bad experience at this school in comparison to the other community colleges I have taken classes at.
I'm attending CC part-time as a high-schooler, and I've had a great experience so far. Most of my professors have been fabulous; you can tell that most really love teaching their subjects. They also put a lot of effort into making sure everyone is succeeding in their classes. The workload (as a part-timer) is pretty straightforward and light.

The campus is nicely situated with an excellent view of the valley, although the weather can be quite windy. The buildings are pretty easy to find your way around and are well situated. However, the parking lots are really annoying; if you don't buy the semester-long parking permit you have to buy daily tickets--and the machines are often broken (I've gotten a citation in a lot with a broken machine).

Overall, CC is a great community college! I honestly like it better than the nearby Foothill College, as it's easier to find your way around campus and my professors so far have been just as good as the ones I've had at Foothill.
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From what I have been told, such as the great academics and teachers, it truly seems like a good community college. Also, the campus is clean and nice looking.
I am going back to college after almost 30 years of being out of school. I am in the college for working adults program and I love it. Everyone is so supportive. I love it and it has made going back to school so much easier.
I love Cañada, I am currently a full time student. This place offers many types of clubs, tutoring programs, and mentoring to help students who have no idea what are the next steps to do to achieve their goal in school. Also, it's a place the provides support and offers the push that some students need. The campus is gorgeous and open with such a scenery. The students and the staff are very friendly.
What I like most about Canada College is the EOPS Program. It has helped me financially and has provided me with guidance and support towards accomplishing my academic goals. The counsellors are Freindly and welcoming.
there are night, day, and weekend classes from 8am to 9pm
i have 2 online and in class classes and the teachers are available to help often in person
the classes can be day or night. The teachers have office hours and are available after class. it is clear on which classes to take to get a degree
There are many internship opportunities. Big school recruit and thetag program makes itneasy to transfer to a UC
it is tje best program in the bay area and the teachees are very knowledgeable and clear
Everyone is so helpful. the school is small and easy to navigate. there are so many classes available
I did not have classes/curriculum hassles or frustration at all. It was so convenient in the sense that there were a lot of assistance resources, it maybe through the learning center or through the tutor after classes hours. And by visiting the career counselors time to time , it makes the transferring credits so easy and understandable.
My experience with online courses is just like have a great fun of ones life time. it was so exciting. The Che 410 is the combination of bot online and in class studies. Means that you will do the reading chapter by yourself and the laboratory section was in class, and by doing it yourself has a great benefits of study better because you extracted the useful information by yourself and the brain stored those information forever. It was a great experienced in this last semester.
The quality of post- grad service at my school is nothing to compare with . The jobs prospects are so great to the extends of you will get a job before the completion of the career that you are inn for. The alumni network is exclusive and spread world wide. It is great community college.
I have a great exciting experience with courses and professors at this school specifically. One of the moment of my excitement in my courses was Chemistry 410 ( medical chemistry) , the professor was so great and professional. The designed of this classes (i.e. Chem 410) was so perfect not only for me , also for the rest of the student taken this classes. I learnt great new things about how medication manifested in the body and the sources or the courses of our body diseases. It was a great class.
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The value of a degree from this Canada college is highly recognized globally. The quality of employers recruiting on campus are so great and exciting .
I will say that I am really lucky to got accepted to this Canada Community College because in the area of medical field. It is quite a great college. The load is not at that too load for a student that is ready to have a career in medical field. For example my major is life science, and the unique aspects of my program touches all area of medical field at primary level. The internship/job opportunities are so great in the market world wide.
What my school unique is the qualitative learning system designed by the academia experts.
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