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I think that the online learning so far has been very well put together. I believe that the professors are all so very helpful.
So far all of my classes are online due to COVID-19, which makes things a little more difficult. Overall I think that the professors are handling things well and I am enjoying things.
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Canada has a ton of classes whether you want to take classes in person or online. The professors there are very knowledgeable and most of them work at other 4 year university's
The adjustment to all classes last spring was an adjustment to all. The way the professors switch was awesome, but communication could have been better.
Canada College is in general a great school, it has a lot of helpful programs like STEM, EOPS and many student organizations. They also have job and college fairs that help students connect with College advisors. The only thing I wish that Canada had was a variety of Languages as it only focuses on Spanish and English, I wish it had French, Italian, or German, I studied French in high school for four years and I wish I could have continued studying it. Although Canada has a small campus, it's very nice and has an amazing view. The last two years I was there, Canada was under construction with an amazing new Science building and a new gym that is still currently under construction.
Online courses at Canada were very helpful, I was able to learn at my pace. I was able to read ahead if I wanted to and complete any homework assignments early as well. It made communication with teachers very easy as they responded very quickly.
Great school with great professors who try to help and guide you with services throughout with what the school has to offer
Online school isnt bad at all it saves the hassle of having to get up every morning and you still have the great experience at the confort of your own home
Professors keep teaching and supporting our learning through online instructions. Canda staff work together and try to assist their students through phone calls, face time, and other distance learning platforms. Social media has also helped Canada support our education.
I like that Cañada College is a place where I can learn and express my feeling freely. I like how a small community of students and professors can be so strong and powerful.
Amazing college. Cañada college is a safe place in which you can access to many sources to succeed. There many clubs, and all stuff are amazing.
The classes are easy to understand because teacher provide good materials that support students learning.
Online classes are alright. Much of it is self-taught or based off the posted lectures. If you need help, you have to take initiative yourself.
I'm a chem major and all of my chem professors have been fantastic! The STEM Center is an excellent resource for any STEM questions and tutoring for students, as well as being a fun community to be apart of. The Promise Scholarship is very helpful for academic and general support.
It’s a good school to begin your college journey and earn your associates degree. The school community is welcoming and while you cannot complete all your goals here, this is a good school to form connections at and make plans for your future.
Canada College has been an awesome team; from Admissions and Records, The Counseling Department, and lastly the Financial Aid Department. It has been over 30 years since returning to college and they have been nothing more than helpful with getting me through registration and they have gone out of their way to make sure my FASFA information was correct and imported correctly to their website. Their counselors also have gone above and beyond of what is expected or required for an incoming student. They've been such a wonderful help.
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What I like about Canada College is the scenery of the campus. The campus is a friendly place for students to be in and the classroom environment helps students learn well.
I have been at Canada College for 3 semesters. Most of my teachers have been great. Because it is a community college there isn't much of a party scene or athletics.
I loved Cañada College- very easy classes. Most of the teachers were nice and easy going. It is relatively easy to get into classes. Campus life could be better. The food was not great and always had long lines. The staff seems very friendly and helpful. There are a lot of on campus resources if you need help with counseling.
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