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I have been at Canada College for 3 semesters. Most of my teachers have been great. Because it is a community college there isn't much of a party scene or athletics.
I loved Cañada College- very easy classes. Most of the teachers were nice and easy going. It is relatively easy to get into classes. Campus life could be better. The food was not great and always had long lines. The staff seems very friendly and helpful. There are a lot of on campus resources if you need help with counseling.
I do enjoy the services they offer such as tutoring , and financial aid services. They offer a program for all students to aid with financial hardship which is called SparkPoint which helps with learning about budgeting and learning how to apply for credit, as well as a food pantry that they offer for the community which i've utilized on occasion. They're also like clubs or student life that host some interesting events such as guest speakers or other services to involve the alumni. Its great and I enjoy attending my campuses. I'm very happy that I can ask my professors questions they help me as much as they can. Overall i believe its a great school to attend.
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It was very good with scheduling classes and offered many interesting classes. Staff is mixed with very knowleadgeable professors and some that seem lost i their class. The work assigned for full time students is maneagebale so students can work jobs too. The campus food is really good but expensive. Parking was easy and it’s a local college to travel to. Offers a lot of academic support opportunities. Campus is decent sized so students dont get lost or late to class between classes. It’s a community college so tuition is cheap and often times waived, except for books.
I've been a student at Canada College for the last 2 and half years. I have had a great experience here. The majority of my professors have been extremely good and genuinely care about their students. The class sizes are relatively small and it is easy to become involved and ask questions. They are always available for office hours if you're struggling with the course, and there are also free tutoring services in the learning center. The academic counseling services are also very helpful. My transfer counselor helped me navigate which classes to take as well as which university to transfer to. The construction on campus has limited parking and certain areas, however this is just temporary. Overall I have had a great time at Canada and I am excited to move on to a four-year college.
What I love most of Canada College is the community, since it is a fairly small school compared to other colleges there are a lot of students, tutors, and teachers that are willing to help you and see you succeed. You will have no problem here seeking help on any subject, there is always someone ready to help!
Canada offers an amazing STEM Center that promotes all STEM majors, and helps students achieve their best in their STEM courses. The college offers lots of campus tours to help the students see if a CSU or UC is right for them. The campus is gorgeous, on top of a hill, but it is small enough so that you don't feel like you have to walk 100 miles to get from class to class.
The environment is very friendly. The professors are very kind and they help you with more than your studies.
My experience so far has been great. I cannot say I have expected much else or that what I needed has not been provided. All professors have been very helpful and insightful. The staff is friendly and always willing to lend assistance. Any help desired is available.
I like that I can get my general education out of the way before I transfer to University of California. The teachers are good at their jobs and the campus is absolutely beautiful.
Canada college offers an excellent middle college program for undergraduate students I high school seeking the help of college-level professors and a unique independent did learning environment. The teachers are helpful and
Completing my pre-requisites for Pharmacy school at Canada was a great experience. The teachers I've had, although very few to choose from because of the specific classes I need, were all very helpful and made me feel well prepared to start higher education. I also love how Canada offers STEM compared to their sister schools CSM and Skyline. Of course since it's a community college you won't get the "full college experience", but I still met people who I am still friends with now after transferring. It's a smart and cheaper way of attending college!
Great school. Love the CWA program (college for working adults). Professors are great and the course load isn't overwhelming. The CWA program also offers a lot of online courses and some Saturday courses.
What I liked about Canada College was the Professors and how helpful they were to the students, including me. One thing I would say Canada College can change is how clean the campus is. The campus looks not clean at times and I think they can do better with that.
Canada College is such a great campus. Classes are close to many different parking areas, and the teachers and staff are great! I have had such a wonderful time being here at Canada.
I love education in the college academic level especially at Cañada College. The faculty are serious, educated, resourceful, and willing to help the students in any shape or form. By being positively determined to achieve at college and often communicating with staff, faculty and classmates, has also strengthen my extroverted personality with no doubt more knowledgeable and building long lasting relationships to make a difference in my community. I have grown resilient and strengthen my grit to go forward in my education. I find it very important to often communicate with my counselors of any thoughts or questions I may have concerning my educational plan.
I love the environment and the teachers. I would like to see more job opportunities that would help an independent student pay rent.
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Something I would change would be an increase in diversity of students. Other than that, the school is very well rounded with its academics and professors. Student life is also very accommodating.
Beautiful and welcoming campus. The resources at Cañada College have helped me get into an excellent 4-year college.
This is my second semester attending this campus. I enjoy the instructors and resources that are provided to the students. Small campus yet it has well prepare instructors and an environment that allows students to learn. I feel very supported by instructors and tutors that are always available wherever I seek for help. Very diverse campus and friendly staff and students. I have made and meet a lot of students whom , i have become better close. We share different cultures and customs but we respect each other and we are able to learn from each other. I commute for almost four hours each day in order to came to this campus. I have other Colleges near my house but I rather commute and be happy and learn in a safe environment that works for me. Canada College is a very unique College that keeps me motivated and one day I will transfer with less stress. Once, i complete my AS i will be ready to attend any University.
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