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I like the fact that CU is a Christian school. I like how they have smaller classes. I like the fact that I know my teachers.
I'm in my first semester of Campbellsville University and I absolutely feel this is the college for me. I love it here. The school is not huge and the classrooms have a teachable amount of students in them. I feel personally for me this is a blessing. I'm held to a higher standard, I get one on one teaching if I need it and my professors share my love for Jesus. This campus is beautiful and quiet. I honestly feel at home while I'm away from my home. The staff were all very helpful in helping me meet my educational and financial needs.
Classes are a perfect size. Great opportunities for getting connected. Teachers usually communicate well and are available and willing to meet and talk about anything. There is a great sense of personal connection.
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Overall, Campbellsville has a great and friendly environment with great staff that makes college life a lot easier. The campus is beautiful and there are always events going on. The diversity in the student body is truly what makes this campus so unique. There are some negative aspects on campus in terms of leaders in ministry but God is still moving in student lives daily.
I love the campus and the people. I love that it’s ten minutes away from the lake. The people and the professors truly care about you and want to see you succeed. They make you feel as much as home as they can. They made the transition really easy from high school to college. The campus life is awesome. They’re always going something or hosting something. Athletics on campus is free admission and for athletes the trainers are awesome and they do a lot for you.
I enjoyed Campbellsville, their departments overall worked hard to help you in any way possible. There are some disconnects between different departments which could greatly help smooth out a lot of students degree plans more easily, but overall it was good. Of course there's always good and bad teachers but for the most part each teacher wanted you to succeed and you weren't just a number ever. Small class sizes and friendly people.
Campbellsville has been a place where I have been able to grow and learn. I've made several lifelong friends and discovered who I am. I have truly been blessed to be able to come to this university and become closer to God and transform into the person I am today. Campbellsville has truly showed me what the word family really means.
I loved Campbellsville University. It was a place where I felt accepted and loved and it allowed me to grow and flourish. Campbellsville University is filled with a loving and supportive faculty and staff that truly wants you to succeed. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and to travel the world. Campbellsville University truly became my home.
There were things that I loved about Campbellsville, however, looking back it was very expensive and compared to my colleagues’ education.
Campbellsville was like a home to me. I loved my four years, and I was so prepared for my teaching career. I had great friends and was involved in many of the activities on campus.
I overall have had a great experience with Campbellsville University. I love how small the class sizes are and how personal the professors are with each and every student. I also love the campus and how easy it is to navigate. We have also added an awesome to a Wellness Center and athletic building to the campus. would like to see more majors offered to students.
Campbellsville University is a great place to call home. The campus is beautiful, and their academic programs are top-notch. They have small class sizes and wonderful professors that ensure you receive the best education experience possible.
Campbellsville university is a wonderful, small Baptist campus. Easy to get to know people, great athletics, wonderful professors, and activities all the time!
It is a life-changing environment where spiritual growth and academic excellence are at the root. Life-long relationships were made on the first day as a CU student. The institution is continuing to break enrollment records, giving students a second-chance while equipping them with the tool to make a difference in the world today.
The best thing about the university is the relationships you’ll develop. Whether it’s professors or other staff everyone there really cares about you and will be important contacts moving forward in life or academic career. They give great scholarships and it’s very adorable for a private school. The thing I like least is the town itself, it’s very secluded and small with little to do, shop, or go out to eat. The thing I would change would be resident life, the dorms aren’t good and there are so many pointless rules that sometimes get enforced and sometimes don’t. Also if you want to move off campus, they make it very hard to do so but when I finally did it saved me an insane amount of money. Student life tries to keep people involved but since it’s a small campus, there’s really not a whole lot going on besides class. A new wellness center was just built so now there’s at least a place for students to work out.
My husband and I met there 8 years ago as freshman. We loved the Christian atmosphere of CU and loved the small town feel.
It’s a really good school! Small enough for teachers to invest into their students, but big enough where you don’t seem trapped! Good opportunities and good people!
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Pretty much a home away from home. Good community, friendly teachers, good values. The location can be boring, but for people wanting to focus on academics, very peaceful and ideal. Overall, a good experience!
It is a good campus. Really safe and calm. You can be able to study with no distractions. If you are looking for a place where you can study with no distractions it is your place.
I loved the size of Campbellsville University. The school is big enough that it offers great resources and ways to broaden your educational and personal horizon. But at the same time, it is small enough to where you actually get practical opportunities to put those skills to practice. This plays into the classroom as well. With a pretty awesome teacher-student ratio, my biggest class was maybe 30 people. The professors care and are willing to help.