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I like that it offers online classes. The admission staff was helpful and courteous. I have been learning alot. Classes are easy to navigate through. The syllabus is provided for each class, keeping you informed of expectations.
I love it. It has a variety of students from many different backgrounds. The campus is nice and very well up kept. The instructors are always willing to and so are the students. I enjoy the diversity of the school. I am from the south and their are many students that comes from different countries.
Everyone is very, very friendly at Campbellsville University. It's a small school with a big heart. It's very easy to get help at the school. There's plenty of computer labs and a large library. Overall it's a very good experience.
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Like anywhere else, you'll find amazing people and not so amazing people. The college is in a tiny town so your experience is really dependent on finding those awesome people. I would like to see a few more options for late night entertainment so students are less likely to find trouble.
I love that it has a faith based curriculum and everyone treats you like a friend. Education is first here but so is feeling welcome.
Great faculty and students with great programs! My only issue is that you are forced to attend certain events in order to earn "chapel credits" in order to graduate, where other schools don't require this; making it harder to graduate on time.
Campbellsville University is a small school in a small community. Everyone is connected and friendly. It is a beautiful campus and has an amazing atmosphere. The professors truly care and you are able to relate to them on a personal level. The biggest class size i have ever had was 28 people including the professor. I love this school and I think it will offer me many opportunities.
we are in a dry county
not a lot of announced parties
the school offers a variety of programs
security is highly visible and campus located by police station
they offer a wide variety of degrees
i have not lived on campus
not sure this is offered
i feel that there needs to be more community involvement.
My school offers great programs for all students.
Some teachers care a lot more than others
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I don't know much about this.
The lower price dorms are very uncomfortable to be in, and hard to focus. The nice dorms are overpriced, and still difficult to have a decent study environment.
We do not have Greek Life.
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