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The instruction was good. Enrollment and billing was poorly run. It was like buying from a used car lot.
My experience was through online instruction. The instruction itself was of high quality. The business office provided misinformation at every stage. They were confused about the costs of their programs. In the midst of an ongoing discussion, the office referred a disputed tuition account to collections, adding around 30% to the already inflated bill. The office refused payment, communication, and even participation in their own grievance process. I can't imagine that that the on campus students are treated so poorly.
Online experience with Campbellsville has been an extremely positive learning experience. I have always had someone walk me through the process. From a Student advisor to a professor or financial advisor; they have always answered any questions or pointed me in the direction of where I can find the answers. Studies are always available, accessible, printable, and posted when needed. Email alerts are given when assignments have been received and or graded.
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I take online classes. The professors and Dept. Heads work hand in hand to make sure the students understand and are able to be successful in their study courses. The online aspect is easy to navigate. They continually modify and update the sites to make it more understandable.
Great school with great professors and staff. Happy to be getting my degree there. Only thing is I went from receiving money for going to school to having to pay a lot from school in 2 years.
I have taken many online classes here and all have went great. I take as many classes as possible each semester.
I took history online and it was very easy to follow. The site that we had to take our classes on was a little bad and I had trouble using it. Other than that our professor was very nice and lenient.
I like the convenience of Campbellsville University. The learning is amazing and the professors are also amazing. I have a dual enrollment there and the learning opportunities are amazing.
This is an amazing college. I have great support from my teachers and since this is a smaller school no appointment is needed and everyone is always willing to help me with whatever I need.
Took some online classes here. Professors were pretty good. The town was small but had a lot to offer.
Campbellsville University has changed my life and is continuing to do so. I recently completed the medical assistant program and hope to start the RN program in the fall if I’m financially able. Campbellsville University has amazing teachers who really care about their students and it is also a Christian school, which is one of the things I love about my college.
Campbellsville University provided me with all the tools necessary to have a successful academic career and gain significant knowledge that can be applied directly to my career field. The professors and staff at Campbellsville are unmatched; this is probably the aspect I liked most in my experience. Having professors and staff invested in one personally and trying to aid in future success is a great benefit for one seeking success.
Campbellsville University supported me throughout my masters program in a number of ways.. from the professors and coursework to the administrators.. I feel so ready to take on the opportunities ahead.
Campbellsville University is great for a degree in ministry. I have loved learning more about God and religion in general through the very educated professors and Christian staff. They genuinely care about their students too.
I am Rajani, I did a master's in ITM at Campbellsville University. I get to learn interesting courses related to IT management. The academic curriculum is designed well with the team which makes students learn in a timely manner. The courses we have are IT systems security, Team Management, disaster recovery, Management Infomation systems, Current and Emerging Threats. My favorite course was disaster recovery and current and Emerging Threats.
Overall - good relationships with professors and classmates. I’m learning a lot and feel like I’m being prepared for post grad experiences. Facilities are subpar. The town is charming, but very small.
I loved getting a quality education in a private college that offered the opportunity to truly build relationships with professors and fellow students. The class sizes were intimate, so I didn’t just feel like a number.
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Campbellsville is wonderful. There are some things that are not fantastic, as with any other school, but overall it is a wonderful place to call home for 4 years. While I can’t speak for all departments, I know the business department is full of an amazing staff, for the most part, and is always willing to assist in any way possible. Life around campus is great and so are the people. The only thing is sometimes the cafeteria is not amazing, but you learn to work with it!
Excellent program for students who fit into the mold expected of students here. People who are ready and able to jump into an active campus life will find it an incredibly rewarding college experience, but students who don't conform to the archetype of a popular conservative student at a predominantly white institution may find it difficult to adapt to a campus that does little to welcome in those who are outside its target demographic. Excellent international program, good opportunities to travel for those who can afford it, fairly easy academic tasks and very helpful professors. Overall, a good experience.
if you enrolled Masters course here and international student, BE AWARE OF LATE FEES. I paid $500 late fees here that before two months end of semester
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