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I am giving Campbellsville University three stars because these years I have spent trying to obtain my degree have been very tiring. I have lost a lot of financial aid throughout the years. I am currently working two jobs just to help pay. I love the school. I work a Youth Ministry team there over the summer with the Dean of Student Services. The school is based on the love of God but there is nothing like the fear of knowing you can't obtain something just because of money.
I love how I can complete my degree 100% online. I am able to have flexibility with my schedule of being a full time mom as well as having a full time job. I have enjoyed my experiences with this college so far.
I love Campbellsville University. I have had very few problems and they have all been solved in a timely manner.
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Campbellsville University is a small school in a tiny town that demonstrates christian values. The professors truly care about their students and wish the very best for them. Because of the University is small the class sizes rage from 15 students to 20 students in each class. At this university you are more than just a number. Students from all around the world come to study at this college. Looking around the campus you will see a very diverse crowd of people. Campbellsville is very adamant about keeping the students and community safe.
I loved everything about this campus! It was stunning, from the moment we stepped onto campus to the minute we left we were in awe of the place. The faculty was all so so kind! I was very impressed.
I enjoyed the art program, and the professors are friendly. The campus is quiet and decent sized, but not too big.
I get a lot of financial aid so it's mostly paid for, but I swear they use most of our tuition money on landscaping. CONSTANT FLOWER PLANTING. I don't care about your perennials, Michael, just get us better dorms.
I love the atmosphere at Campbellsville University. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. I really feel like all the professors want us to be successful and are always willing to take extra time to help us.
I attended Campbellsville for 5 years obtaining a bachelors in biology and a minor in chemistry. I made some amazing friends. The faculty are amazing and will work with you personally to ensure your success. The class sizes are small allowing teacher and students to know one another.
My expirience in campbellsvile univeristy was awesome bc i went to a try out for the soccer team and i got a scholarship and I am so happy. My name is fernando and i´ll be a freshman in campbellsville univeristy in august. im so excited for this oportunity that they gave me and it I´ll be awesome. I will be in the field of engineering trying to geet my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering.
I love that Campbellsville university offers night classes so I can continue to work full time and be able to study and go to classes to get my degree. I love the professors there, they are always available to help and get us anything that we needed.
I've been taking dual enrollment classes for the last couple of years. Everyone has been so accommodating.
I love Campbellsville University. However, I played for the varsity volleyball team and did not like that. The coach is very demanding and not very friendly.
Fantastic school that excels in nearly every area. This school is a hidden gem in Kentucky that doesn't garner the recognition it deserves. As far as small colleges go, you can't get much better than Campbellsville University!
I like how Campbellsville University will keep in touch with you during enrollment the entire process.
I like that it offers online classes. The admission staff was helpful and courteous. I have been learning alot. Classes are easy to navigate through. The syllabus is provided for each class, keeping you informed of expectations.
I love it. It has a variety of students from many different backgrounds. The campus is nice and very well up kept. The instructors are always willing to and so are the students. I enjoy the diversity of the school. I am from the south and their are many students that comes from different countries.
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Everyone is very, very friendly at Campbellsville University. It's a small school with a big heart. It's very easy to get help at the school. There's plenty of computer labs and a large library. Overall it's a very good experience.
Like anywhere else, you'll find amazing people and not so amazing people. The college is in a tiny town so your experience is really dependent on finding those awesome people. I would like to see a few more options for late night entertainment so students are less likely to find trouble.
I love that it has a faith based curriculum and everyone treats you like a friend. Education is first here but so is feeling welcome.
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