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I enrolled into Campbell University in the Summer of 2019. All the staff, professor, and students are very nice and very supportive.
Campbell is a great place to make friends within your degree and the extra curricular events you chose to take part in. If you try to reach out to the professors, they do their best to meet you half way with the issues you bring up to them!
I am a student with Campbell's online program. I find it to be convenient for me and the professors are patient and work with you. The classes are face-paced but the instructors have been very good.
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You pay way to much for what you actually get. The dorms have mold in them, the food was undercooked at Marsh. They also got a horrible food ratings, and the only good dining hall had bad hours. Everything closed early and the gym was small nothing like other schools. The teachers I encounter lie (thats not the case for all) and they don't give their students the best resources to be successful. You also need to watch financial aid and the business office.
Leading through Christ and learning through public service. Campbell University has enhanced my love for Christ and learning. I have been blessed enough to call Campbell "my happy place." Everyone is friendly and kind. I have made friends for life.
Excellent school if you're planning to do law or biology. Any other major is basically laughable which really depends on the professor themselves and their teaching styles.
The dorms are crawing with all kinds of bugs and are very old. There is only one building that is modern and up-to-date but it always fills up too quickly.
The campus is nice, but it's in the middle of nowhere. If you dont have a car, you're out of luck since the campus is literally dead on the weekends.
Also, get used to having to take religious classes for your first two years as those are required as a Christian college. If you're not affiliated, they dont judge you for it but it is also a chore getting through.
Overall, this school could've been a lot better, but it really depends on the person. If you like this kind of stuff or are studying law or biology, go for it. Otherwise, just stay clear of this place.
One of the reasons I love Campbell is because of the community and social experiences available on campus. Campbell has a plethora of clubs and organizations, so students can stimulate social, cultural, intellectual, leadership, and recreational skills, whether their interests are in politics or art, sports or science. Every week there are multiple free or low-cost activities, from mud-volleyball games to movie screenings, to food trucks and international celebrations. Campbell is more than a place where I learn and study - I've made friends who are like family and built a home away from home.
Campbell University is the place to go to pursue a career in education. Every professor in the School of Education loves the students and the content that they teach.
Campbell university is an amazing school with a beautiful campus. One of the best things to do on campus is to get involved. You can do this by playing sports, going to sporting events and joining clubs.
Campbell University is a great school and has a very close knit community. Its the perfect place to attend if you want to feel at home the second you step foot on the campus.
Wonderful growing community and diverse culture. Excellent academic and athletic programs. Excellent staff and faculty!!
The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is great. The professors are here for you to learn and will help you, but they will not hold your hand. I received a plethora of hands-on experience as an undergraduate and a graduate student. Campbell is a smaller school in a small town, so the sense of community is very much felt by the professors and students alike.
It was a great tour with very nice facilities, especially the new freshmen girl dorm. I also appreciated the size of the campus and feel like I could walk to classes without any trouble. My one complaint is the lack of shade/shelter as it would suck in the heat and rain.
My overall experience visiting Campbell University was stellar. Tours are done on a one-on-one basis, in which a select counselor will meet with you and give a personalized tour of the campus.
Campbell University is not to big nor to small. It’s the perfect size. They have small class sizes so you get more individualized instruction. The Professors are invested in student success. Good support services. Easy move in process. Good food in dining halls.
Campbell University is a smaller school with a lot of great opportunities and people. Although I did not have the best first year, I am excited to better myself and my education this coming up 2019-2020 year. The professors are a miss or hit when it comes to who is good and who you want to avoid. I really enjoy the opportunities and resources Campbell provides for their students.
I love the experience I had when I went to student registration/orientation recently. The staff is awesome. Campbell University is a great college for me.
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I will be attending Campbell University for the next 4-years. I just love how much there is to do on campus and all the activites I can be involved in. How college makes you feel like you have reached a stage of knowing before adulthood.
Campbell University is a rigorous school that pushes students to work their very hardest. Even when the goings get tough, there are multiple tutoring services and professors openly announce their office hours. Campbell is located in a small, safe town which is sure to make every student feel at home. Campbell University's academics are off of the chart and support every degree's needs.
It has such a nice campus and everyone is SOOO friendly! I met so many people and had an amazing time and experience. I can’t wait to continue my education there in the fall!
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