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i’m enjoying my experience here as i’m a sophomore now. i love everything about this school. it’s beautiful the people are so kind.
I have just been accepted into their Medical School. The staff are wonderful and care about the students. The facilities are beautiful and the labs are new and modern.
I transferred to Campbell from North Carolina A&T University. The biggest difference between the two is diversity. I am an African American student and here at Campbell, majority of the student population is Caucasian. I would say the campus is a lot more peaceful than my previous university also! The staff and professors are just as helpful; being that Campbell is considered a small university. The transition has been smooth and I am glad I made the move.
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Campbell University is a small but rapidly growing school, with some really amazing professors and solid programs offered. However, what really holds back this school from being a perfect five stars would be the price to attend this university, with the cost rising its becoming very difficult to continue attending class here. Because of this I can see the price holding back many people from wanting to come here and even cause some already here to drop out or transfer due to high cost. But, the small campus environment, the amazing educators, and the future amenities make Campbell University an amazing place to pursue an education.
I have been Campbell for the past year and a half. I am mainly online and have a had such a great experience with them so far!
I love that Campbell is local for me and has such a relaxed environment. I really enjoy being able to openly express my Christian faith and find others that do the same. I have had a few professors that I do like, but there are also some that do not tickle my fancy. Some of them really do express the Christian faith that Campbell represents. But the ones that do not can be rude about it and not allow it to be communicated in the class room. Overall my experience here has been great and I would recommend it to anyone!!
They are very religious but have good programs. you will learn things in classes. It take time to get used to and there are many required classes for everyone. Three of them are on religion and you have to take them so be prepared.
Gorgeous campus! I really feel at home on campus and everyone is so friendly and goes above and beyond for the students
I love the "home" atmosphere that Campbell gives off. It feels like a community and not just a place that you go to classes at. I enjoy the people here and the professors are easy to get along. The professors are easy to work with and talk to. They are willing to help you in any way possible. All in all, this is my dream school.
My name is Adrianna Young. I am a freshman at Campbell University. Campbell is an amazing university. There are so many opportunities to get to know others and get involved religiously. The learning environment is one of the best places that is comfortable and caring.
My experience at Campbell has been great. The class sizes are not too small and also not too big. All my teachers have known my name which I really like because it makes me feel like they really care. The only thing that I would change would have to probably be the location because there isn't much too do close to campus.
Campbell university is beautiful on the inside and outside. The staff care about and put students first. They also offer a lot of opportunities to get a start on your future. The only thing I don't like is the amount of time it takes you on the phone before you can ask one question.
I'm a junior attending Campbell University for my BS in Clinical Research. Campbell's program is outstanding. The professors that care about the students make up for the ones that don't. No program is perfect and you will always find riffs in life, however, you must learn to roll with the punches. The tension is high at this school. It is felt by everyone this semester. But I feel that it is worth being with Campbell because at the end of the day, I bleed Orange. I love the staff in the Registers Office and even though Mr. Girt is gone they always make me feel like I'm at home. Nothing but love and honesty always, because the staff there cares about every students success.
It is a good school in a good location but it is way too expensive and it is unfair that athletes get more money than honor students everywhere!
I like the community and how beautiful the campus is. I like the many resources and programs this university has, but I wish the location was closer to the city.
You'll never find a university that cares about not only the students but the culture of the area, it truly embraces the culture of Harnett County.
It is a great school my mom went there and it has grown from the beginning. Before it was a school now it’s a college
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I am a new student at Campbell University and so far my experience is going great! I am looking forward to continuing my education with Campbell!
Campbell University has great academic courses, that cover everything you need to know about your major. The teachers are very active and help students ut when they need it. The campus is a very nice campus and everything is near each other so, you do not have to walk very far.
My overall experience at Campbell University is excellent , my major is biology to become a future pharmacist . Campbell has a variety of pre programs ,and one of them are Pre Pharmacy in which i’m in . The Pre Pharmacy program helps prepare me for the journious future i have ahead of me .
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