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An excellent school for people who appreciate a quiet environment. Friendly, family-oriented atmosphere with pleasant teachers and multiple student organizations. What it lacks in entertainment outside the school it more than makes up for with various on-campus activities.
The campus is small and beautiful. The atmosphere is that of a community and it is hard no to get involved with stuff around campus. The academics and sports are very good along woth the food and housing.
I absolutely love Campbell. I will be a junior this upcoming year and have loved the time I have spent there so far. Everyone (teachers, students, etc.) are so friendly and willing to help.
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I liked making new friends at Campbell. The school itself is in the middle of nowhere, making it very hard to find activities.
Great scenery!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everyone is very nice and welcoming!!! I love it!! The athletics are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Professors are always there to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Campbell is a great school. All of the professors are extremely nice and friendly, they will help you with just about anything you need if you are kind and patient. The campus is very good close proximity and great food on campus
Everyone at Campbell University, whether it be professors or students, are extremely helpful and friendly. School is very family oriented and focused on helping the community.
There are a few things that I like about Campbell. The first thing I like about is the place it is located at. There is not much around there, but there is so much to do on campus that you do not need to leave to go anywhere. I do like all the activities that they have for the students to get involved in. I also like how that have everything that I am interested in studying in. A thing that needs to change is placement of some location. For example, I love chick fil a but it is located in the school store and everyone on campus loves chick fil a too and that is where everyone goes. If they moved certain place, like chick fil a, or even a class that I am taking then it would be a lot easier to maneuver.
Faculty goes above and beyond what they are required to do in order to assist the students and make sure their needs are met. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and willing to go out of their way to assist me.
Campbell University has an inviting atmosphere but communication is lacking at times. Overall it is a good school.
I’m an out of state student who grew up in a small town it was hard to let go and move on to something I wasn’t familiar with. Campbell staff and students make you feel at home and comfortable. Professors are there for whenever you need them especially if you need help. My biology professor literally told out class that she would come to our dorms when a group of us needed help studying. Professors actually want to see you succeed. I’m also a first generation student and I want the best for my siblings because they’re going to look up to me and ask me what life was like for me in college. I’m the one who’s going to be there for them when their time comes. I absolutely love Campbell and I would recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a school to actually help them succeed to the place where they want to be.
Campbell university is a relatively small, private college. It is located in buise creek, North Carolina. It is known for its business program but offers a wide variety of majors. It is on the pricey side compared to most public colleges but is a smaller one on one feel with the professors. The campus is amazing and not outdated at all. Campbell is perfect for someone who does not want the crazy hustle and bustle of normal colleges.
Overall at Campbell University, I have had a great and joyful experience. They provided a close family relationship among one another and made my college experience amazing. However, just like any university it does have a few down sides in terms of a lack of facilities to accommodate its growth. With that in mind, I believe that Campbell is the place for anyone that enjoys a close knit environment but is also ready to see growth and expansion beyond your wildest dreams.
Campbell is a wonderful place for higher education, making new relationships, and growing your faith. With small-medium sized classes, distinguished professors who want you to succeed, and a close, family-like community on a beautiful campus, Campbell feels like home.

There are endless opportunities and resources for undergrads, not to mention the Medical, Pharmacy, Law, Business, and Nursing/PA Schools. Scholarships are generous in order to help those in financial need, as well as based on merit. Come here to have fun, to focus on academics, and to achieve your career goals; don't be distracted by big name schools where you'll end up failing out of enormous class sizes and professors/advisors only know you by a number.

With the expansion and addition of programs, buildings, and professors in the last few years, I can only see positive things for the growth of this school.
I highly recommend Campbell University and believe it should be much more well known.
Campbell is full of great opportunities and academics achievements. Not much to do in the area and poor environment for college town. Very friendly professors and people (except the science department).
I’m very excited to attend Campbell, they have a beautiful campus and they listen to your needs, they aren’t like any other college , they not only care about you as a student but your family as well. While at visitation day , my handicapped mother was reassured that she could tour the campus when they pulled up with a shuttle and showed her around.
i absolutley love this school. coming here was the best decision i have made. the people are all so friendly. the professors really want to help their students and to have their students succeed. there’s almost always somervent around campus going on. the only bad things is the lack of things to do in the surrounding towns of the school.
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During a campus visit in November of 2026 I fell in love with Campbell's wonderful admission staff, the community involvement, and the feeling of being at home.
I just completed my first semester at Campbell University, and I must say that my experience there has been amazing so far. The professors are nice and do everything they can to help each individual student on whatever they need help with. There is always something fun to attend on campus as well. The staff at Campbell University knows how stressful it can be to be a college student and they put on events every week for students to go to so that we have some fun in between studying and classes. Campbell is a great environment and it already feels like home to me.
This is my first year in college and I just finished my first semester with lots of great memories and lessons. Even as a commuter, it's still a transition from high school to college, and Campbell was able to help me make the transition very simply and easily. Most of my professors were really good, and the student activities I was able to participate in were very fun! I've learned and gained some new responsibilities throughout this first half of the year which I believe I'll be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my college career and life.
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