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1,137 reviews
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So far my experience at Campbell University has opened my eyes. I have been given the opportunity to be equipped with the necessary tools in order to be successful, in my career of choice.
Located in a small country town, about 30 minutes from Raleigh, NC. I would have to say that depending on the degree type it isn't worth attending for the price. Go to a state school.
I go to the Fort Bragg campus and I have really enjoyed the learning so far. Campbell has treated me like a student on the main campus and the teachers really help out when it comes to 8 week classes. I have taken online classes as well, which have not been as dreadful as I expected. I can not wait to graduate and say I am a Campbell University Alumni!
I absolutely love Campbell University. I feel very safe on and off campus. Classes are small so your professor gets to know you on a personal level and all are very willing to help you. There are also a lot of resources to use to help you academically. Campbell is growing and to hold more majors. Love the Christian atmosphere and the fact that everyone is very kind and willing to help you in whatever way they can. Some of the facilities are older but the school is working on updating the facilities. Like I said before love this school!
Campbell is a great university. I personally choose it for the pharmacy school. I have had a great first two years. I have made a ton of friends and everyone on campus is so nice. It's like a great big happy family. The professors are great and you are more than just a number. All of my professors know me by name and will speak to you even outside of class. I love Campbell and would not want to go anywhere else.
The campus itself is nice because it is small and one can walk across in about 10 minutes (so never late to class). There is not much to do around campus, just a few fast food places and a bowling alley. I enjoy the cafeteria (although a majority of students don't). There are different meal plans to help the pickiest of eaters. The dorms are nice (Don't like how Campbell offers the honors dorms $100 cheaper but then charges the private room fee. It is better to have roommates). Some professors are passionate about what they teach, where others are extremely well educated but cannot convey subject matter to students. Safety is as as good as it was last year. Campbell released that students in clown mask had weapons (but only after they we caught). A student died on campus but Campbell passed it off that he fell, rather than if he tried to jump or if he was pushed. The prayer involved is not for everyone (I like it). All in all, I'd say an average school.
I have no attended campbell University just yet but I have been accepted. The small classroom environments are amazing. They are great considering I have been in a small room environment my whole life. The small campus makes me feel right at home. I come from a very small town in thr middle of no where. They have amazing opportunities for each student. the classroom sizes are small so achieve teacher can help each student learn.
Campbell gives you numerous opportunities to get involved with your major and the people around you. The school encourages you to strive to become a better person academically and socially. I would recommend this school to everyone.
meh. It's not too bad, not a lot around or on the campus. But the people make the place, the relationships with the other students is the best part of Campbell. The party's are basically athletic house parties.
Campbell University is a small private college located in Buies Creek, North Carolina. It is a fairly secluded campus, free from many distractions of universities in major cities. Campbell offers a diversity of degrees to choose from and provides it via classroom, online, or distance education on remote campuses. I have always received excellent support from faculty and staff. I highly recommend Campbell University to someone looking for a close-knit student body.
I am a Pre-Nursing student. After I graduate with a B.S.N. I will have countless job opportunities available to me.
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  • 5 months ago
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I love Campbell. It is a fantastic environment where I am receiving an excellent education from a Biblical worldview.
I feel very safe on campus.
I am living in the newest dorm on campus, Pat Barker, and it is absolutely the perfect dorm. I love it.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
Campbell's focus is more on academics than athletics, but I still enjoy going to games.
I love Campbell because it is a smaller campus that feels like home. The professors are kind and genuinely want you to succeed.
There is plenty of help when it comes to job seeking and placement.
  • College Junior
  • 6 months ago
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This university has given me ample opportunity to grow into a strong student which will be a great asset to have in the work field.
The campus is on a military base so it is held to high standards.
I attend mostly online so I am not aware of Greek life in the university. Greek life is something that I have never had a draw towards.
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