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When I started my first semester at Campbell as a freshman, I was a little nervous because it was a new environment and I didn't know anyone there. As the days went by, I began making friends in every class. Everyone there was friendly and they all made me feel welcome. One thing that stood out to me was that the professors would have a little prayer before they started class. This immediately relieved the stress that I felt.
Campbell University made sure to find a way for every student to attend class in person while being on campus. COVID-19 made a few things difficult throughout the semester but having most of my classes in person helped me a lot. Many people may think that because Campbell University is a private school, with a small number of people compared to other universities, it is boring. That is not true at all, with Campbell not having a huge amount of students it was as if it gave everyone the chance to get closer.
The professors pushed every student to be their best.
I disliked the fact that I had one online class during my first semester. I am the type of person that needs to be in class to learn. I like to work hands-on with my work and collaborate with my classmates while I work. The online class was okay but I would not choose to learn that way. It may work for others but it doesn't for me. I would recommend online classes to those who learn well online but for those who do not learn well online, I would not recommend it for them. The online course itself was easy to navigate, but it had limited interaction with my classmates and professor.
I am currently a sophomore at Campbell University and I am also a commuter but I have to say that my first year was amazing, I was able to be a part of many club and activities that helped me have a closer relationship with the community, religion, and environment that Campbell University provides. What I would like to see change would be diversity, I feel that during my time at Campbell University there is not as much diversity as I would have thought.
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During my first year, we really did not go through online learning but towards the end we had to due to COVID-19 and I believe that the way that Campbell University was able to manage everything was amazing! Mostly all of my classes way of operating through online was different for each class. Some of my classes we would meet through collaborate where we were able to see everyone and still communicate, my other classes were having assignment due each week and if any questions we would get in contact with our professor.
Everyone at campbell university welcome you with welcome arms. I am a freshman, who just finished their first semester and since covid-19 is around, campbell university makes sure you are safe at all costs. They make sure we social distance, while also making sure we are learning everything we need to learn in our classes. Dorm rooms are very clean and suitemates are nice. My first day at campbell I knocked on my suitemates doors and we went out to explore the campus to see where our classes were, and how the setup of the campus was, ever since then we have been such great Friend. I have had such a great experience at campbell, from the friendly people to the helpful professors.
My classes were hybrid, which means I go to class some days while others are online and then I’m online while others are in class. I think my online classes were great the teacher made sure that if you didn’t understand something they would go over right then and there or they would ask if you wanted to zoom call one on one to go over it more in-depth. I love the approach that campbell took for online class, while covid-19 was a bog factor in this, it still made my freshman year one to remember
For the two weeks we were remote due to COVID the classes went smoothly. Taking a lab online isn’t the best because it takes away the hands on learning experience but learning online isn’t too bad.
Campbell is great! The school and people are so welcoming and kind. The dorm I’m in and the food aren’t the best but with some amazing friends it makes the time worthwhile. The classes are mostly good too. Professors seem willing to help overall and want their students to succeed.
Campus safety gives out predatory parking tickets and love doing it, this place is very greedy to be a self proclaimed Christian school. Parking enforcement sit and watch people to give very expensive tickets. This place is a joke!
I hate this place , all they care about is money. They have employees that get worked into the ground while the administration makes huge checks and bonuses . Stay away from this place
We currently have hybrid classes. This means that some days we meet face-to-face and other days we meet online. The professors give us plenty of time to complete assignments that are posted online. They also try their best so that everyone in the class feels like they have learned something new.
This year is my first year as a college student. I am a first-generation college freshman and Campbell University has made sure that students like me feel welcomed and prepared. I love the environment of the campus because it is filled with nice people who love to help if you are experiencing any trouble. At Campbell University, there are many student resources that are provided which make life so much easier. For Example, we have tutoring sessions that are provided for students that are having difficulty with understanding material in their classes. So far, I love Campbell University.
I personally do not like online learning because it is very difficult to focus. Being in class in person is a different feel and I find it necessary to be around people.
I love that my school is like a big family. The key word I would use to describe Campbell is "community" because everyone here is welcoming. I feel at home here.
Because of the global pandemic, some of my classes are online which I do not like. I personally find it difficult to learn this way whether or not the professors are doing a good job. Assignments and quizzes are very difficult for me to complete because technology can be quite confusing for all of us.
I really love the fact that my school is truly a community. I feel extremely safe here and am able to connect with almost anyone despite our backgrounds or culture differences. At Campbell, everyone is accepted and is provided with equal education.
I loved everything about Campbell. Everything is great and the faculty and staff are very helpful. They truly care about their students and they want the best for everyone
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It was great. I only took one online class and they did a great job of doing Social distancing and keeping hand sanitizer everywhere.
Because of the PANDEMIC 2020, the end of the Spring semester was completed on line * the professors did an excellent job in teaching/instructing the student body on-line. All classes and finals were completed on-line.
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