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New facilities are great and everyone is nice and loves to help you out. The downside is that being a Baptist school it's a dry campus.
Truly a wonderful university the professors are amazing and you truly get what you pay for. The campus is spectacular
So far, my experience at Campbell University has been nothing short of amazing. Class sizes are very reasonable and efficient. Great and safe environment.
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I'm an athlete at Campbell and overall I've enjoyed my time here so far. Most of the professors I've had will do a lot to help you, although some can be pains (but you'll find that anywhere). The university offers a free tutoring service for a variety of subjects which comes in handy. As far as campus life and such, it is very much a commuter campus and lots of people leave on the weekends. But for those that do stay, the school always has athletic or social events going on. The party scene really depends on how many people stay for the weekend and the weather. While there is nothing really immediately around campus, it's not too bad to drive to Raleigh or one of its suburbs for some food and entertainment. Overall, I like the school. It's small, and the people are very sweet no matter who you are.
Smaller school that is growing. Love the unique mascot. Had small class sizes for my major. Lots of scholarships.
Campbell University is a small school with a big heart. This place truly is a home away from home; a place that I feel completely safe at. The professors are amazing and Dr. Creed (the President of the University) has done an amazing job helping Campbell growth and develop within his first few years here. This is my home and I am so proud to be a student here.
Campbell University is a wonderful campus and it has a very diverse community. The minute I first stepped foot on campus, I already felt at home and I already found a place where I felt I belonged.
Very expensive. Worth the money. Learning environment is fantastic. Variety of majors and majors that other schools either do not have or very few schools do have. Amazing experience.
Choosing Campbell University was a decision that I continuously feel better and better about. As an out-of-state student, the transition of moving to North Carolina was difficult, but Campbell faculty and staff made the transition so much smoother than anticipated. Even though Campbell is technically a Baptist university, they still made everyone feel included no matter what religion they associate with. The professors and faculty are all very welcoming, and are always open to students coming to them with any questions or concerns. The university also provides a great support system for students, both within the Campus Ministry and Student Services, in an effort to ensure that all Campbell Students feel content with their experience here at Campbell. Overall, I would have to recommend this university to anyone who is considering furthering their education in North Carolina.
Campbell was a great school for me. I truly enjoyed the classes, professors, and programs offered. I was well prepared for my career following graduation and owe a lot of my success to the rigorous academic programs provided by the university. If you are looking for an amazing community that provides an challenging and engaging academic experience, Campbell is a great option.
They have a nice campus and very nice people. It is not very diverse, mostly just a couple groups. They have a lot of helpful resources though. Not that big of a campus so its not a lot of walking.
Campbell is very diverse when it comes to specific things. I would like to see more change within the culture. I would also like to see the campus come together as one. Everyone is so separated.
I personally love Campbell University, I enjoy the small campus. Although there is not much to do, its quite easy to make friends with the students on campus. Sometimes the dining hall has good food choices on a good day. Since the class sizes are fairly mall, students are able to connect with the professors on a much deeper level. Around campus, they are always adding on which is a good sign of growth within the university. Campbell University actually cares for you as a person and who you are becoming.
Campbell is a great school for programs such as medical, law, business, and ministry. What is it not good for is studying communication- unless your life goal is to get a masters or phd.
The communication tracks are all the same with the exception of two classes. The department does not help students with direct access to internships. The only way you can get a job, is due to your own ability to think outside the box, create your own opportunities, and by working hard on your off time practicing, watching YouTube videos, and taking broadcasting classes at a community college.
The communication depart lacks in communication (ironic?) and is micromanaged.

Bottom line: If you are interested in any type of journalism, broadcasting, or public relations I suggest you look elsewhere for a school that takes pride in their program, and fosters a learning environment geared towards the success of their students for life after Campbell.
Small school with a big personality. Everyone is so helpful but the school can be slow to answer emails or phone calls.
Fantastic school which is very small, exceptionally friendly, and has good teachers. Has very high costs, however.
I love the small school feel at Campbell. I started here two years ago and I'm so happy that I took the leap of faith with picking a college 10 hours away from my hometown. My randomly assigned roommate is amazing and she is my best friend. I'm so thankful to Campbell for all the opportunities it has provided for me academically. Most of the professors are amazing, understanding, and helpful for any problems you may have.
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The professors focus on the students and always try to help them understand the material. It is in the middle of nowhere so you have to drive to Fayetteville or Raleigh to do something on the weekends. But the community is tight-knit and there is 24/7 security.
Campbell University provides it’s students with a quality education with Christian values. While the education is high quality, there are not many eating establishments to choose from. The town of Buies Creek is consumed by Campbell University but there are only five eating establishments in the whole town.
Campbell university has a wonderful home feeling to it every one is happy to be there, most of the professors help you. But the one thing I would want to see change at Campbell University would be that more professors take more account for students that have disabilities. Not a lot of people like to help others with a disability we are already singled out because of her disability we don't need it to be any more than what it is. But other then that campbell is a wonderful place to be.
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