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I like how the staff as Cameron-Duncan are really helpful and eager to help the students in anyway possible and really encourage us to take part in their activities. The teachers are willing to help as much as possible and the mentors are more than willing to help the students succeed.
This is close to home so that I did not have to stay on campus. I am an older student so this college was a good choice. Cameron University offers a lot of different academic choices and it fit my needs to a certain point. I would love to see Cameron University offer a 4 year degree plan for engineering. Unfortunately, Cameron only offers a 2 year degree plan for. All of the staff at Cameron is very helpful and is dedicated to making sure students are successful.
Cameron has made me feel at home. I am only a concurrent student, however they have made me feel welcomed in so many was. Even made me think
I should stay home and go to Cameron.
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This college is a place that has lots of different degrees to follow with a manageable tuition. They offer multiple scholarships, and the staff is professional. If you are bored or have lots of time between classes, they also offer over 15 on-campus events a week.
Really nice campus and GREAT instructors for my field of study. I have learned so much and they are accommodating for disabled individuals like myself. However, there is no type of grants or scholarships for Grad students.
It was alright, the academics were challenging, but probably more so than they needed to be for a few of the class levels. The professors are willing to work with you if you work hard enough in their eyes though.
Cameron is a good school in order to easily obtain a business major. Most of my classes are online, and the advisors are willing to work with you and your classes.
I love the student to teacher ratio. You really get to know your professors and they love to help you.
The Grounds and overall appearance of the school is very nice and peaceful. I have not met a teacher or instructor that wasn't willing to help in someway.
Great school, Lawton is known as a rough town but the school is great and in a good part of town. The staff is usually pretty good as well.
While I transferred from a different school; my time in Cameron University was a pleasant experience. The professors were nice and willing to assist in any problems you had with your school work. However, there isn't much of a party scene and the location isn't very developed. Outside of school there isn't much. If you are the type of person that likes something like that it might be boring to decent. If you don't care about parties and such, it is a very decent school.
It's honestly a great school to attend and everyone is very welcoming and supportive! The campus is well kept and its really great after a bad day to walk around and there are so many smiling people who don't realize that just a simple small makes such a huge difference in someones day!
Very good atmosphere diverse campus. Staff very helpful and the classroom size is great so one is able to get one on one with instructor if needed.
I really love the school! Classes are small which means you can get one on one attention with the professor. All the staff is really nice and helpful. With everyone being nice it just makes the environment positive and comfortable to be around.
Cameron University is a wonderful university to attend. Teachers are wonderful and there are many advisors and resources to help with student life
It is a very active and lively campus. Not only is it a great place for education but it is also a great place to connect, hang out, and make new friends from many different places.
For anyone who wants a small-town setting, Cameron is the place! With classrooms no more than 40, you're able to get one-on-one helps from your teachers and even classmates! Everyone is nice and has a smile on their face for being that the safest college in Oklahoma. Teachers are understanding with nontraditional students and want nothing more than to see you grow! We have different types of learning centers with free tutors for most classes. I've grown so much at Cameron. Not only as a student, but as a young woman becoming a productive member a society.
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I love this school. The faculty members are also willing to help and answer questions without making you feel dumb for asking. The campus always stayed clean. The campus is just the right size to walk across campus to your next class without feeling rushed. If I had not had to have relocated I would love to have finished college here.
Cameron University is an excellent accredited college with a diverse student population and faculty. The university is aptly located in a city that is perfectly balanced to offer students an environment conducive for study and yet offer recreational activities to relieve the stress of studies. There is easy access to transportation and the county hospital is located opposite the university. The university offers many options for studies and is always expanding into other disciplines.
As I have just finished up my freshman year, I can say that the university is a recommendable one. The campus, the professors, and the courses are worthy of any degree -- I would however like to see the Art department attended to. Better resources and rooms are needed, as well as a couple professors. There is a lack of instructors and the existing problem of the wrong instructors misguidedly teaching other classes.
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