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Cameron University has a inviting feel at their campus. The small class sizes help the adjustment from high school to college much easier. I would pick Cameron over any other school because it is now my home.
Cameron is a great University for those who like smaller class sizes, and great teachers. Students of all ages, including many veterans, work hard for their future careers.
I love how much help and support they have to surround the students! Free tutoring hours, kind teachers, and multiple events throughout the year. You quickly begin to feel surrounded by close friends, even family.
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I would like to see Cameron get a football team. Cameron use to have a great football team. They even went to the Rose Bowl. I met some of the previous coaches. I think it is about time they look into getting another football team to represent the school and the community. I think they would be a good division two team. They would be number one. I have faith and hope that one day they will consider getting a team again. Cameron is a good school they have some community support. But they need to change some of their academic programs to keep up with other schools in the state of Oklahoma. The campus is great and Fort Sill is a great military community that utilizes Cameron University.
It was an easy process. However, this is the only college I had to pay to apply for. The others were free.
I start Cameron University in fall but just going to my orientation, I can tell I’m going to be happy there. The staff and introduction made me feel happy to be there. Getting my classes in place was easy so I’m happy to call myself an Aggie.
It’s an amazing college and I look forward to going to class everyday. I have just began my summer courses at the duncan campus and the teachers really care if you understand what their teaching or not. They want to help you and they are interested in the subject they’re teaching.
As I just finished up my first year of College I honestly loved it! I couldn't have asked for a better roommate or "dorm mom". I was scared to leave home but by the end of the year I wasn't ready to leave my "home" and all of my "sisters". Cameron does a good job having things for us to do at night while taking breaks from studying. I recommend everyone who is looking for a good school to give Cameron and the dooms a try! I can't wait for August to hurry up and lots of sleepovers with my favorite girls.
Professors in upper division classes in the Business Department do not stay in their positions long term and are often switched around, so it can be difficult to get correct information in a timely manner.
What I like about Cameron University is the requirements for my Business degree and that it is close to home, so that I do not have to worry about traveling far and it seems easier to reach out to teachers for help in my education. I live about an hour away from the university and I get to visit my hometown whenever I am free. I plan on going to the college right after community college in my hometown to complete my Business degree and hopefully get into entrepreneurship in the future!
Cameron is a small University with a large feel. Its in Lawton Ok, which is home to the Ft Sill Army base. Because Lawton is a small Army town many of the students at Cameron are current or former military. The campus is quaint and inviting. Most people are very friendly. There are several clubs to get involved with on and off campus. The college attempts to offer most classes found at bigger universities. The class sizes are small enough that you don.t feel lost. Most professors are helpful and make time for students after class. Cameron is very affordable and offers a plethora of activities. Its a great place to attend.
Cameron university - while I do not actively attend - is an amazing campus. All of the staff persons and students there are exceptionally nice, and you never live more than 15 minutes away from home. It is centrally located in Lawton, and is in a place of extreme convenience for its students.
Clean and the staff is friendly. They have multiple opportunities fitting different people and their needs. Professors are well trained, they have a sense of awareness.
The campus and small and easy to find all of the classes and get from class to class on time. The education is excellent, and the staff is very friendly.
Cameron University has been good to me as my first college. The campus isn’t the biggest, but that makes it easy to navigate. Most of the people I’ve met are friendly and the professors are great. As a nursing student, the science department is excellent with lots of knowledgeable teachers. I’m glad to have studied here.
I know MANY people that have gone there and they turn out very intelligent and well rounded individuals! Many courses that are needed everywhere.
The town is very loyal to it's University!
Students are very active in the community and are proud of their school!
The thing I liked about Cameron University is that it was small & the classes were small. I like how you could walk to class in less than 10 minutes! I would change the food for sure. They have students cooking the food and honestly they don’t cook the food well enough. Other than that it really didn’t feel like I was in college when I attended.
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I love that Cameron is so committed to helping it’s students succeed both educationally and socially. Being a single mom of 2 boy the flexible schedules allow me to further my education while still being able to work and provide for my family. I never thought I would get the chance to make it through college but Cameron university has made that possible.
I love the diversity and small school feel of Cameron University! It’s also a plus that because of the small class sizes the teachers know your name.
I loved how beautiful the campus is and how small the classrooms are. By the classrooms being so small, the students are able to build great relationships with their professors.
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