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The campus and small and easy to find all of the classes and get from class to class on time. The education is excellent, and the staff is very friendly.
Cameron University has been good to me as my first college. The campus isn’t the biggest, but that makes it easy to navigate. Most of the people I’ve met are friendly and the professors are great. As a nursing student, the science department is excellent with lots of knowledgeable teachers. I’m glad to have studied here.
I know MANY people that have gone there and they turn out very intelligent and well rounded individuals! Many courses that are needed everywhere.
The town is very loyal to it's University!
Students are very active in the community and are proud of their school!
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The thing I liked about Cameron University is that it was small & the classes were small. I like how you could walk to class in less than 10 minutes! I would change the food for sure. They have students cooking the food and honestly they don’t cook the food well enough. Other than that it really didn’t feel like I was in college when I attended.
I love that Cameron is so committed to helping it’s students succeed both educationally and socially. Being a single mom of 2 boy the flexible schedules allow me to further my education while still being able to work and provide for my family. I never thought I would get the chance to make it through college but Cameron university has made that possible.
I love the diversity and small school feel of Cameron University! It’s also a plus that because of the small class sizes the teachers know your name.
I loved how beautiful the campus is and how small the classrooms are. By the classrooms being so small, the students are able to build great relationships with their professors.
Being a freshman, first time college student this school was so easy to connect with every one was so friendly and very helpful. The school isn't that big so its not hard for you to get lost. The professors are very very helpful and informative and really strive to see you pass their course, Lawton being a military town it's very diverse and so many ethinictys and backgrounds so I didn't feel out of place at all.
Cameron University is an amazing college to attend to. It is a very affordable place for higher education. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I have learned a lot from this place and it is a very pleasant place for learning.
Cameron is small but very nice. There have been one or two professors that I did not care for, but most of my profeesors are excellent. The campus is pretty and clean and the library is nice.
I like how the staff as Cameron-Duncan are really helpful and eager to help the students in anyway possible and really encourage us to take part in their activities. The teachers are willing to help as much as possible and the mentors are more than willing to help the students succeed.
This is close to home so that I did not have to stay on campus. I am an older student so this college was a good choice. Cameron University offers a lot of different academic choices and it fit my needs to a certain point. I would love to see Cameron University offer a 4 year degree plan for engineering. Unfortunately, Cameron only offers a 2 year degree plan for. All of the staff at Cameron is very helpful and is dedicated to making sure students are successful.
Cameron has made me feel at home. I am only a concurrent student, however they have made me feel welcomed in so many was. Even made me think
I should stay home and go to Cameron.
This college is a place that has lots of different degrees to follow with a manageable tuition. They offer multiple scholarships, and the staff is professional. If you are bored or have lots of time between classes, they also offer over 15 on-campus events a week.
Really nice campus and GREAT instructors for my field of study. I have learned so much and they are accommodating for disabled individuals like myself. However, there is no type of grants or scholarships for Grad students.
It was alright, the academics were challenging, but probably more so than they needed to be for a few of the class levels. The professors are willing to work with you if you work hard enough in their eyes though.
Cameron is a good school in order to easily obtain a business major. Most of my classes are online, and the advisors are willing to work with you and your classes.
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I love the student to teacher ratio. You really get to know your professors and they love to help you.
The Grounds and overall appearance of the school is very nice and peaceful. I have not met a teacher or instructor that wasn't willing to help in someway.
Great school, Lawton is known as a rough town but the school is great and in a good part of town. The staff is usually pretty good as well.
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