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Cameo College of Essential Beauty Reviews

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Currently attending this Beauty school. It is a great environment with tons of hands on experiences! With in the first 3 month of attending you begin practicing on real clients under instructure supervisor. One other girl and I are attending this school while still being in highschool, which we should graduate both at the same time. This website is not accurate when reviewing this college, for accurate and current information I would contact the school.
I just finished enrolling into classes and it was such a wonderful, easy an exciting experience. They reach out to you quickly, are very friendly and encouraging in helping students find the right class that fits them best! Their campus is very organized and very clean as well!
After FOUR hours into a color correction my hair was literally, 16 different shades of orange and they were closing. I was told I could come back the next day and PAY MORE to have it fixed. The manager's exact words were, "I don't see orange. I see brassy, I see warm tones, but I don't see orange!" Oh, it gets better. I contacted the owner who didnt get back to me for a MONTH, and that's because I called again. I told her I just wanted my $ back, that I would pay for the product but felt the services should be comped. Nope. She would only offer a redo. He'll no.
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Electrolysis. Doctor Fryer. Brenda – there's only 22 schools in the whole USA that teach Electrolysis. Doctor Dryer is a plastic surgeon who comes in once a month and works along side of our students and doing procedures. Brenda (the owner) is on the state board, is world wide known, and is on top of everything
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