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I really like the environment, the students, most of the professors, and the advisors. They all do their job and actually care about the students, helping us with everything we need help on. The lunch is alright, but there are many fast food places nearby that make up for it. There is also a really big park right next to the campus where you can hang out with friends and have fun on. The downfall that I had was that after corona happened, the school confused everyone, including the professors, and we suddenly switched to online school. I understand that no one was prepared for that to happen so soon, but one of my professors actually gave up and just gave the whole class an A because he didn't really understand how online works. Not complaining, but there should've just been a Plan B for all professors just in case something like that happens again.
For the most part, some professors handled the whole online classes pretty well, but some also had no idea what they were doing. One professor gave all of us a free A because he didn't really know how online school works. The other professors I had would have us go on a zoom call, sometimes required, but mostly optional. I'm more of an in-class learner because online classes can distract me in many ways and prevent me from learning and trying my best, but some online classes did a good job on having me learn.
I'm able to learn at my own pace and get my degree too. When needing help with classes, they provide a great experience and knowledge.
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my experience at CCC is amazing. I do online classes and still get the attention and learning I need. The college allows you to learn and study at your own pace and still get you degree. The people that work there are super helpful and caring and want to see you success and accomplish your goals. I love being a student here and can't wait to get my degree here!!!
My online experience went well. I was able to still communicate with my teacher and classmates. I just was Unfortunately Unable to have the inter face experience from being in the class room. When having a discussion in class i believe your able to see more emotions and feelings behind what people are saying. It is Convenient when it’s comes to work and school balance. Your able to just go one and complete your work and then return to your day. I feel online schooling every thing is on your time. You do have to be more disciplined to come poets the school work and submit it on time but it does give you more freedom. Everything is virtual. If you are a person who can work independently and self-motivated, this would be a great option for you. If you’re a person that likes things hands on I would recommend you attending in person classes. This was an over all great experience for me to allow me to choice which style of learning i prefer.
That it is local and convenient to my home. It is affordable compared to other colleges. The campus is also easy to navigate around. The professors are very active with their students to help them succeed in there class. They provide services to help students active what that needs as far as assistance. Tutoring is available if needed. If you are going through a hardship they have ways of helping you as a student also. If you need to speak to the Dean of the school that is also possible too. Every one is available to help you with your needs when you need it. It offers Multiple degrees and a great start before transferring. They are always update to date on things happening around the world that can effect students. This recent COVID pandemic they was able to help all students and give them accommodations. They helped with computers, online tutoring, being available to be reached and accessed. Providing free WiFi for students to complete there online classes.
Overall my experience at Camden County College has been awesome. I am an international student and I simply love it. My online classes were demanding but I learned a lot.
I am an international student and coming from Venezuela I can see the changes between where I went for my first degree and this second one. I love the classrooms and how well equipped they are. I have also have an incredible experience with all my professors. They have helped me in every way possible, also, I have learned a lot about my major.

Since I have a previous experience going to an university in my country, I can say that it is easy to get a diploma if you just put effort on it.

If there is something I could change, it would be to explore deeply into programs so they are more complete and we, as students, can learn even more.
I have taken three classes online including Spanish, Calculus 1, and intro to programming. All in which offered enough information to help guide my learning experience. Although as all online courses it's up to you to stay on top of the class assignments. The first online class I enrolled in I did not do well but that was because I allowed myself to fall behind. If you are disciplined then CCC has great online courses. The teachers also make it very easy to contact them.
I love the campus in Blackwood. The environment really puts you in the right mindset to learn. I love the teachers and staff as well. The only thing I would change is to offer more night classes. I work full-time and can only take evening/night classes. So far I have been able to take majority of the classes I need. As I get closer to graduating I hope they offer my specific classes at night or online. Overall its a great school and I would recommend it to others!
I overall enjoyed attending Camden County College. Although it is a community college, the school had a lot to offer. The College constantly had events happening or something for the students to get involved in. They kept us entertained with holiday parties, trips, karaoke, spring fling, and all types of activities and celebrations. Most of the staff members made themselves available to the students and have been very supportive, especially during the pandemic.
One thing I would like the College to change is requirements for teachers. A lot of the teachers were very good, but there where some that I don’t recommend. Teachers should have some strict form of curriculum for their classes, it felt like they were hired just to run the class however they feel (even if that includes talking about their personal life the entire class or strolling in 30 minutes late). I also feel like there have been several occasions where majority of the class was failing. That shouldn’t happen so often.
Most of Camden County College's professors are so helpful in making sure you have what you need to succeed. Their transition to online learning during this pandemic has been professional, and has helped relieve some of the stress of school on top of this. The advisors at this school have also been extremely helpful and supportive during this time, and make sure I'm on the right track. Overall, Camden County has been a great college to help me start my educational career.
As a first-time college student, I am currently having a great experience at Camden County College. The professors truly care about their students' achievements and faculty/advisement is very helpful.
I've taken dual-credit courses affiliated with this school, and honestly, they've all been the easiest classes I've ever taken. If this is the standard that CCC holds their students to, it must be a walk in the park!
The school is easy to navigate, some of the professors really do care about you and try to make sure you pass.
As a freshman in college I am really enjoying my time at CCC. The campus at Blackwood is huge ! I love that they offer many different classes throughout the whole day. This community college exceeds my expectations and the tuition is the lowest I've seen.
Freshman now sophomore film course Love editing Camus big easy to get to classes professor are easy to talk to set up my own classes
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I had a great experience, the math and computer science degree programs are incredibly thorough and are more than enough to prepare you for the work place or for a transfer university.
Thr professors I've encountered have been wonderful. Content is taught well and tests and grading are fair. The advisors are not as knowledgeable as they could be and sometimes lead students in a direction that's unnecessary.
I started back in 2011, and took a break for quite some time. The campus staff, and the environment has improved significantly over the years. The advisers in the office are more than willing to explain what you need to get to in order to get into a graduate program or what works best for you.
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