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For the price, I don't think you'll have better. I'll suggest everybody that wants to go the a 4y university to start with a community college like CCC. Get a good GPA, save your money, and then transfer with a schlarship thanks to your GPA.
Camden County has been a great experience for me. I have had great experiences over the past 2 years. Although some courses are harder than others most of my previous professors were very happy and willing to help with my studies. The atmosphere of the campus is very positive and diverse. The advisors that I had helpt me make a easy and stress free transition to my 4 year institution.
Academics are great. It is located conveniently in Blackwood, instead of the city of Camden. The staff and professors are very helpful and want to see you succeed.
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At a glace Camden county college (CCC) seems like an ordinary average community college, but looks deceive CCC Offers a variety of programs especially in the new age of technology and cyber-Security CCC provides that. There are many opportunities and ways to expand your horizons.
It is very clean and well organized, and the professors don't mess around they're there to do their job and educate you.
My experience has been a positive one so far. I have been on campus taking classes for an entire day. Every time I came to register for classes and make payments, I have been in and out. The staff has helped me out tremendously with my transfer courses and got me on the right track. I have not one negative comment.
Camden county college is a great college to attend. I have learned a lot and am able to get to where I want to be. The staff is always happy to help you and supportive. Great college!
Camden County College is a good college to go to when your not financially stable to go anywhere else. Camden County College is also a good place to go to because they offer a lot of classes.
This is a super diverse campus, everyone you see is simply trying their best to get by and the professors are always there to help. The classes offered are as diverse as the people there give the students endless opportunities to do the great things they are interested in in life. Best of all, it’s not overly expensive.
I am an out of county student.I attended CCC because they have one of the best nursing programs in South Jersey community college.The tuition is reasonable.The campus is very diverse makes me feel more comfortable.
I enjoyed the low-cost but high quality teaching offered at the campus, especially its rigorous math and computer science courses.
I graduated from Camden County College less than 2 weeks ago. Upon graduating with an Associates Degree in Political Science, I had some takeaways from the Blackwood campus. It is quiet, and quite secluded. The professors are average teaching-wise. The campus in itself is student friendly, but don't expect to see parties taking place here, because it never happens. It is a welcoming educational institution. I would yet still recommend this campus to future students. It does help if you're wanting to save money, due to Camden County College having the lowest tuition in New Jersey for a community college.
What I like about Camden County College is the academic advisory see to that your goals are meet. One thing that I would change about Camden County College is the class size. Its hard to participate and answer questions when there are 30 or more trying to do the same thing.
I actually liked almost everything about Camden County College. The location as a commuter was very convenient and allowed more time for studying. The professors for most of my classes were proficient in their field and communicated with students with respect to assignments and test material efficiently. As a young woman attending I always felt safe when parking and walking to classes. I was able to accomplish and complete all my prerequisites in Nursing which afforded me the opportunity to apply and gain acceptance in Rutgers School of Nursing in Camden, NJ.
As far as community colleges go, the academics are pretty good, and the professors are generally good, though can be very hit-or-miss. The online systems they use are quite old and glitchy, and can turn an online class into a nightmare to use if you run into a major problem. The campus itself is easy enough to navigate, although the buildings are pretty dirty.
Have never had bad experiences. Staff is wonderful. Never had a bad professor. Blackwood campus is amazing
Camden County College is located in an ideal location. I have moved twice during my time there and it was no more than 15 minutes away. Personally, I like a small classroom size which they accomplished. The professors were less than ideal, but teaching myself everything I think helped with learning. The other students on campus are more than willing to trade contact information incase either of us have any questions. I have never felt unsafe, even when I was walking back to my car after my night class. There is always security cars around, and an emergency pole close by.
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I recently transferred to Camden County College due to a major change and that the university is less money. What I like about Camden County College is that it's more personal, the professors are great and attentive, smaller classes. When dealing with the admissions staff they are very helpful and very informative. The students are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this university to anyone.
This past semester was great. J had two professors who loved their job. When a person loves their job, and is passionate about what they teach, the class will be a breeze. They also loved helping the students no matter what. I can only hope my teachers are the same next go around!
Camden County College is definitely one of the top community colleges to attend. There are many students who have transfered from other community colleges to attend CCC. Although Camden County College overall is a great school, they could improve on student satification. There are many professors who enforce rules that they do not follow themselves which makes you feel as if they don’t respect your education the way the student does. CCC could also improve on parking for students who drive. There are well more staff parking spots than there are staff. Also, the staff are on different pages telling you different information which potentially harm you. Sometimes it is better to plan your schedule out yourself im accordance with the school you plan to transfer to.
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