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This past semester was great. J had two professors who loved their job. When a person loves their job, and is passionate about what they teach, the class will be a breeze. They also loved helping the students no matter what. I can only hope my teachers are the same next go around!
Camden County College is definitely one of the top community colleges to attend. There are many students who have transfered from other community colleges to attend CCC. Although Camden County College overall is a great school, they could improve on student satification. There are many professors who enforce rules that they do not follow themselves which makes you feel as if they don’t respect your education the way the student does. CCC could also improve on parking for students who drive. There are well more staff parking spots than there are staff. Also, the staff are on different pages telling you different information which potentially harm you. Sometimes it is better to plan your schedule out yourself im accordance with the school you plan to transfer to.
Camden county college, is an excellent college. I usually take online classes that are very convenient and great for my schedule.
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Flexible class schedules, fairly inexpensive tuition. I am taking classes here that are required for a bachelors program, and they have been very accommodating thus far.
I feel like they set you up to fail. Most of your work is done online so you basically waste your time sitting in a classroom. There is NEVER any parking spots available. And you get a ticket for parking in staff parking. I’ve missed a lot of my classes because I couldn’t find a spot and when I park in staff they fine me. Whenever you go to the Student Center to get help from the people upstairs, they’re rude and don’t take you seriously. They have kids working to help you get your class schedule for next semester and they aren’t helpful at all.
Camden County College has one of the best substance abuse counseling programs around. The professors are very knowledgeable and are also working in the addictions field. The classes are wonderful and the professors make you feel involved in every aspect of the course.
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Financial aid office is very helpful. The campus and buildings are very nice. Easy to find your way around. So far, all my professors have been great.
nice well mannered faculty and staff, helpful resources and i love how in the camden campus there is a section for unemployed students to do job searching.
I am a returning graduate and I would not choose a different school. The professors actually want to be there and the classes are easy to get to after work.
Camden county college is a very welcoming environment. They look out for the students and faculty. They make you feel safe. Camden county college is a great starting college.
I wish they had more programs and has teachers that actually teach. But it is very diverse and they offer a lot of opportunities money wise for students
Advisors mislead students interested in transferring to other colleges. I want to transfer to the University of Vermont and they did not help with what classes I should be taking.
It is not far from home. I like that you can create your own schedule that works best for you. This college has much variety when it comes to classes.
The college is clean and pretty well staffed. The classes are good to. Most of the people there are very friendly and are willing to help if you ask.
Advisement does not care about you, they have no idea what they're suggesting or what classes they're telling you to take. I was denied aid so I was paying for everything out of my own pocket: full-time tuition and fees, books, supplies, etc only to find out they put me in the WRONG major so I was taking ALL the wrong classes. I had no idea and the advisement center was supposed to be most helpful to me since I am a FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENT so I couldn't go to my family for help. People in the financial aid office are actual nightmares.
I like everything about Camden County College and there is nothing I would like to change. It’s a great place to learn new thing and meet new people.
I enjoyed going to Camden County College. I absolutely love their Early Childhood Education program. I loved my ECE professors, and this is one of the few county colleges to have KDP, and a course where you get into a classroom and observe 15 hours.
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When times are tough, the students come together and support one another, even to complete strangers.
The teachers are very friendly and will really get involved with their students. The college takes there academics very seriously as well as there sport teams. The student population is very diverse with people from all different age groups and ethnicity coming with a common goal to better themselfs
Camden County College Blackwood was an amazing time for me. As a math major in computer science not alot of people would think I would have an issue with simply algebra. The tutoring in the blackwood campus were so supportive and so helpful I actually manage to get an A in one of my exam in Algebra.
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