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There are three campuses that allow for you to have the chance to attend from almost anywhere inside of Camden County but most of the time the bulk of the classes are only offered at the Blackwood campus. Overall the teachers aren't that bad, most of them could be better and the classes could teach you more than they do.
I really love the fact that as a 2-year university, you are given many great transfer opportunities if you keep your grades up. This is a great place for people who are going back to school for a career change. They also offer a wide variety of programs.

What I do not like is their inflexibility when it comes to late payments for tuition. They will literally drop your class in the middle of the semester if you have just a few dollars balance. I wish they would realize that the economy is not the best, and people need time to make payments. Even though the price is lower than 4 year colleges, and granted the money needs to be paid, they really should be more flexible.
Camden County College is a good college for any quick career you would like to pursue. I've had a few professors who aren't very helpful or good at teaching certain studies/topics. However, there are many good professors who do an amazing job. Definitely recommend to attend if you only plan to be in college for a few semesters or as a part time student.
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One of the best things about this school is that I met some of my best friends here. They are some of the kindest people I have ever met, and I'm grateful.
I love the teachers as well. There are so many role models at this school; individuals who have the power to make courses fun, but challenging at the same time.
If I were to change anything, it would be the lack of knowledge about specific majors in the advisement department. Otherwise, everything is great!
The college offers many degrees in every field. There are plenty of services to use for academic needs. The college would benefit from better parking when classes are busy.
Had to make my own schedule because guidance counselors aren't really interested in helping me but helping the school make money off of me.
I like Camden county college because it have various different programs and options to choose from. I was already on tHe path of nursing and decided to transfer here because I live close by. They have various different programs such as lpn, rn with associates degree and rn with a bachelors degree.
College over all is okay, the issue is that high schools don’t prepare you for college at all so most student end up wasting thousands of dollars retaking classes. There should be more money invested into high school to give kids a better education.
I love Camden County College . I love the staff and the students. The only thing i would PROBABLY change is the fact that there aren’t enough classes at the Camden Campus. I reside in Camden, New Jersey , so it would be much easier to attend all my classes down here but i am also glad because i get to step out of my comfort zone and attend classes like any other college student ON A real Campus . I get to meet all kinds of people ❤️ People who come from where they live , to attend the awesome Camden County College 🤓 I love this college and I will soon have a degree from THIS COLLEGE ,soon to be CCC alumni 💙
I really enjoy attending this college as the courses seem to go at a more digestible pace and take place in smaller classrooms. Personally, I wish the same lab classes were available at all of the campuses and that more flexible times were available. But overall I feel very supported with this school.
I take online classes at this college and the website is great. Everything is updated and teaches are willing to help with any questions. Would definitely recommend it!
I love Canden County College. It is really cheap and affordable for everyone and the classes are terrific. I switched colleges recently and I'm taking classes for Computer Graphic Design and I'm glad that I switched because Camden a County College is not a stressfull College
Camden County College has a very flexible schedule which is great if you have a full-time job. Also, majority of the professors are very friendly and helpful in their topic.
Camden County College is a great school for someone who wants to save money by taking your prerequisites here. The staff are friendly and helpful. The students are motivated and there is always a program to help you when you are struggling or new.
This school is an excellent match to grow, its a great place to return to do prerequisites for any bachelor's degree. Or even the right place to get an associate's degree.
I only had one experience with information from an advisor that I felt set me back a tad bit. But other than that, this is a great school with very convenient locations. There is a lot of help offered from academic assistance to financial assistance. I've had some really great professors and can honestly say that I got a top-notch education at a fraction of the normal cost.
My experience at CCC has been great so far! I absolutely loved the professors I had (with exception to a few). They really do help you if you ask for it. Sometimes they'll also be lenient on work, or give that rare extra credit assignment. Like with any school, you need to show up and do the work or else you won't pass. It's not relatively hard, depending on the class. Getting financial aid was easy to do. Advisers were helpful when I needed something done/information on something. The students aren't bad either, and campus is easy to navigate.
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All of my clssses were affordable and even the professors were surprisingly friendly. I got to meet so many new people with different cultural backgrounds.
Overall I had a great experience going to CCC. Most of my professors were wonderful people and genuinely cared about their students doing well in the courses. The academics and workload were manageable. I like the ease of registering for classes online. One thing that should change is the way students are helped when transferring to an out-of-state college or university. I had to track down all of my old professors for syllabi from every course I had taken in order to receive credits at my transfer school. The school had no record of syllabi or professors' names from these past courses so it was up to me to find them, which made the transfer process very difficult.
I had to take a few online courses due to work-life schedules, and it was actually a pretty decent experience. The systems used were easy to follow for obtaining and submitting assignments. There were easy connect options to communicate directly to the instructor as well as your classmates. There was also a message board where you could post questions/suggestions for anyone to give responses. I personally like in-class because I love the personal interaction with everyone, but if you prefer online courses, you would be pleased with their WebStudy option.
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