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Cambridge Junior College - Yuba City Reviews

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Don't let the reviews fool you. Many of us found out after that our diplomas were worthless. Every nurse I encountered said many wished they had done a CNA program first instead. Staff including the director and her assistant choose favorites to promote and unless you already have hospital experience or inside help to get in with one of the major hospitals, good luck. I now work at a Hospital as a Phelbotomist that does not care about my CCMA creditionals. They pretty much told me they were worthless and do not keep them on file. Save your money and do your research with hospital professionals before choosing a school and health career starting path
I loved attending this Cambridge Junior College! The teacher to student ratio made a huge impact on the learning experience. I received so much support and always had someone to talk to if needed! The school is kept nice and clean which makes it comfortable for students. The staff was always available to answer any questions I had. I also loved the courses! I attended the Medical Assisting program. The classes were so educational and inspiring. Thanks too Cambridge Junior College, I was able to meet many employers and companies! I got a job after being out of school only two weeks! The program and teachers really help you get the most out of your education!
An amazing college with excellent staff. Starting here is very simple and easy, all it takes is dedication! The teachers are well-equipped and educated.
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Love how they recognize the students.
This school is absoloutely amazing.
I've heard numerous time already of my fellow students finding jobs before graduating.
We have no student body, but this school is awesome.
The teachers help you with your grades. If you ever need to do extra credit to get your grade up they are willing to help.
We don't really have a student body here at the school. But I'm sure if we did it would be just as good as the school.
They have a great website that really helps and demonstrates great things about the school. There is also a library connected to the website that really helps you study and get your work done.
Very Pleased – I am very pleased with my choice in school's. I am a full time mother and wife, so being able to come to night classes and have the school open to me with tons of help is a huge plus. If I had to go back and choose a school again it would definelty be this one.
There are four Labs in the school. Everyday we are constantly using the computer, the network and the quality of the computers are very good.
the tuition is pretty expensive but as a nonresident it all eguals out. they helped me do my fincial aid and help me take care of my student loans. they had everything under control and made it alot easier for me
Class Schedule – i only go to school two nights a week which is very convient for me. each night you get four full hours with you teacher which is very nice to and they can help you alot one on one so you fully understand it
C.J.C is unique to me because it offers small classes, one on one, and 7 month course to become a medical assistant, and it is very close to home
My Experience – When attending C.J.C, i was treated very well, everyone was polite, nice, and friendly. I really like this school.
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