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A great school and local.
The other students in my school are awesome I consider them as family and wouldn't change it. They help when you are confused and are very friendly.
My experience I awesome I consider my class as family. I love everything about my school and wouldn't change one thing.
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I haven't have any problem with curriculum but I have missed days due to my daughter being very sick and my teacher let me make up all work I had missed and some.
I am still in school to obtain my medical assisting certificate. The classes are what I have expected and I love it. Every class or mod deals with hands on experience and I like that because I at least can say I have my experience and technique down so when I go into the work field I am not blindsided and can actually say yes I have done this instead of no I haven't.
My professor is very in-depth with his lectures and this makes it easier for me personally to understand the material. I have actually stayed after school to understand more of the material and my professor was willing to help me and took the time out of his day to help me. The homework is very adequate for all the material we need to learn. Its not overwhelming. The registration process is easy and didn't take but 4 hours out of my day and I am glad I took the time to join this school and be apart of this college.
I am very satisfied with our career management here. They help you volunteer to events and also help you with job resources as well.
My school is a co-ed school and the faculty is very helpful and will help you no matter what the problem is. I would not change my school for anything it is a small school that gives me the one on one time that is needed to help me succeed.
I am getting my moneys worth for my colleges tuition. I am fine with the amount of my college. I have applied for all help and am trying to obtain as much as I can get to further my education.
We have a great computer lab.
These resources are always available when I need the resources.
So far I absolutely love going to this school. The work isn't too hard or overwhelming and It fits in perfect with my busy work schedule.
Withthe MOR class that I'm taking, it's a very small class size which is great considering you get more 1 on 1 time with the students and teacher. Everyone is very helpful and they all wnat to help you succeed.
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