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Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology - Delray Beach Reviews

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I'm a current student and heading into my second year. I have a Bachelors degree from a major university and this school is top notch. The professors are excellent and everyone is always available to assist. The expectations are high and the classes are tough but that's exactly what you want if your enrolling to learn and pass boards. So happy with my decision and wish I made this decision sooner.

I finally felt I found an career I will enjoy and be successful
If you are straight forward honest and professional they are very flexible to an extent in helping you be successful in graduating
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I have an array of ethnicity black(African American) white(Caucasian) Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern extremely diverse
Not modern day college or university has a simple but effective resource center
Lab tops and computer seem to be online properly
It would be nice for my tuition to be cheaper but it's average for a private institution
I truly enjoy the scan lab different array of machine to assist in mastering your scanning practice
I know ones who have been successfully employed after graduating from Cambridge Inst of Allied Health and Technology
Im not sure what grade to give on this because the tuition is very high my programe tuition is 45,000 for a two year program you do get financial aid and student loans. My tuition was reduced to about 38,000 because of transfered credit from another school. The books are not included I buy my books online I truly hope all this money is worth my education I still have about 18 months left so I can't say my money was well spent yet but so far I really like the school.
I personaly don't like online courses because it is not the same as attending class but I found that I was ok with it here at this school I never had a problem that couldn't be solved I could ask questions and I would get an answer in no time. I learned that I really did not need to be in class with the professors to learn I could really do it on my own.
My school consists of people from many different back rounds they all are very hard working people some are married with children and some work full time or part time. A lot of them already have a college degree but came back to school for something else. Everyone is willing to help each other after all we are all there for the same reasons to earn a degree and find a better job or one that make you happy.
The librarie have someone there that can help you with anything.
If you need help with a subject you can email the school and they will set up a group tutoring class they organized one for my physics class for a few weeks twice a week before our midterms and final exams.
Online Student – i can not really give them a grade because my classes are online and they will start on September 10,2012. I graded them base on the service i received from the staff everyone was very helpful in answering my questions. I was impress by their program.
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