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Cambridge Institute of Allied Health & Technology - Altamonte Springs Reviews

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This a great school the teachers are very open and understanding. they provide unlimited help on your home work. It has a very open environment when it comes to communication with your peers and teachers.
it is school so this will be more of an obligation the you personal schedule but you do have weekends off and online classes so ill have to go to the campus three days out of the week.
the classroom experience i will not be able to tell yet until i start the school but everyone seems very nice.
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after you complete the program and past the registry you can work directly in the field.
the school is very small so i think the professors will be able to give you the extra help if you need.
you don't want to go to this school if you are not interested in any of the programs and in the process of your application they make sure that you are really interested by asking you questions about the field you want to go in.
the program you will go in right after you are finish with school you would be ready to wok directly in that field.
I have not attend yet i start January but the staff seem amazing and they are all super nice.
I enjot the atmosphere the professors and the hands on experience they provide. the Prfessor and staff make sure you are prepared for the boards
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