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A lot of support services to help succesfully maneuver through school while having a full time job. the lecturers are very helpful and knowledgeable. i am excited to learn and develop my technical and connections.
Cambridge College is ideal for working parents going back to school to further their education and advance in their careers.
Horrible experience. If you want to be treated like sh*t go to Cambridge College.
They are a ghost college. Once you pay they will disappear. There is no one to help you with anything. They are a fraud. Don't believe anything they promote, is a lie. The Business Bureau must take them out of business. The people that work there are very mean, harsh and disrespectful. Their name is too big for them. In the educational field, they are an embarrassment. One star is too much for them. Be careful with your money.
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I love the dedication that the professors and my adviser show me. There is an intimate feel, being it is such a small cohort, and the teachers are passionate about what they teach and do in their counseling careers. I like how a lot of the professors graduated from Cambridge College and are teaching there now, while also pursuing their counseling careers. It gives me hope and excitement to be able to be in that same position some day. The financial aid office can sometimes make mistakes and be hard to get a hold of/ mistakes settled. Other than that, I love my experience here so far!
This long, difficult, strenuous, humbling, soul searching and beautiful road to find the right college was a tiring one. I started out my freshman year of high school with a list of 5 colleges all over the greater massachusettes. Over the next two years, I cut that list in half, then down again to the final two that I would eventually apply to. I never actually visited any of the colleges on the list except for one. Cambridge college sent three representatives to my job and gave us a speech about what cambridge college could offer me. I have never once felt a college would ever do so much for a student, let a lone an average student like myself. Because cambridge college did this, I knew from that day forward that I had found my next home. There was no need to see any more colleges because I had found what I was looking for.
I am an 49 years old undergraduate student pursing my bachelors degree, I love the flexibility and the support. I think they need to have a more proactive student Counselor system.
Cambridge college is a very easy going and flexible, the professors are very understanding and work with you as its needed. Cambridge College offers a unique environment where adult learners can build their education on a lifetime of learning. Cambridge College recognizes diversity as an asset to the classroom, the community, and to our society.
The Lawrence Regional campus of Cambridge College was disorganized and unprofessional. I was very relieved to be able to transfer and not be forced to complete my degree there.
My overall experience at Cambridge College has been a constant challenge. Being a homeless student, I really did not feel valued as a student. I'm devoted to obtain my degree, and it seems as though this school doesn't support that dream. I understand that i am homeless, but that does not make me who I am. The school recently moved into a new building which now sits in hood park. The campus is nice but it still lacks a sense of community. Cambridge College does not offer housing and generally do not have any resources to match. As education gets harder to obtain, I'm afraid of just how many more of "mes" there will be.
I'm someone who look for good education and Cambridge College. and I am a I'm a firm believer that education is an investment in oneself, having completed my Bachelor in Adult Education through Cambridge College, I can said Cambridge College definitely met my needs.Upon my learning during my undergrad studies I can said that especially my goal of achievement had to do with an academic special mentor advising. Mr. Hogan has all collectable and essential qualifications of an excellent communicator, kind and patient and those qualities really help me as a student finding my self confidence are the basic fact that contributed to my great success.
If you want to study with no stress.... this is the best place in U.S.... because there is no no exam at all.... just homework.....
Cambridge College is one of the best colleges i have attended. They staff, both academic and non-academic are very friendly and approachable. It is a unique college as it makes students experiences memorable. The professors are very supportive, and put into consideration individual students ability. they work with students until success is achieved. The college also have flexible programs, and work with students every step along the way. they are international students and veterans friendly. It is just the best.
Have no seen drugs or alcohol
Not in one, don't know much!
I'm not sure we have sports!
The lack of security is a significant issue. The fact we have a good source of genuine students that I can say I trust being around, saves me from being in fear at all times.
There is so much space that can be utilized and re-modeled to better serve the students and staff but my school is in the process of relocating instead.
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We do not have Greek Life or Fraternity.
Upgrading the administration team to a more effective organization is important since there is lack of support and communication in the departments of; financial aid and advisory.
The equipment is great and top of the line.
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