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Cambridge College is one of the best colleges i have attended. They staff, both academic and non-academic are very friendly and approachable. It is a unique college as it makes students experiences memorable. The professors are very supportive, and put into consideration individual students ability. they work with students until success is achieved. The college also have flexible programs, and work with students every step along the way. they are international students and veterans friendly. It is just the best.
Have no seen drugs or alcohol
Not in one, don't know much!
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I'm not sure we have sports!
The lack of security is a significant issue. The fact we have a good source of genuine students that I can say I trust being around, saves me from being in fear at all times.
There is so much space that can be utilized and re-modeled to better serve the students and staff but my school is in the process of relocating instead.
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
We do not have Greek Life or Fraternity.
Upgrading the administration team to a more effective organization is important since there is lack of support and communication in the departments of; financial aid and advisory.
The equipment is great and top of the line.
I love my school. Its flexible with my schedule. Im glad i chose Cambridge
I love the school that I go to and the flexibility they have in their scheduling of classes. Nights, weekends and intensives are important for me to have and I almost never have to worry about altering my work schedule to fit with my school schedule.
There is no food options on campus but there are great cafes in very close proximity.
  • Jan 21 2015
  • Food
I enjoy the very experienced faculty, that provides not only book knowledge but also real life experience in class.
The professors are very resourceful and helpful, even outside of class.
Since it is an adult learning school, most people are able to relate to each others struggles and acts supportive.
  • Jan 21 2015
  • Campus
There are many off campus housing opportunities. They are expensive but in close proximity to most everything. Stores, bars, gyms, yoga studios, restaurants, grocery stores and public transportation are all vast in this area.
Cambridge College doesn't have a varsity or Athletics department. Fairly a small college campus for working adults
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They do not have any sports teams.
There is no party scenes at this college. We are all working adults that are attending college for the sole purpose of obtaining a degree.
The school is geared towards adults.
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