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Small classroom size, dry campus, need a car to get around. Dining hall food is alright. As for campus size, it's pretty small compared to other big colleges/universities
Calvin is amazing school that really cares for all of its students! I have loved it so far, and have found it to be extremely welcoming and academically rewarding.
Integrating multiple disciplines and allowing themes to cross over subjects is a great learning perk. I love my professors, they are very personable and ready to help. Calvin prepares their students to be knowledgeable citizens of the United States and of the world. Professors allow students to express their faith, no one pushes Christianity upon you. The dining halls could be improved, the food isn't great.
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Great School. All professors I have had are passionate and very involved in their christian faith and integrate it into classes. Most everyone is friendly and the Student faculty (RA's and such) are amazing at fostering good communities in dorms and classes. I've had a few problems with professors and technology but i'm pretty sure that'll happen anywhere
Overall, Professors are very caring and helpful. Academics are difficult, but very strong. It's a very diverse environment with lots of options for extra-curricular activities.
I've attended Calvin for a semester now and appreciate the challenge in the classroom and unity across campus. The academic workload is challenging and requires many hours to complete all assignments and study, however, the content we are expected to learn expands our worldview, as it is a Liberal Arts college.
The professors are engaging and show that they want their students to succeed by making themselves available and approachable in and out of the classroom.
Student life is very unity-orientated. In the dorms, at sporting events, and other special events Calvin puts on, I have never felt a great divide between different groups of students. Everyone is accepting, encouraging, and helpful.
I love my school. I have worked in different capacities at my school (food service, resident assistant, etc.) and I have always had good experiences with it. I love how Calvin has caring professors, incorporates faith into learning, and cares about society and social justice issues.
So far I like nearly everything about the school. It is a predominantly white school, which isn't surprising given it's location. One thing I dislike is that Calvin is so pro-diversity (which is great) that they come off as being almost anti-white (which isn't good). That's pretty much it for my complaints though.
Calvin College is a fine school for anyone. Whether you're a Christian or not Calvin accepts accepts everyone here. The campus is very safe and welcoming with events just about every weekend. There is so much to do and the Professors are all very involved and invested in their students.
I love the efforts of the Multicultural Student Development Office. The advisers in Academic Services really helped me a lot. The students take academics seriously and respect their professors. I like that it has a small population. I just wish there were more diversity
I would like the academic counselors to stop judging their students so hard core and negatively w/o even knowing them. Maybe ask a few questions about our life outside of classes and how hard we work in other areas of life in addition to classes? (Volunteer+internships+job+athletics) if I could go back in time I would have never attend this college. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY. Most students here don't know what it's like to work your ass off in other areas of life in addition to attending classes full time either. If you are a transfer student, run now, this college is huge on cliques, regardless of their Christain values.
Being here for 3+ years already, I have been loving the area and had gotten to know it way more than I wanted to know. There is a nature preserve that becomes so beautiful during the fall so that place is a must-visit during the season. The fieldhouse which is the sports area for the college is very well-built. Overall, this is a good college for Christian students.
I am a freshman at Calvin, and so far it has been the best time of my life. I enjoy my classes and professors, and have made a lot of friends already.
Calvin is a great place with great people and a beautiful campus. I love how willing the professors are to help you, and how there are lots of resources available if you're struggling in anything. The one thing I would like to see changed is the "Calvin Bubble," which is all too real. Most of the people in Calvin are really sheltered -- perhaps even more so than the international students who come in to study. I want to see them become more open-minded and willing to try new things.
I really enjoy the Christian character of this college. The Campus is amazing. Dorms are a little old but work well as far as dorms go. There are two on campus cafeterias, one which just recently was renovated. The variety of food is good.
we don't have greek life
community's hard to find when a lot of kids know each other
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Varsity soccer, volleyball, and basketball r most impt
There are definitely a good amount of resources that help with finding jobs and/or internships + the bonus of getting a mock interview and being evaluated. Calvin does help with giving the students a start after college by helping with jobs
They keep the partying lowkey and there are any options however, many people go to other colleges to party most of the time.
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