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This is a great and positive school for students as long as you are Dutch, CRC, and trying to get a degree in a professional major.
Your Calvin experience all comes down to perspective. Great professors and challenging classes foster a pretty positive environment for learning. Interim classes may seem like a waste of time, but pick something that interests you and you'll be surprised. Don't slack, work hard, and you'll be fine. Dorm housing is nothing to complain about, being so close to academic buildings. There are solid people at Calvin, but it takes a while to figure social out. If you're not from the area, Dutch, 6"2, or wear shorts in winter, it may be a little jarring, but there are great people out there. This is college, not high school, you don't need to impress anyone. Most kids grew up in the area all their lives and have known each other forever, so it certainly is a bubble. If you're from out of the country and are used to nightlife, it's painful to watch. Overall, Calvin's a good place that gives you space to develop as a person. Students listen and learn from each other, regardless of opinion.
Calvin’s Community is amazing. It becomes him. You feel safe and loved. The location is not only beautiful but inspiring. The professors are considerate and truest invested in their students.
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Calvin is a very close knit community where it's easy to gt the support you need to excel. I would recommend it.
I like Calvin's campus, it is very well maintained and beautiful. I really like that the classes are small and the professors take the time to know each student's name. The professors are excellent and are excited about what they are teaching. I would really like Calvin to have a bigger dance program. However, their Dance Guild club, which is run completely by students, is really fun and well organized.
Calvin College is an excellent school for those who want to be challenged academically and who desire to engage the world from a Christian perspective. The professors at Calvin are genuinely interested in seeing their students excel and thrive in their fields of study. This faculty mindset leads to excellent teaching and mentoring for all students who put forth their best effort.
I am so thankful that I chose to go to Calvin. I absolutely love it here. The staff are incredible and always take the time to ask you how you are doing. They care about you as a person, not just a student. Some professors even invite international students to their homes for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter. The community here is also superb. I have felt so welcomed since coming to Calvin, which was something that I was worried about before going to college. The size of the school is perfect for me, as it is not too large and not too small. Overall, I am so thrilled to be here.
Calvin College prepares their students for the future. Many amazing professors and staff to help you with any problem!
Really enjoyed my time here so far. The profs are great but the campus life is lacking. There are also a lot of rules about open house hours which can be frustrating.
I am a Calvin alum, donor, and (hopefully) future parent. Calvin holds a dear and special place in my heart. I learned and grew so much during my time at Calvin. Calvin wrestles with big and challenging issues and prepares young people to live profoundly world changing lives in response to the love of Jesus Christ. There is not enough space here to even get started on how wonderful Calvin is.
Calvin College is setting me up for success. I am getting a wholesome academic experience that is teaching me to be a better steward of my faith and knowledge.
Most students are fairly friendly in class. People are not afraid of leaving their things behind in the library. Professors are extremely understanding in the case of emergencies!
Great atmosphere, small town kind of college. I am involved in the Calvin athletics and it has yet to let me down. The classes defiantly have a rigorous curriculum, and the professors are hard but I know im getting a great education.
Good school, but they rob you for money. No way is it worth 45K. The upside is they create a great social environment, you get to know a lot of people. But there are so many stupid rules and the administration is really strict. They are pretty bias when it comes to kids with money and without. Overall, decent school.
Went there on a campus visit with my child--at meal time, all of the families of color dine alone. Of all the concerns that parents have for their students when leaving them on a college campus, being ostracized should not be one of them.
I love my experience at Calvin College. They welcomed me very comfortably and the college is very diverse. I loved my first year here and all the professors are very kind and engaging.
Calvin College is truly the place to be. Although as young freshman, I was terrified. Truly traumatized to start this new chapter in my life. When I got there, the students were truly so kind. They helped me feel at home, gave me directions, did not make me feel small, and were so loving. Within the first months of college, I have met some of the most kindhearted, open, generous people who I have become close too. The teachers are so respectable, and want to help me understand to better my future and schooling. Calvin has so many activities, that there is always something to so, from rock climbing, to the plays or dance gill or just to have a spa night with your floor. It truly has been a blessing, and I have grown from my small faith that now blossoms. I cannot wait for what Calvin has in store for me throughout the months of my first year and later to come.
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I love the professors. They actually want their students to succeed and sometimes would give personal time to connect with their students. it's kinda hard to get around without a car though, and public transport aren't the best.
Excellent school with a great community. Calvin has lots of academic opportunity, and is a great place for everyone to learn. Rigorous academics and a great social atmosphere, this school provides an excellent and challenging college experience.
I love life and studying here. It's hard and busy at times but the environment and the amazing relationships help me get through.
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