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Calvin College is a great place to be. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on campus through joining clubs, playing intramural sports, doing dorm activities along with other events. Calvin tends to be a Christian bubble, which has its good and bad sides. Calvin is a place where Christians can grow in their faith and can be challenged--especially those of different denominational backgrounds. The faculty at Calvin is very helpful and wants each student to reach his or her full potential.
Calvin college have many majors, sports, activities, and diversity of students. I like how Calvin have variety of students and many different culture. Each students can share their culture to others and makes other people around them to feel comfortable.
Professors are very proficient in their field, and are ready to help when asked. Despite the somewhat large sticker price, they do offer a variety of scholarships if you apply.
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I loved how everyone at Calvin was so welcoming. The community life at Calvin is what really drew me in.
I recently graduated Calvin College and loved my experience. I loved how much my professors showed they cared about their students (Especially once you were in your core group/major). I was an RA at Calvin for 2.5 years during my sophomore, junior, and the second half of my senior year. Just like any school there are things that can be run better, communicated more clearly, and choices that the administration makes that could have gone better. Just like any institution, it has to be run like a business. Debts, money, costs, and marketability are all constantly being examined and altered for the betterment of Calvin. But, in the end, Calvin has it's students in mind in all of it's decisions whether we (the students) may like them or not. Calvin, although a social bubble in some ways, was an excellent way to see the world through different eyes via my peers, employers, and professors. I loved Calvin. Period. I couldn't have picked a better school.
I like Calvin because it is very welcoming! The professors here are really nice and the faculty here is amazing!
Overall, I have loved my experience at Calvin! Through integrating Christian beliefs in classes, I have grown in my faith and continue to learn more with each class. Furthermore, the professors truly want you to succeed and take the initiative to connect with their students in and out of class.
All in all, happy with Calvin. I like being involved in dorm leadership and look forward to returning in the fall if I can secure some funding. It's expensive for what we are getting in the dorms and in the food service department, but I like the other students and for the most part, have had some good professors.
I really liked the academics, the students, and the faculty. The only difficult thing was the tuition being raised drastically annually and the difficulty of fitting in as a minority.
Calvin is such a great place to learn and grow. The campus is small enough to bring new people together but also big enough to always be meeting new friends. Also, the professors are so great. They are always eager to help you do your best in their class.
I chose Calvin because it has a dynamic close knit Christian community and small class sizes that would help me to develop my intellectual abilities and personal growth. Calvin college has dedicated professors who do not weed out on any student regardless for race, colour or gender. They make you their priority and make sure you succeed. Calvin has a beautiful campus and friendly students. Calvin college also offer semester interim programs in countries like Ghana, Peru, Germany, Puerto Rico and many others. Calvin college has second best undergraduate teaching ranked by US news and world report. Calvin college is ranked as number 1 regional college Midwest. Calvin is located at the third safest college town in America, Grand Rapid, Calvin College also has a wide variety of scholarships and offers financial aid as well.
Calvin College was the worst first two year college experience I could have had. The only thing that has made it tolerable were the few friends I had on campus. Student life is heavily divided and segregated because everyone has useless biases towards each other. If you aren't tall, dutch, white, and CRC, good luck getting by. As a student of color, I truly feel that the only people who truly invested in me, were other people of color.

If you wind up having to file an appeal, lie and bolster the letter because honesty won't get you back in. Calvin College is NOT WORTH $40k+.

Professors tend to push too much onto their students, then guilt trip when the students find themselves unable to keep up with the work. People who talk about feeling unsafe are more often than not projecting their bias onto a person of color because they looked at them in a way they didn't like or raised their voice.
This is a great and positive school for students as long as you are Dutch, CRC, and trying to get a degree in a professional major.
Your Calvin experience all comes down to perspective. Great professors and challenging classes foster a pretty positive environment for learning. Interim classes may seem like a waste of time, but pick something that interests you and you'll be surprised. Don't slack, work hard, and you'll be fine. Dorm housing is nothing to complain about, being so close to academic buildings. There are solid people at Calvin, but it takes a while to figure social out. If you're not from the area, Dutch, 6"2, or wear shorts in winter, it may be a little jarring, but there are great people out there. This is college, not high school, you don't need to impress anyone. Most kids grew up in the area all their lives and have known each other forever, so it certainly is a bubble. If you're from out of the country and are used to nightlife, it's painful to watch. Overall, Calvin's a good place that gives you space to develop as a person. Students listen and learn from each other, regardless of opinion.
Calvin’s Community is amazing. It becomes him. You feel safe and loved. The location is not only beautiful but inspiring. The professors are considerate and truest invested in their students.
Calvin is a very close knit community where it's easy to gt the support you need to excel. I would recommend it.
I like Calvin's campus, it is very well maintained and beautiful. I really like that the classes are small and the professors take the time to know each student's name. The professors are excellent and are excited about what they are teaching. I would really like Calvin to have a bigger dance program. However, their Dance Guild club, which is run completely by students, is really fun and well organized.
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Calvin College is an excellent school for those who want to be challenged academically and who desire to engage the world from a Christian perspective. The professors at Calvin are genuinely interested in seeing their students excel and thrive in their fields of study. This faculty mindset leads to excellent teaching and mentoring for all students who put forth their best effort.
I am so thankful that I chose to go to Calvin. I absolutely love it here. The staff are incredible and always take the time to ask you how you are doing. They care about you as a person, not just a student. Some professors even invite international students to their homes for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter. The community here is also superb. I have felt so welcomed since coming to Calvin, which was something that I was worried about before going to college. The size of the school is perfect for me, as it is not too large and not too small. Overall, I am so thrilled to be here.
Calvin College prepares their students for the future. Many amazing professors and staff to help you with any problem!
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