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Calvin College was a wonderful experience for me. I grew in my christianity, my political knowledge, my education, and my friendships. Christianity-wise, there were always god-fearing people and professors around who you could feel comfortable talking with. Also learning more perspectives that Christians take within the realms of evolution, marriage, absolute truth, etc. Politically, I would say most students were on the left, but there were clubs for republicans and democrats. Educationally, I was challenged. I could not slack off here. I also made the best friends here who I value and think are wonderful people. Overall a great school.
Yes, it's a Christian, Liberal Arts college. However that's not all there is to it. It’s a small campus, so you’ll probably run into someone more than once. There are many student body organizations that help you acclimated your first year. It's located near Grand Rapids, and there is plenty to do there. Will there be nothing to do sometimes? Yes. There will, especially if you aren't a very social person or sports fan, but hey, if you like the solo life, I won't criticize. The food, oh man. It will be good or bad. If that doesn't suit you, then there are multiple restaurants and pizza places nearby. The average classroom size is about 28 people. The professors are pretty good. Some will put you to sleep, but all have pretty flexible office hours so meeting them for questions or just a cup of coffee, or tea, isn't much of a problem. Athletics are solid. If you're looking for a small college with a Christian foundation, then look into it. It might be for you.
I just finished my first year at Calvin College and I love it there! However, it is facing low enrollment rates at the moment, which makes it difficult for the college to be able to grow (especially because they seem to be in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment). I love Calvin, but the administration seldom communicates with the students before they make executive decisions that directly impact the student body (such as cutting the Student Activities Organization that organizes concerts and on-campus movies throughout the semesters).

However, that being said, Calvin offers a wonderful Christ-centered community that makes an effort to discuss topics such as racism and discrimination with a mindset of loving everyone in God's Kingdom. The people and professors at Calvin are also pretty great (for the most part)--the students at Calvin are friendlier than students at any other college that I've visited.
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The SAO department and the Social Work professors were incredible. Felt like a true community within those departments. It was difficult to watch the school disconnect from political issues. I wish they could take them on more freely (like their students) without the fear of losing donors and other financial implications.
The professors are great. Mine have been very helpful, and they want to get to know you. The campus food gets old pretty quickly.
Calvin is an all around great school! I love the amount of diversity because they tend to have a good amount of exchange students. I found that the professors are super helpful whenever you need a little extra help.
I get the appeal of this school but truly beneath its Christian “liberal arts” disguise this school is truly a cesspit of bigotry, ignorance, and an administration that couldn’t care less for its students. My freshman year of the college had a great beginning. The Dorm system the college has does make it easy to make friends. However due to its strong CRC influence you will be perceived as an outsider and judged harshly depending on your religious view, sexuality and yes, even race. (Google Calvin and you can find stories of students drawing swatstikas in the snow) I am semi greatful for my time at Calvin but for the massive 45,000 price tag a year my time would have been better spent attending any other college that specializes in anything other than “Liberal Arts”.
I have had a very positive experience with Calvin College. As a nursing major, I have taken many science classes on campus here, and I love being taught the concepts from a Christian based standpoint.

Additionally, the professors are amazing. They want to see you succeed and they are willing to do anything they can to help you succeed.
Calvin has great academic programs. The professors are passionate about their job and want their students to succeed. The campus is beautiful and there are always plenty of things to be involved in.
I am a freshman at Calvin and so far I love it! Everyone, students, professors, staff, are all incredibly friendly. The campus is beautiful, full of lawns, trees, and cute squirrels. What I love most is Calvin's intentional faith community. The variety of chapels, individual dorm bible studies and worship, and the team of committed chaplains and pastors make deepening my faith easy.
I enjoy the community at Calvin College and the friendships I made here. I feel challenged in my classes, and my Professors push me to be the best student I can be.
I really enjoyed my time at Calvin. Although it isn't the most diverse school and they could use some updates in their dorms, it is extremely challenging academically and has a good reputation. Calvin has so much for students--if you have an interest, there's probably a club for it and if not, they are happy to have you start one. They plan a lot of activities that students can participate in as well.
What I liked about Calvin was that the classes were very small. Most averaged around thirty students, thus you have lots of one on one opportunities with professors. The diversity and integration of students seems to be lacking.
A wonderful Christian community aimed at developing the potentials of students. A school aimed at helping individuals live wholeheartedly and contribute positively and sincerely to the society. Calvin is a place to find your place in the world and your role as a Child of God. It's a College with Professors who really care about you and are aimed at improving you and developing oneself and one's potential to glorify God.
Calvin is endowed with multicultural diversity and a peaceful and environmentally friendly environment, with various world class courses and a remarkable classroom experience. I believe the non-toxicity of the classrooms, the energy and enthusiasm showed is one of Calvin's greatest strengths.
Calvin is an awesome place to be!!!
I have greatly enjoyed the character of Calvin College. Most faculty members work hard to make Calvin a welcoming, Christ-centered, and environmentally friendly place. I have met great friends here and have appreciated the recreational activities offered.
While I have not taken classes there yet, the campus is beautiful and everyone I know who went to Calvin is extremely happy with the education they recieved.
Calvin College is a great place to be. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on campus through joining clubs, playing intramural sports, doing dorm activities along with other events. Calvin tends to be a Christian bubble, which has its good and bad sides. Calvin is a place where Christians can grow in their faith and can be challenged--especially those of different denominational backgrounds. The faculty at Calvin is very helpful and wants each student to reach his or her full potential.
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Calvin college have many majors, sports, activities, and diversity of students. I like how Calvin have variety of students and many different culture. Each students can share their culture to others and makes other people around them to feel comfortable.
Professors are very proficient in their field, and are ready to help when asked. Despite the somewhat large sticker price, they do offer a variety of scholarships if you apply.
I loved how everyone at Calvin was so welcoming. The community life at Calvin is what really drew me in.
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