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Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary Reviews

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I would say the best part about Calvary is the community, and obviously the price. It is a useful resource for learning more about the Bible if you are wanting to. It is as impactful as you make it.
The professors are magnificent, the classes are great and helpful in real world.
It is trying in the area of employers recruiting on campus but has a generally active alumni network
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It is generally safe and has not experienced any major problem so far
It is the best I have seen yet. I was thrilled by their housing options
Calvary is unique because it has some very insightful bible classes
It is a good school that views every discipline from a biblical view point.
I don't participate in the athletics, but I've seen enough to know that those who do really care about their teammates and sports. Calvary has great sports and great support for their athletics.
I love Calvary. The people are very kind, the students friendly, and the teachers very willing and helpful. The main problems are that the website isn't very user-friendly, but once you figure it out, you'll be fine. People in admissions don't always tell new students what to do unless they ask. If you go on orientation day, though, you'll figure it out for the most part. Calvary has a limited number of majors, so I'll be transferring soon. Other than those things, it is a wonderful school. I am in the dual enrolled program, which I think is extremely beneficial to those students still in high school but wanting to get college credit. Calvary also began a study-and-work program, which allows students to work on campus.
It's a small bible college, so you get to know everyone on campus. Depending on majors classes are small. Some of the general education classes are a bit bigger though. The professors are nice and like to get to know all the students. The best part is watching all of the students and professors growing in their spiritual life. It's almost like having a second family because we each got each other.
Living on campus is a great experience college.
The food is decent, but not great.

On one hand it is awesome to be with a lot of people who believe what you do, then you discover by the way they live that they don't. The girls are really nice, although people around here make marriage such a big deal. They typical dress is pretty conservative and casual when allowed.

The campus is really nice, really old to. The library is in the buildings that have been used by Calvary since at least the 80's.
The same is true of the gym, not a lot of money is invested in athletics, I like the student lounge the best but do not hang there much as I am always doing homework.

The academics at Calvary are much harder than I am used to. I came from a community college, where we had one textbook and we were not graded on the reading. Here the professors expect you to read the textbook plus other books and turn in cards saying you read it.

Here at Calvary, we do have fun. The Campus is very strict on things like alcohol, that is an absolute no. Curfew is also enforced. If one is not in by midnight most days, they will call in a missing person report after a certain amount of time.

It did not really take anything, you sign up and come to school. you do need to maintain a certain GPA to stay though, I think it is a 3.0 in all classes and higher in classes specific to education.
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I personally have not used the computers at the computer lab, I have a laptop and I love it. I take most class notes on it.
I type papers on it. The only complaint I have is the wireless is sketchy, in my room at least. Sometimes I have to go out in
the hall or downstairs to get it. My roommate has a printer, I would definitely bring one as they charge five cents a page at
the library.

The security on campus is tight, there are cameras everywhere, even on the stairway. These cameras are monitored all night long. There is security on duty all the time as well as a number you can call for an escort or to get into a locked building. I generally feel safe, there were some break-ins at the beginning of the year though.

Kansas City has many extremes. It has lots of sun and summers are hot, in the 90s. At the college the wind blows all the time because it is on top of a hill. The switch between weather also happens rather quickly. The temperature went from 60 degrees to 30 degrees in one day, we were all freezing in the evening. I really enjoy watching the weather roll in, lots of clouds and some beautiful sunsets as well.
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