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An excellent university with dedicated and caring staff members. The school is very accommodating to all students and makes everyone feel like a valuable part of the greater community. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jacqueline Cruz throughout my enrollment and now educational experience at CCSJ. She is a tremendous asset to CCSJ who goes above and beyond for students in criminal justice programs. All of the staff members I've spoken to at CCSJ have been helpful and prompt in answering questions or resolving any issues.

Instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields. The instructors have also been very accommodating with adult learners and all grading has been completely fair.

I chose CCSJ because of the option to attend classes in person or through Zoom sessions and I've taken advantage of both. Both platforms have unique benefits but CCSJ and the instructors do an excellent job of delivering on both platforms. I'm happy to be a student of CCSJ!
Online classes delivered through ZOOM have been awesome. I've taken online classes with a different University before where there was no video platform and that made me consider other programs. The ZOOM sessions have been great and the instructors do an awesome job preparing for the class. The presentations are the same as you would receive in a classroom. Instructors also stay after the ZOOM class until all students leave the virtual classroom to make sure all questions or concerns are answered. The online platform using ZOOM provides the same level of quality education as attending the class in person.... all from the comfort of your own home and pajamas!
Online classes were offered via the Zoom platform. I prefer classroom instruction but Zoom was sufficient. Going forward, I expect more classes nationwide to be on Zoom, WebX, or Blackboard.
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I earned a Master's Degree from this institution. The college offered classes on the main campus, downtown Chicago, Chicago Heights, and also via Zoom. They bend over backwards to make classes available to people who are in the workforce and who must balance work, school, and life.

The instructors are top notch and many are active in the fields in which they teach. The institution also works with the student to obtain financial aid be it scholarships, grants, etc.

They want you to succeed. I am proud to be an alumnus of Calumet College of St. Joseph.
Online courses are done with Zoom and blackboard and it’s easy to learn and understand. I’m not a computer savvy but I’m able to do the course online and they also provide an IPad that you can use to facilitate your Courses assignment.
The Public Safety Program is great and I recommend it, everyone from Public Safety Program (Coordinator Jacqueline Cruz & Professors) number one priority is you. Their enthusiasm and care for your success shows.
Public Safety Program This college allows first responders an opportunity to go to class day or evening. The program has staff , that are mainly active and retired first responders and military. It gives the students an education that includes policy and procedure and actual experience.
Public Safety program . This program was really prepared as morning classes were already on Zoom. It was a smooth transition
If you want a top notch education where you can be safe in the comforts of your home while activity interacting with well seasoned Professors, I encourage you to reach out to the Calumet College of St. Joseph admission staff and get registered. I got my BA and now enrolled in the Master's Degree Program. Out of all the schools that I could have gone too, I'm glad I chose Calumet first. You will not be disappointed. Your education deserves the best and that's what you'll get if you're a student at Calumet.
I graduated with my BA in Public Safety Management and now I'm currently enrolled in the Master's Degree Program. The Zoom Classes are excellent and safe with all that's going on. You still get the privilege of being one on one with the Professor while being safe at the same time. I wouldn't change anything at this point because I don't see any reason too
To start, this school is average, mediocre, if you want some professors that provide no leniency then this is the school for. If you want kids to treat you like you don’t belong or judge you for minor things, then this school is for you. To say the least, the experience here is less than average. Although there are staff members that love being there & treat kids respectfully so the place is not all bad.
I had 4 online classes, 3 out of 4 of them were exceptional, the professors cared for my circumstances they offered help, they provided leniency when needed. But one professor, loves to watch kids suffer, there was no leniency, no extra help, no care for the circumstances going on around the world, so failing in her eyes was the only option. I just want to thank her for that.
This has been a school for a new beginning. For me, this has been a new start and something that has completely change my life and who I am. I’m proud to say I’m apart of this school.
Online courses are good if you are able to stay focus and get everything done on time. These classes are for people that are good with time management but overall these courses are good.
The online experience was something that was handled really well by my professors. We used Zoom and Microsoft teams which were both useful tools. I thought for being thrown for a loop that my professors handled the situation very well and taught there curriculum perfectly
I like the family environment at Calumet College. When I began college I was nervous but that all went out the door after my first week at Calumet College. The professors dedicate there time to helping the students but at the same time push the students to there full potential
Overall CCSJ is a great school. Professors really want you to succeed as a student and individual. The campus is small, but that’s why you always feel welcomed.
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When looking at schools, I wanted to be different from everyone else, I wanted to attend a small school where people and my professors actually wanted t get to know me, and I am so happy that I committed to CCSJ, because I am forever grateful for all the friends and family I have gained over the past four years!
I love the small class sizes and that everyone is treated like family, we are all so close together that we form such special bonds!
I love the tight-knit family feel of the school. Since the student/teacher ratio is so small, I feel like I get the best education because I get that one on one time with my professors and peers. I love the athletic department. I fit right in and Calumet College was the best possible decision for me.
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