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Calumet College of St. Joseph Reviews

68 reviews
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Everybody knows everybody. Therefore, it's hard to do something you're not suppose to do and get away with it. We're all friends at this school.
As long as you show up everyday and do all your homework you're guaranteed to pass the class.
Calumet College of Saint Joseph's does not have any type of campus housing. You are forced to get an apartment or house off campus, which is terrible for freshmen and international students.
  • College Sophomore
  • 10 months ago
  • Housing
I am a catcher on the baseball team and the school can't even fund catcher's gear for us; we have to buy our own. The weight room in our athletic building is absolutely terrible and unsafe to work out in. Half of the equipment in the weight room doesn't work. The school doesn't have enough money to fully fund all the sports with all the equipment they need.
Cal college is a very small school. You basically know everyone there which is a good and bad thing. A lot of group activities are implemented in the classrooms because of how small the class sizes are. Your professors know you and will remember you the four years you attend. Class sizes are very small and all classes are only an hour and a half. You only go to school Monday through Thursday as well.
I've never met any alumni... Really wouldn't know they exist...
  • College Sophomore
  • 11 months ago
  • Value
I've loved the professors. They work with what they have. I think it should be harder.
There are no dorms... No meal plans... No campus life... Completely boring...
  • College Sophomore
  • 11 months ago
  • Housing
There is no Greek life. NONE. I've checked.........
No one cares about the sports teams. The sports teams don't even care about the sports teams.
This school is small. It is easy to give good ratings to nice people. I am not caught up in the "special treatment" of the educator within the institution. There needs to be more work. It's easy to get a degree. Challenge yourself to want more. You'll pay for it. DO NOT ATTEND!!!!!!!
I feel safe walking around town, no matter the time of the day.
Our school doesn't even have dorms. Their supposedly working on building them. Athletes are the only ones with apartments within the neighborhood. Though they have to walk a few miles to get to school.
I remember our school hosting an event about Greek life but nobody cared.
I love that my school is community based. It's a small campus so you get to know everyone. The security guard is even cool with all the students. I even had a conversation with him one day about me arriving late to class. He told me to be on time because missing a class is missing a mission impossible. Everyone is also friendly. Even if you're struggling in a class, there's the tutoring center and other professors that are willing to help.
There is one gymnasium and it is a fight to get time to use it. The school does not have their own fields and use the city's near by. The weight room is small with little room for team workouts.
CCSJ is a small family oriented school where I feel safe and at home, like I am getting my money's worth, and that I am getting a good education.
Its too expensive to attend my school, if you are not serious.
I love the smaller classes I feel it gives the teacher a stronger ability to help students understand assignments
Parking on campus has improved. They have just developed another parking lot due to the renovations to the school.
  • College Junior
  • July 18 2013
  • Campus
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