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California University of Pennsylvania is a great school to operate with a 30:1 ratio per class to gain a relationship with your professor to help you progress.
I really enjoy many things abut California University of Pennsylvania. I am in the teaching program, which CalU is known for, so the structure is very good but difficult. I am in a program called the Four Year Grad Plan which helps you to graduate in 4 years which I think is awesome since so many people have a 4 year degree but have to be in college for 6 years. If Cal could change anything, I don't think it'd have to do with the education. Maybe just making the parking situation a little different. Overall, California University of Pennsylvania is a very good college. I think I am learning so much, I work so much harder in college than I ever even tried to in high school.
The campus is huge and diverse. There is a lot to do for fun. There is also a lot of academic support available.
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As a new freshman who has never had any prior college experience, I really enjoy living at home and commuting to a beautiful campus. The class sizes are smaller than I anticipated, but it’s really wonderful to build close relationships with my professors. However, I’d like to see more students with the attitude I have. It seems that a lot of students keep to themselves, and while I’m not much of a “party-goer”, it’s good to have friends and make connections. I can’t wait for the future semesters! Go Vulcans!!
California University of Pennsylvania has a great campus that is its own town. Campus is not huge, and is very accessible. The professors care more about the students then at most universities. So far, I enjoy going to school here very much.
Recently graduated from Cal with a Bachelor's and am honestly considering going back for a second degree because I loved it so much! The Honors Program and the Psychology program both prepared me for my Master's program so well that I feel more experienced than most of my classmates. It's got a great "bang for your buck" - affordable, rigorous, and homey.
Went for my visit the other day and fell in love with the place. Academics was very good, a lot of different choices. Dorms were renewed and the student life looked liked they were all a family.
I just transferred here after attending a much larger university. I definitely enjoy the smaller campus, ease of access, and constant student activities.
I'm currently going to CALU and I will say overall I'm having a wonderful experience. As someone who takes online college, I never feel left out or can't communicate with my professors. Every professor I've had so far have been professional and helpful. Besides the ongoing headache with financial aid, I would highly recommend CALU to everyone especially military members. They have worked with me and my schedule being active duty. I've went through several colleges that offered online degrees and by far this is the best. Also CALU was one few universities offering the exact degree I wanted to have so to me that always a plus.
The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. The faculty are overall helpful and kind. My experience at Cal U has so far been great and I am looking forward to getting my dregree from this university.
I love the campus, where the buildings are absolutely beautiful and the walks are well tended. The recreational centers are amazing, and include a track, a rock climbing wall, two gyms, and a pool. The classrooms are clean and an ideal learning environment. The professors are always available and eager to help in you have any questions or problems. The dorms are gorgeous, and extremely homey, which can help lessen home sickness because it is made to feel so much like a home environment. Overall, I love Cal U and can't think of anything that could possibly make it any better.
CALwho?CALU! Great looking school with a lot of opportunity in a small town. The professors are professional, and require a lot of growing up to do to communicate well with them. The facilities are great though and the campus feels safe at any time of day.
I like the coursework, however, the students could be a little more classy, and the advisors could be more passionate; I was suggested my sophomore year to drop out of school by an academic advisor here because the field I want to work in (helping at-risk youth) doesn't require a degree I was told.
I love the college. The professors are very caring and push you to succeed. The dorms are amazingly spacious and well kept up.
Beautiful campus and housing and excellent professors but the food is gross and administration is terrible.
The teachers are very welcoming and understanding and they do their best to help you. The offices are the same way however, some of their regulations make things hard.
It was an overall great experience and I cant wait for my first year there. I feel like I will be welcomed considering it is a larger school.
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California University of Pennsylvania provides a world class education experience with individualized attention to all students. The programs and professors are exceptional.
I'm just starting there at this school in the fall but already the people are so nice and they are really there to help you succeed.
California University of Pennsylvania is definitely my favorite college experiences so far. I also went to a community college beforehand and there are many thing I love about Calu that weren't offered or as wonderful at my old college. One example would be the size of the school. Calu has a beautiful and very large campus. Another example would be the size of classrooms. In my old college we had a similar number of students but smaller rooms. Students were lined up against walls and very uncomfortable if they didn't show up to class almost 15 minutes earlier than everyone else. In Calu the rooms are much larger giving everyone an adequate amount of space.
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