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I have had a lot of fun within the few years I have had here at CAL-U. I've joined many different clubs and I've made lots of friends. This is a really good college to attend to. Everything is really close and not far spread out making it very convenient to get back and forth to classes without any hassle of transportation. Most of the professors here are willing to take the time out to help you with anything if you need it, but only during their office hours. There are lots of resources on campus that you can use if you are having troubles or need any help with anything. Some of the students are willing to help or even talk to you; you just can't be shy to talk or you won't make any friends here. Get out of your comfort zone and go make a friend.
CalU is great. I had a very dedicated cross country coach as well as lifting coach. Classes are average, but the campus is small and easy to learn your way around.
California University of PA has an amazing academic program, specifically the Criminal Justice Department. The culture here is very diverse and fun; there are always events to get involved in. A change I would like to see is the food; the options are always the same. A mix of foods would be great.
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I chose Cal U because I loved it when I visited. Now that I am in an accredited program here, unfortunately I like it less than I thought I would. There are great student services available, though.
I like that everyone is pretty outgoing and easy to talk to. Very helpful in many ways. There are many resources available to majority of all students needs. I am a first semester freshman and have a wonderful experience attending this college so far.
I love the campus and the diversity. Everything is close by and the campus is only a mile around. The teachers are amazing, in my experience with Criminal Justice all the professors are retired or part time from what they teach which is really awesome because they can not only have the academic side but personal story side to the teaching.
The campus and dorms are beautiful and spacious. The campus is small but perfect for students to concentrate
Cal U is a school that is ok. The school itself is not that memorable, but it is the people you meet there is what you remember most about the school. Some teachers are better than others. The academics are so so, could be better could be worse. The sports teams are what makes the school what it is. All the teams have seen success in the past decade, with the women's basketball team winning a national title. The campus is beautiful with state of the art dorms and student union. Overall, the school has treated me well, but it is what you make of it
I'm currently a Global Online student of CALU and my experience thus far has been awesome. Staff are willing to assist you in any way that they can, they are very responsive, and overall the staff of CALU really wants you to succeed. I would recommend anyone seeking to enroll in college to consider CALU as an option.
Great atmosphere! It's very diverse and there's always something to do on campus! The food has its days and the housing is great. CalU is very welcoming to incoming freshman and transfer students.
I first love the rural area in which the
Campus sets very refreshing
The dorms are modern clean
And well manage they come with
20 inch flat screen tv and free wifi
The food is delish home cooking
To fill your palate.The staff are wonderful and very helpful.
California University is the place to
I am a current student enrolled in a global online course offered by CALU. I love that I can be anywhere and have access to coursework at anytime. I am challenged by the course work and enjoy the online presence (interaction) with my classmates and professors. Everyone wants me to succeed.
I love everything about California University. The classes are interesting and the housing and student facilities are some of the best I've ever seen.
I like my major at Cal its difficulty but I love it. It makes me love what I want to do in life. The professor also push you to do better and get the grade you really want. I also really like the dorms and I like how you can have your own room. One thing I do not like is the food we need more choices and we need like fast food near us.
I really like the campus at CalU. It is very "earth friendly" and has some great places on and off campus to dine. If you have friends or family visiting, you can show them a good time.
My experience with Cal U so far is good. I met the right friends to have fun with and also got involved with many things on campus so I'm always busy and active.
I thoroughly enjoy California University of Pennsylvania. I have learned so much from my professors and I can't wait to land my future dream job.
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it's a very good school with so much to offer. I wouldn't change anything at all. the school is very decent.
I like California University of Pennsylvania because it is a good place for students to get an introduction into the college experience.
Professors are helpful when it comes to understanding material. Students are nice and helpful. When it comes to questions everyone is quick to help in any way they can. Housing on campus is convenient because you can walk any where you want to go. Town in right beside campus so you can go grocery shopping.
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