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I have been having a great experience here. It is overall a very good university. Everything is well organized, clean, and everyone is super nice. I've made a great decision transferring to this school.
The school is full of valuable resources. Going to Cal U is one of the smartest moves I have made so far in life. I plan to give back thousands after I graduate, so the youth can experience what my peers and I get to.
Most professors were very organized. The chemistry courses were all set up the same way, which made it a nice transition between classes. Classes should have been offered more often and with larger class sizes. It was difficult to get into the courses I needed to graduate.
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California University of Pennsylvania has excellent resources; from the library to the gym to Student Affairs, you will be prepared for any difficulties that arise. CalU has an excellent Physical Therapist Assistant program. Though challenging, it expertly prepares you for your Boards and your workforce experience. The professors are kind and are ready to assist in anything you need. As a commuter myself, I can attest to the many lounges and clubs available for your comfort and enjoyment. The police on campus keep students safe and the food is good, especially the Chick-fil-A in the student union. If you are looking for an affordable, academic and exciting college, CalU is for you.
The Environmental Studies and Biology department at CalU is wonderful. There are incredibly intelligent, devoted, and caring professors in the department who want to see you succeed. I have been lucky enough to learn from many of these professors, and they have immensely increased my knowledge in my field of Environmental Science.
The college is incredibly expensive though, especially being an out-of-state student. There are certain fees that should definitely be lowered, such as the amount of money we're paying to cover the costs of the Natali Student Union, as well as the semester-based fees for the workout facilities. I also disagree with some of the required 100 level classes; some of these requirements are incredibly frustrating as a transfer student who is trying to complete required classes for my major but has to pay extra money to take the 100 level classes over the summer so I can graduate on time.
The students and teachers are great and easy to work with. Athletics at California University of PA are great also. I would like to see more students participating in the sports and activities.
This school has lots of wonderful attributes; there are many options for dining, there are many options for physical activity (including a gym/pool, the activities/groups you can join), and it helps you meet unique personalities of people that go to school at California University of Pennsylvania. I would do first semester of my first year all over again, because I loved it so much. I know you will too!
I love going here. the campus is beautiful and small. You really get to know your peers here. The dorms and apartments here are nice and well kept. The town however could be better. It's not a lot to do in town. If you are not involved on campus, you will be bored.
Overall, the school is very nice and has some truly excellent professors. However, with it being in such a small area, sometime there is not much to do: i. e. movies, shopping, etc.
My experience at Cal U has been nothing short of amazing. Friendly, caring, helpful individuals are everywhere you turn. The professors care about your grades and will do everything to help you. The facilities are wonderful and it makes you feel at home. There's nothing I would change at CAL U.
The professors at CalU are amazing teachers who know what they are talking about, they are very educated in what they are teaching. The food is not that great, but on the bright side a Chick-fil-A was recently built. The classrooms are really decent sizes, small enough to get that one on one help. The school is in the middle of no where, there isn't too much of anything around. The one thing that would make CALU a much better university is for the people on campus to have more school spirit, instead of everyone going home every weekend.
California University of Pennsylvania is a must see and visit campus before deciding on what school is fit for you. I enjoy walking on this campus and constantly feel safe. The students on this campus are always very friendly and its super easy to make friends. I came across many people I had many things in common with in just my first few weeks of class. You cant go wrong with CalU. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a rewarding college experience
Cal U is a great school ,it is very diverse and well rounded. The professors offer a lot of knowledge for all of the students and its a great environment.
Greek life isn't a big deal here. They are mostly known for there parties and doing events on campus. Most people on campus are commuters so it is not a big deal if you in one or not.
The athletics here are pretty great! The football team is the most popular and highly celebrated. Everyone goes to the games.
I love attending CalU because it fits me really well. It is a medium sized school so class sizes are relatively small and more personal. There is something for everyone on campus like clubs, organizations, a ton of food options, activities, events, and places for commuters to relax. I transferred there a year ago and now I wish I went here to begin with. This school is perfect for my major which is social work. All the faculty in the Social Work department have been really helpful and knowledgeable. Social work is the second most common major at CalU behind Education. That is one of my favorite things because a lot of people I run into daily are in my major and are in the same classes as me. There are also a lot of resources on campus that are very nice and helpful.

I really love this school and I would recommend CalU to anyone!
The housing process was fairly easy. I filled out an application online and paid my dues so that my room would be saved for me. It depends on who your neighbors are though because they can be hard to be friends with.
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I think that individuals should be more concerned about their schoolwork and getting good grades that being involved in a fraternity
Since I have a disability I do not participate in a sport, but I participate in spinning classes at the gym. There is a lot of school spirit is there and we support one another.
My rating of California University of Pennsylvania is a nine out of 10. All of the students are very friendly and I have been excepted as a person here on this to rain.
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