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It was the right fit for me personally. It's a smaller campus so I didn't feel lost in the crowd. The staff is friendly. There are also great resources around campus.
California University of Pennsylvania is a great campus for every person that comes here. California's academics and campus environment is very exceptional. There are many students activities and clubs here at CAL U it is as well a great place to make friendships. While being on the CAL U hockey team it is very easy to get along with people on campus and as well enjoy the campus life.
I love California University of Pennsylvania, they have a lot to offer here. I like how friendly everyone is here also I like how they have so much for you to do on campus, with activities in the dorms. I like how they have a lot that can help you educationally as well, with tutors and the professors are open to help as well. The classes are not too big so the professors can personally get to know you, unlike in bigger schools.
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This school has an amazing atmosphere. The students and staff are so friendly and the faculty is always more than willing to help you succeed in your future. They have many opportunity's for success like Starfish, The Four Year Grad Plan and many more. If you do not succeed at this school, you are not using the facilities to your advantage because there are so many things out there to help you at California University of Pennsylvaina
CalU is a great university that meets my academic needs. I am a transfer active duty military member and I have not had any problems thus far. My instructors are fantastic and understanding of my situations and my degree program fits my current and future employment needs.
it offers a variety of different aspects of college life and a lot of activities to do.

so many club and groups that you can belong to. several events and places to do on campus
The school is close to home and family. On my first day I felt more welcome than I ever have at high school. The school is in a small town and has a nice feeling to it. The professors are great, and the other students are great.
California University of Pennsylvania is a wonderful school to attend. It is awesome for students who enjoy smaller classrooms and better one on one time with professors. It is a very enjoyable experience if you choose to go here!
I have had nothing but smooth sailing with the academic and non-academic aspects of this school. Everything is timely and very well organized. The faculty and staff are helpful and friendly. The quality of education is very satisfactory. I feel that I am getting my monies worth.
I really like the fact that it is a small campus, they normally have around 9,500 students which is not very big for a public college. The dorms are also very nice.
Great school great programs and an incredible music program. The mechatronics program is brand new the teachersare good people and they’re good at what they do.
The small class sizes are perfect for my learning style. The campus scenery is absolutely beautiful. I highly enjoy seeing all the trees and flowers walking to class. The dorms on campus are so spacious with private bathrooms in each room! The professors are friendly and helpful. There are an abundant amount of resources on campus, as well as, many places to get food. There are a lot of things to keep a student busy on campus. The gym is a great place to burn energy; there is even a pool, hot tub, and sauna! California University even has a movie theater that shows all the latest movies, not to mention the great popcorn!
California University is a small, but incredible school with fantastic professors and amazing majors.
The campus is full of gorgeous scenery. It's much more beautiful than the town. The food could be better in the cafeteria, but there is a lot to choose from, both from in there and the surrounding on-campus "fast food". It is a small campus so it's pretty easy to get to classes unless they're on the exact ends of campus, with 10 minutes in-between. Even then, it's still pretty reasonable.
It's an amazing school. The professors are nice. I have yet to meet my roommates in my dorm yet. I meet them of Friday.
I really enjoy CalU. It's close to home, and has an amazing campus. There are plenty of places to eat or just hang out. I haven't had any problems other than the Vulcan Flyer times, they say it should be there every 15 minutes, but it varies. The Vulcan Flyer is the bus that takes students to Vulcan Village, the on-off campus housing.
My experience at Cal U so far has been amazing! The acedemics are excellent as the professors are passionate about what they do and the school truly cares about preparing students for their future.
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My first semester at this college has been good. The classes I had were challenging, yet bearable. It can bee very quiet at times, and that means study time can be good for you. Its just the location is bad if you dont have a car because alot of the places are driving distance and that the buses run differently. The professors help and there are a lot of resources to help you with what ever you need to help pass the class.
The professors are okay some care about what you learn some are just there. Other professors are terrible at teaching students. The food there is awful. And it's just boring to be there.
I loved staying in a dorm at Cal U. Our Ca’s always had fun activities that helped us meet new people. The financial aid of office could use some work though.
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