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Everyday I wake up extremely happy that I chose to attend California University of Pennsylvania. This college has given me more than I imagined. The campus is beautiful, well-cared for, and safe. The professors actually care about what they're teaching about and they stress that they're here to see us grow and pass their courses. The dorms are newly-renovated and clean, and they also provide amenities such as a computer lab, full kitchen, laundry on each floor, and so much more. This campus is one of the best around.
I have only been at Cal-U for about a month, but so far it seems good. I don't like how we have to buy our own scan-tron papers for taking tests (they're only $0.20 a piece but still). It just seems like another money taking thing. I am a Vet Tech major and the head of the program is awesome! The only thing I don't love about the program is that we are learning human anatomy and physiology not animal because they didn't put together an animal A&P yet.
I like the Was Cal U Carries itself compared to other schools. Cal U To me is one of the best schools in Pennsylvania and I think nothing has to change about it it’s cool just the way it is. I love everything about it .
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Calu is a great University that offers education and the University experience to countless students. As a commuter I appreciate the accommodations. And from what I see on a daily basis, those who live on campus seldom complain. The campus is clean, safe and very involved in social issues. And the staff are second to none. I wrestled with going to Pitt like my father. Or Penn State like my uncle but for the tuition Cal U was a no brainer.
Proud to be a Vulcan.
So far I really like my experience at the school. It is very clean, the dorm rooms are really spacious and well kept. Students and staff are always willing to help people no matter how small the issue is. I've made friends on the first day because of how warm and welcoming everyone is. The campus is big enough to explore and find things to do, but it is definitely not big enough to get lost. The class rooms also have a lot of space and updated technology.
The things I like about CalU was there professor on how they teach us. I also lover how there campus is made and designed an there dorms.
I enjoy being a student of California University of Pennsylvania because the staff and students are very helpful, welcoming, and friendly. The campus is one of the very many things I like about this university. Each time I visit the campus there are people everywhere ready to help me in any way possible. They have been able to answer my questions and help me no matter what information I needed to know. As a commuter, I also like the commuter center and the lounging and studying areas provided for me as I spend the day there.
California University of Pennsylvania is a wonderful school! They have so much to offer such as multiple majors, financial aid, mentoring programs, tutoring and work-study opportunities, etc. Everyone is so positive and only want you to succeed! They even have a student success center for anyone who needs an extra hand. One thing I would change is the scholarship help. I would like to see more individuals on campus that help fill out scholarships and things like that.
My experience applying to CalU was extremely simple and easy. When meeting with an advisor to discuss different programs and what they entail, I was given an enormous amount of information with a layout of the classes I needed to take, when I needed to take the classes within my four years, what classes needed to be taken together in the same semester, and information to help me stay on track to graduate in four years. My experience was calming and stress free and everyone did whatever they could to make my decision to attend 100% easier.
The best well-rounded school you could ever be at. Great professors and students. The campus is beautiful.
I like California University of Pennsylvania because of its' campus and staff. Everyone there is so welcoming and very nice. One thing I would like to change is the food, it could be more appetizing, but the ice cream station is amazing!
I absolutely love Cal U. They have an amazing criminal justice staff there and it's really encouraging me to go through with school! Also, I got involved with Greek Life and it's the best decision I ever made!
The campus is beautiful and the professors are very helpful. There aren’t many things to do around campus but it is still a very nice place
Cal U is very comforting because of how the campus is in one area, you don’t have to worry about getting to classes on time because the buildings are all in the same spot. The housing options are very nice and very suitable for college students. The security is fairly good which puts a lot of students’ minds at ease. The parking situation could be better, but there is the campus bus that runs in case you don’t have somewhere to park. Overall, cal u is an awesome university to choose for your college education in regards to student living, academics, and your social life!
Life in college couldn't be any easier than what it is in California university. Students always have a smile in their faces at all times and never seem disappointed with their experience in the university.
I wouldn't change anything about Cal U. The school has an amazing atmosphere and amazing programs. Students and staff are so kind and are willing to work with you on anything you need or have a problem with.
I loved the Secondary Education Program I experienced and thrived in at Cal U. I had outstanding professors in my education, English, and General Studies classes. The campus was always in pristine shape, with a welcoming atmosphere. Technology was up-to-date and commuter-friendly.
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I absolutely love the staff and the campus is beautiful. The staff is very helpful and willing to work with the non-traditional students!
I came here because of a friend I had known was enrolled. I'd like this college a lot more if there were more job opportunities, since the college town itself has none. There are also no grocery stores except the Dollar General in town. As far as academics go I had professors I really liked and others I strongly disliked. I felt as though some of the classes being offered as a 100 beginner level course were really more advanced, and because of that my GPA dropped tremendously. One thing I really enjoyed about the campus was the high diversity among students and faculty. CALU is not a bad college by any means, and Id even recommend it to some, however, I know in my situation I could be going to a much nicer in-state college for a lot cheaper; which is why I am transferring in the Fall of 2019.
Here at Calu the faculty don't seem to care too deeply about the students. There's nothing to do off campus except for go to the bar. More faculty involvement would be ideal. Maybe something the community could offer the school or the town could be invested in a little.
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