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The online learning at Cal is different for everyone, but as a hands on student in art courses where studio space is necessary it was been quite difficult this semester. The professors are more accommodating which eases the stress ever so slightly.
I really like the helpfulness on campus for literally anything you’d have questions about! The small class sizes are great too!
My in-person experience at CalU has been better than my online experience. I've noticed while taking my online classes this Fall 2020 Semester that the classes that were originally always online are better prepared and thought out than classes that were meant for in-person. This may seem like it should be the obvious expectation, however I do not blame the teachers for their lack of knowledge nor their lack of preparation as the school board members themselves had said in-person classes were to be taught for our Fall 2020 semester. They revoked that promise of in-person classes barely 2 weeks before classes were to begin leaving professors and students scrambling to be prepared for full online classes without any real resources given by the school.
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At the time of this review I am currently a Sophomore at CalU studying for an Electrical Engineer Bachelor's Degree. My experience at Cal has been overall positive despite COVID-19 disrupting our in-person classes for our 2020-2021 school year. This school accepted all of my transfer credits without any hassle and offers an abundant amount of classes for general education as to not bore students with learning the same things they may have already learned during high school. The dorms and food services are absolutely fantastic, and there are many on campus and off campus options for food, entertainment, and residency.
Horrible set up you’ll be learning absolutely nothing. Or atleast I didn’t was a waste of my tution honestly I decided to transfer to a better school to actually lean something that can elevate me academically
My online experience has been great. The professor have gone easy on us and made sure that everyone had access to everything. They helped me with any questions I had and walked me through the online process when we first went online.
My overall experience at California University of Pennsylvania is wonderful. Everyone from the professors, advisors, mentors, and staff have been amazing. Everyone is willing to help and answer any questions you have. I never feel judged and made a ton of new friends in my major. Overall, California University of Pennsylvania is a great experience.
I think the online classes here at Cal U are very good...if you get a professor who knows how to purposefully set up an online class to maximize learning. Sometimes you get professors who are overwhelmed by the online aspect causing students to feel they are not get the same quality of education they would in other in-person classes or online classes. Overall, I do think Cal U has a decent online learning experience though.
I really enjoy meeting all the new and different people I see on campus whether that is within my classes or at the student union or at events held by Cal U. I also have had many exceptional professors here who are great at instruction as well as helping me with any questions. The campus is also very well kept with beautiful greenery and buildings.
I haven't taken any classes online at this university yet. I may plan to though as online classes are beneficial for my work schedule and I.
I personally have had a wonderful experience so far. Employees are very helpful which is great for a new student.
For how fast they had to turn in-person classes into online classes the courses were very satisfactory.
Some of the courses are taught amazingly and some are too confusing for their level. The activities on campus are wide and diverse but the funding for them is sporadic at best.
The online experience was pretty easy. As with any transition into an online experience, there are road bumps. Overall, though, the experience was fairly easy.
As a future student, I've had a good experience with CALU so far. The web of individuals willing to help you is extremely expansive. The teachers and directors of specific departments are very open to student discussion and willing to assist in whatever it is you need.
I like your results may vary but classes are a good size. academics is the core thing that drew me into this place, and although I am a commuter to this place it's still a nice drive about twenty minutes from my house not to bad I guess.
can't really blame the school's staff because the coronavirus popping up out of no were but to be fair to everyone no one was ready for that
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For a school that has never had all of its students do online before, it did pretty good. Teachers were understanding and everything. Now, when it comes to classes that are normally online, teachers answer questions as soon as they could as well as provide useful resources.
It has variety to it, from becoming a biologist, to making robots, and even to a large variety of engineering pursuits. It has an OSD (office for students with disabilities) where they provide services that can help make sure everyone is cared for.
The format for online classes vary by subject, but the professors make it easy to access and understand. Teacher’s sometimes have trouble communicating through online courses. Overall, super accessible!
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