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Internet barely works. Professors try, but there is no motivation. The whole draw of this school is the hands-on aspect but that's all gone now
4 years ago I decided to attend California Maritime Academy. I genuinely believe this decision ruined my life. I'm now depressed, living alone in a motel 6 room, and trying to get the credits to graduate that apparently I didn't take previously. Please don't come here.
I attended the college on a Preview Day and I enjoy the atmosphere and care on campus. I knew it was the school for me.
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I have little to no experiences on online classes in Maritime Academy. I am just getting stated in late 2020.
Good at getting you a well paying job after graduation. But it has a moral issue. I would advise anyone considering coming here to evaluate the location and how much bull crap you are willing to deal with. Because there is plenty.
Very average. Not the fault of the teachers or school. Just the circumstances of the time. The school was not prepared to do this. They pride themselves on the "hands-on" nature of the school. They will adapt to online modality. This was written as of 7/25/2020
California State Maritime Academy is a small university that offers you the chance to really get to know your classmates and teachers. That being said it is a majority male school going into the male-dominated maritime industry. There is only one dining center on campus with pretty bad food and the dorms aren't that great either. Campus amenities are small but decent. You are required to wear a uniform while on campus and stand watches either on the ship, in the engine room, or in the parking lot box depending on your major. It does have a lot of alumnae connections and graduates tend to be high earning.
The majority of our major-specific lab classes could not be converted into an online format. The online classes that were offered were boring and not engaging.
Cal Maritime is one of a kind. It is not your typical college, hence Academy. It is mostly male dominated, but the friendships and experience are truly amazing. The ‘boat’ instructors are the best!
Maggots in the lunchroom and it took years to get them to do anything about it. They had the students return for final exams despite the shelter in place order during Covid19. They released the students several days after the order was put into place because they said there wasn't any virus on campus. Ok, wait until people get sick and then send them home to transfer it to their parents. It was parent pressure and social pressure that finally got the kids out, and then they call them all back to hub together. They are ridiculous. They clearly don't have the best interest of the students or the students' home communities in mind. I wouldn't send my son here if I could go back in time and do it over.
The Good: Engineering is ABET accredited; Hands on learning on vessel and engine room, Golden Bear cruise gives you time and experience at sea during the summers, simulation technology for piloting ships available to transportation majors. Good potential for jobs. $72,000

The Bad: Business School not AACSB accredited-difficult to get into an MBA program when you haven't been taught the basics to pass the GRE or GMAT entrance exams. No time on a ship whatsoever, no access to ANY equipment or courses that can teach you about terminal operations, or onshore careers dealing with Maritime Business. On campus the Business Logistics students are stigmatized and dismissed as Subpar majors and are treated as such. majors exclusively. Business Logistics degree at Cal Maritime is therefore is merely a rubber stamp degree which will begin earning 35,000K$ Cal Maritime Fails at being transparent about this.
Like any other university, there will be good things and some bad things. The benefits of coming to the academy are that you are not going to find it hard to find a job. The worst part about this school is the lack of communitaction between the university and the students.
I like how theCalifornia Maritime Academy is unique in their own way from all other universities in the CSU system. I also like how it is a small campus. Something that CMA can fix, is the parking lot space.
Business and Global studies does not have enough faculty. Classes are not available each semester so you have to wait until the next one to get a class. If you don't your here for another year $$$. Transfer students beware! No credit for certain classes even though you got CSU certification. Registrar is a mess. have to fight with them to give you the credit you earned. No parking on campus. Tons of stairs to reach your outdated dorm that is BROILING hot. No a/c in outdated buildings. Tech and website outdated.
I love the private school feel on a public campus. I just wish there were more girls and more sports.
There is usually only one teacher per subject, and most subject are only offered once per year. You can live on a ship and go on cruise. The food isn't great, you have to wear a uniform and the student body is only 20% female, but you are pretty much guaranteed a high paying job once you graduate.
This is a great college that really focuses on the students and how they perform in the workplace. Their small campus makes you feel at home and you can get close to your classmates for lifelong friends.
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They do random drug tests making me paranoid after I'm done chiefing
Rugby, sailing , crew and basketball are top in nation for small schools and usually ranked. The other sport are okay. Most sports don't recruit and you just try out with the exception of basketball. Saying that, it is very impressive that most sports do play against some d1 and d2 schools. Facilities are good. Spirit is okay.
Not a party school at all, but hands down the best marine engineering school. Top engineering school with chill teachers, shipmates, and atmosphere. If you love sailing this school is for you. Because it is so small you know every one and get surprised when you meet someone you don't know . mostly every one is chill .
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