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California State University - Stanislaus Reviews

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As a new graduate student I found the school environment to be very comfortable, I didn't have a problem settling in as the professors and the school team were very welcoming.
Stanislaus state over the past few years has successfully built its reputation and made its way unto top 50 public schools in the region, I believe that it self describes a lot about the hardworking team Stanislaus state hosts.
The professors are very friendly and easy to work with. The environment and diversity at this school is awesome. I have made many friends and have learned a lot from every course. I would have to say there hasn't been one course that I did not like.
At the beginning I didn't believe that I would enjoy Stanislaus State. Now I don't understand why I had that mindset. Although, the school is small it is very energetic and polite. Overall, my experience has been great during these past three semesters. I can say that the classes that I have taken do challenge you, but with the right help you can achieve what you want.
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Stanislaus is a big small school. The school is working on expanding and making it better for the students.
Amazing college great professors. Being a transfer student I thought I would have a hard time adjusting however the staff and professors here helpful in any way they can be. The Stockton campus is very family like you are greeted with a warm welcome each and every day. Also being at Stockton center raised some concerns with safety but there are security officers always willing to help and escort you.
There is little to do around here. I suggest you get a car.
There are parties at night but you need to know people from frats and sororities.
Professors are good just make sure you get the good ones from research. They may even determine your grade or education experience! Stan state is very peaceful but too quiet for the fast paced city people.
It is a good school and more economical than the other universities in California, however it is not the best school for a science major. It is a good school for nursing, sociology, and humanities major
I was originally at Merced College doing my required list to transfer to CSU Stanislaus. I couldn’t wait to get on campus and once I was I felt more successful than I have been in a long time. I wanted to go to Stanislaus straight from High School but had obstacles I needed to face first. Now that I’m here, I’m happy. I can finally finish and get my degree.
Ita a great campus with a lot of diversity and the professors work well with the stidwnts untill they understand thw concept.
the staff are very friendly and helpful campus is not the big so it is pretty easy to find your classes . I wouldn't change anything about stan state.
California State University Stanislaus is a very beautiful campus located in the central valley. Although the library hours should be extended, the staff does a very good job providing many free benefits to the students. If you get involved and take advanced of the free opportunities they offer you may enjoy this University. There isn't much of a party scene here.
This school is great, they have a lot of good programs especially if your majoring in nursing, criminal justice, or child development
I absolutely LOVE Stan State. The campus is small but, that is definitely an advantage in the classroom because professors usually know how you are and push you to do better. Housing is a lot better compared to others. There is free 8am - 11pm access to washers, dryers, games, printing, and computers for students who live on campus. Some rooms on-campus come with a kitchen and all are fully furnished. The same amentities apply for students who live across the street in The Vistas. Food on campus can range from really good to edible. Warrior Grill is a great option for burger and wing lovers. Main Dining has everything from pizza, pasta, and salad to burritos and fried rice. Village Cafe has its ups and downs but when staff is doing good the food taste great as well. MSR Cafe is always reliable and usually really great when you need something fast. However, MSR Cafe is more of snack establishment as well as Pop's Connivence Shop. Campus also has lots of geese.
it has a great community. the professors know you by name and personally. the classes aren't over populated. the view of the campus is amazing. it is a great place to go to school.
CSU Stanislaus is good because it has knowledgeable instructors that are currently working in the field they teach in. Classroom instruction covered real life situations and helped ready us for teaching in our own classrooms.
Honestly the place is great, just the fact that they're building a rearranging the whole school isn't making me like my college experience as there are construction sites all over the place and its hard to really enjoy our views. Most professors are very kind and love educating us so thats great.
I really enjoy going to CSU Stanislaus. Although it is considered to be a "commuter college" there is a thriving campus life to be a part of. I love how the campus is laid out and the enviroment itself. Stan has amazing professors who are there to help you succeed and who are always willing to lend out a helping hand when needed. This was very helpful for me in my transition from high school to college. I am very happy that I chose CSU Stanislaus to study at to get my degree.
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About to finish my first semester as a transfer student over here, it's very much different from the environment in the Bay. If you want to make things work here, make some connections with some people. I made some friends by joining a service fraternity. Currently pursuing a Chemistry degree.
I like the campus environment. It’s peaceful and serene. The library needs updating and housing goes fast. Certain majors do not require advising, so your on your own. Prerequisites for classes aren’t listed when registering for classes. Certain classes are offered only Fall or Spring and if those classes are full graduation can be delayed an entire year. Financial Aid is slow to process appeals. Be warned if you are a transfer with excess units!
I am currently a second-year student. I am studying Criminal Justice and feel that all my professors teach me material that will soon be beneficial to my future career. The administration is very helpful in all fields. I love attending this school.
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