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Honestly the place is great, just the fact that they're building a rearranging the whole school isn't making me like my college experience as there are construction sites all over the place and its hard to really enjoy our views. Most professors are very kind and love educating us so thats great.
I really enjoy going to CSU Stanislaus. Although it is considered to be a "commuter college" there is a thriving campus life to be a part of. I love how the campus is laid out and the enviroment itself. Stan has amazing professors who are there to help you succeed and who are always willing to lend out a helping hand when needed. This was very helpful for me in my transition from high school to college. I am very happy that I chose CSU Stanislaus to study at to get my degree.
About to finish my first semester as a transfer student over here, it's very much different from the environment in the Bay. If you want to make things work here, make some connections with some people. I made some friends by joining a service fraternity. Currently pursuing a Chemistry degree.
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I like the campus environment. It’s peaceful and serene. The library needs updating and housing goes fast. Certain majors do not require advising, so your on your own. Prerequisites for classes aren’t listed when registering for classes. Certain classes are offered only Fall or Spring and if those classes are full graduation can be delayed an entire year. Financial Aid is slow to process appeals. Be warned if you are a transfer with excess units!
I am currently a second-year student. I am studying Criminal Justice and feel that all my professors teach me material that will soon be beneficial to my future career. The administration is very helpful in all fields. I love attending this school.
I love Stanislaus, the athletic program is excellent and the professors truly care about the success of their students.
I will be attending California State University for the 2018-2019 school year as a freshman. I'm sure my experience with the school will be amazing.
The experiences I have are wonderful, the students and the teachers are very kind and help you in whatever you need. Especially the teachers are very good at explaining the lessons and project we have in class. What I would like to change is the food, I would like to have more variety of vegetables and fruits and a healthier menu. We also had incidents of theft and I would like to have more security for the students
I love Stanislaus! It is a great college. Diversity is excellent and so are the professors. The atmosphere is beautiful and makes learning easy. The one thing I wish I could change is the cost. This college tuition, like all CSUs, are expensive.
This university is a very friendly environment. Everybody always has a positive attitude and nobody ever causes problems. You feel comfortable asking anyone around you for help and they will gladly help you with whatever you need. I am glad I came here and glad everyone here is so motivated to learn. Nobody messes around and in class everyone always has their things ready to start a new lecture in class. I love the fact that people eat in the dining hall and work on homework sometimes instead of socializing. That just shows people really want to graduate and do good.
Stan State is somewhat of a small university. The overall campus is big but the classrooms can be deemed below average. The professors will look after your performance only if you show that you're motivated to learn in their class. The school itself focuses a lot on "Diversity" which you can see within a couple of days there. The area of Turlock has a majority Hispanic/Latino population followed by white and middle eastern, along with some Asian. There's not too many sub fields you can go into when choosing your major, or so it seems like. The campus climate is calm, what else would you expect from a small town.
I like the student to professor ratio. I’d change the housing rent because it’s too much each month.
It is a very relaxing environment. Not a party school if that is what your looking for. This schools main objective is eduction and making sure you get it. It is a very good choice if you want to live in Californias valley.
I love the size of the campus, not too big, not too small. There are a fair amount of students which really makes it a very personal school. Classes are small so there is more room for interaction and getting help.
I would like to see more diversity throughout the campus. The campus as a whole is such a commuter school, in which people come to school then go home. I would love to see more events emphasizing asian pacific island cultures (as I am one of them), and see more development when it comes to places to study
I really admired the staff and professors at this university, they all walked around with a smile on their face and always offered help - like the time I parked very far from my night class because there was no parking and a campus police officer gave me a ride to my car, that made me feel very safe.
I would like to see more student involvement in campaigns and clubs, the method of communicating to students is poor, they need to make things a bit more exciting and invite everyone to join.
The diversity of this university is amazing, its like having multiple traditions/cultures all in one campus and the best thing we all have in common is the ability to succeed and obtain knowledge together.
CSU Stanislaus is a small university but it has a clean, beautiful campus with approachable faculty members.
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I like that Cal State Stanislaus is very diverse. The professors in the history department are committed to you and make you feel like you’re going to be somebody.
Great small college for commuters and is a growing town. The location is in the middle of all attractions around California.
I love the campus and its beautiful view. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. All the professors I had were really understanding and helpful.
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