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I am not a student at CSU Stanislaus, but i have been there many times to visit. Every visit i felt welcome and relaxed. The environment was never hostile, the students are very nice and helpful. I liked the college so much that it is now at the top of my list of colleges to apply to. I would be so happy to go to Stan State. Its got the perfect mix of educational life and recreational.
For the time that I have attended CSU Stanislaus, I have found this school to be rather convenient. The campus isn't enormously large so it's easy to get around, there's regular info-sessions for questions/confusions you may have, and there's study areas everywhere. This campus is good for someone who is trying to further their education in homely environment.
Stan state is a amazing school and I would recommend going if you are planning to stay near family. The atmosphere is welcoming and the scenery is very calm and peaceful.
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After receiving my BA from this hell hole, I enrolled in the Credentialing and MBA programs concurrently while working full time. Many courses were not available to take when I needed them. Finally, with a 3.6 GPA and all courses complete, I was denied a masters degree because I went over the time limit by 5 months. The Stanislaus' remedy was to VOID all my courses, make me retake the GMAT and reapply. I wouldn't send me dog to be trained at this school
I love the space between the buildings of each of the classes because it provides a lovely break from being trapped in a room all morning. I think the teachers provide an enthusiastic teaching environment, and it helps to transition the freshman from being in high school to a whole new environment: college. I love the shade provided on the campus, but I do think there should be more of it, especially with the heat and vigor the sun gives during the summer months of Turlock. Perhaps each graduating class could plant a tree to help promote saving the environment, and make a positive impact as they face the world outside of college! There could be a "forest of the future" to help encourage the students to graduate and to leave their mark on the Stanislaus campus.
The professors may seem pushy, but their one-on-one attention is a great help to keep myself on track. Mandatory office visits help me make sure I am where I need to be to pass the class. The extra academic programs are great, too!
Although I'm currently a freshman and csu stanislaus, I feel right at home on this campus. Due to the smaller size of the campus I can easily make it from one end the the other for classes. Along with the smaller campus the classes are also much smaller than at uc berkely or uc Los Angeles which allows you to recieve alot of one on one time with your professor to achieve your highest potential. This along with the general atmosphere of the campus, the pride and support the students have for the school really make you feel like you're part of something great.
Cal State Stanislaus is the HIDDEN GEM of the Cal State system! 20 to 1 teacher ratio, free tutoring, national sororities and fraternities, 50 majors including Business Management and Administration. Beautiful Campus, and the school administration really has its act together. We arrived, they were waiting for me, name on the board, took me under-wing immediately, made me feel at home and that I had arrived. Lots of leadership opportunities. Even a huge observatory on campus! Stanislaus is BIG value for your buck!
I love the campus, has great scenery and the professors are engaging. I would highly recommend students to go here. I'm majoring in psychology.
What I like about CSUS is that it is a small community and everyone is willing to help you and they are nice. There are accommodations for people who are not from the city. There is alot of nature and everything in campus can be reached in a walking distance.
I Enjoy Stanisluas so much! especially because it is a small campus making it easier to get around and classes are smaller making it less overwhelming for students such as myself to ask questions during class or at office hours. Only thing I would change is the food because it could be a lot better.
I love the campus environment with a lot of nature surrounding the entire grounds. The university offers many opportunities and resources for students to be successful with whatever endeavour they choose to strive for. There are many sports and clubs that you can be apart of helping you fit in with the right group of people! I would certainly recommend someone to go to CSU Stanislaus for their education!
Stanislaus state has been a great University. I've really enjoyed my two years there. The staff are really friendly and most professors are willing to help you in anyway they kind to pass their class.
I love that they were so helpful and accommodating to an international applicant. That was a blessing!
The campus is beautiful, parking is generally a breeze. There's a decent selection of on-campus clubs and organizations, the food selection isn't awful. The staff is decent, however some of the professors suffer from quite the superiority complex, especially if they're one of few in their department.
Stanislaus is a great college and I love it there ,but I feel that is isn't as a big college town. There isn't many thing to do in this town therefore there isn;t any worry to getting into to much trouble.
I have been in college for about two days, so I don't have much to say about my overall college experience, but what I can say is that the staff is very welcoming. They are always trying to do things that benefit us and they try their best to help you in any way they can.
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My experience so far at CSU Stanislaus has been great. I have connected with many professors as well as my peers. It is very easy to make connections on this campus because it is smaller than most other colleges. I chose Stanislaus because I loved the campus and the way the teachers are always ready to help their students. Something I would like to see a change in though is the chemistry department. There are only a few chemistry classes and they fill up quite easily. I hope that in the future there are more chemistry class options for students so that they do not have to wait for another semester to get into a class.
It is a great school. Students and staff are very friendly and helpful. The campus is clean and breathtaking. The academics prepare well for any career you want to pursue. There is a wide variety of campus food and it is delicious! It is my first year attending here and I had a great experience so far. I hope to continue the rest of my years here.
So far, my experience at Stanislaus has excelled my expectations. I love that there is a diversity of students from all backgrounds on campus and an abundance of resources offered. I wouldn't change anything at this point of my experience.
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