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California State University - Stanislaus Reviews

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The environment and learning conditions are wonderful and the school is very welcoming. Safety is a number 1 policy and getting grades and help you need is enforced.
This review is regarding the Stockton Campus. I really have enjoyed my time at CSU Stanislaus. Attending the Stockton Campus allows from small classes and since there are not that many student you are able to get thign you need from the administration people a lot faster than you would at the regular campus. Everyone is nice and friendly and care about you succeeding.
Great school and a wonderful experience, the classes and teachers are very understanding and great teachers. Love learning here and the environment that the staff and other students give. So many fun activities to partake in.
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When I went to CSU Stanislaus to look around, every time I asked someone for help they were eager t help me out. They were not rude about me asking question, like other universities have been.
I did not like anything about this school. The only positive thing that I can think of is that the campus itself is visually stunning. However, that was not enough to keep me interested in this school. The teachers were very liberal, which is fine, but sometimes I just want to learn course material... not their opinions. We live in the twenty first century and yet six of my eight teachers did not allow the usage of laptops for taking notes, etc. I was very excited about CSU Stanislaus at first, but after going there for almost a year I honestly would not recommend this school to anyone. It is terrible.
The university is very welcoming to all students and they provide you with resources to be academically successful.
The campus is a wonderful place and they have so many possible ways of getting involved. They have daily giveaways and special offers everyday to get the students more involved and enjoy their time on campus.
Being a freshman, so far CSU Stanislaus has been a great experience. The people there are very welcoming and the teachers are very interactive with their students. The environment is calm and there are beautiful places on campus, for example, the reflecting ponds. Moreover, there are places where you can work quietly on assignments, homework, and study. The campus is small in my opinion, but it is a nice environment. I am not concerned for my safety on campus either, because there are cops on campus who are there to protect and watch over. The academics is also great, because not all the majors impacted and it is easy to get the classes you want. Additionally, for student life, there are many things to do, such as join a sorority or fraternity, clubs for your major, programs for academic success, and much more. Overall, the college experience at CSU Stanislaus is great.
I am a junior college transfer and this is my third year at CSU Stanislaus. I have enjoyed the classes and professors at this university.
I appreciate my major department, which is Kinesiology. There is so much diversity on our campus. The professors are great and radiate their love and passion for the subject to us. Our department is quite far from the computer lab and that is the only resource I feel we should have on our side. Also, another change I would like to see is expanding our building so we have more classrooms and gym space. I would not change the professors we have though. I believe that is why I enjoy my major and do not feel it would make my experience better but it would help students overall to be able to have access to a computer lab to work on homework and printing services like all other students have on our campus.
I have enjoyed my almost 4 year education at CSU Stanislaus. The professors and advisers have been there for me and have given the best education. The student population is diverse and you get to meet people of different backgrounds.
It is an excellent campus with great academics. Although this is my first year going to Stanislaus State, I instantly fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere. The professors I've had are very good, they explain the material very well and are very chill.
I love the campus. I am a freshman so I do not know much about the classes but the students there are very welcoming and helpful to all. The campus is a relaxing place with all the green grass and trees.
Im going into Stanislaus this year as a Freshman and after touring the campus and learning of all the activities and classes on campus I feel like I made the right decision by choosing to attend. It truly felt like home my first time there and I cant wait to experience these next four years as a student at Stanislaus State University.
The psychology department had wonderful teachers. The school had a great range of class options and times, this was very important for someone like me who needed to work full time but was trying to get my education. I felt supported and had all the resources I needed online, on campus, and even and multiple campus locations.
This campus has provided me one of the best educations, along with the very helpful staff. As a student living in Housing and Residential Life, I can say that I can feel welcome, safe, and with a good environment to learn.
I haven’t been there long, but everyone is quite friendly and very helpful. The people i’ve met have all been willing to point me in the right direction, literally on campus when I got lost and in my classes when i’m confused.
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Currently going to be an incoming freshman and so far the school has been very welcoming and has helped make this transition a little less nerve wrecking. I cannot speak for much of the school as of right now but I expect great things from this school and hope to make the best of thee four years memorable.
I would like to to offer priority registration to more people. I think the school is very affordable and I like that it is local. The school does have a great nursing, teaching and business program but it should expand its other programs, including computer science and engineering.
My personal experience from California State University Stanislaus was great. Prior to enrolling at Stanislaus, I was enrolled at San Jose State University as a Mathematics major. For a duration of a year, I was commuting from my local home town to campus, rather than finding a place nearby in San Jose, it was cheaper to commute. The first semester, commuted twice a week and the last semester, four times a week. Ultimately, decided to leave SJSU due to the dreadful commute and the lack of support from the unhelpful abrasive advisers. It was not easy to decide to transfer to another university, but CSUS made the transition all worth it. The commute was more manageable despite commuting five times a week, the advisers were more approachable, more supportive, and every faculty member made me feel so welcomed. If I could go back in time and change my decision on what university to transfer to the first time, it would be a no brainer. Graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science.
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