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I took a few online and hybrid classes. Lucky for me a lot of the teachers that were teaching the class already had experience in using an online format. At first, I feared I would not receive a proper education since I have never done online type courses but fortunately all the teachers I had executed well and I was able to learn smoothly.
Stan State is a very great college. I have made a lot of smart and dedicated friends throughout my classes. The campus looks great but the one thing I would like to see different is a drop in tuition cost.
Instructors seem to be local so they understand the community and students better. It seems like a high school vibe.
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I just started Stanislaus state. Due to COVID 19 its all remote access. I did have a chance to zoom some advisors and professors and they seemed to really enjoy the time working at Stanislaus state.
The online experience was totally different it did help out that some of my classes had regular zoom meetings. Some professors weren't text savvy so they had some trouble and didn't really know how to use the websites that were accessible to the student. If they gave the professors proper training before the upcoming fall semester it would improve the performance of the professor and the students.
The experience is great and it is even more helpful if you apply for housing the are so many opportunities like academic advisor, housing office has access for computers and printing. It a great school and easy to get into the acceptance rate is high anyone can get into the school. The school spirit is good as well.
Stanislaus is great, there is plenty of resources for students throughout the campus. Stanislaus is so enthusiastic about being connected with it's students, that it's annoying. They have proven that they care about their students and staff and if you ever need help you just have to ask. So, far the only downside has been the pandemic forcing online classes and meetings on us. Virtual college is kinda unorganized and a lot of technical difficulties arise.
They could do better/ figure out their problems. Online orientation was a hassle. A lot of technical difficulties arise. But, hey it can't be helped too many students on one server.
The staff is great. There are plenty of resources for students around the campus. Yet the only reason I am only giving it four stars is because our library is currently under construction and I feel the school lacks a bit of unification.
With the sudden closure of schools, I think my professors were able to handle it really well despite many of them having trouble with technology.
As I am starting my second year at Stanislaus State in Fall of 2020, I was required to take online classes due to COVID-19. Before this, I had no interest in online courses. I would much rather be collaborating in a classroom face to face with my peers and professors. However the online format was easy to follow and it’s the only option we students have. I think all the professors did an outstanding job switching to the online format.
I am starting my second year at CSU Stanislaus and can go on for days discussing how great this campus is. There is unlimited resources and facilities. Everyone is so kind and my favorite day of the week is Warrior Wednesday! Everyone shows their school spirit by wearing red and as you walk through our main quad there’s so many booths with things like breakfast snacks for your walk to class, quick games to play for prizes, and arts and crafts opportunities. I can say this campus has made me who I am today and I am so proud to be a Stanislaus State Warrior.
Because of Covid all of my classes are online and so far I have had positive experiences with the course material and the professors as well.
The teachers are very attentive to the students and what they need. There is a diverse culture in the students and activities. They have a lot of assistance for students as well.
educationally it is fantastic, but faculty preparing you for the job force or graduate study seemed to not have any support.
I learned a lot in every class. Every professor that I had did a fantastic job at teaching their class. The only issue that I has was faculty did not assist you in achieving anything after the BA
I have only just recently transferred to this university, but I have had a very positive experience so far. The professors are great and the campus is fresh and clean. I'm really enjoying my time here.
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Due to Covid-19, we had to move all our classes online and it was a very shaky transition. I am hoping both professors and students are able to adjust easier in the future. As of now, online learning just isn't there, but I'm still giving everyone a pass because it was such an abrupt and sudden change.
Stanislaus is a small school with lots of commuters & clubs to join. It’s a newly renovated school with lots of opportunities in any major.
Taking online classes is very easy due to using Blackboard. You can take any class online & are all taught by professors who would teach it in person.
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