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California State University - San Marcos Reviews

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So far, I really liked the faculties and the campus is really taken care of. I think they do a really good job of giving the students the best experience possible.
The school is very good and the people are nice. My first year was fun since I participated in organizations, which there is a lot of on campus.
I attended the Cal State San Marcos Extended Learning Program. Let me tell you it was fast-paced, about 3-5 classes per semester (spring, summer, fall), and once you go in as a cohort you graduate as a cohort. This has been one of the best school experiences of my life. Professors were friendly and easy to contact when related to school, taking the courses were fun and worth every penny.
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This rating is based on the accelerated Kinesiology program. It seems like the extended learning just wants to gets students into the program to take their money. The planning of the program needs A LOT of work. Most of the professors that are chosen are a joke and chosen last minute. Some of the courses are repetitive and not in the correct sequence. The program is way too much money for the education that I have received. If i had to do it again, I would not waste my money on this program.
My experience at San Marcos has been filled with helpful mentors and professors. Nothing about this environment is intimidating or awful. Everyone makes me feel welcomed, allows everyone to have a voice, and contributes a lot of opportunities.
Really amazing school! I love the atmosphere here. Especially the location, so nature like and the air is so fresh. I love my school. All the teachers are also so amazing they all truly care about the kids and on them graduating. So excited to be here for the next 3 years!
My experience so far at Cal State San Marcos has been a positive one. Everyone here is extremely friendly and open minded, and there are an abundance of fun activities to do. The campus is quite beautiful, and there are many lovely places to sit and do some thinking, and perhaps read a novel in peace.
Wonderful college! Beautiful growing campus, great professors. Close community with many resources for students. Parking is expensive and some science based majors are impacted. Kinesiology department is awesome!
This is a great school with great resources and faculty. The school cares about your academics and provide the best resources to excel in school. However the school has excess fees for things that are not needed. Parking permits are overly expensive and need to be lowered to help low income students.
I have only been at Cal State San Marcos for three weeks now and I already love it. They have a very diverse and welcoming campus, and everyone is super nice. The first week of school they had booths set up around campus to help students find their way to a class, or answer any questions.
what I enjoy about Cal State San Marcos is that there's much diversity and professors want to help you succeed and they are there if you have any concerns. The campus is fairly new so everything is up to date and the dorms are exceptional compared to other universities. If you ever were to need help in a particular subject such as English, there are tutors available in the writing center and many other tools to utilize for your learning. Moreover, we have a variety of clubs and leadership opportunities that will help you in the future.
I have visited nine of the CSU campuses and though I may be slightly biased, I really believe this is by far the most beautiful. Professors have all been fantastic. I've enjoyed staying in the QUAD. I have always felt safe on campus and the area around campus is nice as well. CSUSM is a very diverse and friendly campus.
My first-year experience at Cal State San Marcos has been wonderful. First off, everyone here is very welcoming. I was scared when I first arrived, but the professors made me feel like I belong here. There are many centers that welcome all kinds of students, from the Latino Center to the Cross-Cultural Center, there is a place for everyone. I also felt like I was actually learning something in my classes and not just being shown something I will probably never use again. There are also events almost weekly to get students more involved on campus, so the campus is always full of life. Overall, I really like CSUSM, and I hope to have more great experiences with them along the way.
Although CSUSM can be known primarily as a commuter campus, my college experience here has been nothing short of amazing. Once you settle in and get used to the change and transition of college, it really becomes a second home. I always feel safe at campus and appreciate all of the universities efforts into making this university a secure environment.
I have overall enjoyed attending CSUSM. So far the professors have been wonderful with accommodating and understanding with a full time working student as well as providing lectures that are stimulating! The only issue I’ve had is with all the stairs! There is a reason they call it Cal State University-“Stair Master”, however, I guess you get your education and exercise all-in-one!
Its a great university and an event better town. There is a lot of community interactions and things to get involved with for the University. The people you will meet are some of the kindest people you will ever know.
I hope to see more student involvement since it is mainly considered a "commuter school". I love the teachers that I have been with since you can feel and see their genuine passion in teaching. Additionally, they have always expressed their availabilities for every student. They are approachable and understanding, which helped me in difficult times of my personal life.
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This school is so amazing and welcoming to everyone. The environment is safe and the teacher student ratio is great, it makes the classes much better and personal, and makes it very open to deeper conversation and debates in class.
I overall enjoy CSUSM, I like the energy and campus. I would like to see an improvement in quality of professors, unfortunately I've experienced more bad than good.
I liked that the school was situated in area where everything a college student needs is really close by. I liked that it had various venues of entertainment surrounding the school
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