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California State University - San Marcos Reviews

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Cal State San Marcos is a very friendly school. Everyone who looks lost or confused can ask anyone for help and every student there is helpful. Their is a little bit of school spirit but you can tell the students behind these types of organizations enjoy showing new people what it feels like to be a cougar.
I really enjoy the campus. The student organizations do a lot to really try and get the students involved with campus affairs and offer free food at all of their events which is also really amazing. Academically, the courses are rigorous, but the professors are understanding and helpful and know what they're doing.
The thing I like most about CSUSM is the quality professors. 98% of the professors ive had in the past 4 years have been passionate about their job, go above and beyond to help their students and are genuine.
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As a first year at Cal State San Marcos I felt a part of this great school. The community of this university is very friendly and full of events for student to enjoy their time as they study for a higher eduction.
I love the fact that this campus is on the smaller side. Average classroom side is about 25, making it better for student/professor interaction. Most professors want to see students succeed and will go the extra mile for them. Impacting majors make some difficultly when getting classes but that means that the college has good programs for the given major.
I’m still a student at CSUSM and my experience so far has been great! The O-Team was very helpful when it came to answering questions when I went through orientation. From then on, any student staff members that I have approached have been welcoming and nice. It’s great how there are students working in the coffee places, the library and various other buildings. They seem to work with academic schedules and other priorities outside of work.
I've always had positive experiences at CSUSM. The professors in the Liberal Studies department have always been very helpful and passionate. I've also had positive experiences in counseling, as my counselor has always been very careful, pays attention to detail and is always quick to respond to all of my questions. I always feel safe and welcome at CSUSM.
Everyone is really nice. My professors so far are friendly and understanding. My peers are also friendly and helpful. The clubs are interesting, I am currently debating joining one! The dorms are beautiful but your experience depends on your roommates.
The majority of the professors that I had during my time there showed that they care and are willing to go the extra mile to help you with any problem you have. The school is currently growing in numbers and the campus is also expanding.
This is a great school, with a nice campus and good academics. However, joining classes is very difficult at times, as classes are often packed with students.
CSUSM is a commuter college and there are a lot of things near by that college students can enjoy. The classes are also challenging but the professors are always willing to provide help.
California State University San Marcos is a campus made up of students that are diverse and includes students from all different backgrounds and ages. I am highly active on campus, as I am a member of the Marketing Society, was an Ambassador for Campus Tours, as well as an active member in my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. California State University San Marcos offers a wide variety of resources where students can achieve not only their academic goals, but career goals. The counselors are always more than willing to help and will go the extra mile to make sure students succeed. I was able to land a few internships and other opportunities by reaching out and discovering what my University had to offer. As an active and successful student at California State University San Marcos, I will say there are endless opportunities available on campus, you just have to be willing to search for it and be open to trying new things.
I am proud to be called a cougar, Cal state San Marcos offers a lot of resources that helps students achieve their dream career. I like how there is a nonjudgmental environment.
I like that the campus is new, we have apartments instead of dorms, and they have good study resources. I would give it a five star if they had a football team and had some more majors.
CSUSM is a working class school. The vast majority of students are from the North County San Diego area, working two part-time or full-time jobs, transfer students, military-affiliated, minority, parents, or all of the above. It is a low-drama, independent minded school. Once you get over the fact that CSUSM isn't your conventional college campus you will realize that it is so much better because YOU get to be the one who sets that footprint that will define CSUSM culture. What you put in you will get out.

In order to truly make your experience at this school, you need to get involved with at least one on-campus organization. This, for me, opened a gateway that has shaped my college experience, my foundation for my future career, and best friends that I know will grow to be in my wedding, future godparents of my children, future business partners, and lifelong family.
Amazing school! The dorms are definitely the best part. Having your own kitchen is amazing. The people here are so nice. There's always something on campus or off campus to do. The beach is so close and there's a boba place right underneath the Quad dorms.
CSUSM is great for its academics but the social life and demographics is not if you are of color and LGBT. Mostly everyone here is cisgender and straight and apolitical. This makes for a very boring and uninspiring atmosphere.
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I love CSUSM, class size is small and diverse. Professors are very caring and helpful. Lots of resources to help students on campus!
California State University San Marcos is a great campus with great academics. The dorms are very beautiful along with the area. I feel safe on campus.
My experience at San Marcos has been very pleasant! The campus is just the right size and the location is perfect. With so many clubs, activities, and sports, it is a perfect campus to stay involved!
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