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California State University San Marcos is a campus made up of students that are diverse and includes students from all different backgrounds and ages. I am highly active on campus, as I am a member of the Marketing Society, was an Ambassador for Campus Tours, as well as an active member in my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. California State University San Marcos offers a wide variety of resources where students can achieve not only their academic goals, but career goals. The counselors are always more than willing to help and will go the extra mile to make sure students succeed. I was able to land a few internships and other opportunities by reaching out and discovering what my University had to offer. As an active and successful student at California State University San Marcos, I will say there are endless opportunities available on campus, you just have to be willing to search for it and be open to trying new things.
I am proud to be called a cougar, Cal state San Marcos offers a lot of resources that helps students achieve their dream career. I like how there is a nonjudgmental environment.
I like that the campus is new, we have apartments instead of dorms, and they have good study resources. I would give it a five star if they had a football team and had some more majors.
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CSUSM is a working class school. The vast majority of students are from the North County San Diego area, working two part-time or full-time jobs, transfer students, military-affiliated, minority, parents, or all of the above. It is a low-drama, independent minded school. Once you get over the fact that CSUSM isn't your conventional college campus you will realize that it is so much better because YOU get to be the one who sets that footprint that will define CSUSM culture. What you put in you will get out.

In order to truly make your experience at this school, you need to get involved with at least one on-campus organization. This, for me, opened a gateway that has shaped my college experience, my foundation for my future career, and best friends that I know will grow to be in my wedding, future godparents of my children, future business partners, and lifelong family.
Amazing school! The dorms are definitely the best part. Having your own kitchen is amazing. The people here are so nice. There's always something on campus or off campus to do. The beach is so close and there's a boba place right underneath the Quad dorms.
CSUSM is great for its academics but the social life and demographics is not if you are of color and LGBT. Mostly everyone here is cisgender and straight and apolitical. This makes for a very boring and uninspiring atmosphere.
I love CSUSM, class size is small and diverse. Professors are very caring and helpful. Lots of resources to help students on campus!
California State University San Marcos is a great campus with great academics. The dorms are very beautiful along with the area. I feel safe on campus.
My experience at San Marcos has been very pleasant! The campus is just the right size and the location is perfect. With so many clubs, activities, and sports, it is a perfect campus to stay involved!
Very clean school and nice campus. Rather expensive though, you have to pay to use the printers and parking is 300$ a semester. Good student services though.
It is a very small campus so it’s easy to get from class to class. Small class size makes for more personal professors.
I like the class sizes, but it's very difficult to get into classes if you do not have priority registration. The student health services are extremely poor and inaccessible to students who work/have class schedules that are during the extremely limited hours of the service office. Doctors and nurses are rude, do not listen to concerns of the patients and do not provide basic services as expected. However, student life and events are fantastic and the community is very welcoming. Professor office hours are very good, but some professors refuse to hear the students opinions that don't match their own and subsequently become very unhelpful. However, there are some professors that go above and beyond to help out students who need extra help in their class.
I love the scenery, seeing the sunset once you get out of class. Many events offered to students and stress relief yourself. Wish the housing would be less expensive and have little more appeal for the UVA. Different color and make it more vibrant.
I loved my time at CSUSM it is a campus that has such a friendly ambiance. I felt very comfortable around campus and I loved how diverse it was.
While I'm older than the average student and not interested in activities that are offered, I am enjoying my time here very much. Each on of my professors have been so helpful and are inspiring.
What I really like about this school is the environment. The small size of the campus was great for someone like me. I like to learn in smaller groups because it offers more one on one with professors. Also the environment with the student body is great, you meet some really good and kind people. The thing I would like to see is more diversity in disciplines.
I enjoy the diversity at the campus. I came from a small town where the majority of the population is Mexican. It's refreshing to step onto a campus where everyone is unique but are all there for their education.
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Since it is such a small school everything feels like home. I never thought a school can make one feel so included.
CSU San Marcos is an excellent school. The professors are not just brilliant, but also care for you as a person. I had to bring my daughter on campus with me and the professors went out of their way to help me.
I learned so much while I was here. I'm really thankful for all the friends I made along the way. Thank you Cal State San Marcos
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