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I thought the classes offered gave me a broad education in my field of study and that professors were caring. The campus is safe and you get a good education for the cost of tuition.
I've been at San Marcos for four years that demonstrates good teachers, entertainment for the students and provides good food and beverages in the student union. However there is only one thing I don't like is the parking on campus that's hard to find parking close to the building you have to go to. Like when I have to go to the Social Behavioral building I have to park on the other side of campus and have to walk a little further for my class. But everything else San Marcos is a good school that students should apply to or even consider working at the library, teacher lounge or the student union.
Sate marcos is a wonderful school that I would like to attend. I visited the campus and the faculty is welcoming and very helpful. They make sure every student is accommodated and never leaving the office in questions.
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I transferred to this school my third year and played on the played on the Women's basketball team. I am graduating in the spring with my Biology major. The science programs at this school are very good and have excellent faculty. They are very supportive and helpful. The campus life is not the greatest. A lot of the students are transfers from local community colleges and commute to school so there's not that typical "campus life," but it's all about how much you want to be involved and active at the school. The school is very good at preparing you for after graduation to be successful.
I only went to CSUSM for 2 weeks but I didn't feel as though I was ready to decide what my major was and felt I needed time to figure it out. The campus was beautiful and some of my classes were so incredibly interesting you felt like it wasn't even school. If you know what you are looking to be this is no doubt a wonderful college experience and amazing school.
Great education for a good price. I hit hard times and was disqualified, but after an appeal I was readmitted and and encouraged to continue my education. Great school.
Personally, I liked the professors that I had here. Since I'm not all that into the "college experience" (I'm a non-traditional student), I can't really make a comment about many things. It's a decent school, and far more affordable than my previous university.
Professors are great! They are very involved and enjoy teaching their students. The campus and clean and they have a lot of activities for students to get involved in. The campus could include more diversity, which I have seen a change from last year to this year. Also, the campus police are always around, therefore I feel safe when I am there. The library is also really nice, but there could be more seating.
San Marcos is a very welcoming and friendly campus. It is small and a foundation relationship is created between students and professors.
I love how California State University San Marcos is a small campus. The size allows you to easily walk from one side of the campus to the other in about 5 minutes. The campus has an hour from 12 pm- 1 pm called "U-Hour", this hour is where different clubs and organizations set up tables and play music and you are able to look at what the school has to offer.
The only thing I wish the school were to change was the parking. Although we have a parking structure and different lots to park at, many cars are left to constantly circle around trying to find a spot.
I found that CSUSM is a great college to go to if you like a smaller student to profesor ratio. So far all of my professors were very helpful in actually teaching. Although I have heard others say that some expect you to teach your self, I haven’t had a professor like that. This school is located in the mountains so there are many ground floors and steep stairs to take.
The accounting program was demanding yet very thorough. Professors are excellent and they really encourage internships to provide work experience to fulfill careers after college.
San Marcos is a close knit, welcoming, and encouraging campus to further your education. Professors and faculty are willing to help no matter the cost and ready to watch you succeed. However, there are a lot of stairs- use the elevators as much as possible!
I would like to see more outreach from student organizations and events. Otherwise the school was a perfect atmosphere to grow as a student and part of the community.
I love Cal State very much. It is a beautiful campus with very helpful staff. There are two things I would change though. This school only allows incoming freshmen and transfer students to apply for their nursing program. This I think is a major down fall of the school. I came in knowing I wanted to be a nurse but didn’t want to declare my major because I was already moving 900 miles away from my home town and wanted to keep an open mind. Finding out that I couldn’t be a nurse was devastating to me. The other thing I would change on a lesser scale is they do not have a football team and I think a football team Beni fits all colleges.
Cal State San Marcos is a fabulous school if you like one on one interaction with your professors. Most of the lower division classes have a small decent amount of students which allows the Professor to really get to know you unlike bigger schools with a large student population. The classes are fairly easy if you do your work, all you need is motivation which will be given to you by the faculty and of course dedication from your part. The professors are friendly and they want you to have successes in their classes, therefore they will help you with what you need throughout the semester. Cal State San Marcos also has a safe environment, not only is the faculty kind and helpful, but so are the students. In my time at San Marcos not once have I encountered a mean student or professor. If I would recommend Cal State San Marcos to anyone who is looking for a college on the smaller side and someone who also cares about their academeics and a safe environment.
I absolutely love Cal State University San Marcos. Not only because the experience of college has changed my life in so many ways. I am no longer a struggling single mom, I now am empowered with choices and a fantastic career. The professors at CSUSM go above and beyond, they are very supportive and encouraging and have enriched my life and my daughter's life, who on several occasions throughout the years accompanied me to my classes. My daughters experiences there have cemented the idea of going to CSUSM when she is ready to enter college. The conveneince of the college and its location was also extremely beneficial and helpful. I highly recommend CSUSM to anyone, young or old for their college experience.
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I love how California State University San Marcos is very diverse and the campus is small and are able to get to classes very fast. The campus is very beautiful, and clean. It is walking distance to the stores
I’m a transfer student and I like the diversity I see across campus, and there are more women at the college than men. I like how the helpful the professors are and how they make students feel comfortable enough to go see them and talk to them
I am currently taking my first year at San Marcos. So far, everything has been great: the professors, staff, residential advisors and so on. The school really makes an effort to help students with transitioning from high school to college. The school spirit needs some work, but overall, going to California State University, San Marcos has been a great experience.
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