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Beautiful campus and caring professors. I am starting in Fall 2018 as a graduate student for Public Health and I am excited to be on this campus. I met a graduate student already attending the program. She attended the information night to help answer questions regarding the Masters of Public Health. Students and staffs are all hardworking and I feel motivated by the environment of the campus.
Professors put in a lot of effort into classes as well as trying to push students to go to various campus activities. Campus is a vary diverse and well maintained location compared to some other schools. This campus has various ways to push out events on campus every week and sometimes everyday although they can range from small event during U-Hour to a big event on the weekend. This campus is not much of a "party" school rather than to being humble and everyone does what they want to do on their own or with friends. Campus food is amazing because it does not only have basic food but it also carries "big brands" of different types of food and drinks.
I love CSUSM. It is a fairly small and quiet campus, which I love. I don't like the big, busy atmosphere. The professors are great and super helpful. There are lots of clubs and organizations available to join. There are also sororities and fraternities present on campus.
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My experience is excellent because California State San Marcos provides its students with top notch education. It has a small student body, which allows for that one on one interaction with the faculty.
I have really enjoyed my time at San Marcos so far. I am a transfer student and did four years at a local community college in my city. I transferred to Cal State San Marcos to further my Child Development degree and have begun working on my Bachelor's there. Everyone who I have encountered at the school has been very nice and helpful. It is a beautiful and clean school and we pride ourselves on working towards zero waste. There are also so many fun and creative activities for students which I enjoy partaking in.
Cal State San Marcos has an amazing business program. Students are put through courses that they could apply in the real business world. At the end, all business students have to participate in senior experience, which, is a class that assigns a group of 5 to a real business and help them solve a problem. The professors make sure students are on the right path and even provide resources they can use beyond graduation. The atmosphere is great along with the learning environment.
My experience as a student at CSUSM has been well. The students and staffs are friendly. I like how the school is very active and supportive of different races,religion, and gender. Also, they provided free food, sweater, and etc. for their students and that they care about their students.
The only thing I would change is to have more areas where students (that commutes) have more places to stay when they are waiting for classes or do homework in campus.
I have had a great experience at this school. The professors are AMAZING! They are very helpful and supportive. There is a great deal of help all throughout campus, whether it is at the library, mental health services, or financial aid office. This school is also very accepting of all people from different genders, ethnicities, races, etc. I am very proud of graduating from this school. Studnets, professors and staff have all influenced my life and the person I have grown to become.
The college is honestly a small college and is very accepting of religion and the lgbt community. From the tour I took, I would recommend if you want to go to a small college and in the desert area.
What I like about CSUSM is that most of the staff and students are polite. The changes I'd like to see is that the Extended Learning programs are more lenient on the students when it comes to financial aid.
I love cal state San Marcos because everyone is so friendly and the town itself it great! Great location and everything! It is a small school so it makes knowing everyone that much easier!
Honestly, the amount of unprofessionalism amongst the staff of the Global Education (Dealing with international students) is appalling. They expect you to stay in a homestay because all the dorms are filled. Then why would you accept new international students if you did not have a place for them to go? Just because every international student decides to stay in a homestay doesn't mean I want to.

Honestly, having the audacity to accept new students without informing them of WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO LIVE is disgusting. If you're an international student, do not go here. Instead, go to Long Beach, any Poly university, Fullerton, or Fresno. These are the universities that have had enough respect for me .
I visited the school for Open House and it was amazing. Everyone is just so friendly and I am so excited to be a part of their school and meet new people. It is a very clean and friendly environment with lots of opportunities and I cannot wait to take them.
It is a very safe community and college campus. They offer an array of things to get involved with, and the staff and professors are amazing.
I really like Cal State San Marcos, it feels like home. At first I did not want to go there but then I decided okay I'll go there for 2 years and then transfer, but I started liking it more and more there. Now, I don't want to leave and I want to graduate and get my Bachelor's from Cal State. The campus may be small compared to other colleges but, it helps everyone get along with each other. So, everyone sees many friends that they know all around campus.
Overall, the experience on-campus is a good one. Few things can be done to make the experience even better.
Cal State San Marcos is a very good school. Through my experience, majority of my Professors have been excellent. The school is not so big so it is easy to find your way around the school without getting lost. There are a lot of stairs but once you get used to the school you will be able to find ways to skip the stairs. The only downside I would say about the school is the cafeteria. There are not a lot of tasty options to choose from except Panda Express. Also the other food options area too expensive. Overall, it is a very good school and there is a lot of diversity.
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I am very happy to say that I will be attending this 4 year university. This campus seems to be very diverse. The campus is beautiful it reminds me like High School Musical. I can’t wait to attend this University. I am nervous to attend but I know I will succeed.
I am an incoming freshman and I have been helped in so many ways already from the administration and staff! I love the apartment style dorms and the access to a pool! I am very excited to start this upcoming August and officially be a Cougar!
Pros: It's a very welcoming campus! Filled with diversity, great activities, programs, faculty and staff.
When registering for classes, the degree planner is a great tool to help you set up your classes.
The 2nd floor in the library is open 24 hours a day, 5 times a week, provided by the Assoc. Student Union.
And many more pros!

Cons: If you don't like stairs, there's a reason why it's also called Cal State Stair Masters. Fortunately we have elevators.
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