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California State University - San Marcos Reviews

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Pros: It's a very welcoming campus! Filled with diversity, great activities, programs, faculty and staff.
When registering for classes, the degree planner is a great tool to help you set up your classes.
The 2nd floor in the library is open 24 hours a day, 5 times a week, provided by the Assoc. Student Union.
And many more pros!

Cons: If you don't like stairs, there's a reason why it's also called Cal State Stair Masters. Fortunately we have elevators.
I love attending CSUSM, they have a lot of resources and are extremely helpful for getting you to your next step in life. They offer a lot of internships and hold events relevant to your future/major that are extremely helpful. I love attending the basketball games, the students are always very nice and everyone for the most part is involved. I think there is a club, sport, team for everyone on the campus which makes it easy for everyone to want to partake in school.
Wha tI really like about this school is the curriculum required for the majors. Each class that I have taken for my Biochemistry degree has challenged me and given me opportunities to obtain and build skills needed to be ready for post-grad. The professors really put in the time and effort to help each students succeed and the campus overall is safe and clean. I would like to see change in the advising/counseling department. It is always difficult to get an appointment with an advisor and it seems unorganized. Even when it comes to emailing, the advisors do not reply within a reasonable time frame. Also, they are there to help the students make their academic plan. I've had an advisor who messed up on my academic plan and gave me the wrong information on a class I needed to apply to Pharmacy school.
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Does not have a college feel to it and is not a college community. Mostly kids who commute to class. I like the professors and it is a pretty campus.
It has been one of best school I have ever been too. Great staff, food, and classes!! I recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a higher education. Any student that goes to this university can make new friends very easily.
What I like about Cal State University- San Marcos is that most of the professors display an interest in the students. They relatively show concern when a student is struggling and even offer appropriate avenues for students who seem to be struggling with personal issues.
I like the small campus feeling. I am able to talk to my professors frequently and discuss course material or other topics. There is not a lot of school spirit, as this school is considered a commuter college. Professors range from excellent to absolutely terrible, but weigh more towards excellent. There are not a lot of huge, lecture-hall style courses, which I am a fan of. I cannot comment much on housing but my few times inside campus housing here gave me a great impression versus tiny dorms at other colleges. Overall this is a great school.
California State University - San Marcos is one of the best schools I have gone to. There is so much support and help from people who work there. I am usually a shy person who doesn't ask for help but with the people that work there I feel very confident to ask questions when in need. I recommend this school to anyone who want to pursue higher in their education. This school is not the type to get lost easily and have so much food you can think of.
The university is very helpful with the transfer process. Many of the resources the institution provide are very helpful, such as the Extended Opportunity Program, the 24/5 open library that lets you check out laptops for up to 3 hrs (I do not have a laptop of my own), and the events that are held on behalf of the student government, which are very informational and help bring awareness to issues that are going on in our greater community. The political science professors are amazing, each and every one of them are very helpful and insightful, and definitely really know what they are talking about.
However, the institution does need to improve on diversity and inclusion, there is a very strong presence of elitism among students. There needs to be improvement with maintaining students of all different backgrounds in leadership positions.
Overall, this is a great institution, and I believe I could not have chosen a better school for my major
It's a very smallish, spacious campus. It contains many stairs meaning free exercise, and a garden where you can pick fruits and vegetables to make in your dorm. The events are extremely fun!
I love the campus and student life. There are so many opportunities to get involved and a great range of majors and professors.
I liked that the campus is small so you won't get lost so easily. I like that it's not as expensive as other public universities which is why most students from San Diego County go to San Marcos.
My favorite part of this school is the diversity and the help of the student community. Students, clubs and group are supportive of each other. We are all in the same boat so we like to help and contribute with each other. Making the school a safe and supportive environment. No one is alone and can feel the friendly atmosphere.
I thought the classes offered gave me a broad education in my field of study and that professors were caring. The campus is safe and you get a good education for the cost of tuition.
I've been at San Marcos for four years that demonstrates good teachers, entertainment for the students and provides good food and beverages in the student union. However there is only one thing I don't like is the parking on campus that's hard to find parking close to the building you have to go to. Like when I have to go to the Social Behavioral building I have to park on the other side of campus and have to walk a little further for my class. But everything else San Marcos is a good school that students should apply to or even consider working at the library, teacher lounge or the student union.
Sate marcos is a wonderful school that I would like to attend. I visited the campus and the faculty is welcoming and very helpful. They make sure every student is accommodated and never leaving the office in questions.
I transferred to this school my third year and played on the played on the Women's basketball team. I am graduating in the spring with my Biology major. The science programs at this school are very good and have excellent faculty. They are very supportive and helpful. The campus life is not the greatest. A lot of the students are transfers from local community colleges and commute to school so there's not that typical "campus life," but it's all about how much you want to be involved and active at the school. The school is very good at preparing you for after graduation to be successful.
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I only went to CSUSM for 2 weeks but I didn't feel as though I was ready to decide what my major was and felt I needed time to figure it out. The campus was beautiful and some of my classes were so incredibly interesting you felt like it wasn't even school. If you know what you are looking to be this is no doubt a wonderful college experience and amazing school.
Great education for a good price. I hit hard times and was disqualified, but after an appeal I was readmitted and and encouraged to continue my education. Great school.
Personally, I liked the professors that I had here. Since I'm not all that into the "college experience" (I'm a non-traditional student), I can't really make a comment about many things. It's a decent school, and far more affordable than my previous university.
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