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I've just recently had a visit at San Marcos University, and let me tell you one thing, the academics, professors, stares, and classes, are exceptionally high rated here at San Marcos. Every student has the opportunity to pursue their goals, to hone their talents, and trust me this university does not concede in matters like that, they try to look from your point of view as well as their's. San Marcos is an amazing University with massive/huge opportunities as well as stairs.
I think one thing that is really great about Cal State San Marcos is the staff and the people here. Everyone is incredibly friendly and the professors and other staff are very helpful. The professors really want to help everyone succeed and therefore do an amazing job of really making sure the material is understood.
The online classes are great! Professors are helpful and supportive. The programs are fast and affordable.
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It is a fairly new small school and still developing, not much of a party school.
The professors are helpful and easy going.
I loved the student life on campus. Everyone, including professors, are super friendly and accommodating. This school is fairly new so many of the facilities are very modern, especially the student union. One of the biggest downfalls for me is the cost of parking and the lack of athletics.
There are not too many students, and classes are not too packed. There is a sense of a small community.
Cal State San Marcos is a commuter school. It is difficult to get involved there. It would be nice to get more student programs for that college community feel.
In another 10 years this school will be amazing. Until there's a football team, swim team, and Greek life housing the campus won't be much more than average.
Very pretty campus, but doesn't seem like there is a lot of student life. The campus is still very young, but everything looks brand new.
CSUSM is a wonderful place if you want to loose your legs. Seriously there are thousands of stairs so you'll never have to worry about adding leg day to your exercise routine!!! In addition they have plenty of places to get coffee, including Starbucks, perfect for those 7:30 am classes you had no other choice but to take. Overall the staff there seem to actually care about you, academically and personally. The small campus size allows for you to have a better connection with your professors, class mates and the overall community. CSUSM is located in San Marcos, California in which a trip to the beach isn't far. There's so many things to look forward at CSUSM, whether it maybe event or outings the cougar community provides.
My experience with California State University, San Marcos was great. All the staff there is friendly and helpful. When you have questions they give you good answers and help you with your concerns. I also like how they value each student and their ethnicity background. I find it so nice how they want to integrate each student into the school and how they encourage students to be active in the clubs that are provided.
Classes are difficult to get, as well as a counseling appointment, only one adviser for the most popular major in the school. Police are more interested in writing tickets then making students feel safe.
California State University is one of those schools that has a small population of students, but huge population of great professors. Having going here for the past 4 years, I have not had a single awful professor. They are kind and take as much time as possible to teach the information they have to teach—even going above and beyond at times. There's not that much of a social life being a CSUSM student, but that's great if you're an introvert like me! You can spend that time learning or making closer connections with people.
My experience at CSUSM has been excellent. There are infinite student resources to help you on your journey and the campus culture is unique and inclusive. The campus is still expanding, but as of now a lot of majors are impacted and it's extremely competetive and difficult to get the classes you need.
Great location. Great campus. Great programs. The teachers and academic advisers want their students to succeed. The only downside is the cost of things, so apply for scholarships!
I really like it! People are incredibly nice, there's always a professor willing to help you learn, and there's always parking
I have grown so much as an individual here at CSUSM. It has taught me a lot about life the good and the bad. I have met so many amazing hard working people here that I will never forget! Great place to be.
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The quality of education at CSUSM is superb. With small class sizes, students have excellent opportunities to learn and network in the classroom and on campus. The library is (I believe) the largest library in the CSU system, with knowledgeable subject librarians and access to a multitude of databases. Parking is VERY expensive; a little over $300 per semester. The food options aren't great, aren't cheap, and aren't very available, the university seems to think that people only eat between 11-3. Bring food with you, or at least snacks that can hold you over. CSUSM is playfully known as Cal State Stairmaster, wear comfortable shoes on campus, you'll get a good work out every day you're there!
As a student (and previous employee), I have had the opportunity to experience the tremendous growth over the past decade of CSUSM! Beginning my first year of college directly out of high school, along with obtaining student employment on campus, I am delighted to share with others the fabulous experience that I have had and still enjoy with Cal State San Marcos. The staff, faculty, and professors have helped guide and support me through my young years of adulthood and with return to the university to finish my degree, their open arms and welcoming warmth remains just as compassionate as when I began my adulthood a decade ago!
California State University San Marcos is a beautiful campus. It is not huge, but a small campus although the stairs can make walks feel long. Everyone there is positive and kind. The professors are all interested in challenging the student to their full potential. Many want to see the students succeed not fail. The campus has U-hour which is during midday and no one has classes. There are usually events going on during that time that can be fun. There are clubs but not not too many. Overall it is a great campus academically and visually.
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