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I have had to take classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic. My professors have been excellent about laying out a syllabus and schedule before-hand so that I feel prepared. Their systems of communication are excellent and they get back to you quickly. Zooms rarely have any issues, and the professors get back quickly with empathy and understanding.
My experience at CSUSM has been amazing and so inviting. I love CSUSM because the campus is beautiful and safe. The instructors are relatable and invested in teaching the material. The environment and other students are inviting, and ultimately leave me motivated to work hard and achieve my goals.
I'm a traditional classroom learner, I find it best when I can sit in a classroom and focus on what's in front of me. I find the classroom environment puts me in the best state of mind to learn. That being said, with the pandemic going on, we've all had to shift and adapt to online learning. My experience has been mostly positive, I'm still acclimating to the zoom lectures and the increased focus on time management, but my professors have been understanding and patient.
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I love this campus! I transferred over last year and have had a great experience with all my professors and fellow classmates. I'm looking forward to graduating this year, if the pandemic allows, and wouldn't hesitate to continue my graduate studies here. My only gripe is that the campus sits on a hill, so there is a lot of walking up and down stairs to get from one side of campus to another, but it keeps me in shape.
Professors are trying but some don't have technical skills. They are trying there best to be helpful. Some Professors are really good with online classes some are not so great.
I am a currently student at Cal State San Marcos and I wish I never went to this school. I choose San Marcos over a few other schools because of the low tuition and it is fairly close to my home. This was definitely a mistake. I have had nothing but issues with the administration. One of the issues is that I never received a grade for one of my classes. I brought it up with my professor, multiple academic advisors, and the registers office back in May and now it's almost September and I still don't have a grade! Plus it's extremely hard to get in contact with anyone. Academic advisors never answer the phone and take about 5 days to respond to an email. Classes are extremely hard to get and there is no school spirit and Greek life is barely a thing here. No one goes to sporting events and hardly anyone lives on campus. I made a mistake coming here and I don't think it's worth it. There are so many Cal States better than this one, so don't make the mistake of coming here.
Online experience is good. During the Coronavirus pandemic everything is online which is fine because CSUSM is really on top of it when it comes to online classes.
CSUSM is a really relaxed/chill university. The area overall is beautiful. Weather is amazing as well. Very diverse. People are friendly most of the time. I would change maybe just the overall school spirit, they’re not to big in that.
its the usual situation with online classes but here professors will assist you one on one more. They will help you with anything you need.
balanced, helpful teachers, safe campus. pretty much everything you need in a college. its fun too, the people there are great.
My overall experience at California State University of San Marcos was exceptional. The student service center is organized and helpful when it comes to organizing my path towards reaching my academic goals. The degree planner is extremely useful when enrolling in courses to attain the accurate units needed to graduate on-time.
Loved the blend of online and on campus courses. The campus life was very inclusive to my needs. My team of advisors were exceptional in helping me pave my path towards achieving my degree. I truly felt each one of my professors take the time to help me succeed in reaching my goals because they really care and want to see their students succeed.
It's a great school. Classes require a lot of writing because of the 10-page writing requirement per class. Overall, professors are very down to earth, and they care about there students' success.
Online school was average. I prefer in-class instruction. However, I couldn't get into the classes I needed to graduate, so I had no choice.
The online experience at CSUSM is fairly well for a decent sized school. I have taken several classes online and I believe I benefitted from them just as much as any of the in person classes. Many of the classes online encourage interaction amongst the students through discussion forums and assignments which is something not many schools prioritize when doing online, and it works really well.
What I like most about California State University - San Marcos is that the school is not very big, therefore the professors seem to give more individual time in helping the other students instead of specifically focusing on the class as a whole. The things I would change or add would be more food services to the campus.
During my time at CSUSM I have taken a number of online classes. At first I was some what scared of taking a class that was online due to the fact that I am more of a person to person type of learner. After listening to my friends and deciding to take an online course with them my perspective on such class formatting changed. Thanks to the professors and all the helping attention that they bring to the students I realized that these online courses were of my liking. I was also able to learn just as much as I would If I took in person classes. I highly recommend online classes offered at CSUSM.
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After attending CSUSM for the past four years going into my fifth I have realized that it has became my new home. What I love the most about being a student at CSUSM is the diversity within the students. I also really love the fact that the professors are always engaged with he students and are always willing to make the extra effort helping the students achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. The campus and student life is one other thing that I love about CSUSM because there is always something to do on your spare time. Even though I love CSUSM I have to admit that I really dislike all the stairs around campus. All in all CSUSM is a great university which I have over since day one.
I have a very positive experience with this school, it has an inviting community, wonderful teachers, beneficial academic/career programs, as well as plenty of resources for academic assistance, financial stability, and mental/physical wellness. As a student who had a huge shift in career planning, personal goals, and healthy issues, this school had so many understanding and supportive staff, from professors to the those faculty.
I have honestly not taken any other online classes, except in the recent pandemic situation. Most of my classes consisted of art centered mediums, thus I must say that it was not easy keeping the my full attention in demonstrations and asking questions in this medium was a bit more difficult. But I must say that for having such a difficult scenario to adapt to, teachers were very understanding for the different situations of students, and keeping classes lively, and finding opportunities to expand our coverage of the subjects.
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