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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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This college was an excellent experience for me as I went there to study Precalculus in terms of getting ahead in math courses that year. It helped me even to get a 5 on the national exam for AP Calculus BC.
California State University San Bernardino is like a hidden jewel. It's honestly an amazing school which allows students to truly feel at home. Having such a great environment and atmosphere the only thing there is to change would probably have to be the fact that it still isnt well known.
There are plenty of organizations available on campus, housing whether it's on or off campus (depending on where you decide to live) is relatively close to campus, and the abundance of resources available to students are all highlights.
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Beautiful campus, with a natural landscape! Hike up the mountains! Some good professors! Not a lot of parking spaces during the day!
This school has a lot of good accreditations (such as AACSB for the college of business), and it's very affordable compared to other 4-year universities in the US. A lot of students are minorities (mostly Latino) and/or the first in their families to go to college. There are also international students and professors, especially from China. The library offers workshops in Chinese as well as English. Only about 10% of students live in the dorms on campus; the rest commute, usually by car. The dorms (at least the ones for upperclassmen) are excellent; each student gets their own bedroom and shares a bathroom with only one other person. If you want to go to a party school, this is NOT the place for you. Alcohol and drugs are banned on most of the campus, including the dorms. I gave a low score for "local area" because there aren't a lot of things to do compared to other urban areas, and most people need to commute to nearby cities to find professional work.
The faculty are amazing. They are helpful as instructors. Friendly, available and knowledgeable. Campus is beautiful, great amenities.
I transferred to Cal State San Bernardino in the fall of 2016 and I found it hard to fit in with the other students. Most of the professors i feel need to be easier to talk to. There are only three professors that i feel were there because they enjoyed their job.
I like this college because it is close to home and i have a lot of friends there. People at the school are very nice and it is a safe school.
My experience here went well. Professors are helpful when you seek advice or help from them. There are a lot of resources here for students to help get you through your course!
CSUSB is a large campus with a beautiful mountain view. The faculty was friendly from my psychology department and the student body is very diverse. If you are searching for an experience in the Southern California area, you can find it in my university.
I am a transfer student, and thus far I am enjoying my experience. There are a lot of resources the university provides. The professors want you to succeed and are helpful. They have internship opportunities and advisors wanting you to graduate in time.
Very welcoming environment. Every professor I have taken shows a genuine interest in their students.
The college of business at CSUSB is phenominal. Many of my professors have actual work experience, owned their own business, or are retired and work as a professor to give back to the community.
I love the diversity at California State San Bernardino because I have been able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It has helped me see from new perspectives and be more open minded. For the most part, the professors are friendly and engaging. Quite a few teachers stood out to me because they truly strived to help the students succeed. The campus is also visually stunning. I enjoy walking from class to class because I have a great view of the mountain side and all of the trees. If you drive out of the campus area however, it is a relatively poor community and there is not much of a night life. On the plus side, the student life is great. There are many clubs, organizations, and events that make the college experience fun. If I could go back in time, I would have started getting involved sooner. The only thing I would like to see change is the parking lot because it is hard to find parking. The school should add a new parking structure.
I enjoyed the flexibility and convenient schedules that students were able to take advantage of. It was easy for me to balance worklife and maintaining good grades because they are willing to work with students to ensure the best possible outcomes. I would change how the class picking system operates however; oftentimes a class is filled up quickly because other students simply have higher priority.
Great campus. Staff is friendly and it is not hard to walk across campus to each class. It is easy to make new friends. Many different spots to do homework, or casually hang out. The campus is always clean and I feel safe when I am walking around.
I first transferred to CSUSB on the fall of 2014 as a Junior. I have been to one other private university prior to CSUSB, and I have to point out that CSUSB made my life as an international student so much easier. People who handle international student affairs are so well versed with all the regulations that apply to F-1 students- and I think that is one of the most important things for an F-1 student especially when they are navigating through the opportunities and University rules during the first couple months of college. I am so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities and the great staff and educators that I had in my support system. I love this University and it really deserves a recognition for the great resources and people it has!
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The alumni from there are very friendly in assisting tours and giving information on the college. I like the friendly and helpful atmosphere there the most.
I have only been at CSUSB for a year, but so far my experience has been good. The professor that I have encountered so far have been helpful. I am not sure at the moment what could be changed at the school because they are usually changing and updating.
The campus is a bit small but that's fine for me. It is a nice campus that I enjoy going to. The school feels mostly safe aside from a few instances of crime but the police there are always on top of everything and are always there to help the students which helps reassure me when attending classes. There are a lot of communities within the school so there always seems to be a place to be whatever you choose to do. Most of the professors are nice and understanding aside from a few who are harsh and aren't as understanding. Lots of professors know how to challenge your mind while giving you the opportunity to learn, but not failing if you can't learn it right away. The campus is missing some classes I very much wished I could find here, but sadly there are none here.
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