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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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I really enjoyed my time there and I love that they have a variety of different options for every type of student
From visiting this college it is very big and nice. Also, people around the college are nice and i expect it to get better within time then what it already is right now.
CSUSB is an amazing school and I believe you feel at home. There is a great diversity of students that makes it a friendly environment.
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The campus is environmental near the mountains. The study center center is amazing. It feels like another home.
Love it. graduated from here. an alumni. great professors. love it. so fun. great 4 years. was in a sorority. took psychology and passed all my classes. love it!!!!!! love it
I don't really have any experience about this college but somehow in someway it is a school that i want to attend so to me it would be a nice college to be in and others should consider it also.
University tends to place profits over the education of their students. There are inspirational professors who are passionate about their jobs but others simply don't enjoy having to give their experience for 2 hours.
When I visited Cal State San Bernardino back in November of 2017, it was such a big and beautiful campus it blew me away so much and there was a ton of diversity at Cal state San Bernardino, and there was a bunch of clubs and activities to do at Cal State San Bernardino that it is endless hours of fun and great times. Their history department and program is great, Cal State San Bernardino is close to the big city known as Los Angeles as well so Cal State is close to one of the biggest cities in the world as well, and overall in the grand scheme of things, Cal State San Bernardino is a great university to obtain your education!
The experiences of the school feels like your welcomed and greeted with many students and professors in which tell you about the life in this school. I've been going to this school as a visitor and see lots of students do really care about their careers and studies. My brother who goes to CSUSB tells me that there is so many opportunities to graduate early and take classes during summer.
They offer quite a bit as far as recreation goes and the campus sits in a large area separated from the city by dorms, hills and parking lots. The area isn't great but the campus does it's part to make it safe. There a lots of events, speakers, etc throughout the quarter. Many places to study make it easy to find a nice spot to work.
I haven't been here very long but so far I really like this school. I am majoring in computer science and I hope to specialize in cybersecurity. This is actually the top school in the country for cybersecurity and I am so happy that I was accepted. I really like the campus it is very clean and has a lot of space. it is a very diverse campus with people of all races, beliefs, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
Here at California State University San Bernardino you are allowed to be yourself and your professors and classmates will encourage you everyday to become a better person.
There should be more clubs and organizations that people would want to be a part of, it seems more like a community college.
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It was good overall, the campus was very nice. The professors were nice and seemed to have a care for their kids. They also have a really good food in the cafeteria.
Have not attended this school but I will attend in the fall and I hope this school is good. I also hope I have a good experience at this school during my four years.
CSUSB is a very loving and fun campus to be on and visit. The academics and class size help with your learning and overall experience.
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I haven't had many experiences at CSUSB because I'm going to be an undergraduate. But I do have experiences of going on field trips to the college and have a tour around the campus. It is a really nice campus, but I also wish it have a diverse of shops where students can shop and buy there needs.
Unless you're experienced with the campus, parking can be a bit of a nightmare the first day. Regardless, in regards to the professors, maybe I've gotten lucky but I have nothing but good things to say about them. Everyone seems so accessible and easy to talk to. Lot of opportunities to study abroad and people seems genuinely interested in seeing their students succeed. Very nice and clean campus too; beautifully positioned near the mountains.
It is a beautiful campus filled with diversity. It has amazing people on campus. Doorms and housing is comforting. There are a lot of people that will help you out around. If you are new to the area you'll get pretty used to it fast.
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