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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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My first year on the campus, they were very helpful in handing out opportunities to help feel at home and comfortable. The campus gives many opportunities to participate and make new friends as well as making it comfortable to receive health services. Always has different speakers visiting to speak upon anything you think of from fighting sexual harassment to Latina or African american women speaking about their journey through college or the real world. I personally have gone in to speak with many professors that are connected with my major to find any types of tips or guidance to help me find the right career path after graduation.
Since I've been there, everyone has been so helpful and they really want you to succeed. CSUSB offers so may resources for just about anything, I know if i needed assistance in anything education related, I would be able to get it here. It's such a sense of community and we all help each other.
A very welcoming and friendly community. Currently making it a college friendly community with new buildings
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I am transferring to CSUSB this fall from a local college. I had been to their tours and orientation. I think the school looks pretty very descent, and I think I will like it here.
Some great professors, would like to see more food options such as plant based diet options. Would like to see more free school supplies offered.
What I like about CSUSB is that there’s a lot of activities in which students can be involved. CSUSB has a lot of clubs that can help you through your academics.
This is a beautiful school. I was very satisfied with the professors and courses I took on this campus. I just wish it was closer to me so I could continue to attend. I have since decided to do online schooling.
I would like to have less classes dropped because of low enrollment of the upper division courses. its paritally why the graduation rate for 4 years is only at 14%
I liked that the school was close to home and they do offer a lot of options to help you any way they can. But the safety of the school is a concern and students often abuse the parking regulations.
Cal State S.B. is a very nice campus, although there is always room for improvement. I would like to see more workshops for students pursuing a career in their major, that being said we should offer more programs offering more opportunities for students to branch out.
It is affordable and there are some great professors here. It is kind of a small school and definitely old. The classes are way too small and the desks barely leave any room. It definitely needs a renovation! Also, Because of the area that its' in, there has been some crime on campus from cars being broken into to girls being assaulted. I've never been to any other university before so I'm not sure how common this is.

If you're looking for something affordable and local, this is the school for you.
I have had a great experience attending this school. I lived on-campus for all of my undergraduate education and it was a great experience. Although the food court selection is not the best, it is good enough to survive off of. I loved my experience here so much that I returned for my graduate degree. The recent additions and upgrades to campus have only enriched the experience and environment here.
The campus is great, and also very diverse! A lot of classes are available, along with summer classes.
California State University San Bernardino has allowed me to engage in an environment that is very diverse and has allowed me to open my mind and go beyond by connecting with people from other races and beliefs. The university has a lot of resources that would not be easily available anywhere else except maybe other universities. This has led me to be more experienced with real life situations and to provide this information to help others get the help that we all seek in some point in our lives.
I would recommend more parking spaces and less quarterly payment on parking permits. Our school is mostly a commuter school, so I would like more student engagement.
CSUSB gets the job done! Everyone from staff to students are very helpful and friendly. We are more than just a campus, we are a family!
I have met so many wonderful people at this school, people that I will know for the rest of my life. The memories shared here will always have a special place in my heart. This school celebrates diversity and uniqueness, allowing for people who wouldn't normally cross paths in day to day life to become really good friends. The school has it's quirks, I wish they had more help when it comes to advising and trying to graduate faster. But I wouldn't trade my experience going here for any other one.
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This school is very diverse! I love it! I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and it has boosted my college experience in every aspect. The professors on this campus are very helpful and considerate towards you as a student and the campus is very scenic and beautiful. Some people think that San Bernardino is a bad area because of the media and rumors about the area. But in reality CSUSB is not in a bad area, it's surrounded by a vast area of mountains and safe neighborhoods come through to CSUSB, and experience the coyote lifestyle
I love how diverse the campus is, how wonderful the vast majority of my professors have been and the passion of the students who attend. I have had the most beautiful educationally enriched experiences here.
It is a very different environment compared to high school. The surrounding make you feel at home. I personally love the location.
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