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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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Cal State San Bernardino is extremely close to home. Its a school in an area where i wouldn't feel lost. The student life makes incoming students feel welcome and there is nothing better than that. There are many amazing programs for child development and many others.
The campus is nice and big we have a police department that patrols all the time. It is a public open campus but I feel one hundred percent safe. The people are nice and the faculty is nice. I am a freshman and I have had one of the best experiences because of this school. I am proud to be part of the pack. Coyote for life!
My cousins used to go here and the environment is really great. Many people bash on it because of the environment around it, but it is honestly a beautiful campus. The people that attend is what makes it a great place.
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I haven't been here for very long but the entire campus overall is pretty great, most of the professors here are alright as long as you do your own research beforehand, and most parts of the experience are alright.
My experience at San Bernardino has been a very good college experience. The college is very diverse and the campus itself is beautiful.
They make adult students feel welcome and not too old for school. The amount of amenities and assistance a student has there is amazing.
Supportive and caring teachers . Lots of diversity and helpful tools for student’s learning environment.
I attended CSUSB for three years, and earned a bachelors in Nutrition Food Science. Although the topic was fascinating, the program was extremely dysfunctional. The program directors did not get along and unfortunately it affected the students. Additionally, there was not enough guidance for student. I would not recommend this program at CSUSB.
I loved the small campus and diversity in students and staff. I loved how easy it was to get classes as well as how helpful the academic advisors were.
I loved my experience at CSUSB. The campus is beautiful. There are many places to study and so many clubs to get involved in. The professors are helpful. I miss being on campus daily.
Cal State San Bernardino is a very nice and big school. The campus is very well-established and has pretty outdoor walk ways. One thing I liked about Cal State San Bernardino is that it is very diverse and promotes a lot of fun school activities and events. I would say campus food is great too. They offer fast food restaurants like Chinese food or taco bell and dominos. If i'm not interested in fast food then they also offer cooked meals in the cafeteria, where they serve a really good breakfast burrito. Cal State San Bernardino also has a upstairs bar! Most of the professors for general classes are also good and some are straight to the point where as long as I get my work done I will pass the class. Professors that are more in my biology however, are a bit tougher on students and expect high expectation, which is understood for a biology major. Overall I would say my experience at Cal State San Bernardino was a great time socially and educationally.
CSUSB is a very inclusive school and provides a very good education for everyone. There is a great sports program, honors program, and there are so many clubs to get involved with! The events held are always great and fun, and the staff and students are awesome.
What I enjoyed about CSUSB is the environment there, the students there aren’t afraid to help on another when you forget a Scantron or a blue book. Something they can improve on is the amount of construction going on campus. Sometimes it looks like a construction site and not a university.
Overall amazing campus with amazing people fill throughout. Very welcoming environment definitely would recommend attending this school.
First, I must say that going to a university is extremely different than going to normal grade school and that is a great thing because the environment of this university, particularly in the students that are enrolled, have different attitudes than grade school kids. While there are students older than me enrolled in this university along with students my age, these students tend to be more focused, more quiet, and more organized with what is put in front of them in order to succeed in and graduate college. Second, there are unbelievable amounts of resources available all across campus for students. Last, the professors are outstanding with the subject that they teach as they not only want the students to pass their class and college, but want to make their students feel welcome and open to everyone.
it is a very nice campus with much space and I like that it is close to where I live meaning I wont have to drive for a long time and I don't have to be far away from my family. The school is also full of school spirit and that is a good way to cheer up students.
I love the atmosphere and professors. All of the students I have met are amazing and have had no issues with anything on campus. Personally, I have not really had any experience with the party scene so I am not very qualified to answer that. I think the only downside is that there is construction going on right now and that San Bernardino is known for being sketchy, but the local area is not bad at all. I love it so far.
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I very much enjoy going to this school. There is a large amount of diversity, and such a wide variety of classes offered. The past year at this school has been great. There are times when I do get frustrated with cost, but overall, I enjoy my academics. With the large amount of majors, I have selected psychology, but I will continue my next year exploring on which concentration I would like to focus on. Being at the Palm Desert campus allows me to receive extra help, and also allows me to make better connections with friends and faculty. This university has many advantages, with the slight amount of disadvantages.
Lately, the campus has been closed multiple times because of the winds and fires. There has been a couple power outages, but I have felt safe during these times. The campus is great and I've made connection with people even though I am the kind of person to struggle with that.
Liked the Nursing Program, met a community there striving for the same goal. Went through the same hardships with the same people for 3 years which allowed for amazing and everlasting friendships. What I didn't like was the lack of support from some of the staff. However, there were staff who went above and beyond to help the students even though it was not their subject of expertise. Campus is very diverse in clubs and activities, over all everyone is very helpful and kind.