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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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I just took five online courses and it went fairly well considering the circumstances we are all in. The professors did their best to ensure that their students are getting the help they need.
California State University of San Bernardino is a above average school in my opinion. They offer several opportunities and have a good quality of professors. My favorite aspect is that it is affordable and gives everyone the opportunity to have an education and earn a degree.
The school over all is great. The staff and admin team is helpful whenever you need something. Online learning isn’t easy but the professors make the best out of it.
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Honestly I hate online learning. A lot of my professors were very understanding when it came to this situation and how hard it was. But there were a couple that didn’t care or take into consideration how hard it was for many students and their home situation regarding connection issues and wifi setups.
Well with this crazy crazy year Cal State San Bernardino made it easier to adjust with everything new.
I took all my classes online as well as every other student this semester. I took 12 units this semester and all my professors made it super easy and accessible to accomplish a great GPA.
CSUSB has the kindest faculty, staff, professors, and students. The professors genuinely care about their students. Campus life is lively, with many places to lounge and eat on campus. Campus housing is lovely as well. The campus itself has a beautiful backdrop of mountains. The school gym is free to all students.
All classes are currently online due to the pandemic. It has definitely been a learning curve for both professors and students, but everyone has been trying their hardest. Depending on the professor, some classes are completely at the student's own timing, while others meet weekly on zoom.
Given the circumstances of online learning some of the professors try their best to help their students understand the material. While others will assign videos to watch and that's the end of the lesson, leading us to teach ourselves. The campus has several opportunities for students to get help while staying at home and they take precautions with\ everyone on campus to protect everyone's health.
I would like to see more scholarship's offered to the students. I would like to see the school involved with freshmen a little more since corona has effected the way they experience college.
Not usually an online school but going online with teachers not use to the format was... interesting. Some are not very tech savvy but most are and I was able to do well even in the online classes.
If you just need to get a degree, go here. Definitely a commuter school. I haven't really been able to make any friends here unfortunately but the classes are challenging and definitely prepare me for grad school.
this school has a great learning environment and professors are really helpful. there is a lot of helpful resources on and off campus.
the professors make the online learning easier. they take their time and provide office hours. Students get to interact with professors via zoom. and there are assistant teachers in certain classes.
This school gave me great experiences in life. Being the first in my family to attend a four-year college in the US, it was tough understanding the differences and how it worked, but CSUSB gave me numerous help to understand how college works.
The online experience in San Bernardino was good. With our current circumstances, all classes are now held online due to COVID-19, so it does take a while to adjust. It is just difficult because there are limitations to communication and resources compared to when we are physically in school but I believe the school is doing its best to maintain academics and safety.
Yes, I’ve taken a few classes online. The professors are very helpful and understanding with everything online.
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I love the campus, it’s beautiful to walk around. The faculty and staff really care about student success.
The campus is super nice and they have some cool activities I have yet to participate in them since COVID but they looked fun .
So far my classes are alright I got some good teachers some not as good as others.but since it's online I have more time to do stuff