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Sacramento State is a great college. It has great classes that are taught by fabulous teachers. Sacramento State has wonderful resources. If a student is struggling, there is always help available. Last but not least Sacramento State is a great place to make friends and get a great education.
Sac state has a nice vibe and great people. What I absolutely love about Sac state are their resources for their students.
The college itself accepts more students than it can accommodate. It can be difficult to get the classes you need in order to graduate within 4 years. Many of the majors are impacted. Parking is even more of a nightmare than registering for classes. Like any university there are some great professors but also some really poor ones.
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As a first year college student, I was timid coming to a new environment. However Sacramento State is truly unique because it is diverse, and I feel that professors and school faculty really care about us students.
I'm a current first-year at Sacramento State and it is by far exceeding my expectations as a freshman. The environment on campus is not one to be taken for granted and social life is amazing. It's very easy to meet new people and Sacramento in general is a very nice city. The professors at Sac State are experienced, assist whenever and whoever at any point in time. It's a school I'm very happy to attend as I look forward to spending the next four years of my life there. I'm a criminal justice major with the intention of becoming a lawyer some day. With Sacramento being the capital of California and having the state legislature right in the city, it grants me a higher chance to receive better quality of knowledge for my major. Not only that, but also allows me for easier access of internships when it comes to that time.
This is my first year as a student here and so far it is going great. I have met amazing people from my classes and the atmosphere on campus is very friendly. I am very excited to see what else the future holds and I cannot wait to meet more people.
I transferred from a local community college after receiving my AA degrees. Sac State takes their transfer students very seriously. They understand our desire to quickly receive our degrees and begin working in our desired field. They guarantee that we will receive our degree within 2 years as long as we continue taking classes that pertain to the major. So far, they have been very helpful and very welcoming to me.
As an international student, the campus life is an embracing environment for diversity. Its academic quality is highly approved.
I enjoyed the campus, and the way the campus is decorated for events. There are also very friendly people there that I can relate to more than I did for high school. The campus is very clean and the professors that I have had to far are very helpful in adjusting to my new way of life on my journey to becoming and adult.
I love everything about Sacramento State. This school is probably one of the best commuter schools in California. The traffic is not too bad compared to other cities. This school is trying it's best to accommodate students, by building more parking structures, providing them with a new state-of-the-art student community center, like the The Union, or improving their fitness and wellness center, and even building more on-campus and off-campus housing for students. The community is very diverse and every one person you meet has a passion for something, it's very motivating and a blessing to be surrounded by this kind of community.
I love Sacramento State University. It is so amazing and teachers, RA's, mentors are great too! When you go to Sacramento State people are so open to help you. They want you to succeed in school.
I absolutely love this University. There are so many things to do there so there is never a moment you can't have fun. The alumni are very helpful and work with you to succeed to the most of your learning abilities. The campus is very well kept and filled with beautiful art and murals that inspire many to see the beauty of a higher education. The amount of student club and organizations allows fellow students to find a society from which they belong in. There is never a dull moment that you are never bored and aren't interested in what more this university has in store.
From what I have seen, Sac State is a very nice college. There is plenty of diversity and the courses are very engaging.
For the most part, Sacramento State was a great experience. However, many of the facilities are outdated, and being a state school, the professor/admin-to-student ratio is pretty high. The campus is gorgeous and the surrounding Sacramento area is pretty fun, although built more for working professionals and families rather than college students.
I've had an overall good experience at Sacramento State, however the school is lacking in class availability and counseling services.
Sacramento is a big college with plenty to offer students. There are plenty of majors and courses available to suit any prospective students interests. The campus is sprawling and has plenty of lovely trees and wildlife (there are even turkeys on campus). In addition, the students and faculty are very diverse and welcoming, all students are greeted with open arms. The large number of students can make the experience feel impersonal at times, but if you're interested in being active in campus and student life, Sacramento eventually feels like a big family!
Sacramento State is a great college. The have a lot of support systems to help you throughout the semester and it has helped me a lot in passing my classes. There is also a lot of different people you meet everyday and I love that there is so much diversity because from where I came from, there is not a lot of diversity, so this was a big eye opener. The professors are very helpful especially during their office hours.
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Sacramento state is one of the most diverse schools I have attended and that is what makes it unique. The campus is growing everyday with more students and the campus is being expanded. It will soon house many more international and out of state students who want to live in Sacramento. My most favorite thing about Sacramento state is the community because we have some pretty friendly and awesome students. I also love how green the campus looks with all it's beautiful trees and I also like that we are so close to downtown Sacramento. My experience here has been very nice and all of my teachers have been great. I'm glad I attended Sacramento State.
Going to Sacramento State has been the most positive experience of my life. I am majoring in English, and the English department is full of caring professors who have pushed me to be a better writer and critical thinker. The professors consistently encourage students to fully explain their views, and to critically examine the reasonings and arguments within literature. Nearly all of the faculty have extensive office hours, and are willing to spend time with students so they may excel in class. Class participation is greatly encouraged, and professors remain objective regarding the opinions of students. Overall, I love Sacramento State, and feel that the English program has helped me grow as a writer and critical thinker.
Sac State is a pretty nice campus with tons of natural trees and plants all over and it's only getting nicer with the improvements they're making right now for students to help innovate and stay ahead of the curve design wise. I love going here and its incredible to see the difference when students and teachers around you actually care about succeeding and seeing others do the same.
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