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California State University - Sacramento Reviews

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Coming from out of state I’m simply pleased with sac state! I enjoy everyone’s energy and eagerness to learn. Everyone is willing to help you if you ask.
Attending this school was a nice experience overall. the campus was large enough to avoid the feeling of being overcrowded and once enrolled in a course the classes were well taught. The downside to this campus was the limited parking spaces which cause intense traffic during peak hours. Enrolling in courses you needed could be a challenge but not impossible.
Sacramento state has everything a student could ask for: academics, sports, safety, clubs, etc. The campus is beautiful and professors are very nice and always willing to assist you. My only complaint I can think of, is that the financial aid office can be rather slow to respond to any emails you send.
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I went to Sac for my first undergrad degree and had a complete blast. Classes are hard to get for freshman/sophmore years, but the Greek life and campus activities made up for it. Professors wanted us to exceed and do well and always helped out when asked. Proud to be a Hornet ALUM !
Overall as an incoming freshman I have had no issues making the transition so far. There are ample resources and friendly people available to assist if an issue were to come up.
Sac State is a safe and positive campus. It is an easy walk to each class and you’re surrounded by beautiful landscape. My professors have been supportive and amazing. There are great study locations on campus and good food choices.
I like that there is a lot to get involved in. There are clubs, sororities, sports, etc. The teachers are great they put in a lot to see that you succeed. What I would like to see change is how they get the word about activities and events. Over all Sacramento State University is really great and there are a lot of fun things to do in and outside of school.
I am a commuting student at this campus and am going into my second year at Sacramento State. I have fallen in love with my campus. I have always felt comfortable at this campus and have found that there's always a place to be. There's places for quiet studying, outdoor studying, food, group work. One of my favorite things to do is to sit under a tree on the grass and study. I've had a good and positive experience with all of my professors so far. It seems like the faculty really cares about their students and it's very nice to feel that way.
I transferred to Sacramento State and it took me a while to learn to love it. Sacramento State is a commuter school so there is not much of a community on campus. I got involved with greek life to ensure I would have the college experience and I have no regrets. Some professors are amazing and some do the minimum for their students. The food is okay and the best coffee on campus is Starbucks. Our sports teams are alright but, the events are fun.
My experience at Sacramento State has been both bittersweet, but more of a good experience than bad. I really liked the campus because of all the trees and nature aspect of it. The professors I have had were pretty good, some being better than others. I really have enjoyed meeting new people at Sac State because everyone is pretty nice, approachable, and are willing to help as a team in order to pass the class.
I like it. Great faculty members, campus, students, and overall education. I would recommend everyone to come and experience what California State University Sacramento has to offer.
Great experience for a returning adult student. Classes were diverse and professors were very helpful. I can't say much for educational counselors. Had a difficult time finding one available during my available times.
Choosing where to go to college was a tough choice, but I eventually decided on California State University, Sacramento. I grew up in Sacramento, and the city's position as the state capital provided me with opportunities not available in other areas. The working-class, commuter demographics of Sacramento State allowed me to feel a sense of belonging. The teachers perpetuated that sense of belonging by never belittling me. In fact, several of my professors become mentors to me and I still keep in touch. My best experience at Sacramento State was through the Model United Nations program. The two-semester program was arduous and exhaustive and it culminated in an eight-day conference in New York. It was the most academically challenging course I have ever undertaken and it was also the most rewarding. In conclusion, there are plenty of academic challenges to be had at Sacramento State, but it's the students and faculty that make it a college worth attending.
Sacramento State has been wonderful to me, especially as a first generation student and also as a transfer Student. Sacramento State is the cheapest University in all of California. The diversity, the culture, the trees, the life around the campus is great. Other than wanting to change the weather in Sacramento, there is nothing that I would ask for to be changed. This university is inclusive to all of its students, and we help empower others whether its through advocacy, or leadership. We have one of the greatest Criminal Justice departments, and psychology program. If you are thinking of transferring(just like I did) this is the best school to attend. I hope this university is the right one for you, just the way it is for me.
I had an overall okay experience at Sac State, but I unfortunately will not finish my degree here because of how impacted the classes and programs are. And finding a parking spot on campus was almost impossible unless you arrived on campus at 7am.
What I like about my university is that there is a lot of diversity and there's hardly any crimes committed by any of the students. Everyone is really nice, the professors are excellent, and the campus is beautiful.
Sacramento State has evolved a lot since I first started going there. Since it is very much a commuter school, many students are not as involved on campus, but since I lived on campus in both the dorms and the on campus apartments, I was well immersed in the campus culture and exposed to a diverse range of other students. They've started to build more updated buildings which should be a plus in the future. Parking could be better, but what are you gonna do. The AIRC is a great resource especially for late night studying with friends or for group projects.
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I am a Deaf Studies major at Sacramento State. I have liked all of my professors so far and have enjoyed my first year college experience.
The professors are awesome and are very caring. It's a very diverse campus which is what I love being around different people with different backgrounds. There are many on-campus clubs and programs you can participate in.
I had an ok experience at Sacramento State. I had a hard time with finaincial aid and some professors. I loved my classes and classmates. Most professors were helpful. Campus life is rising and school pride is more common now than it was when I started.
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