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It’s given me a challenge, but I love challenges. So, that’s what makes it fun and interesting. The professors are awesome and will always try to help.
I like how peaceful the campus is. There is a lot of diversity and everyone is very friendly. You can make lots of friends if you talk and communicate, It is only my first year here and I already gotten used to it all very good place to come study.
Everything on campus is new but also has character. The campus is clean and very green. All the trees on campus provides an abundant amount of shade. Covering tables, benches, and even paths as you walk, making a hot day not so hot. The only thing they could improve on building more parking structures or lots for the amount of students who commute here.
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Please have more support for activities and more social life. Perhaps better events. I suggest building a whole building dedicated to clubs where the club members could pitch in and rent out the room for the semester as a place to meet up and do club related activities. Bigger than classroom sized rooms.
Sac state is a very diverse campus and it makes you feel like you truly belong and have a place on campus. Something I would chnage would be that it is acutually put in place to no use wheels on pedestrian zones.
Currently, I am a freshman at Sacramento State University and I love the campus so much. There is no other school that is so diverse and welcoming like Sacramento State. The environment on campus is super welcoming and everyone makes you feel at home. Professors are great in the way that they make sure to sit down with everyone and get to know them personally. Also, there are so many clubs on campus that fit anyone's preference. What makes Sacramento State unique is that its the only CSU to have trees in every direction. All throughout campus, there are canopies of trees of every kind that give off the best aromas.
I am from Sacramento and was always told by others that it wasn't a very good school but I still went thinking they had just said that because it was our local school - I mean we were all still in high school, how would they know what college is like? I have been attending Sac State for about two months now and I really do love it. The classes are hard but do-able and offer a struggle that college should. All staff are very helpful and welcoming. The school however has become even more impacted in the last couple of years and that makes it hard to get the classes you want depending on your major.
I like that there is a lot of diversity on campus. I enjoy every professor. All of them have a passion for what they're teaching and genuinely care about their students. One thing I would like to see is more students interacting with each other. Most people leave class right when it ends and don't branch out to meet new people.
The culture at Sacramento State contributed most to my college experience. I did not become fully aware of the resources that were available until much later in my education. Even after graduation, I was unable to find a job. Unfortunately, I feel as though I could have had more guidance.

It was tough to get the classes you needed, especially for General Education courses. As time progressed and I entered my major courses, that issue diminished.

It was my experiences in the dorms and Greek life that truly made my experience at Sacramento State.
The Arts and Letter department needs more help organizing everything. When enrolling to certain classes somehow the times changed last minute before school started and this interfered with alot of students schedules, making them wait another semester to take the class. Interior Architecture needs more professors, the classes are getting impacted.
Sacramento State University is an average campus. It is definitely more in the countryside if you are from the city. The school definitely needs to improve their teaching methods. Majority of the time, students are teaching themselves, and professors are not providing the support students need to succeed. From my experience, many students feel that they are paying the school just for them to teach themselves. I guess this is the current status of most systems currently in the United States.
My experience has been great hear at Sac State. I love how nice some people are and the environment we have on campus.
What I love about SAC state is the beautiful campus filled with thousands of trees that give off such a serene space to do many different activities. The classes are very one on one as they aren't too big but not too small so you are able to really talk to your professors and ask questions, the classes are sophisticated and very enjoyable.
I really love it because the college has the program that I need which is EMT specifically a paramedic, also many of the faculty members are so nice and be willing to help anyone who needs help
I am an Asian-American and a teacher said "f*cking ch*nk" when a female Asian custodian worker walked into the class for trash. Also had a few run-ins with hostile sorority girls and a frat guy saying "if you have hate in your heart let it out". There is also little to do in the area.
it is a good school with a decent campus. They have good teachers and the classes arent too stressful.
My time at Sacramento State was unpleasant. The administration has no concern for the students. The classes are small and poorly organized. They don't have enough infrastructure to support the growing population of students.
The teachers are not bad but they don't seem too excited to work there.
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I LOVE SACRAMENTO STATE OVERALL! It's an amazing school and very diverse. The professors are very equipped with a great amount of material to cover. I enjoy walking around campus and seeing the beautifu sights of the trees and the squirrels.
My first week here at csus has been a really eye opening experience for me. I had the chance to meet some really amazing people my first day and they’ve improved my experience here tremendously. The campus itself is very big and you’ll find yourself getting a good amount of exercise going to classes. I believe if the school board would put up signposts at various locations the point in the general direction of department halls, it would really help students to navigate their way to classes a bit easier. Overall, csus is a great school and so far I’m enjoying it.
I'm currently a second year at Sacramento State University and so far I love it. With all of my teachers that I had so far, all of them interesting and caring teachers. They help their students be able to be successful in their classes and offer extra credit when it might be needed. The campus is amazing and easy to move around. The school is organized where all of the students are able to hear about upcoming changes within the school and about the community of Sacramento.
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