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My only experience currently with my school is online learning other than two brief visits to the bookstore. Half of my classes do not have anything beyond optional office hours and the two that have regular meetings feel largely devoid of any value due to the online format. It is difficult to place how much of the pain of online learning falls on either the teacher or just the fact that it's online but I doubt this will be over anytime soon.
The transition to online combined with budget cuts as a result of COVID-19 have undeniably had a significant impact on nearly every facet of life for every person related to campus. However, it feels as if many of the teachers are unprepared for this new all-online environment and it reflects in the inconsistency regarding certain test-taking policies. All in all though, this is to be expected and it could've been much worse.
I like that the professors actually care about the success of their students and that college peers are always happy to help. I do not like that unfortunately, due to covid, we have classes online instead of in person.
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I am taking all of my classes online at the moment. I always check my "dashboard" on canvas to see the assignments I need to complete. My professors are welcoming of any questions or concerns I have of the class. My peers have been helpful as well.
Most of the professors I took classes with had their students well-being in mind.
Many wanted their students to learn the material and would try to make their office hours as flexible as they could.
Professors and counselors were very supportive.
If you are interested in research opportunities many of the professors will let you know if they are accepting students, if not, some will help you find someone who is.

The SEE program was very helpful with informing members of available scholarships, events, etc. that made my college experience much more enjoyable.

The only 24 hour study building is the AIRC, which can sometimes be overcrowded. It would be nice if it was larger or if there was another building
The online classes are really simple and convenient for the pandemic. It may not be for everyone because some people are visual or hands-on learners.
I stayed on campus for my freshman year. I loved staying on campus because it was very convenient. The only thing that I would change is the amount of dorm rooms. If you don’t apply as soon as possible, you’ll be put on a long waitlist.
All but one of my classes are online and it has been hard to get used to mainly because of the setting. I prefer having a different setting from home to do schoolwork. But when it comes to the classes themselves, professors have been comprehensive and understanding and they know it is not easy especially with threats of evacuation from wildfires.
academics wise CSUS is a very good choice if you are in the area. It is affordable and it's not hard to get financial aid. the professors are good and you can always ask for help. there's also plenty of peer-led resources to help you with your class or if you are having trouble with your homework.
Love Sacramento State! It is so diverse and fun that you will really grow in this university. You will end up meeting a ton of people who are just as nice :)
The online experience is great! We all have to adjust due to COVID, but we are working it through. It isn't the worse thing and professors are super understanding on everything.
I was nervous going online for my first semester of college but it's actually going pretty well so far.
This is my first year at Sac State and I just started my semester but so far I love the professors and everyone seems very welcoming!
The online classes are worse than the in person classes. The quality of the material is very low. The professors do not care about student success nor does the university.
Low quality education program. Low quality career support. Unable to find employment after graduating with a BS in Computer Science. Go to a better school that cares about its students.
I took all my classes online and the professors were super helpful and ready to help individuals. They were quick to respond back and make it more easier to learn.
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It has great services for everyone, and you get quick responses back. People are friendly and there are great places to hang out.
I had a wonderful experience at Sac State & miss it dearly. The professors in the Psychology department are helpful, supportive, & truly enjoy investing in the success of their students. The campus is beautiful, despite being described as "ugly" on several top 10 lists. It is covered in beautiful greenery & the buildings are contemporary, both in design & in internal construction. There are plenty of student resources that are dedicated to supporting students in their success. The Writing Center, PARC, the Well, etc. are all incredible resources that should be regularly used by everyone who attends. The tuition is affordable compared to the UC system & the support is far better than the UC system (I attended Berkeley, which was a nightmare & a half that I would not wish on my worst enemy).
I did not enroll in any online courses, but I did take online courses this last semester due to COVID-19. The university did a great job of transitioning online & everything flowed smoothly.
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