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Sacramento State is a school which you will love. Its a campus full of life and opportunities. You'll love it.
What I like about the school is the campus. The campus is really beautiful especially during the fall. Everyone is really nice and the school shows a lot of support for it's students. What I don't like is that housing is really expensive and their meal plans aren't worth what you have to pay. I also hate how you can't get the cheapest meal plan unless you're a junior or senior. I don't eat the school's food that often, why should I pay a lot for something I don't really use?
It great. There is a lot of diversity here. You won't feel left out. There are a lot of clubs and organizations you can join. The nature here is beautiful.
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Wow, such a diverse and beautiful campus. It's huge and the students are all very active and friendly. I have networked with my peers and have gained a lot of experience and friendships here.
I've been at Sacramento State since Fall 2016 and I really like it here. The campus is real beautiful; coming from LA, I've never seen so many trees in one spot. The professors I've had have been great and I've taken away valuable information from their classes and applied that information to my everyday life. One thing I do wish was different would be the amount of students that are accepted. With so many students here, it's very difficult to get into the classes necessary to graduate. There are a lot of impacted majors, but that is because the programs Sac State offers have to be some of the best in the country; so, it's understandable. Other than that, Sac State is a very great school. Everyone here, including the staff, is very friendly and willing to help others out when they're lost or have any questions about anything. I'm glad to be a hornet!
My experience at Sacramento State has been great so far. I enjoy the diversity that this campus has. I also find that most of the professors I've had so far are very caring and really try to help you understand the material. Campus life is also very nice and similar to most other colleges as there are many things to do on campus like go to sports games, join clubs, among other things. One thing I would change would just be adding more food places on campus as the usual places get tiring after awhile.
My overall experience at sac state has been very good. The professors are helpful, the campus is really nice, and they have good places to eat if you get hungry after you study or get out of class.
I would like more student involvement plus a better slogan. But the pride here at Sac State is rather amazing!!
It's a great school. My mom and my aunts all graduated from there! Would love to attend this school as it is local
What I enjoy about Sacramento State is the small class size, engaging professors, and resources available for students for all majors!
The campus is very beautiful. There are plenty of trees and the whole area is clean. Many students come everyday and it is a great place to socialize and find those who share the same interests. Discovering new classes can be exciting, but be prepared to visit early because it can be quite crowded (Parking areas/Classrooms).
The professors in Sac State are amazing, from the educational standpoint it is an amazing place to go. The campus is beautiful in the fall, and the location is not too bad. The things that suck is that the counselors do not know how to help their students and it is a pretty boring campus. Nothing super exciting going on on campus. However, overall it is not a bad school.
Although I am a first year college student at Sacramento State University, I have really enjoyed this school. There are so many opportunities for students including graduate programs as well. I have has such a wonderful experience so far as far as college goes. There are many activities that could keep your mind off of studies for a little as well. One thing I would like to change about this school would be the overcrowding of classes. A lot of the time students cannot get the classes they need due to the amount of students at the school.
Being my first year at California State University after transferring from a community college has been great. My only issue is how expensive it is and little money they give out.
Its been great. We could use a little more security since this is a public campus but everything else is going ok. There is a lot of diversity on campus from people all over the world.
I like the campus because there's a lot of trees and open spaces to walk around or sit. I would like to see more food choices and more parking available.
So far, I've had nothing but a positive experience! All the staff I've met have been so helpful and seem genuine in their drive to help me succeed! The gym is absolutely amazing, the campus is clean, you get free public transportation with the bus system and light rail, there's a building open 24 hours for those who wish to study (and it has security so you feel safe), and there's a plethora of clubs to choose from. So happy I belong to this school!
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California State University's Campus is beautiful. There are so many classes available to me and I have never been left without a needed resource. There is food everywhere and the teachers have been great so far
Good school. Great area great to be able to connect to different groups on campus and getting to know new people
I love the atmosphere of Sacramento State University. I am a freshman who works at the college gym and I am involved in a sorority on campus. Being connected and invested in my school and environment has really helped me see the benefits of collaborative work. I have only been at Sac State for one semester so far but I have yet to find anything I would change. I have genuinely loved all of my professors' personalities and teaching styles so far. The campus is beautiful and its surrounded by so many things to do and places to see.
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