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I look forward to starting school at Sacramento State. This is in downtown Sacramento so it’s not to far from all the cool spots. I am excited to try out for the swim team and be able to connect with new friends. Sacramento State is where everyone is going to go so I look forward to see old friends . I get to stay at home as well as start my college life.
As an incoming freshman experiencing the campus and the way college students live is great. I still have a lot to learn. The campus is big and still under construction but even then its awesome. Majors are competitive
Sacramento State is truly a college inside a forest. The parking and popular majors do face some impaction, but the staff is always on your side. The teachers and overall staff maintain a supportive spirit. The price is not insane and the campus is lovely.
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I did not want to go to Sacramento State because I am from Sacramento, but this school is really great and is definitely underrated by people who are from Sacramento.
Sacramento State is very diverse, the academics offered are great, the counselors are there to help you whenever you have any trouble with classes or if you need help with any of your classes and anything that you want to do that helps you with your career choice.
I'm a transfer student and found it really easy to navigate around campus and everyone seemed friendly and easy to approach for any questions.
At first I didn't want to go to CSU Sacramento and wanted to travel to another school to enjoy my college years, but after attending I quickly grew to love the school and all of its extensive resources and teachers that make up CSUS.
Overall, this university is great. Campus is beautiful, the professors are very knowledgeable, and the student population is incredibly diverse. However, there are some downsides. CSUS is overpopulated so it may take over an hour to find parking and many of the departments are impacted so it may be hard to get the classes you need.
The campus is very beautiful and all of the professors I've had so far are dedicated and intelligent teachers. Also, ever since I got into their Nursing Program, I have learned so many valuable skills and lessons not only for what I would need in my career but also life after college! Overall, Sac State is a really nice environment with many great opportunities to excel!
I've been at this university for two years now and now I call it my home. My freshman year I stayed in the residence halls and I meet so many awesome people. The staff was always so friendly and there was always a fun event planned for everyone. I truly got the full college experience. The campus itself is so beautiful. There's so many trees and flowers everywhere it's like you're walking through a forest and I absolutely love it.
Beautiful campus! A lot of technological updates, and teachers that so far have been very attentive and caring. Unlike my community college, the professors aren't boring and just reading off power points. They have proven themselves as witty, and interesting. They try to make it fun and memorable so we do well on tests.
I am currently at American River College and will attend California State University. California State University- Sacramento has been welcoming and accommodating to the things that I need access to daily as a college student. I can easily find access to the library, counselors, and food court. I wish there were bigger maps available instead of googling the maps on my phone. I am excited to attend CSUS this upcoming Fall 2018.
despite the fact that I've yet to attend Sac State, they accepted me to their school so I have pretty high hopes for them. They are giving me ample opportunities to attend their school. hopefully, the local area is fun, I really don't know anything about Sacramento.
Sacramento state is a really fun school. They offer many opportunities to help get into your field of study.
Really love the environment, productive and motivated students all around campus. Students are friendly and typically knowledgeable about the campus. The professors are helpful and always on top of things. What I'd like to see change is the parking situation and the student count because the school is becoming a bit crowded.
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great college very diverse culture relaxed environment I highly recommend it!
great teachers and staff excellent financial aid department and staff
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A great campus. They have all the resources you could ever need, social and academic. The staff is polite and helpful.
California State University Sacramento is in the heart of California's capital. CSU Sacramento is a four year university that supplies proper higher education to people of all adult group ranges.
I am a transfer student to Sacramento State and i am currently in my first semester. The campus landscape is absolutely stunning. There are so many trees and nature all around it contributes to the clean air. There are a lot of new renovations going on that will enhance the beauty as well. They could do better with connections to higher opportunities like internships.
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