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I attended a summer progam at this institution, something that gave the opportunity to stay in the dorms for a period of two weeks. Furthermore, the campus is very large and pleasant at the same time with a great variety of people.
A very diverse campus with many opportunities and events to suit the variety of students that attend. It is close to many of the capital's attractions and available to visit all year round using the bus system, trains or personal/hired vehicles. The many professors are very accommodating and knowledgeable in their fields and try to support their students to the best of their abilities.
California State University- Sacramento was a good school and offered many majors. Most the teachers I had at this school were invested in the students and willing to help when needed. The school is also really good at keeping students updated on career fairs and events that help students network.
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The CSU campuses, which are relatively younger, are more numerous, which spreads the common budget. Their mission is not research but rather teaching. This affects reputation, as well as academics, in ways, most would not think.
It’s a beautiful campus and there’s many opportunities for various activities one may be interested in. You’ll get to meet a lot of different people here.
Considering it used to be considered a commute school, it truly has become something bigger than that. Plenty of props to the current President, he’s one of the reasons the university has become so good. It’s a shame that not more majors are available, it would attract even more people.
I am heavily looking for a school that has these three important factors: expense, diversity, and kinesiology program. California State University - Sacramento felt like a second home when I took the tour, my mind was blown as it had all the factors that I sought out for. This school not only had my three important factors but it also had the sports wrestling, which is a sport that I grew up as a kid. I have wrestled for 5 years and I would love to join the wrestling team in Sacramento. I felt welcomed and comfortable of being there. In my opinion, I wouldn't change a thing at California State University - Sacramento.
Sac state encourages diversity and really tries to build a community. There are so many events and activities available to meet new people and try new things.
the school is big and beautiful. i feel safe here. the parking is getting better, but i feel like we still need more.
So this is my first year here. I did transfer from a jr. college but everything so far has been great. I love the campus it’s so nice and there’s nature everywhere.
It's good. Sac State is somewhere were I'd tell someone to go if they wanted to get away and see the trees
Online classes are a breeze and are convenient. Two professors didn’t put in much effort at all an I didn’t learn anything in those classes. Most courses are just busywork and not too much studying yet and I’m in my junior year. It’s difficult finding parking for the first three weeks of the semester and then for finals and midterms, and I honestly think the parking permits should be cheaper than they are now. Very friendly environment and very diverse.
I have just began my jounior year as a transfer student at Sac State and I have to say that my experience so far has been acceptional. They are very pro student forward school who have all the resources available to anyone who is willing to put in the time to take advantage of them. They not only have made a lot of improvements but are still continuing to make improvements to the campus. So if the halls could use a little modernization but overall the campus is great!
I am a third year at Sac State. I have enjoyed every aspect of it the campus, resources, the courses offered and the professors. Some things I would like to see change on would be the more finanical assistance opportunites for students suffering from financial stablility.
I had a great experience and great professors! The campus is really nice and there are a lot of new buildings and parking garages. The school is also very diverse.
Sacramento State is very welcoming and the orientation leaders are great help. There are events planned for the first 6 weeks or so for freshmen to get comfortable and settle in as we get to know each other. The professors so far are clear, understanding, and helpful; me being away from my family for the first time has proved me way wrong that i would feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
I like how mostly all classes have technological advances, but I would like to change the way on how quizzes are taken electronically.
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Sacramento state university has so much to offer. From academic clubs, athletic clubs, to help with paying off tutition. I have had such a wonderful experience at sac state. The students are all so friendly and supportive, the staff is understanding and encouraging. There have been many times where I was confused about certain things on campus and the staff was there to help me. My junior year I needed help paying off my tuition and sac state was there to help me cover what I needed.
Although just a Freshman here, I absolutely love California State University. The campus is very nice and clean and all the staff members are very helpful. I couldn't have gone through my application process and enrollment without the help of the administration staff at California State University. I am looking forward to spending my time here for the next 3 years and couldn’t be any happier with the decision I made in choosing California State University as my school. The campus is very big and has so many activities you can do here, so many groups you can join and so many ways you can be a part of the school community. I think that every college should be a five star rating like California State University.
I love the campus, professors and have really enjoyed my time at Sac State. I wish I could be more involved. I would've liked to see more staff reach out to recent transfers to check on their success merging into the school. The food options are not many, but I am grateful that there are at least some eateries on campus, especially for Starbucks!
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