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California State University - Northridge Reviews

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When I was a student at California State University of Northridge I really enjoyed my time there. My major was psychology and I felt really connected to the professors in my field and I found them to be really helpful. I think if I were to change some thing I would make more activities on campus for students to do more fun things together so it isn't work hard all the time.
csun offers an impeccable education that allows students to be able to what they’re looking for and really zone in on their major. Their mentors also help their students in every way possible especially at the career center.
Great school! If you are a nutrition and dietetics student you will find many internship and volunteer opportunities. The Maryln Magaram Center is a great resource. Lots of clubs and organizations to be apart of. Great campus!
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Overall I have had a pleasant experience at this University. I feel safe on campus and have been challenged academically.
CSUN's online Master's in Public Administration allows me to work full-time and pursue higher education. It's a great program, and helping me fulfill my dream of working with public organizations, and build a better community.
I was a student at the California State University, Northridge from 2011 until 2014. I attended the David Nazarian College of Business and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. I loved my experience as a student at this college and learned a great deal from my professors.
It is an amazing college. The main thing I would like to change is for there to be more places with shade to be able to sit down and study outside.
California State University Northridge, is an amazing university. I love this school because it provides many amenities to the students which assist with getting through college smoothly. The professors and staff are great and make learning worth it. I am proud to be a matador and I always will be. The University is currently having renovations and new buildings constructed which is making the whole environment better as well.
Northridge is a thriving and exciting campus that makes huge efforts to take care of their students and staff. The teachers seem to care for their students and provide a learning experience that is beneficial and informational, while still being interesting and engaging. Despite this there are a few things they need to work on as a campus, the food and sanitation in the housing area need lots of work, and the staff is sometimes unwilling to help with certain academic requests(like assistance with abroad programs and transferring of credits). Additionally, the spending choices that the school makes as a whole can sometimes seem unnecessary, i.e installing two(2) water refilling machines that charge for flavored water....instead of spending money on making sure all the chairs and food in the dining hall were up to code and safe.
California State University of Northridge is a great school where there is a lot of diversity and many things to help out students.Those things include tutoring, a great amount of places for students to study and even a lot of places to eat.
I am a 1989 alumni student that graduated with a BS in Business Finance. My education at this university has helped me obtain my career goals. I have worked for four Fortune 500 companies. I am proud to be a Matador alum!
I love the atmosphere of the college and how diverse the college is. Everyone is very friendly. Most of the teachers are extremely helpful. The staff really does try and help everyone that they can. The student recreation center is new and solar paneled. It is awesome and has everything you could need to work out.
In my time here, I have always felt as though i am a priority. The educators are so compassionate and and motivational. I really feel as though CSUN is my home.
CSUN has a little bit of everything for everyone. Wether you are apart of Greek or in Associated Students there is something out there for you. In addition to being very diverse, CSUN is also has many clubs and organizations for minorities.
CSUN is a good school that has many things to offer students. Campus life is average because of the fact that CSUN is a commuter school.
I transferred to CSUN for my last 2 years and they were great! The student life, the classes and especially the intramurals which were a lot of fun.
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CSUN was a school that I vastly underestimated. Attending my first year of college there made me open my eyes to how incredible the school truly is. The campus is welcoming, the factual is very understanding, and the level at which some programs operate at is truly amazing. CSUN truly embodies the heart of California and makes me feel like an education based career is possible.
After high school, I started my college career at CSUN as an Accounting major. The two things I loved most about CSUN was the culture, and secondly the education I was receiving in the accounting program. The culture is great, I made plenty of friends who I can consider family. I like how we supported, encouraged, and helped each other out whenever necessary. We did not have a competitive attitude but rather we wanted everyone to succeed, we wanted others to make a great name out of CSUN. Moreover, the accounting program was exceptional. The curriculum can be difficult but they are preparing us for a job at the Big 4 accounting firms which we all hope to make to after college.
CSUN was definitely less intimidating than going to a huge school, but it had it perks and student life is one of them. Not only do they have the most beautiful gym I've ever laid my eyes on, but they go the extra mile to make sure every student feels safe and welcomed. CSUN during finals is a blessing as well, as they try to take care of the student body with kits, extended library hours, and emotional support puppies. The campus also has a nice state of the art performance center, which is nice to look at. The campus is very green, with lots of grass, trees, and it's own orange grove. Also, do not pick from the orange grove.
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