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California State University - Northridge Reviews

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I love the atmosphere and how nice the campus is. There are a lot of nice outdoor campus activities to attend to all year. And also so many clubs that are wonderful and very intriguing. One thing that I would like to see change on campus is the amount of campus security/police. Because campus safety should be a top priority and I would just feel safer on campus if we had more security outside of heavily populated areas such as the library, the gym, and the food courts. Also at night, because once it hits a certain time in the afternoon the campus is almost empty and as a student, it doesn't feel super safe walking around on campus at night without security patrolling the area.
What I loved most about CSUN was the diversity in students. CSUN always welcomed students from far and near and it was a great experience to be able to be around students who had different backgrounds
Campus is extremely diverse, clean and attended to. Student services such as the SRC provide students with an opportunity to relieve some stress and obtain some exercise. clubs are welcoming and and engaging while hosting many events throughout the semester.
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was a calm school and when I was going to CSUN for a school trip the students were nice and they have many majors available but their best one is computer Science
Visiting Cal State University of Northridge made me come to a realization that this campus has nothing but opportunities. A college that has an open door only wanting the best for you is one I see myself at. Cal State University of Northridge is a campus where one can get involved, doing what they do best.
CSUN is a great university they offer different opportunities even for students who don't attend there. I think the changes I would like to see is if they make more parking for students sometimes people have to be waiting a while just to park.
CSUN does a great job at promoting diversity on campus through various campus events like The Carnival and Deaf Queer Coffee Nights. They offer tons of help for students with disabilities as well as students who are suffering from mental health issues including those caused by traumatic events.
I like how this university offers many majors and there are many backgrounds to learn from. They offer tons of support for upcoming undergraduates like education fair. That is how I learned more about the school. The college tuition is affordable for majority of the students. The campus is average is not too big and not too small. It is a local area and you have everything nearby and easy to access. For example, there is a mall, many stores, markets, amusement parks, etc. There is also food places on campus that are walking distance.
I enjoyed the environment and the resource that the campus provided. There were workshops for a variety of things such as how to write a paper, how to talk to your professors and to apply for graduate school and many more.
California State University of Northridge is a welcoming campus with many friendly and helpful people. I enjoy the atmosphere of it and how large it is. The school consisting of a large variety of students makes me feel comfortable knowing that everyone is accepted there. The academics aspect of the university is amazing, considering they have just the program I am looking forward to pursuing my career in. It is an extremely diverse campus with people of different beliefs and cultures. Although I don't plan to play any sports at CSUN, my friend who does is satisfied with the sports team he is on and how everything works. This campus gives off the vibe of safety knowing there are so many people who could be there for you whenever you need a helping hand, or just in case of a life-threatening crisis. The student life there sends off nothing but vibes of feeling at home, surrounded by people one enjoys being around.
CSUN has changed my life. The professors and staff are extremely supportive and helpful of my goals. I would attend CSUN all over again if I could.
I really like the campus so far. It is my first semester as a transfer student and like the classroom sizes, clean campus, and a lot of opportunities for involvement!
It's a good school that has great professors and nice people. So far, in my three years of going to CSUN I've made great relationships with friends and faculty. The only thing I would change is the parking lot situations. It's very difficult to find parking since its so crowded. Need more parking lots nearer on campus.
A great campus, great new sport fertilities, help center, big libary, pool, gym, relaxing areas outside and inside. Lots of people but doesnt seem like it, lots of space. Good options for work on campus.
My experience so far has been fairly average. I'm not very involved but the professors and faculty are there to help you with whatever you need.
This university has my major and their program is interesting. I will continue to go to CSUN because I want to get my bachelors degree in child development.
I went check out the college duirng summer because this i one of the colleges that i want to go to when i graduate from high school. i heard from my friends that this college is a good school to study at.
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I just started but from this first semester I like the school. The teachers are interactive and very informative.the classes are very professional and the campus is very nice.only thing that sucks is the heat there
they can't spell aluminum right. My cousin goes there and though hes studying, he doesnt seem to like it
I'm very grateful to be attending one of the best business schools in California. CSUN has a campus full of great students and professors who help each other with every chance they get. Not only is the campus beautiful but, they are also doing everything in their power to make the students feel safe.
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