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California State University - Northridge Reviews

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This university has my major and their program is interesting. I will continue to go to CSUN because I want to get my bachelors degree in child development.
I went check out the college duirng summer because this i one of the colleges that i want to go to when i graduate from high school. i heard from my friends that this college is a good school to study at.
I just started but from this first semester I like the school. The teachers are interactive and very informative.the classes are very professional and the campus is very nice.only thing that sucks is the heat there
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they can't spell aluminum right. My cousin goes there and though hes studying, he doesnt seem to like it
I'm very grateful to be attending one of the best business schools in California. CSUN has a campus full of great students and professors who help each other with every chance they get. Not only is the campus beautiful but, they are also doing everything in their power to make the students feel safe.
California State university Northridge is a good school. I like the campus and the professors are very intelligent; they give their students good opportunity to learn and practice what we have learn. Overall California State University Northridge is one on the best school that preparing their students for the future jobs.
Safe community, and very friendly! Getting to classes is quick and the campus isn't so big once you've been in it for a semester. The food is affordable on campus, and everyone is always super helpful!
Administrative Credential Program is a two semester program packed with diverse opportunities to learn about Ang practice effective school leadership.
I’m really shy person. So I couldn’t speak with other people, but in the CSUN, people came to me and talk.
Great school in a great area and an amazing Kinesiology program. The staff is helpful and want to see you succeed. I highly recommend it!
CSUN is a great school! The variety of clubs and opportunities it offers for all students is incredibly helpful. Professors and Faculty at CSUN really want to see you succeed and graduate because they provide all the help and support you need for difficult classes. Not only do they have a variety of sources to help students out but they also take their own time in their hands to listen to their students and see how they can help them out. I think its amazing to see how much care and support there is in this community that is so diverse.
I am currently transferring there and will begin my first semester in the Spring of 2019. All of my General Education and lower division requirements are finished and I just need to finish the upper division courses. The courses sound extremely interesting and I plan to jump into the physical therapy field after graduation.
At first, CSUN was not my first choice or college. However, I realized that this campus has so much to offer for the selling price of a Cal State. The quality of education from professors that are so passionate about their field of study, the unique resources that are here to help students succeed, and the proximity to the city all contribute to a successful college campus.
It feels great to be a Matador. The professors are very nice and understanding with work that needs to get done. There are many resources available to help students succeed as well as relax. The campus itself is nice to be at; there is a lot of places to do homework, eat and relax. It feels more home than home because it doesn't look like a crowded public center, rather a clean structure with a green environment.
I like my school, mainly because In the campus there is a lot of tress and grass, and it is always a ice sight to behold. Not only that, but my fellow peers are polite and respectful towards me, and always make me feel welcome.
Northridge has been a great experience for me, I was hesitant to come here since it was far from home, but i'm really glad i did. the school offers many resources and has many great teachers along with other staff. the school is still adding new resources for students which i am glad to see, if you need something they most likely have it and if you want to relax or hang out its also a great place to go. the one thing i would like to see changed is the book options they offer at the book store since most of the time they only have new books which can be really expensive.
Diverse and friendly campus. Wide array of majors. Helpful and available staff. Beautiful area. Great commuter opportunities.
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What I liked the most starting as a freshman not knowing much was all the help available. The campus is beautiful as well. They offer so many things it’s just amazing. The napping pods are definitely cool. Also having access to the gym because it comes with your tuition is convenient, they have pools ect.
My experience at California State University Northridge has been amazing. I have been given the opportunity this past summer to study abroad to China at a really low cost!
I have completed my undergraduate studies there. And I can say that they staff and environment has been one of the best. They are helpful and caring about their students and will go above and beyond to help them. In addition, the faculty and staff work to grow the individuals into the leaders of tomorrow.
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