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A beautiful campus and educates students like they are supposed to. There are many opportunities to become involved on campus, although it is small.
The people at CSUN are really nice. They have professors who are always willing to help you succeed and they offer many opportunities that will benefit you for you career. Also, the campus has a really nice gym as well as a performing arts center and a big library. The campus is quite pretty as well. Many TV shows and movies have been filmed here. Overall, my experience at CSUN has been great and I recommend students to apply to this school.
I'm curently planning to go to California State University of Northridge as I went on a tour I feel I love with the campus. the students look like they like the campus.
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CSUN is a average 4 year university with decent academics and professors. The location is not ideal, and most people commute so there is not a lot going on campus besides driving to campus, going to class, and leaving right after.
I really love CSUN's campus, it's beautiful and has a plethora of resources and activities 24/7. I've gone to poetry slams, comedy performances, protests, and made use of the LGBT pride center on campus. Most of the professors that I've had have been wonderful people! There's a huge amount of diversity on campus which is awesome. Trying to find parking sucks though.
CSUN provides multiple clubs and organizations that allow their students to be involved, considering that it is a commuter university.
CSUN is underrated, especially if you're local. I won't be the 1st to tell you it's perfect, but it's a great school. A lot of students struggle because they don't take it seriously enough to realize that you must structure your education more than you did in HS. My advice: don't listen to your advisers & come to school as often as you can. 1. Advisers will tell you to do as many GEs as you can & do your Major coursework in moderation. This is fine if you're under 60% sure that you want to pursue a degree in the current field, but otherwise, get your prereqs done ASAP. If you have not completed your lower div core courses by 5th semester, you could very well be on the path to spend 5 years here. If you are having a tough time deciding, pick the field more-so the major. Most degrees in a field are similar, so pick your fav & engage in a major. 2. Spend as much time on campus as you can! I get that most people have jobs; I had one too. But you must do on-campus activities provided.
I like the fact that all students feel welcome here. We are very open and accepting of all cultures. The professors are very invested in our education and help us whenever we need it. Additionally, the dorm life is very exciting. There are students here who want to succeed and do well but we are also fun and like to explore different aspects of college.
its been amazing being able to live and experience this university in its entirety, I have met so many people who have brighten up my day.
I am a freshman but so far I have enjoyed my experience on this campus. There is always something going on whether it is the farmers market every Tuesday or meet the clubs this campus always makes sure you feel welcomed!
I love CSUN! I have had a great experience at CSUN so far and am looking forward to my next 2 years here. My favorite part about this campus is the SRC and the oasis center. SRC is a gym that is fairly new to the campus, it is here stories high and is filled with new workout equipment. My second favorite part of the campus is the oasis center. The oasis is a quit area where you can unwind from a stressful day of classes or between classes if you have a break. The oasis has sleeping pods, managing chairs, and a zen garden. It really makes me feel at peace and takes me out of a stressful mindset. I can't forget the farmers market on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm. The farmers market is my all time favorite, they have all sorts of food tents and fresh fruit, they even have clothing and jewelry stands. I love CSUN and everything that it has to offer.
Great University. The only recommendation is to meet the professor before you take a class! Come early to get parking if you don't have a parking pass. There is free parking all over the side of nordhoff.
I liked the professors commitment to there students, i would like to see more variety in healthy food options on campus.
like the school overall. Love the family and consumer science department. great majors and professors. the food is ok.
student life is good overall. lots of student activities.
a lot of clubs a organizations to choose from.
California state university northridge is a very excellent university because of its resources . Resources include one on on tutoring , oasis relaxation center , bicycle rentals, and much . The CSUN environment is very much alive . You can feel it in the atmosphere and it enlightens your mood . It is a culturally diverse campus. It is a commuter school . We have a farmers market every Tuesday in which a lot of yummy treats are sold such as funnel cakes, pupusas , fresh juices, and much more . Often times , many clubs/organizations sell treats as well . Overall , I feel very happy that I can come to school everyday and be happy .
Beautiful Campus, Dedicated Teachers. However it is overcrowded and classes are heavily impacted. Overall a great campus environment, with nice teachers and student body. Is a commuter school which is a plus for someone just focused on completing their degree. It also has an active student body that helps those who like to have a regular college experience
CSU Northridge is an amazing university that offers high quality education from the experienced and knowledgeable professors to the helpful faculty in supporting students to further their academic journey. The school offers many resources to expand upon academic learning such as academic tutoring and counseling to lead students in the right direction to graduate. Networking events such as the Career Fair, Industry Night, and Meet the Firms are amazing opportunities that the school, with the help of student-run organizations, provide in connecting students with professionals from top industries in the fields of entertainment, business, sciences, and more. Overall, CSU Northridge provides an encouraging environment in helping students pursue their academic interests by providing many resources and opportunities.
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I love my school I've met a lot of amazing people and my teachers have been very knowledgeable. campus is beautiful
Csun has such a great campus around my area and the environment is really nice. All the staff members are so friendly and helpful.
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