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I transferred from a community college and actually enjoy going to CSUN more. Many of the students are kind and the professors aren't bad!
It's a great school academically with kind staff in each department and understanding professors. The campus has many resources to facilitate your time as a student.
So far CSUN has been a good experience. I don't live on campus, I commute to school three days a week. When you commute to school, I find it hard to make friends because I can never stay and socialize that much on campus because I have to leave. So if your interested in a more social college experience then living on campus is the way to go. But yet again it is a commuter school so the majority of the students here do the same thing as I do.
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I really enjoy that the campus is diverse, I like how they make every student from every background feel included, and I enjoy all the resources offered. I especially enjoy the career center, which helped me polish my resume, and with that resume I was able to get multiple internship offers.
They have a very inclusive student body association that prepares plenty of events for new and returning students. One of the very few issues this school has is the lack of parking.
CSUN has great professors and campus life is just amazing. All the students and faculties are very nice and helpful. The advisors always tries their best to guide students in their best way as possible. Great education system and very affordable university.
It's a beautiful campus, inside and out. I haven't had any bad experiences here. It is huge, which is a bit overwhelming, but it isn't a problem for me. CSUN is super diverse and open-minded.
California State University Northridge is a very clean and unclustered campus and coming from a high school that seemed just as big it was a relief that the campus can hold as many students as it does without the claustrophobia. Professors can be a little more involved with helping students understand the material they are "teaching." The amount of little events, booths, awareness is much appreciated and enjoyable, it helps students interact with the campus a lot more. I live within 10 minutes of campus and my first year consisted of going straight home after my classes and not even trying to make friends with my fellow peers because I didn't need to. Going in to my second year I wanted to open my radar to more than just what im used to. I even became interested in joining a club or sorority (unfortunately I did miss the deadline to register and will now have to wait until next semester). But it is the fact that I even have this option, this university has that outlet.
California State University Northridge had a very nice surrounding area with many activities, but the dorms and buildings were dull and dirty, but still a good school for the price.
I have a former high school teammate who goes there. He is currently enrolled there and he said that campus is very nice.
This school does a well job with cleanliness and making others feel welcome. However, I feel they should have more awareness of what is free to students through their tuition.
The campus here at CSUN is super easy to navigate. The faculty and staff are super supportive and accepting of all people. CSUN is very diverse.
I really enjoyed CSUN. It is such a diverse school that makes you feel comfortable with your identity. I would like to see change in the way they promote activities, so that students can be more informed about specific activities.
So far, I’ve had a great experience with California State University, Northridge. The campus atmosphere makes me feel welcomed, the professors are helpful and friendly, the resources provided for the students are excellent, and the students are nice.
Csun has been overall a great experience. Beautiful campus with tons of resources available to students. Great staff and the faculty is always willing to help.
California state university northridge has the best weather and enviornment. The people are chill and the teachers are amazing.
I am a freshman at CSUN and my first semester has been quite eventful. I have joined a few clubs which have provided me a good friend group. I am excited for the next three years( I have sophomore standing)
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What I liked about the college was the housing. It is secured around the area and the living space is very nice. The athletics are division 1 which is important to me for soccer. I also liked how nice the fields were and the amount of space in the campus. Lots of the teacher were nice and are helpful from what I have seen.
It was decent. I was already in my mid-20s when I started there, and commuted from an hour away so I wasn’t really deeply involved in campus life.
I had a great time at csun. I met lots of cool people and I made lots of memories that will definitely last me a lifetime. I love the opportunities and experiences I was able to receive through csun.
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