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The campus is really nice I transferred from community so I have come to really appreciate it. I would like to change how difficult it is to get the classes you need because there is not enough available.
I like the Comp Sci & Engineering College, they could pick better teachers to hire though. On top of that, the Dept of Equity and Diversity should really get their stuff together and take students seriously when there's an issue.
The diversity at California State University Northridge makes it a comforting place for everybody which I love. Also, all the professors I've had so far have been very helpful and caring towards their students.
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A good, clean campus with a simple design which makes it easy to navigate. The only complaint I have is the dorms which can be nosy and drafty.
So far I’m having a great time. All classes seem possible and I can already see my future ahead of me. Only problem is the over populated campus. Lines are too long and classes fill up fast besides that all is great.
CSUN does a great job preparing students for graduate schools, especially in the sciences field such as biology for those trying to get into medical, dental or pharmacy school.
Very underrated school that has numerous resources that are easily accessible. The majority of professors are approachable and passionate about what they teach, making each class unique.
I love that CSUN is very diverse and that it is a campus that truly cares for its students. Professors really appreciate their students and care about their students' success. CSUN is also a place that puts their students first; there are many programs dedicated to contribute to student success, such as their GE Honors program.
I am cuurently attending CSUN as a criminology major and I am in my first semester of attendance and I think the overall vibe that you get from going here is absolutely amazing.
So far I have enjoyed my experience with CSU Northridge. It is a quiet campus and all the students and teachers have been very excellent.
Its a very diverse campus with many people walking around in different types of age groups, which is what I like.
This school is great so far. Fantastic teachers in the department that I was in. I loved every moment of my experience
California State University (CSUN) is a commuter school, no doubt. Though it is a commuter school that I have had a personal experience with since a young age. Being a legacy first and foremost (my mother being an alumni, 2003) CSUN has always been a familiar environment for me, and given my major being political science, their department has been exactly what I needed in order to pursue my degree.
Cal State Northridge is motivated to helping students earn a promising career opportunities. They care about diversity and education among students. Any change I would like to see is more variety of foods offered for those who live in the dorms.
When I'm on campus I feel welcomed. I have felt this way since the first day I walked on campus. The students are friendly and so far all of the professors I've had are very helpful.
I love the overall student environment they create. It seems like a peaceful environment. There is many opportunities for students to get involved with activities on the campus. The student areas are very beautiful.
This school is perfect for those who live in California looking forward in working towards getting the education needed for their desired field of work. The school is diversity in every way possible, and also has many different religious affiliations all around campus. The schools layout is easy to remember, and the teacher will always help if asked. I've never had a problem with and directors our counselors at the school because of the peace and positivity on the campus.
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I was visiting the college and to me, it seemed to be a very nice campus. I enjoyed the environment setting in Northridge. The college is a very nice place and also easy to get in. I don't necessarily see that there should be a change on the campus. Maybe more bonding activities with the college students who are attending the college.
I loved the diversity of students and variety of classes. The campus was resourceful and full of professors willing to help!
California State University- Northridge is overall a really good school. Its location is perfect if you like the city. The campus is big but you can find your way.
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