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CSUN is a total left wing liberal school with a solid agenda to indoctrinate students with their views. There's no tolerance for critical thinking. They say there is, but there's not. When you even mention a debate that doesn't go along with their agenda you are ostracized and humiliated by the professors. They instigate division and hate that is so rampant in our country today and if you want to be angry and never learn how to try and understand the other side of debates, then this is the school for you. And don't plan on taking children, family of friends to the graduation ceremonies because after all the education you will pay for, foul mouth and hate speech against other races and people groups is what you will hear in the speakers at these ceremonies. White? Don't even think you'll win any awards regardless of how great you do in school. Reverse discrimination at it's finest. Do yourself a favor and research other schools.
Even though CSUN is primarily a commuter college, there are plenty of opportunities for campus involvement. The professors are interested in your success as a student. The University values diversity.
I like the professors and how the my classes are close to each other according to my major. The safety protection is great. They also have snack shops around the the campus. I also love how the gym looks as well.
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I love it here, made me very independent and grew more as a person here. Professors are helpful and are willing to go out if their way to help you out. Huge campus and a lot of diversity.
Overall the school is just okay. It's a public education, nothing special. Campus is
clean and large.
I liked the beautiful Campus and the many departments this University had. I would like to see a more popular Nursing program.
CSUN will definitely have a warm spot in my heart because it was my first college campus I have ever attended and it was definitely worth my 4.5 years of dedication and hard work. I felt safe and I felt that everyone was strongly informed about what they were teaching, what was going on in the world, and what needed change and how to go about finding a solution. I love that csun is very diverse and communicative. I hope that my future college campus are the same because I feel like it doesn't get better than this.
The professors and students were all very helpful and friendly. It is a strong community with teachers and students who are invested in their school.
I enjoyed going to California State University Northridge because there was always events going on on campus; from the Farmer's Market every Tuesdays, to Crunch time during finals week and so many more.
Northridge is a great school. Everyone is friendly and you don't need to be active in clubs to make friends. It's a commuter school so almost everyone knows each other. However, everyone is easy to get along with and easy going so no need to worry.
The college itself is pretty small compared to many others making it easier to find your way around and easier to be connected to others. Academically the classes seem to be of average standards. The professors for the most part are very nice and understanding of those who work and go to school. From my experience all teachers have some kind of office hours to get extra help.
Beautiful campus, needs cheaper parking passes. Lots to do on campus, There is always something going on to get the students involved. Join a club or a sports team to get a true college experience.
Csun has rigourous academics exceptionally compassionate professors. I have an unusual medical situation and received nothing but support from the business department. I really value my education at csun. I graduate December 2019. Wouldn't have been able to without the help.
I am currently a freshman and I love it. It is a very diverse school and there is a lot of resources to help you out when you need it.
Csun is a very safe closed secured school with high academic achievements. The campus is very nice and they have a welcoming attitude when there are new people going to their campus. They take education very serious and keep consistency.
Amazing School! The campus is beautiful and have had no trouble here at all. The people here are diverse and friendly. As soon as I stepped on campus here, i knew i felt at home. Also, it's fairly easy to get a job around here as long as you don't get tired from doing applications! Haha!
CSUN was one the best decisions I could have ever made. The campus has an innumerable amount of resources for students to help them thrive and stay healthy. The classes I took have prepared me for everything life has to offer. I miss it everyday.
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The campus is a good environment to learn and make friends. The campus seems large but it actually small so it's easy to get to classes. The students are nice and the greenlands are nice too.
The moment I first walked on campus, I immediately felt welcomed. No other school can compete with CSUN's diversity and ability to make people feel at home on their first day.
Great school! Great people to meet their and a lot of different connections that you can make. Close to Los Angeles, so you can go into the city every chance you get with no hassle at all.
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