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The online transition was mostly smooth. Many online resources have been made available to students that are helpful during these times.
CSUN interaction and involvement is mostly good. They do their best to cater to students' needs and understand current situations to accommodate further.
I took some online classes while others were hybrid classes that had part online and part in-person sections of the class. It was an overall positive experience but I personally prefer an in-person method of learning.
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My experience was a positive one at CSUN. There are plenty of resources available to help students reach their goals and many facilities dedicated to a healthy mental-space as well such as the oasis and SRC (huge indoor gym). CSUN is getting 4 stars from me instead of five because parking is horribly overpriced and largely unavailable even after purchasing a permit for hundreds of dollars each semester. Many classes tend to be overpacked and highly impacted. It doesn't mean its a bad school, there are just TOO many people there.
Excellent faculty!! Excellent history, and excellent job prospects after graduating. CSUN is continuously improving and rising. Very inclusive and community aware.
Professor have been bery adaptive and attainable to students who are still adapting to the new online learning situation.
Online education has been difficult not only for the students but for the professors as well. However, the professors in my 4 online classes are great and are very supportive. They still expect high-quality work but provide the resources to make it more attainable.
This is my first semester at CSUN and even though the experience has been online that has not decreased the level of education. My professors are great and still expect work from each one of us while having fun in an online environment. I am a Junior right now and am majoring in Sport Studies. I highly encourage anyone wanting to pursue a degree in Kinesiology to attend this university.
I am currently a freshman at CSUN, and all my classes this year will be online as a precaution to slow the spread of Covid-19. Online classes are definitely a challenge, but like I said before, our professors are working hard to help us through this and help our first year run smoothly.
Honestly I feel like the professors are really trying their best to accommodate students given the situation with Covid 19.
I only took one class on online which was the intro to biology lab. I received a High B in the class but sometimes it was a struggle to operate the software on certain browsers. The professor didn't tell us it was recommended to use Google Chrome, because that was literally the only functioning browser.
The professor interacted online with their students quite often so it was easy to get guidance.
Overall, my online experience would been considered excellent if the professor knew about the technical difficulties of the online tools we were using. If you are going to take an online class at Csun, I say go for it.
My first year at Cal State Northridge was a tad underwhelming. The campus life was vibrant, thriving and had a good sense of community. I had made plenty of friendships in the freshman suites and other dormitories. However, this was the only highlight of my experience there. Many of my teachers would violate the rules that they were supposed to uphold. One of my teachers would schedule class later than it was said on their class description. Some of my other professors seemed not to care as much and I had to teach myself the subjects most of the time.
I filed multiple complaints to the higher ups but I didn't get any response.

Therefore, I will say that there's definitely a disconnect between the students and administration at CSUN.

Besides academics, the community and places surrounding in Northridge were really convenient and I feel like it is welcoming college community.
I hope future CSUN students have better academic experiences than I did, but I would recommend going to CSUN.
I do not take online courses. I have heard that online courses are many times easier to pass and easier to cheat on. if you want to get the maximum out of your educational experience don't take online courses.
Attended CSUN for 6 year BS, and MS. Professors at CSUN would do anything to help their students succeed. CSUN has a diverse student population and the campus is growing extremely fast. The Chicano studies department, Kinesiology department and the psychology departments are the highlights of this school.
CSUN is an amazing school There are some bothersome professors here and there. But you can always read reviews online and find great professors that way. The community at CSUN is very inviting and all the events are so much fun. The campus is beautiful and the food is affordable and delicious.
The process was very simple and easy. Very great connection and service. The application process was also very quick and asked the most important questions in my opinion.
I really love this school. The campus is big and beautiful and the professors I've had are all very passionate about what they do. There are a lot of campus events such as concerts and parties thrown by the school. If you live in housing there are even more events thrown by the RHA. The RAs are great and the dorms are pretty nice. There are nice on campus dining options, but it is kind of expensive if you don't have the meal plan cards. There have been safety issues, but they try to stay on top of anything that happens. The campus is in walking distance to a Target, dollar store, and other eating options. It is also across the street from a tattoo shop.
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So far it has been pretty good. Last semester was pretty hard to adjust, but it is fine now. It is a bit easier to show work because you can share your screen over Zoom. I do still miss in person classes. I miss the community of campus and my friends. But for now online isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Online learning really can be stressful without the scheduling and the professors one receives to take an online class with. Being eager to learn and having an open mind is very helpful when it comes to CSUN online classes. Please check to rate my professor for the professors you are planning to wanna take in the future so you see the experiences of other students and their strategies of passing the class.
Northridge is a place that I call home since living all my life in the city. CSUN has given me the resources that I have so desperately needed in my educational route with the professors I have had the pleasure of meeting. I wouldn't want CSUN to change in the levels of diversity but would like to see the development of crime happening on campus and how the CSUN PD can create programs for students in the Criminal Justice Department to have jobs such as the Matador Patrol and possible internships.
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