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Great school with wondeful teachers and students, really laid back vibe in a great area. Advising and housing could be improved but every school has its pronlems.
Great campus that offers a large range of opportunities since it’s a smaller school. I enjoyed the campus because I like cool weather and the ocean that is close by. They also have multiple dining areas so there is always somewhere to eat
The CSUMB campus is possibly one of the great campuses I've ever seen! I can't wait to attend in the fall of 2018!
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I have been attending CSUMB since Fall 2014 where I entered as a first-time freshman. CSUMB has offered me many opportunities and I have loved my time here, especially with how small it is. It isn't out of this world but it does vibe with me.
Very flexible to student with families. The tome of classes in the credential program allow me to also make a living and gain the classroom experience I will need when i am fully credentialed
CSUMB, is atmosphere of both developing and growing to staying natural and environmentally friendly. CSUMB is starting to grow based on new academic building and student center. It is maintaining its beauty by leaving trees and plants along the university. Making students enter a natural environment to an up to date technology buildings and resources. Making students to get a new vision on the CSUMB campus and how they live in resident halls and how they interact with one another. CSUMB will then be more pedestrian friendly by 2020 by moving parking lots to the edge of campus creating a more physically active campus.
My experience has been excellent so far at CSUMB. I am really content with how diverse this campus is. Also it is located right by the beach.
My first year college experience has been great here at Monterey Bay. The area I love, it is so beautiful, the weather is wonderful; not too hot nor too cold perfect beach weather. The campus is walking distance from the beach! There is a lot of student involvement here on campus and everyone is so nice. I love it here at CSU Monterey Bay.
I transferred into CSUMB after graduating from Cabrillo College and I absolutely love it here. It is so different from a community college in all the best ways possible but it is still a small school so you become very well acquainted with teachers and fellow students. This school feels like home.
I really enjoy CSUMB. The campus is a bit smaller than most CSUs and does feel as if you get to know more of your fellow colleagues and professors. It gives off a community feel rather than a large frightening campus. My fellow colleagues are friendly and more then happy to help whenever you're in need. The campus is really beautiful and definitely worth visiting and attending.
The professors and staff were all very friendly, accessible, and knowledgeable in their fields. The campus is big in terms of land, but classroom sizes are small enough to receive individualized help and attention. Classroom organization can use some change, as there does not seem to be a logical organization of where classes are.
I am a transfered student coming from a community college. The staff was very helpful getting my application and any other documents I needed for a smooth transition. The library is very big, perfect to go for a quite study session. The campus is very neat. Everyone you come across is very kind, including staff and students.
It almost feels like I’m at home. I love this campus and the environment. The staff here is amazing and the professors are willing to help you.
The thing I like about CSUMB, is how each department has its own building in which people are allowed to thrive in their educational development. However, this is also poses a major issue. People of one specific major hardly interact with people studying something else. For example, as a Computer Science major, I hardly ever see, or talk to, someone majoring in Art. I feel like this has both its pros and cons.
Csumb is a great place to be there. There are beautiful beaches & attractions all around. The classes are fun, small, & interactive. The people are very nice. The food is a bit repetitive & can get old easily but the workers make it easier to keep coming back. Monterey is the place to be!
I liked being around a campus that was within driving distance from my house, which meant that I didn't have to stay in a dorm
I am a Freshman at CSUMB and feel that my experience thus far has been a great one!

I was able to get into all the classes that I needed and also class sizes are not over populated with students.
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It is a very lovely and quaint school. I really enjoy the size and scope of the campus. It is not too large but not too small. The campus is still growing and will encompass more students in the future. The professor to student ratio is a perfect size.
i love it here it is such a fun place to be all the people are soo nice and inviting. the weather is beautiful all the time i love the palm trees and the aboundance of things to do
I enjoyed the acceptance of diversity and the welcoming environment that CSUMB provided. However, because they are a newer university, I believe they still need improvements in organization in a few of their departments. Some faculty is better than others, and students are nice.
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