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California State University - Monterey Bay Reviews

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CSUMB is a new and still developing school, it is only 25 years old so the school itself doesn’t have much history to it. Newer building are in progress as of right now. The education system is still being worked on and changed. The school is a work in progress but I have very excited and hopeful for its future. Class sizes are small and it is easy to build relationships with staff and professors.
So far my time at CSUMB has been pretty good new smaller campus lots of friendly people and so far also pretty good professors.
CSUMB is a great school. It isn't going to be the biggest school or a school where people are always going to be attempting to get into, but it is a school where there's enough opportunities for you to be able to make a name for yourself and be successful.
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The campus is clean and not too large or small. The people are nice and there are plenty of quite spaces.
CSUMB is a small but up and coming university! In every class I had the ability to get one on one time with my professors which was so incredibly valuable to my learning experience. There are some fantastic undergraduate research opportunities and some fun clubs to check out. The price you pay for tuition is relatively cheap compared to a lot of other universities and overall I would say it is definitely worth it for the education you get! Definitely take note that Monterey is a quiet area so there isn't much partying, but the beautiful beaches and overall chill vibes of the campus make up for it. One more thing is that the housing is great for freshman year because the dorms are relatively spacious, but I would recommend trying to live off campus after that so you don't have to pay for the meal plan! The food there is not too amazing.
It has been a tough transition for me to attend this school as I am unfamiliar with how everything works. The school has provided me with resources that I have taken advantage of and have helped, but I still worry that I will struggle financially. Housing was the most difficult part for me when speaking of my transition, besides that the professors and advisers have been great.
What I love about CSUMB is the where is located and the student to teacher ratio. It is so easy to talk to the professors one on one and they all want their students to succeed. I truly feel supported here and confident that I have the tools and help I need to succeed and get my degree.
Overall great institution, really nice weather and other students are very nice. Great place to hang around and meet new people
My college experience has been far better than I had ever expected, and much of it has to do with the college itself. The campus is small so the classes are typically tiny - even tinier than any of my high school classes ever were. The teachers are kind-hearted and have the best interest of the students in mind. My work load is enough to where I am learning but I still have time for leisure. The student body is really amazing, too! Everyone is super nice and easy going. Living on campus is awesome, too, because everything is within a 5 minute walk due to the small size of the developing campus. My only issue with this school is that the housing staff don't seem to be very great at communicating with each other or informing the rest of the student body about important things.
It could be better in the sense of having better food accommodations and not making housing costs go through the roof
From orientation, I can tell that California State University Monterey Bay is an average school. It doesn't exceed with academics and sports teams but it doesn't disappoint with lack of education. California State University Monterey Bay is a new school so there's not much that should be expected of. It is 25 years old with rugged looks and decent meal plans. I would say the dorms are the heart of the school. They have the rare exception of having private bathrooms, a communal kitchen, and free laundry. The downside would be appearances and California State University being ranked as the most dangerous cal state. Otherwise, it isn't an amazing and difficult school to get into it's an average school that just serves a great biology program due to its location.
good. small classes so you get face time with the teacher. the community there is close. the food is average but it is a quiet school, very close to the beach so it is always an option to hang there. the weather is nice and basically the same everyday.
The campus is beautiful! The teachers are very understanding and helpful when you ask for help. Students are very welcoming and friendly. The food is pretty good and healthy.
I have enjoyed my current tenure as a student at California State University - Monterey Bay. I feel that they have done a good job helping me adapt to the college lifestyle and helping me feel apart of the culture they are attempting to make at the University. I have no real complaints about anything at the university only praise and happiness for how they've helped me in my transition to a full-time college student. I can't thank the University enough, and I can't wait to get my degree as an otter. The school is fantastic and I hope other students are willing to give it a try.
I love CSUMB. The students are all very nice and welcoming. The teachers are very caring toward their students. This university is just an over all really great place.
Love that the university is small compared to the majority of UC's and CSU's. The free access to the region's bus routes and a bus route that drops me off near my off-campus dorm is excellent as gas prices are not cheap nowadays. The food on campus over here is good (one buffet-style cafeteria, 2+ food -on-the-go restaurants, and 1 Starbucks). As for services, the CLC inside the library is great help for tutoring. The TRIO SSS-STEM staff does an excellent job to make transfer students not from the area feel at home while at the same time provide excellent guidance. The clubs/activities that seemed to catch my eyes are the school radio broadcasting and video game programmer club; I may have not had time to join them my first semester (last semester), but I'll see if I can join them next semester.
I'd like how they support my major in Film department. I don't like how low quality they serve their food on campus. The weather is exceptional due to location.
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Great School! The professors here really care about their students, if they see you're struggling they will reach out to you and offer you their help or give you the resources you need. The classes have a great student to professor ratio so you really get the help you need from your professor and they all offer pretty flexible office hours and they are willing to work with you.The overall atmosphere of the school is very welcoming. The campus is pretty small so you don't feel overwhelmed.
I have met a lot of new people while attending at the school. Also, the professors are really nice to you when they start to get to know you. Another thing is that the food is decent but near the school they have some restaurants that you would adore.
This school is quiet and small. I love that! Everything is so spread out so there's a lot of walking but the public transportation is really good. The freshman dorms suck but the on campus apartments are amazing
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