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California State University - Monterey Bay Reviews

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I like how small and new CSU Monterey Bay is because I get a chance to establish a personal relationship with my professors and fellow colleagues. With it being so new there is plenty of opportunity to make something new on campus and to make the community your own. The surround area is beautiful and there is lots of hiking, surfing and activities to do.
It's a great school, but some professors are very careless with the grades of their students. I would think that at this level in education everything would be planned out and good in terms of grading and getting people where they need to go during their time here.
While being in the process of majoring in psychology at CSUMB, I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most educated and supportive psychology professors. Most of them have earned PhDs and their class lectures demonstrate that they know what they are talking about. If I would have to give a constructive criticism, it would be for the school's counselors to offer more information about scholarship opportunities. I have struggled to find scholarships that fit with me and when I have asked my counselor for further assistance she has simply told me to search for scholarships on the CSUMB website. I wish that the non-teaching staff members at CSUMB could be more supportive while understanding that ending up with high debts post graduation is remarkably essential for us students to intend to prevent.
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Excellent location to attend college. Small town that doesn't provide too many distractions, but close to bigger cities have some adventures. Not a very big CSU, which gives you better access to the faulty and sports teams are well supported.
I love the personal community and small classroom size. CSUMB has a positive atmosphere and fun events. Unfortunately, housing is terribly expensive and hard to get into. It would also be valuable to have more food options on campus.
I would like to see more buildings get renovated and more parking space available. I like the local environment, and there are plenty of things to do like visit local beaches and restaurants. There are are a lot of old buildings that can be torn down to make room for new infrastructure.
CSU Monterey Bay is a very nice university in a very nice area. The beaches in Monterey are a nice get away from your studies, and the city of Monterey is great to get to with friends and have a good time. The school itself is a good school, with dedicated professors that always do their best to teach the students and students that are always ready to learn.
CSUMB is a fairly new compared to other CSU's in California. One good thing about the school is that the student population is fairly small and the campus is small too. This makes it easy for students to find their way around and to get into the classes they need. The food on campus is very limited and the school is working on expanding a wider variety of choices. Also, there is not much to do around campus since Monterey is a very homely town and you will have to travel downtown or further inland if you want to do stuff with friends.
I first checked out the school when I was invited to the Admitted students reception that they hosted for incoming freshmen. I fell in love with the school because it was a small campus and it was easy to get from one place to another. The only thing that I didn't really like was that it is kind of secluded from other cities/towns. It used to be an old Military Base, the reason for it being secluded. Anyhow the class sizes were just right, in a way like the size of high school classes or less. You have a better opportunity to know your professors and classmates. The only class that seemed like your typical big college lecture was my Chemistry class. The library is a great place to study, get help, and meet other students. Something I would like to see change is to have more dinning food places. There are only 3 on campus places to eat, the dinning commons, The Otter Express, and Monte's. I feel like it's very limited to maybe adding more dinning places would help.
This school has been such an inspiring place ever since I started attending in 2014. I have met countless of people whom I have become close friends with. My learning here has been amazing. My school offers various programs for my major and will go above and beyond to help students with our projects. CSUMB is commited to helping their students grow academically and professionaly. They make sure to go the extra mile to help us get ready for our career.
I was attracted to California State University - Monterey Bay because of the vibe the campus presents. It is not necessary to be a student in order to feel the friendly and loving atmosphere CSUMB has to offer. Walking around campus, it is guaranteed to run into someone you may know. It is a wide spread campus, however, the interaction with other people are very close. It is a great campus to be a part of when you may be feeling a little homesick. Although, I would like CSUMB to upgrade facilities since most buildings are history from Fort Ord.
I received my bachelors degree from CSUMB in four years. It was a very beneficial school for getting my degree, there are a few things about the courses transferring else where that should be fixed. But it is an amazing school with amazing advisors and teachers.
I went to California State University Monterey Bay in fall of 2011. I went to this University so I can experience a whole new life for myself. When I got to campus, I realized that I was going to have to adapt really quickly. AT the school, there are so many people that are friendly and helpful. I have never saw that before. Where I was coming from, there were limited resources in order to aid you. This University offered everything and included a smile with it. I truly enjoyed my time at this school and would suggest as many people as possible to go there as well. I graduated from this University in spring of 2015. This school gave me all the tools necessary to succeed after graduation. It has also led me to get into graduation school at San Jose State University.
The campus is located on a former military base, which being a military veteran I enjoy. However, I am also a community college transfer student, and while I transferred over here, the majority of previous college education did not. I have found myself having to retake all courses related to my major again.
I have had a good experience so far. Csumb is very big on diversity which is nice. Everyone is welcome.
I liked the diversity seen at CSUMB. Resources and counseling was very helpful. A calmer feel. Teachers were straight forward and knew what they wanted you to learn and teaching methods were great.
Great school with wondeful teachers and students, really laid back vibe in a great area. Advising and housing could be improved but every school has its pronlems.
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Great campus that offers a large range of opportunities since it’s a smaller school. I enjoyed the campus because I like cool weather and the ocean that is close by. They also have multiple dining areas so there is always somewhere to eat
The CSUMB campus is possibly one of the great campuses I've ever seen! I can't wait to attend in the fall of 2018!
I have been attending CSUMB since Fall 2014 where I entered as a first-time freshman. CSUMB has offered me many opportunities and I have loved my time here, especially with how small it is. It isn't out of this world but it does vibe with me.
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