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The student to teacher ratio is amazing! My classes are no larger than 30 students and the professors truly care about your grades. Everything is spread out throughout the campus so there is a lot of walking.
The school is trying to be on the cutting edge but still has a lot of growth to make. It is a supportive environment in general and for dreamers. The professors care.
CSUMB promotes building community on campus and creating an inclusive environment for students. I felt part of the community and the small population helps me engage fully on campus.
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The classrooms, buildings, amenities, and activities are all pretty great. The campus is very divers in regards to student and staff population. The location is also in a beautiful setting, nestled in front of a beach.
The campus is basically a big high school, which is great because professors are able to get to know the students. The environment of the campus and the surrounding areas are amazing, with little to no pollution.
I am currently a first-year student at CSUMB. I love the campus, it is large and has many nice buildings. Each dorm has it's own bathroom and shower which is very convenient. The professors here genuinely care about their students' well-being and whether or not they pass their classes. There are many excellent educational resources, as well as extra-curricular opportunities and activities. It is located one mile from the beach and a few miles from town.
I am transferring there in the Spring, and so far the process has been easy! I was a bit worried because I was doing the process of applying on my own, but their website had step-by-step instructions which which were very helpful. The school has also kept me updated by sending me important deadlines and information via email. I have visited the campus a few times. Although, the location is beautiful and has history the actual campus is a bit dual. There are a few new buildings and parking lots, but I think the school needs improvement.
Coming from somewhere that is hot, so coming here is extremely different because it's always cold. Also you need a car because the campus is pretty secluded, yes students get free bus rides but the buses take long so I recommend a car. The professors are great, if show effort they are willing to help you. They seem like they genuinely love being professors here.
So far my experience at CSUMB is one of adjustments. I am a freshman who just started school here so I am still getting used to my surroundings. I enjoy the diversity of people they have here and the many clubs you can join to get involved. I do wish they would improve on their Greek life and live in houses to create a more sistershood or brotherhood feel.
I love how close it is to home, I get to drive there everyday and save money on housing and food. The professors in this campus are very accesible and easy to talk too, they will help you out if you ask for it. I love the weather from the area, and I'm also very grateful for the many help and guidance programs they offer.
If you are into the beach or have a strong sense of adventure, I recommend this university to you. You have this wilderness jungle-like feel when you walk outdoors of California State University Monterey Bay.
I really like it here. The staff and professors are very supportive and there is a strong community feel. While there is not a big city based around it, you won't run out of things to do, and the campus itself is beautiful. I like that you can see the ocean. The dorms are bigger than San Jose State's and smaller than Sonoma's, but each dorm gets it's own bathroom and I've always had hot water for showers. The gym on campus is rather small, but there are nice trails and a large dance room. It is a small school, so don't expect too much partying or any of the big city feel. On the other hand, driving around is always fun.
Only a sophomore and I am having the time of my life!!! Weather is perfect only if you love cold cloudy climates.
I like the support and the environment. Mostly all students are determined to succeed putting their work first before fun.
California State University Monterey Bay has been a great experience so far. I have attended the university for a year, two semesters, without any complaints. I have enjoyed all of my courses, professors, and coffee shop visits. There are plenty of areas to study and print off documents.
My experience at CSUMB has been very nice. The local stores are about a bus ride away and this College is very friendly. However, they could work on creating a better school spirit by having more sport teams.
CSUMB is a great university to feel at home. Being right by the ocean gives the school a lot of amazing opportunities for electives and activities. Courses allow you to learn the concept through the smaller class sizes and attentive professors.
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California State University Monterey Bay is turning into a very good business school. From day one, the school’s incoming freshman are taught how the world of business writes. From the beginning till you graduate, these standards are reinforce in every class. The school listens to the business community and tailor the academics to meet these demands. Upon graduation, the student enters the business way ahead of their peers from other universities. The school is ready to expand and building new buildings across the campus to meet these demands. The instructors are great, plus the setting of Monterey Bay makes learning at the university more enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this University and I am a proud 2016 graduate. The smaller classroom size really helps teachers connect one on one with their students. The teachers are always available for office hours and genuinely care about the well being of their students. This campus is up and coming and I cannot wait to see the improvements in the future!
The class settings are generally small, my smallest class was about 15 students and the largest was about 150. On average most of my classes for my major averaged to about 25 students per class. The professors really care about the students and encourage students to reach out. The campus life is not as great as most schools but I didn't mind since I tend to stick to smaller crowds. Overall, if you like small classrooms and learning this is the school for you but if you're looking for a party school then I wouldn't go to CSUMB.
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