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The overall university is a bit difficult at first when your a freshman but overtime you will develop some ideas on what is it like to be in college and learn how to handle your schedules and classes. Keep in mind that not everyone graduates on time only within 5 years.
Being a film major at CSULA is great. Out of all the schools I've been to, this is the most helpful for going down my path. The classes (for the most part) are relevant to what I want to be. Also, the professors are knowledgeable about our chosen fields and I've had some of my best professors here.

Like all colleges, however, the degree programs require some classes that aren't totally relevant to my chosen career. This isn't a CSULA specific problem, but I'd change it if I could. If I'm paying thousands of dollars for a degree in writing for TV and Film, I shouldn't have to devote some of that money to taking classes in history or biology. It makes no sense.
I'm a student athlete at Cal State LA which is a great experiences but a lot of students don't have fun in campus go to the athletes events. They just go to class then go home they don't get involve in programs. Which makes me think at times if I should attend an other university.
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I like how welcoming the staff and everyone is at this school. I love how it promotes diversity and equality! One thing I would like to see change is the organization of the school and overall appearance. The school needs new buildings and equipment. Still it's a great school that understands adversity and seeks to help minorities succeed by providing them with the tools to overcome obstacles.
It is an Excellent College. I studied in this College for my part-time MBA while I was working full-time with Kaiser Permanente IT. I wanted to improve my management skills, interested in Promotion Opportunities. As part of Tuition Reimbursement Program, I signed up for this university. College has low fee structure. has good faculty in Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing. As part of the finance class, I got knowledge about Stock Market and traded in the stock market and made some money. College also has good tie ups with business communities. As part of that I met a few graduates from the college who were doing well in business. This improved my sense of business. Even though I completed 4 courses, this is better than some of the colleges I tried to do some more courses. This university is at the top of my list for good education, low fees, ROI
I like the diversity of the students at my school and the ability for students to speak openly about what they believe in. I enjoy the friendly professors and students. what needs a change is the lack of availability of activities for students who do not have the usual afternoon schedule. some activities that should be available include those that help students relax before finals.
The variety of different programs and majors which are available to students is astonishing. The university is close to home and many students won't have to deal with the long distance of missing their families.
I love the diversity of this campus. There's always events going on and it makes you feel more independent.
I really enjoy the vibe of this university. Everyone minds their own business and the overall community is diverse. The academics are great but some teachers are not so great.
I really enjoyed the diversity. I felt like anyone could belong and fit in. All my professors were also very enthusiastic about their job.
Nice campus, neat housing, and great people! Teachers aren't all good but a lot are very helpful and friendly.
Cal State L.A is a wonderful school for people looking into an inexpensive college that will get them in and out of college with little to no dept. Though it's financially ideal, there are some things to consider beforehand. The college is great for people looking into majors like teaching or nursing, however, it is not the place for Art or Computer Science. I technically should be a junior in college but since I have only been able to take three art classes due to cancelled classes or vague class descriptions, I have fallen behind. In short, research your major beforehand and if you are undeclared, keep in mind that if your interest falls in art or computer science you might consider transferring. The campus is a bit dated but closely compact. Besides the buses that can take people to Downtown, there isn't anywhere else to go off campus. The food is okay, not really healthy and expensive at times.
In general, this is a campus you need to go to for yourself to see if it's for you.
Cal State Los Angeles is an overall decent school. I do wish during my time there that the faculty prepared students for the work field and job placements more.
CSULA is a commuting school, I recommend to get involved in organization you can. It is a great way to keep yourself connected to the school and have something to look foward to during the week!
What I liked about CSULA is it's classes. The professors are willing to help students who actually needed help on a lesson during office hours which students should take advantage of. What I wish that needs improvement are the standards for students. Some students don't take college seriously which is why there is a lower graduation rate.
I like CalStateLA and have enjoyed my experience here thus far. There is great security and the students on campus are friendly and often times keep to themselves. I love the diversity, but one thing that I would like to see change is parking. Parking is very difficult to find especially during peak hours of school, there simply isn't enough parking for everyone which I can understand but it shouldn't take over two hours to find parking. Please update this.
It is an amazing campus with a great art department. I love the layout, everything isn't scattered and their website is guided with clear information.
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I like Cal State LA due to its commitment of high quality work and one-to-one attention from professors. It was a great experience as a grad student.
very small campus. the school itself is good for engineering at a cheap cost. other than that there is really nothing to do. not an ideal college experience i'd say. i would very much prefer going to a uc or private school other than cal state.
I enjoyed the hands on experience provided through extracurricular activities within the mechanical engineering department. In particular I enjoyed being a part of the Formula SAE team, Golden Eagle Motorsports. Through this team we participated in a collegiate design series where we competed against universities from around the world to show that we can apply what we learn in our classes.
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