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The staff members in each department are not helpful and there isn’t any healthy food choices. Tuition is increasing but there are no improvements being made in the school.
So far every one has been helpful and supportive being my first year at this campus. Especially the professor are very helpful with it comes to not understanding a concept, they are will to go the extra mile for their students and help them be successful. Also, the academic advisor help their students stay on track with their courses and making sure they graduate on time which makes me feel like they do actually care about the students. The campus has a beautiful view towards the mountains, every time when I come out of class I always look towards that direction and embrace it.
California State University- Los Angeles has been great so far the professors are great and actually care for the students. There is an endless amount of resources on campus for all of the students to use like the writing center, the cross cultural center, the tutoring center and lots more. One thing that I would like to see a change of is the offering of more classes during the summer time so people like myself who are in the tougher majors like biology or biochemistry that require a great amount of credits are able to get classes done so we also graduate in four years instead of five.
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Cal State LA is a great college that helps students in every way possible. The professors and students are open minded to many ideas that people might bring to campus. The school helps the community and students to achieve their goal.
California state university Los Angeles is a good school for those seeking a high level of education. the
The theater department I am in is great for introducing students into the industry. Our faculty is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the film, theater, stagecraft, and other sides of these industries.
Lots of places to eat and the library is awesome! There are so many resources and places to study. Parking is a little tough, but what college doesn't have parking issues? Overall great campus!
Cal State University Los Angeles is a diverse college that helps students academically progress and is willing to help students find equal opportunities.
The professors that I have had throughout my college experience have all great. They want to see you succeed and get a great learning experience. Although it is a commuter school I have made some great friends here.
My experience at CSULA was the BEST! It is a very diverse campus and friendly environment. However, one of the things I would like for the university to improve on is in the area of athletics. The school lacks spirit in this area and there are not that many sports offered here.
I have been a student at Cal State Los Angeles for a little less than four years and the environment is fantastic. Cal State LA feels like a home away from home. I would like to see improvements in the lack of parking spaces but other than that, CSULA is a great place to be at.
Cal state LA is a great school in terms of academics, but it lacks school spirit, and a sense of community between the students.
I used to attend this school until I transferred to an art school that really cares about it's students. I personally didn't have the best experience attending this school. I'm happy that i decided to transfer to a school that I love in every single way.
I currently got into their Master's program in communication disorders and attend their post-baccalaureate certificate program. They have great professors that not only teach but actually take the time to know their students. Another great feature of the university is that the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) training facility is on campus, so you just never know who you may encounter.
Cal State LA is a very diverse campus in a not so safe area (East L.A.)
Most professors genuinely care for their students.
The healthiest campus food we have available is Pollo Loco which isn't the best other than that we have Carl's Jr., Sbarro and other unhealthy options.
Overall, Cal State LA (CSULA) is a very excellent university to study for either your undergraduate or graduate years. I find that CSULA is very safety-conscious, maintains an excellent campus environment and student life, and hires very impressive and motivated professors who instill knowledge and their own passions into the students they teach. However, if there are two aspects that I would like to see CSULA improve on, they would be the local area and campus food. I would appreciate it if there were interesting activities to participate in in the local area and if there was a much bigger variety of healthy food choices aside from the food trucks and the food court. However, I find Cal State LA to be an overall spectacular university to study at, and I would recommend it to any graduate or undergraduate!
Cal State LA is such a great option for students who want a good education, but are concerned about student debt. CSULA truly has some of the best curriculum for most of its majors; it is comparable to top UC's without having to pay double for tuition. There is an abundance of study areas and campus resources for each major. Sciences, Engineering and Business majors have amazing supplemental programs for every student need. CSULA is a commuter school, so it definitely lacks that lively campus life that other universities with better housing have. Food at CSULA is one of its biggest drawbacks; more variety as well as healthy options are needed.
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when I went it was a great tour. The people working in the gift stores were really kind and helpful.
I like how the classes can be changed easily. But the downside was in getting your financial aid the line takes too long and the people working there makes so much mistakes that it is hard for them to keep up.
My experience at Cal State LA has been very positive. Along the way not only has my knowledge been enriched but also my social skill through the diverse classmates and professors I’ve met. Cal State LA is a welcoming campus where students get some of the best learning experiences. Personally I’ve had great professors who make the experience a positive one and rewarding at that.
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