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California State University - Los Angeles Reviews

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Applied there and this fall I am going to that school as a transfer student. Overall, I enjoy the place. The school is kept cleaned and people and staff are always kind and friendly. There are a lot of resources like a career office that helps you find a job in what major you are aiming for. Financial help, which helps you find scholarships, loans and so forth. There are a lot of food stores inside the campus, so you wouldn't go hungry, Plus going there is easy by many buses going there.
Overall my experience at CSULA has been great. I have met so many great people throughout my time here and I am grateful. The professors are top quality they ensure that you understand the material and are available to meet with during office hours.
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There are plenty of opportunities if you’re willing to go after them. My only desire for this school is that it would have more “green spaces” to liven up the place.
Cal State LA is an awesome school. I graduated from the Kinesiology department and every single faculty member was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. My classmates were like family. The program really emphasized the importance of working together with others. The school overall was great. The annex computer lab is open 24/7 for students who need to study or print out assignments.
Best school for students who also work. Best known as the student commuter school. Cal State LA has a lot of good professors, but of course just because it is not a prestige school, does not mean this isn't a good one. Like anything in life you have to put in work in order to get the best out of things.
My first impression of California State University Los Angeles is that the campus is clean. The students and professors are glad to help out people who have difficulties. The laboratory organization replied to the email quickly. There are plethora outside resources on the hallway. This helps students easier to find this helpful resources.
Had a great time! Great English department. Shoutout to Professor Calabrese!! Awesome organizations like Surge and Hermanas Unidas. I loved all the freebies that the school gives out!!
The campus is great it is a bit small, but it is still very unique in it's landscape. The teachers are good to they really try to help you understand the material and are almost always reachable outside of class. This school as a whole does push you to graduate in four years and provides the assistance that it is needed.
California State University is a school filled with diverse students and professors. All my professors have been excellent teachers and mentors. I am glad to be a Golden Eagle student.
I appreciate that CSULA keeps up with all of the current technology and uses that to aid students in research, class registration, and entertainment.
The U-Pass is really convenient for those who commute on the bus to school, really helps. Although I am not affected by this situation I would like to see more parking added since it can get full on certain times making other students late for their academics. The professors are nice and want to help you succeed which is why they recommend to go to office hours for additional help. Being that the campus is not too bug helps when your next class is somewhat far from the other. I would like to see more clubs advertise so more students can join. All I have really seen at times are fraternities and sororities, which there are not many of. Overall, this university has much to offer and I appreciate how they keep trying to make things better for their students.
My mom attended that school when I was 9. She was able to complete school while working. The quarter system worked out perfectly for our family. Cal State LA was a great fit my mom and my family.
I love CSULA! I think this is one of the best universities out there. The professors really care for you, and care on succeeding.
Cal state la is an awesome school because of how commuter friendly it is. A school that offers a lot of commuting services, to me seems like a good school. Not only is the commuting great at Cal State La but the professors are excellent. I really enjoyed my first year here at Cal State La.
I am a student of CSU LA through the CalStateTEACH program. The program is perfect for teachers who are already currently in a full-time position with a private school and looking to complete their teaching credential. They have highly flexible and supportive staff and faculty. I would highly recommend this program for aspiring educators.
The construction being done to expand the parking structures will help more students with being able to find parking in an adequate time. The new LAFC stadium has brought the morale of the campus up.
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excellent school, great professors, good location great technology
excellent school, great professors, good location great technology
excellent school, great professors, good location great technology
I enjoy cal state la because it feels like a family ! I am involved with the track and cross country team and they have made me feel very welcome ! I have made so many new friends in just the little time that I have been there. It is in a great area, right in the middle of La and you will never be without something to do! I would recommend everyone looking for a friendly campus to look into cal state la!
I like the campus! And the faculty I have had a chance to interact with has been great! I really love that they offer a veggie option at events, it makes me feel included.
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