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What I liked about CSULA is it's classes. The professors are willing to help students who actually needed help on a lesson during office hours which students should take advantage of. What I wish that needs improvement are the standards for students. Some students don't take college seriously which is why there is a lower graduation rate.
I like CalStateLA and have enjoyed my experience here thus far. There is great security and the students on campus are friendly and often times keep to themselves. I love the diversity, but one thing that I would like to see change is parking. Parking is very difficult to find especially during peak hours of school, there simply isn't enough parking for everyone which I can understand but it shouldn't take over two hours to find parking. Please update this.
It is an amazing campus with a great art department. I love the layout, everything isn't scattered and their website is guided with clear information.
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I like Cal State LA due to its commitment of high quality work and one-to-one attention from professors. It was a great experience as a grad student.
very small campus. the school itself is good for engineering at a cheap cost. other than that there is really nothing to do. not an ideal college experience i'd say. i would very much prefer going to a uc or private school other than cal state.
I enjoyed the hands on experience provided through extracurricular activities within the mechanical engineering department. In particular I enjoyed being a part of the Formula SAE team, Golden Eagle Motorsports. Through this team we participated in a collegiate design series where we competed against universities from around the world to show that we can apply what we learn in our classes.
Parking is a disaster, I have to get to school an hour before my first class or I will unfortunately find no parking.
Excellent school, with some amazing faculty. I was hesitant when accepting admission from the school but once I entered and started my courses, I had the privilege of training under an amazing composer and other professors.
I like how the school presents a multitude of opportunities for students to access. Professors and faculty are always willing to help students.
Very nice school and really engaging!
I would want people to realize the school integrity within the community.
The campus was just the right size with everything I needed on campus. The new buildings and remodeling look great. Plenty of study space and resources to take advantage of. Only down side is parking but that will soon change with the parking lot upgrade.
This campus is very diverse. Everyday you always see different people and most of the instructors all care for their students, both grade wise and mental wise.
All of the instructors that I've had since I started at Cal State LA have all impacted me in some kind of way, making my experience at Cal State LA unforgettable!
What I love about Cal State LA is their supportive environment and the diversity on campus. There is so much diversity that we learn something new everyday. One thing I would like to see a change in is having more special guests on campus to motivate students even further.
As a student who has just transferred here change can be overwhelming. Not only did it take me so long to here, I took 5 years off from school and had to essentially start over . Now I am here at a new school, taking harder classes and paying a lot more than community college, it is a bit stressful. However the staff and students who are dedicated to be involved with the school has helped made the transition less stressful. This school provides the resources that I never thought i could get to achieve my goal in graduating
I enjoy the supportive staff, and the challenging courses. I would add more advisors to the History department
California State University of Los Angeles needs lots of changes. Starting with parking and how overcrowded it gets in the halls. They need to build more structures that have parking available. I really love that they have a metro station near by.
California State University-Los Angeles is a great school, it offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The professors are very educated and know what they are teaching; their syllabus are to the point. The campus has a great bookstore and offers several of restaurants like Pollo Loco, Carl's Jr, Juice it up, etc. The campus also has a variety of clubs and concert and theater events. And next to the campus are the dorm rooms.
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As an incoming transfer student I had some doubts. However these past two weeks here have erased an doubt in my mind. The campus is super diverse and all the students here are eager to learn. It is very lively with tons of stuff going on all over campus and the professors engage with the students in a way that makes me more and more proud of my major every day. Although it is a commuter school there is no left out feeling of the college experience.
I have been linked to Cal State LA thanks to their awesome MESA programs. My school has been a part of their events which has given students the opportunity to explore their curiosity through the STEM fields. It has truly been a wonderful experience to be a participant.
Cal State LA is an excellent school and provides its students with a map and means to future goals and careers. whether that is through internships or simply financial support they will get the job done!
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