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California State University - Los Angeles Reviews

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It’s a very nice and clean campus. You can go and get the work done. Professors are great and understanding. The school spirt is down but that can improve.
The campus overall is nice. However, the enrollment tends to be a problem as there are more students being enrolled than there are seats for classes so many get waitlisted.
So far, it has felt like home and I've been very happy here. There is a lot of things on campus to stay busy and there are many resources to get things (assignments and such) done in a timely manner
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Campus has good diversity, a few things I would like to see changed is better professors for Computer Science courses
I love Cal State LA! Cal State La gives many opportunities for low income students. Their tuition is more affordable than most California universities. It is a commuter school, so you do get to meet many people from all over the greater Los Angeles area. It is also a very diverse community.
Cal State is a great school to attend. There are various activities students can engage in to help make their time at school more enjoyable. The school is great at offering students support both academically and mentally. Students are able to take a break from all the stress and go to the free gym or also take a nap in the pods. Professors strive to make students understand the fundamentals of the course.
My experience at California State University, Los Angeles has been great, overall. As a senior I have learned that there is a student life on campus and it is very easy to get around, but the only thing that I feel lacks would be school spirit. As there are sports on campus, no one really hears about the games unless you know people in the sport teams. Also, I feel like the school should make the students be more involved and give more opportunities to their students.
I had a very good experience at this school. This school is the most affordable of the area, and the quality of teaching was great !
I like that CSULA is a very diverse campus with a wide range of students in all different types of backgrounds and experiences that makes the college experience more unique by giving each student a different perspective of how we see the world. The feel of the campus allows you to be the change you want to see in the world.
I love everything about CSULA! Tuition is not too expensive and they off so many great programs. Not only do they offer programs, but they offer student activities as well. There are so many clubs you can join, or you can even make one too. Everyone is so nice and friendly. All of my teachers are understanding. It really is the best school to me.
California State University, Los Angeles is very much so a commuter school. I definitely did not get the whole college experience by attending this school. However, more than half of my professors were very helpful and knowledgeable and overall were great teachers. There is not a very big student life on campus therefore I did not make many social connections.
Great amount of resources to help students succeed. Would like to have more food options across campus.
I recently transferred to Cal State LA and so far my experience has been so amazing I feel so involved. I am a very shy person so the fact that I feel so welcomed and apart of something gives me such satisfaction. Though the school is outdated in most of its buildings I still find it really enjoyable to go to class and even hang out in the library. The library has become my safe haven in school and I love it so much.
The campus is very considerate of people with disabilities. They have programs for them, DREAMERS, and first-generation college students. A very inclusive college and you always feel belonged to.
The overall social environment is dull and lacks life. However, the school does provide many resources to help students of all backgrounds and identities.
I've been at CSULA for 2 years. All of the professors I've had have been extremely kind and willing to put in extra time and effort to learn how they can teach the subject better. Depending on your major, the school will also email you about events hosted by organizations or companies that are looking to hire people for internships or part-time jobs.
Since attending cal state La I’ve loved every single thing. I love how it feels like a home away from home. It allows you to get out of your shell and learn about yourself while being taught by amazing professors.
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Professors are very approachable and professional. The campus isn't huge so finding your classes is never a problem.
I am proud to say that I attended Cal State LA for all of my 4 years. Just like any young teen fresh out of high school, I didn’t know what to expect or feel about attending a 4 year university. Thankfully, Cal State LA gave me the confidence I needed to make myself feel at home. They offer great advisors in the Business & Economics department. They have a great Roadmap that keeps you in check to graduate in time. The library offers resources such as textbooks you can borrow for 2 hrs, computer labs in every floor, and self study cubicles. The campus is relatively small, but In my opinion I found it to be the best part about it. The professors are very dedicated as well, or at least the ones I had at the Business & Economics department. The athletics weren’t really big since the school is a considered a commuter campus. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at California State University Los Angeles because it help me stay focus and grow into the young man I’m becoming.
So far, it's going pretty well. I'm always excited to learn something new every day and challenge myself to carrier on with the course work. Everyone is friendly. I would love to see better classrooms.
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