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I love CSULB. The campus is huge and accessible to many different people. I love how diverse the campus is. I enjoy most of my professors, but some of the professors do not wish to connect with students.
I love to be a student at California State University of Long Beach because they have wonderful program. Their campus are very nice. They done many projects due to upgrades Student Life and help them to have better student experiences.
It is only my first year at this school but the activities and professors helped me feel at home. It can be tough moving on to college after high school but this school is overall friendly and welcoming, I love being a part of this school.
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It is the end of my first year here at California State University of Long Beach. So far I am not disappointed and it is the best college choice I could have taken. The environment is very welcoming and diverse, the amount of safety that I feel around campus is definitely worth it. All the issues I worried about like making friends or being scared of a new college environment went away on the first day of orientation. All of the soar leaders are very welcoming and gave us a sense of comfort for this school. I will definitely influence my little brother and his younger friends to choose this school!
My first year at CSULB has been great, the school has so much to offer and has made my first year manageable. There is free tutoring which is such a privilege to have especially when trying to study for exams and the professors are all very helpful with office hours and being understanding. The environment of the campus is very inviting and the broad diversity really allows you to meet new people and experience more. There is a lot to do around the campus as well and which makes you want to be around the campus.
This college provided me with many resources for success, as well as guided me to the decision to get my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I would love to see change with some of the older professors that are not accommodating to students in the way they teach.
The rigorous nursing program and supportive faculty prepared me to not only pass my NCLEX but to be successful as an RN.
i like the diversity that there is with students . The students are nice and caring, everyone gets along with one another .
As an out of state transfer student I felt that advisors were not properly trained to deal with me and my out of state credits otherwise ive had a positive experience
This university is HUGE. Very beautiful campus with lots of trees and it's right near the ocean. I love the Big blue pyramid they use to play sports.
What I appreciate most about the college are the resources available to help you succeed. I do wish the cost wasn't so pricey and that there were more professors so that students aren't being crammed into a small room.
If you already know the direction you are going this is a nice school to attend with some resources. However, I am not sure how experience is for someone younger or newer to the university system.
The campus is beyond beautiful and overall I enjoy the atmosphere. The classes aren't super duper big and it's very diverse. I fall in love more and more every time I step on campus.
I'm an animation major so I really like the fact that CSULB has a great art program and also has an on campus art store for students to buy their materials. There are many great teachers and friendly students but applying for classes is a hassle since everyone is trying to apply for their classes. I really wish there were more options when choosing your schedule because there are huge gaps in between my classes. But overall the school is great. :)
Campus offers a lot of services of support, from health services, mental health, physical well being and of course academic. Going to campus is not to only limited to obtain academic knowledge, but also gives a great opportunity to network and develop healthy habits (exercise and eat healthy).
I enjoyed my time at Cal State Long Beach. It was a more than a school, it was a community. The only thing I would like to see improvement in, is the career preparedness. I graduated with no clue what I was going to do next.
CSULB is a very nice campus! I mostly like that they are committed to environmental issues because they provide different trashes so we can sort and recycle our trash. Also, they put a lot of emphasis on diversity by celebrating foreign cultural events... Professors are always happy to help clarify something and help us succeed. Finally, there are a cinema, gym, food courts and other cool stuff on campus.
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The campus is not what i expected, nor the professors, the high level of education is remarkable. The programs provided helped me out tremendously throughout my time at CSLB. I do recommend joining the university, creating memories despite the stress is one to strive for.
I am a newly enrolled graduate student. It is a very beautiful campus and very big. For new student, more campus directories would be helpful, as it can be very confusing and overwhelming to navigate around campus.
An experience to remember. Came in as a transfer student and immediately did what I could to take advantage of all the resources the University had to offer. Joined campus organizations, went to athletic events, partied, pulled all-nighters and explored the city. Going to Long Beach State I knew I was going to make the most of it and it didn't disappoint.
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