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First of all . There are set backs on the school's online curriculum. Many professors and some student aids are not as tech savvy to utilize zoom and other school based site meant to regularly update assignments ,lectures , student work etc. However, there's continues to be strong connections within the community as each instructor so far has gone out of their way to help any and all student's when possible and the student online community is filled with overwhelming unity to help one another and inspire us all to continue our education. The university also tries to fill in the gaps between unresponsive website schedules by introducing interactive events that correlate nicely for a good portion of courses. These event's grant opportunities for transfer and new student to connect with others facing similar challenges and brings solidary during the current pandemic.
Top notch educators and every class has been filled with the atmosphere of respect between instructors and students. To say that the campus is an open pot filled with enriched experiences and knowledge is an absolute understatement. You can't go wrong with the best university by the coast.
I have really enjoyed my experience at CSULB. I have made friends and enjoy the friendly and hardworking staff. The only downside this year is not being able to do things in person, but no one has control over that.
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I think most of my professors handled the online learning situation quite well, however there were 1-2 who didn't take wifi issues, power outages, etc into consideration, but overall it has been easier.
Professors are kind, caring, and accommodating. The atmosphere is friendly and there is an abundance of resources on campus. The only issue is that there are almost too many students that it's hard to get the individual attention you may require and it's hard to find parking.
Most professors adapted quickly but a few had issues which is understandable given the circumstances but some were not understanding of the problems the students have.
I like the campus, I like how they have enough funds or students getting grants all year long (Spring, summer, fall, winter) There are great clubs and organization such as the Trio support center. They plan spring break to go away for students. All free. Academic, in the psychology and sociology department they have great professors. I believe they have great professors in the other majors too. Every time I need a computer there is always a computer. If you have to wait during the busy hours it would be 15 minutes wait or less. I know of 3 computer labs that were always to the service of students. There is more than that I am pretty sure just that these were good so I did not look around for more.
There is a lot of work on-line. All the material that needed to be learned is recorded online. You could access it as many times as you like. The teacher will announce and have emailed all students on the platform for any meet-ups in person. The syllabus was accurate in planning out of semester regarding lectures, tests, meet-ups, and projects. Students can see their grades and assignments due date and any missing assignments.
I only have experience through online learning, but so far my professors have all been very good with the change. I only have an issue with academic advisors. I have been given conflicting information and they are unclear on the requirements for certain things.
I have taken all of my classes online so far and the professors I have had seem pretty good at handling it.
Teachers in the education program have been amazing during this time! They really care about their students and that is extremely refreshing.
CSULB is a beautiful campus. All the teachers I had while going here have been amazing and incredible accommodating (especially during remote learning).
Taking classes online has been hard, but professors are very supportive and understanding during this time. They are very helpful and explain everything very well.
I will be starting my first semester at CSULB this month, but so far all the staff has been very welcoming and helpful, so I am excited to start.
The experience is expected because the classes were online, and there was not much interactions between other students unless we had to do a project together. None the less there were some teachers who did their best to make the class enjoyable, professor Bright is an example of a professor who puts their all in class despite the class being onljne.
The learning experience online was not too bad, I just needed go have my time spaced well. Though, it would become a burden on the eyes to stare at the screen for 9 hours plus because most of my classes were reading intensive.
Long Beach State is amazing for local students and students across the globe. It has a huge student population but has a small community feel. The networking connections students are exposed to throughout their courses offer many opportunities in college and after graduation. Long Beach State is a great place to be!
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Learning online has been an adjustment to professors and students. Since the pandemic, professors have had to adapt to a different way of teaching and students have had to adapt to a different way of learning. It has been a struggle for both ends. At Long Beach State, many support groups have been put in place to aid students in the transition from in-person classes to online learning. From my experience throughout the pandemic, professors and faculty have been understanding and supportive about the hardships of learning under unusual conditions.
As a Freshman , I had all my courses online. Most of my classes were synchronous which really helped me because I got to know my professors on zoom meetings. All my professors were responsible and helpful to the point that I didn’t have to be figuring out what I had to do because they would discuss about the assignments in our class meetings.
This school is very accepting of everyone’s identity and has great professors. It provides many resources students can use such as transportation, tutoring ,counseling ,etc.
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