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California State University - Long Beach Reviews

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I enjoy going to Long Beach being a Long Beach Native.
It is one of the best Universities in the area and I believe you will get the best bang for your buck! It is a highly impacted University making it pretty difficult t get in depending on what your major is.
CSULB is a commuter school - with that being said, you don't really feel like you get a real student life experience (even if you are not a commuter). The dorms are not as nice or large, but the social scene is pretty active nonetheless.
I like how diverse and the many opportunities available on campus. There is something for every interest anyone may have. The students are nice and accepting. Professors are there and will help if you are willing to put in the work. The school has many different places to hang out and get work done.
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I do not believe that anything needs to change, as the school is very well organized and is always working on improving its facilities. In fact, it can become easy to forget that there are many resources.
My experience at Cal State Long Beach has been nothing short of amazing! Everything from the food, the diversity, to the scenery is great! Life at the beach is truly better! #GoBeach
Great students and teachers! Facilities could use a little updating, but everything else is great! Professors are very understanding and welcome one on one time with students. Campus support is amazing!
I liked having many different classes to choose from but I would also like a better feel of the college experience.
As a freshman, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at CSULB. They have offered me many opportunities and provide me with the resources to succeed.
While attending CSULB, it was very challenging, but the support from other students and teachers help me with my success today. Once you leave Cal- State Long Beach, you will cherish what you learn forever.
CSULB is a great place to attend if one is looking for diversity and the college experience. There are a multitude of clubs and fraternities one can join such as Sigma Alpha Iota, salsa club, swing dance club, and the pharmacy club. The students are very kind and the professors will always make time for students if they need help. If one needs a break from studying or just being on campus one can visit 2nd street, Downtown Long Beach, Disneyland, or a museum in Downtown L.A.
I would like to see more NCAA sports tryouts. The professors on campus lecture well and give you help when needed. From my dorming experience, I would consider having a decent time. I personally enjoyed the food in the dining halls, since there was something new to eat everyday.
Great professors and counselors that will direct you towards the ideal career for you. Long Beach State has a lot diversity and opens you to different cultures.
Within the three years that I have been there, I have had a majority of great professors that are always easy to reach out to and willing to help. The campus has a variety of resources for the students such as advising, workshops, and tutoring available. The shuttle transportation which is free to students is a great way to use shared transportation on campus and off campus. The only thing I would liked to change is necessary campus improvement such as the bathrooms and classrooms rather than the outer appearance of the campus. Parking can also be improved since there are limited spots and great traffic during the school day.
CSULB was one of the top Cal State and I was fortunate to graduated from this school. It has a lot of resources and great facilities that willing to go above and beyond their duty and guide the student to the right path. Everyone there is willing to help as long you seek for guidance. They have many clubs that is good to join or using the recreation center where you can build a memorable college life.
I currently attend CSULB, and it is a great school. There are plenty of resources available to students, the professors are willing to help and really want you to succeed.
I would say that my first year at CSULB was rather different than I had anticipated. Your professors can range from dull and boring, to exciting and interacting, which I was lucky to have the latter. I did have some academic challenges along the way and was required to meet with my advisor. Instead of helping and trying to get me on the right path, I ended feeling judged and having to do things by myself.

Overall, I think my experience at CSULB would have been better if my advisor would've been more helpful, I mean that's what their job is right? To help and ADVISE students.
I really enjoy studying at CSULB. Many of my professors are really passionate about what they are doing. They motivate and push us forward. The curriculum is very good, there are a lot of classes to choose from.
The campus is huge and beautiful. However, many of the facilities are old and need repair. For example, art buildings lack in air conditioners. Sometimes it is impossible to find a parking place.
On-campus housing is nearly terrible. Small rooms, no air conditioners, very unhealthy food, permanently broken washing machines, etc.
There are lots of on-campus clubs and organizations, but very few of them are worth participation.
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I love the interaction they have among students. They care for students and they try their best to get what students want in life.
CSULB is a university that prides itself with great education for a good price. The diverse groups of people in campus allows for varied perspectives to further expand one's knowledge and understanding of different issues at hand. Overall, a great low-cost university for quality education.
This is a A1 school and it has a lot of benefits. The campus life is amazing everyone is very friendly and nice. The campus is really big. There are a lot of people that go to this school. I love it I love it I love it
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