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I like the environment of Cal-State Long Beach. All of the professors I've had so far are very dedicated in helping their students actually learn the content they are teaching. I only thing that I wish were better are some of the clubs at school. Some are posted on the website, but no one does anything in them.
California State University-Long Beach is a great campus for those considering attending. The community is friendly and the education you receive here is top notch. I would recommend attending this university.
California State University, Long Beach has been my home for the last three years. I moved to Long Beach from my home town and the moment I set foot on campus I knew it was where I was meant to be. The campus community is so welcoming and accepting. The professors' number one priority is helping their students achieve their potential. From the clubs to the rec center to the beach down the street, everything about Cal State Long Beach is phenomenal.
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To be honest, I really enjoy how diversity of the universe and what challenging courses the university has to offer. Although it is a commute school, there are multiple ways students can be involved and interactive with each other. I've grown in a lot of ways here. I've learned to gain more independence and confidence with the great mindset skills the school has helped me utilized.
Long Beach is one giant playground located right in the heart of Southern California. Here you can experience it all from a deep sea adventure at the Aquarium of the Pacific right on the bay and a voyage in time aboard the historic Queen Mary to lively guided tours through downtown and the colorful East Village.
There’s a lot of diversity among the students and professors. The professors try their hardest to make sure you pass, plus most of the time their office hours are really good. The campus itself is big and it’s very nice and clean.
Biology department is wonderful. You will learn a lot, but more importantly, gain as many skills as you can and learn to utilize your resources.
I love how devoted the professors and staff are to helping each student succeed. There are lots of resources and opportunities available to create a more interesting and exciting path to learning.
I loved my undergrad experience. I am going back for my MSW. It was my number one choice. All my professors were amazing and supportive. My favorite classes were those in the CDFS department because it was something that could be applied to life. I also enjoyed that I was able to attend classes twice a week and work the rest of the week. CSULB was very convenient because it was close to home. Although, one thing I didn't like was that it was hard to find parking despite how expensive their parking pass is. Creating more parking structures would be ideal.
Long beach is a great area. The school is safe and the campus is beautiful with trees and a nice scenery.
CSULB is an excellent school! I majored in biology. There is a brand new science building with excellent labs. I was part of the Greek system, which is large and very well run.
I haven't had the chance to visit the school yet, however i have heard wonderful things about it, and I plan on attending this fall.
I loved the campus! It had every resource you could need. I also had really great professors who all cared about my success. It's also in a great area with a short drive to the beach.
Long beach was okay not really cool. education sucks badly. just kidding it's alright. Yet they could do better. I think community college is better.
I really love the campus and the diversity it has. I also really like that there are many things to do and places to go in the neighborhood.
This is my first year at CSULB and I like the campus a lot as well as the academics here. The local area has a lot of things to do and places to visit that students can enjoy during weekends and free time. The campus is really pretty, especially with the Walter Pyramid and the Japanese Garden.
The best part about cal state long beach is that you have everything so close to you that it is like you never really left for college, everything you need could be found around the campus and their are people who can help you out.
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As a commuter student I find that public transportation is lacking. Better public transportation to Orange County is a must
Long Beach has amazing professors! I have never had one I did not like! The campus is gorgeous and extremely easy to navigate. There are tons of clubs to join, an amazing student wellness center, and fun athletic games to watch! Long Beach really made my undergrad experience a lot of fun and it helped me learn a lot about my major! I am extremely happy with my choice to attend California State University Long Beach!
The environment is insane! There is so much diversity and opportunities offered at Cal State Long Beach. Going into college I didn’t think I’d be ready but now having finished one semester I feel like I can do anything!
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