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It was very nice visiting the school it really opened my eyes to where I see myself in life. I hope that one day I can play for their rugby team.
This is my first semester at CSULB. I am a theater major and the school as a whole is very beautiful however, the student parking is a real struggle. All parking lots are about a 15-20 minute walk from the academic buildings for the most part. Shuttles are offered and a huge help but are sometimes unreliable due to the buses being full and unannounced 15 minute breaks for the drivers. Commuters should arrive at least 45 minutes or more before class time to ensure you arrive to the main campus without rushing. It is a beautiful campus with plenty of events going on everyday for the student body. As far as academics, for the theater department, unless you are an actor, there is little support. Professors keep getting cut, retiring and classes are cut out like they never existed if enrollment is not at a certain level, and there are not enough sections for classes unless it's acting. It's a beautiful campus but so's questionable how much independent study I might have to do.
The placeis so amazing like OMG! Like i so love the scsnery like I hav e a boyfriend and hes a proffessor and he gives me that A like OMG! I am so not using him for that A i swear. I am a 22 year old gitl and my proffessor is 40 but I still love him.
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I love how diverse this community is. I feel so much safer here. It’s a lot a walking since the campus is huge, but it’s great exercise.
Cal state Long Beach is a divorced school which I like because it's also near my home and it has great architecture like the pyramid. Long beach is a nice environment and I wish to follow my cousins foot steps by attending there.
I enjoy the diverse community at CSULB. It brings more culture and with that, a sense of identity. I can connect with not only my fellow classmates, but the professors and faculty. It makes the environment overall, more enjoyable. Being that I am bi-racial, I feel much more comfortable and welcomed.
Love this campus. It is beautiful, theres plenty of different places to study, and the basketball games are super fun!
Redesign the CHEM 111B course. There are courses that are designed in such a way that it is nearly impossible to pass. Many students fully understand the concepts and how to do the work, however still fail due to how the exams are set up as well as how the course grading is set up.
It is now my 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach, and without a doubt, my experience here has been nothing short of extraordinary. It's crazy to think about the wonderful people I've met, professors I've learned under, exams I stayed up all night for, and the subsequent naps I've taken on the grass by the Mcintosh Building. I fell in love with the campus as soon as I saw it, and to think it's only getting better and newer!
All the people at the University are very kind and helpful, and I love the professor and the teaching system in long beach. I'm in Graphic Design major and every class is so helpful. Overall, my skill have improved a lot.
CSULB has a beautiful campus with a diverse student body and passionate professors, who have a genuine concern for their students. The campus also has great resources, in which students are encouraged to participate in. CSULB is also known for their athletics team and strong student government involvement. CSULB is a great place to attend for a good college experience and return on investment.
Cal State Long Beach is a nice clean campus and is great experience to be living on campus and get a feel of the college life.
I love the BEACH! I have been offered some incredible opportunities like being in the university honors program which enables me to have priority registration, as well as having FREE resources at my disposal like tutoring services. Great place to be and GO BEACH!!!
My sister has had great opportunities as a student here. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalallalalallalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal
CSULB is the most diverse college out there. I believe it was ranked #3 in the nation. The imstitution is continually improving and growing and providing its students the most advanced technology and equipment for learning. The faculty, staff, and students create a welcoming, fun, and interactive learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Tuition is affordable and the campus is surrounded by many different recreational activities, such as the beach, shopping malls, and parks. Safety at CSULB is top notch. I especially appreciate the timely notice warnings. If there is anything remotely suspicious on or around campus, you get an email with every known detail about that occurrence and are advised to be aware. I am proud to be an alumni from CSULB. The only thing I would change is increasing parking availability.
I would like to see more school activities during the day. Some people commute so it’s hard to go back and use that much gas.
I am a transfer student to CSULB. First I was a Child Development and Family Studies major. This program is geared towards people who want to be preschool teachers. Being someone who has a goal to become a social worker this program wasn’t the right fit. In my first year at CSULB the teachers taught me little new information. Once I changed my major to Family Life Education, which is geared more towards families as a whole, I became happier. The campus is gorgeous. There are countless clubs to join. I have been a part of three; Queers and Allies, Kappa Omicron Nu, and CSULB Club Cheer. While at CSULB I studied abroad in England. There are countless different study abroad programs here. There is a need for more parking. They have tried to reduce this problem by offering off campus parking for a cheaper cost with free shuttles to campus. CSULB is a large campus, but don't be intimidated by this. Once you find your niche at CSULB it will be like your home away from home.
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My experience at CSULB is awesome. This is my fist semester since i just transfer and it's been good. All my professor are very caring and welcoming. CSULB has good food options.
I love that this school is inclusive of everyone. We have many disability programs and are very LGBTQ+ friendly; anyone is welcome here. I also love my major because the teachers are helpful and personable, and that the students actually care about the work they are doing. This is a great school with dedicated students and teachers and I don't know anyone who has given it a bad review!
CSULB is a great school and offers a wide range of academic majors to pursue. I do wish there was better counseling and guidance, to make sure you are on track to graduate in 4 years.
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