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California State University - Long Beach Reviews

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Cal State Long Beach, is a very good environment to be a part of. The campus is full of friendly people. This college is very good for it provides many degrees in which someone might be interested. For example, it provides my dream major, International business and their program is really good. Not to mention, their campus is really pretty. It motivates people to come to school on their assigned days. Also, the campus provided many extra curricular activities for the students to be a part of. Overall, Cal state Long Beach is such a very nice college and I definitely encourage students to attend this school.
This school gives you a great scholastic environment for the cost you pay. I would say take advantage of the connections you make there; e.g. faculty and other students. The best advice I can give is look into the industry you'd like you work in and try to do shadowing or internships as much as you can.
Living by the beach is always a plus!
Very love man school it can make me smarter then a samrt person. or even infect my bro and his x box loving but
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Long beach state is an amazing school with very diverse campus. The environment at the school was always full of life. Education is superb.
The diversity at Cal State Long Beach is exquisite. The professors are very hands on and truly care about each and everyone of their students.I wouldn’t change nothing about my school.
I love California State University, Long Beach. The campus is huge, very beautiful and looks like a garden. The campus has many restaurants and coffee shops where you can relax and spend your break time at.
CSULB was a great campus in regards to feeling that you were supported along your undergraduate or graduate journey. There was an abundance of resources for students, from faculty's open door policy to having tutors helping with any subject. There was great diversity in what the campus offered, a health center with free screenings, free basketball games for students, and a state of the art recreation center that housed rock climbing, exercise machines, and a indoor track on the second floor! CSULB blew me away while I was a student there, and it made me feel like my second home. I am looking forward to be going back to graduate school at The Beach!
Very nice campus with some great professors. The gym has a Rock Wall and there are plenty of spots on campus to spend time between classes. There also are a lot of resources that students can use to get help if they need it.
It's a very diverse and inclusive university! You'll meet students from all around the world which is very eye opening. The campus is quite large as well so it takes so getting used to. CSULB is a known to be a commuter school so parking can be crazy at times. Carpooling, public transportation or walking/biking is a good idea!
CSULB is a diverse environment that has allowed me to meet people of various different backgrounds. There has not been one class where I don't meet at least one person and that has allowed me to branch out as a person. The teachers are also very kind and try their best to promote collaboration. I am currently a freshman who is Undeclared and I am excited to continue finding my passion.
It's a very laid back campus and peaceful at times. I wish they would add some indoor study areas on lower campus near the engineering building so students don't have to rely on sitting in hallways to study indoors.
The students are some of the most diverse and welcoming in comparison to many other commuter schools. There's a tight-knit residential housing community that's always trying to promote mingling. With so many ways to meet people and events available, living on campus as a freshman is so fun. Living on campus should cost about $12k a year. There's a few colleges to choose from so do your research and watch some YT vids on what to expect. It isn't hard to notice all the resources and useful offices around campus if you look in the right places. Currently, a full-time student should expect to pay just under $7k/year. Known as the CSU that gives you the best bang-for-your-buck, there are MANY financial aid options and students get more FAFSA help here vs other CSUs.The campus is beautiful and well maintained. Other than the inevitable crime here and there, don't worry about safety issues on and around campus. There’s even a police station with actual officers and a police dog!
My experience at this school is pretty good. I would like to see more events for the students to enjoy and relax.
I have learned so much from the professors here, and have really gotten out of my shell and made some lifelong friends.
CSU Long Beach has so many resources to help students pursue their career. There is also several campus clubs for students to get involved and meet new people. There is a club for everyone. The location is also great for internship opportunities.
Great campus. Community support from neighboring families. Well established and resourceful. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly as they pass one another or meet for the first time.
It's a good institution that is affordable and very organized in terms of classes, staff, and amenities around campus. The main change that should be taken is that they should enforce stricter parking rules and be able to control congestion around campus.
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I had such a wonderful experience at CSULB, I can't wait untill I come back there, they're so friendly and made me feel at home
California State University Long Beach is hands down one of the best four-year universities in Southern California. Not only is the location great, the diversity seen within the student body and staff is amazing. The several programs they offer are extremely beneficial as they ensure each student is receiving the help and support they need. The pros of attending this university definitely outweigh the cons as the only thing I can think of is the parking situation, which I'm sure most universities have the same issue.
As currently a second year at Cal State Long Beach, I have met some of my best friends through a campus organization, and we continue to bond through many campus events and interacting and growing together using campus facilities and resources.
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