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California State University - Long Beach Reviews

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The campus on school is very diverse with food options to try and many new people to meet from around the world. IT is hard to walk up and down the stairs everyday to campus. I like the art pieces around the campus being displayed. You can see them during the day and at night going to and from classes.
CSULB has provided me with positive experiences that have benefited my life and the direction I am headed. CSULB is incredibly inclusive of all people and is always working on ways to be even more so. Things I might change about CSULB is obviously parking but also less construction on things that are not necessary.
The two years I've been at CSU Long Beach has been nothing but enjoyable and fun. Everyone's really nice and the food's pretty decent.
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CSULB is a diverse university, next door to the beach. The campus is huge and offers a wide array of scenery among-st the different classroom buildings. The change I would like to see is more parking.
I loved that California State University Long Beach offered a variety of learning opportunities with eclectic majors. It allowed students to choose to specialize in a particular area of study, while also receiving an all-encompassing general education. The professors and current students are warm and welcoming, which encouraged new students to feel comfortable and embraced into a new environment. Long Beach State University has an abundance of thriving athletic programs ranging from water polo to baseball, as well as many other sports. The games offer students an opportunity to socialize with fellow students, support the athletic programs, and embrace Long Beach school spirt. Overall, I loved my educational experience at Long Beach State and will utilize the knowledge gained from my degree to pursue my dream career!
I'm a commuter student and I transferred to the university, so I don't really have an on campus social life. I wish the school would have a program in place to help transfer students fit into campus life since most of the university's students already know each other.
great school, lot of diversity and appreciation of students. engaging teachers and administrative staff make everything much more fluent. The programs are wide ranging and really specialize in their craft! Hopefully they have prepared me enough for my career, but i will say they have helped me on my skill sets and priorities.
I have priority registration, so I never had a problem getting the classes I needed. Only two of my classes were extremely large. I believe they're only large if they're a GE or a lower division class, but it varies by major. Students are pretty friendly as well. You take what you put in really.
The main issue I'd complain about is with registration. For my friends who don't have priority, registering classes can really suck since they prioritize transfers over third years who have been here since freshman year. They do this in order to make sure that transfers can graduate on time, but the system doesn't make sense if they're all the same year. It only causes a delay for those that have been paying the higher tuition price attending here or it leaves my friends with terrible schedules. One of my friends almost got delayed on his graduation date by a year since he initially couldn't enroll in a requisite offered only once a year.
This is not a University--meaning, this is not a repository of knowledge nor is it a place where knowledge is cultivated and expanded. The students' future and needs are not of their concern. This place treats their students like cattle; they want to move students through as soon as possible to graduate. I asked multiple department advisers if I could switch majors, and they each replied with an unthoughtful 'No'. Mind that I was only a freshman when I requested this change, trapped in a major that didn't have much investment value... University is an expensive investment that is supposed to reap a return of intellectual and skill enrichment and also create possible economic mobility--however, it seems that this University is in the business of profiteering, not education.
I like that they guide you in anyway they can to support a student in academic. There is a lot of construction.
I absolutely loved my experience at CSU Long Beach! Everyone I met in Journalism & Public Relations Department and the Associated Students Inc. went above and beyond to see students succeed.
I loved so many things about this school. They have very dedicated faculty and staff. Amazing food options and a great sense of community. The dorms could use some updating along with some of the classrooms like the PH buildings.
My experience at CSULB was incredible! I made the best decision by dorming my freshman year. The campus is extremely diverse so I was able to meet people from different cultures, religions, and sexualities and build last longing friendships as well. The campus is beautiful and the perfect enviorment to study and relax.I was also lucky to have professors who always did their best to provide me with extra support/help when I needed it! I LOVE CSULB!!!
I have enjoyed my two years at Cal State Long Beach. The professors are amazing and there are many opportunities for the students to get involved. I am not as involved as I would like to be, but the options are there. I enjoy the food. The bathrooms are always clean and stocked. The management is very well organized that I am aware of the campus activities as well as the important information. Cal State Long Beach is fantastic.
This campus maintains a beautiful and friendly environment. CSU Long Beach has facilities perfect for socializing and studying. There are plenty of locations to entertain yourself between classes, from food to shopping. Want to see the campus change? There's plenty of construction underway...
I am currently a third year at CSULB. I enjoy the atmosphere throughout the campus. Everyone is extremely welcoming and open to new friendships. I always feel safe and comfortable at school and I enjoy the events held on campus. Sporting events are always a blast because the students are very supportive of the teams. The professors are encouraging and do everything they can for their students to succeed. I wanted to go to CSULB for the school itself as well as the location. There are a lot of activities to do around the area such as downtown Long Beach, the Pike, multiple beaches, and much more! I’m very proud to be a part of the Beach community. Go Beach!
Great school. Professors are helpful and great. Great resources for homework. Great food and great library.
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California State University Long Beach is a large school that is immersed in diversity. Diversity is an important part of life at CSULB. Professors are dedicated to their students and strive to help them in any way possible. There are many resources that are available for students as they earn their degree. The school is among one of the best colleges in California while still being affordable.
Most professors are very helpful, easy to understand, and genuinely care and want to help students, especially those in the Honors program and CNSM faculty.
CSULB is a university that truly practices what it preaches. They live up to the slogan #NoBarriers by offering a diverse population of students the opportunity to excel regardless of backgrounds, as long as the student is willing to learn.
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