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I am a 3rd-year undergraduate student and so far love CSUF! I always feel safe, feel supported by the staff, and love how we get free items on campus. Parking is not the best, and sports events are not the best due to a lack of school spirit.
I love the friendliness of everyone on the campus. Everyone -- students, professors, workers, even the maintenance crew-- are always in a good mood and have high spirits. I also love how much nature we have throughout campus, everywhere I look I see at least 5 to 10 trees!
The only thing I can think of to change, would be the number one complaint every collage student has-- parking!
So far I have enjoyed my time at this university. I really love the fact that there are lots of restaurants and shops nearby if you want to go out with friends. It's been great having the Titan Student Union when I have to study or just want to hang out with friends, the TSU is the spot to go to. The food court is in there, they have bowling and other fun activities on the bottom floor of the TSU. I'm addition to that the also have a study area on the top floor. Although this school has so many things I love, there are also some things I have not liked. If you're unlucky, you may get a professor who does not teach well and tends to get off topic. I've had my fair share of these types of prefossors, which is why I recommend that you do your research on the professor lecturing the class before you enroll. If you do get one of these professors, reading the assigned material will and studying will allow you to pass the class with a good grade.
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This college is amazing. I love to be in this school. It helps me to improve my experience as a student.
I went to California State University- Fullerton as a field trip with my AVID class exploring the campus , eating in the diner hall , and knowing its history was interesting and educational . I feel like this is a school I would like to go there because the campus and student life seems acceptable and filled with life and a bright future
I like the diversity but I would like more sporting events such as a football team and a better basketball team. Our professors are too old and this housing system is terrible as we are taking too much money form our pockets as dorms are limited. I believe that our diversity an culture stand out here in Southern California as we are a society who all want to achieve various and numerous goals.I believe that loans are terrible in the long run and with the tuition price here at csu fullerton compared to other colleges are cheap and fundable which I have a small amount of loan debt to pay off so far.
Fullerton has a very nice campus. The people and professors are very helpful, easy going, and easy to talk to. If you ever need help or someone to talk to the students and professors are always there. There's so much diversity on the campus and the food is amazing. They are so spirited and the athletic games are so much fun to attend.
When I went to visit Cal State Fullerton, I felt very welcome and everyone just seemed like they loved their school. It was a great feeling.
I am currently a freshman at California State University, Fullerton and I honestly love it. My professors are passionate about the subject they teach and my class sizes are reasonable. You are able to talk with your professor and they will help you. The school has a huge variety of clubs on campus, which is great to meet new people and to enjoy campus life.
Campus has some beautiful buildings and scenery, the campus is pleasantly diverse you can meet people from multiple backgrounds and from different places. Every class I have taken I have met some pretty cool people that i have networked and built relationships with outside of the class. there are some staff members that are passionate about what they're teaching and make the classes more interesting. the staff is also pretty qualified with some having years of experiences in their field with amazing connections.
Pretty good local school. Great business programs and very friendly environment. The city around the school is great and very safe.
I like how diverse the campus is. I d'd like to see administrations that actually know what they're doing.
Needs more parking, needs more senior level classes and programs for the art department. Overall have had excellent professors though, and the campus itself is nice.
Beautiful campus but parking sucks like any commuter heavy school. Very busy campus. Professors are very knowledgeable and will help students truely understand the material.
California State University of Fullerton is a very diverse school, with amazing staff and students. Everyone is very friendly and know how to respect one another, regardless of anyone's race, social status and skin color. Cal State Fullerton is a very good school. I would definitely go back and visit the campus!
As soon as I walked on campus, I knew it was the place where I belonged. I went to a community college years prior and did not feel like there was much of a community there. At this school, there is always something to do, places to hang out or study. The school isn't very big but it feels comfortable. The arboretum is also a great place to sit and think. It even has good wifi.
I highly enjoy school at cal state Fullerton. Also it is a big school, all of my classes are relatively small which makes getting help a lot easier. Everyone on campus is extremely nice and the renovations fullerton is working on are really bringing the school together. It is a very beautiful, big campus, and its not too big to where you feel lost or overwhelmed. The staff is helpful and very friendly, everyone at this school wants you to graduate in four years.
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Cal State Fullerton was truly of the best institutions I’ve ever attended. It’s definitely what you make of it, and campus life is so down to earth and awesome. Getting involved truly made my time worth it. Professors are amazing and actually care about fostering genuine relationships with you.
Cal State Fullerton is a commuter university within Orange County. The campus is fairly small which makes it very easy to learn and to navigate. It also allows for you to easily and quickly get to your classes. Since it is a commuter school, student life is limited and mostly depends on the efforts of the individual attending to intentionally seek out student life in clubs, parties, or games, etc.. Within sports, it is a D1 college and the sports teams are pretty good, however it does lack a football team. Therefore, its school spirit is somewhat limited compared to that of other schools who do have a D1 football team. The school's basketball, baseball, and soccer games grab the most attraction from the school. As far as academics, it provides very quality education and a good staff of professors. The professors that are employed for major concentration classes are usually very passionate about their work and also the student's success.
Everything as been great so far since I've started here. You feel valued as a student, they have lots of programs that help us stay involved and informed. There is a career center for those who are interested in finding a job either as an intern, part-time or full time.
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