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One thing I like about California State University, Fullerton is that the place is nearby from where I live so I could easily just drive there without much time being spent. One thing I would like to see change is to change the admission requirement for the grade point average. This is because the university expects a grade point average of 3.53 from a high school student and that is a bit difficult for most people. Therefore, they should change it to be a GPA of 3.3.
What i love about this campus is the diversity and inclusion there is all around campus. Everyone is sweet and very helping. Some professors are hard to reach but other than that they are always there for any questions.
Id like to see the arts programs receive more funding. We spend all day 5 days or more a week dancing and rehearsing and working we need more funding to send us dance majors to more conventions or dance festivals. also we have to work 60 hours a semester to usher or do concessions for the productions and in my opinion the school should have money to hire people to do this job. Arts majors have lives too
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Quite a great campus. A lot of the buildings in Calstate Fullerton are remodeled. There are some great professors in Fullerton as well, that truely cares about you. Only problem is that the school has a serious parking issue, where if you want to park close-by your classes, you usually have to wait for parking.
The professors are very good. The study environment is very focused on teaching new techniques and making sure their students achieve their future goals. The best part of this school is that, they prepare you for your desired job very at the begining. They make us go to the career fairs and advise to start internship before 1 year of graduation.
CSUF has many resources available to its students in all areas. There are resources available for different ethnicities, sexual orientation, disabilities, and more. There is a wide plethora of clubs that are available to students. The CSUF campus is usually well kept, however many areas of the campus are very old. Most of the classes that I have taken had passionate teachers who not only truly cared about their subject matter but also taught well. The available food on campus as well as off campus is fairly average and not entirely notable. The Dorms are expensive and crowded, I would recommend living off campus. In my opinion, the safety of the school is average. Bikes are often stolen off campus, and there have been recent incidents of sexual assault.
The school itself has a lot to offer academically and in terms of personal growth. Working hard and caring about one's major will take you very far. Teachers are very caring and open to helping out students.
The only reason it does not get a fifth star is because parking is extremely difficult. You pay $200+ for a parking pass but then you're not even guaranteed parking. Aside from that, I have thoroughly enjoyed CSUF. There is almost always something happening on campus that is fun or offers free stuff (a lot of food). My classes have mostly been great. A lot of professors genuinely care about your success.
I really enjoy the different clubs they have on campus and also their classes at the gym. The athletics are really good at the college.
CSUF may be a commuter school, but if you try to get involved there are many opportunities to grow academically and personally.
California State University Fullerton has always been a dream school of mine. During my first year there, the university has made my transition from high school to college an extremely memorable experience with a beautiful campus and wonderful academics. The diverse group of students creates a cultured environment at the school, knowing that there's knowledge to always began about and from your peers. In order to allow the university student life to thrive, the school takes great measures to ensure the safety of students by always have local faculty and staff ensure the students that they'll help out in any situation and create almost a sense of familial protection as well. CSUF is just one of those universities where getting your education there just feels right and I couldn't have had a better introductory experience to college anywhere else.
Really fun and engaging college. Professors always have your best interest at heart. They have fun activities to do on campus while you wait for your next class or when you just want to relax a bit.
I heard that this university was really good. Great Professors, great school and campus diversity. The school is a great lace to go to if you want to major in the arts or technology.
I love attending school here, at California State University of Fullerton. The students and colleagues are amazing. The professors are amiable and willing to help any students with their academic struggles. There's an abundant of resources for help.
I am a freshman at Cal State Fullerton. At first it was a scary transition from High School to college, but the staff and professors helped me make the adjustment. The students are really nice and are always willing to help others. There are a variety of clubs and you get to pick your match at discover fest. So far I have had a good experience.
My experience is mediocre. It's not good and it isn't too bad either. I want to be able to learn the material given to me and I want to be able to enjoy learning it. A lot of the time, I don't get that. But when I do, it makes the class go smother.
I have really enjoyed California State University so far. Though I am only a first year, I still feel like I have learned a lot and I really enjoy the atmosphere here on campus. The housing is really nice and the events there are interesting, fun, and have a sense of community.
I like the location of CSUF. It is a welcoming and busy city like area, open to anyone not only as students but also residential. I like that Fullerton itself as a city is in the middle of Orange County and Los Angeles as well. The professors are nice. Although it is a commuter school, I do find it a bit over populated however, it is a nice school. Each building is fairly good walking distance from one another so I do not dread walking around campus to go from one class to another.
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What I love about Cal State Fullerton is that they genuinely care about the students. I've attended a couple colleges and some colleges do not seem interested in the students. Fullerton provides an affordable tuition rate and they really want to see their students succeed.
I'm so glad I chose to come to Cal State Fullerton! The campus is wonderful, I have made so many friends on campus, and overall my education has been great. The professors always seem to be up to par with the material that they are instructing. Overall it is a great school. Go Titans!
California Sate University is a great college in which consists of great professors and tutors. I would highly recommend this school to seniors in high school looking for their future school. Although, this school should make it look better. It is not beautiful from the outside, but has great resources.
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