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As an incoming freshman, college seemed both daunting and intimidating as I entered a new chapter in my life. However, over time, my entire disposition changed due to how wonderfully I was treated at Cal State Fullerton. All of the staff, professors, and fellow classmates made my transition from high school to college substantially easy. I was welcomed by friendly faces and numerous people at my disposal to help me succeed. Fullerton offers their students upstanding resources to help them in their many aspects of college life. I am truly happy with the decision I made to attend Fullerton and encourage others to do the same.
California State University—Fullerton is a public institution that was founded in 1957. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 34,920, its setting is city, and the campus size is 236 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. California State University—Fullerton's ranking in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 221. Its in-state tuition and fees are $6,870 (2018-19); out-of-state tuition and fees are $16,374 (2018-19).
Great view! Extremely nice people, everything is just a overall 10/10. I took a visit down to the campus and walked through everything and everyone just looked so nice and ok.
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I love the professors in my department. They are so knowledgeable and understanding that we are more than students. We have jobs and families and they are so helpful and have the same desire to see us succeed that we have for ourselves. My major is within the humanities department and as a whole, the humanities department has faculty who are very lenient and understanding that is not what I have witnessed with professors outside this department. Also, the parking permits are very expensive and most of the time most students are unable to even find parking. This is such a hindrance to our learning experience and the faculties ability to find parking and teach as well.
Being a large public school, there are a ton of opportunities here for students. Any club or class you can imagine, and ways to get smaller class sizes too, through the honors program. You do have to go looking when you want something, be it info, help, etc, but everything is very readily accessible. The parking sucks, even with the expensive permit, but overall worth it.
CSUF has brilliant students and friendly staff that are genuine. I've learned from staff, mentors and students who want the best for you. As a film major, being close to the heart of film has made my school perfect for me.
CSU Fullerton is a wonderful school. There always seems to be something going on on campus. There are lots of little events where they provide students with free food or just a good environment to study and meet new people. And even some events that are just for fun like Mario Kart tournaments. The library is enormous and has plenty of resources to offer both in the building and online. The campus is just beautiful.
I really love all the resources available at Cal State Fullerton. They offer help in all departments, counseling, psychology, health and much more. They have many clubs that you can be involved in. The professors are all very passionate about their work, so that makes being in the class fun. My major critique for the college is the food, because it is so unhealthy. I think they should be more aware and more with the modern times that health is extremely important. Fresh food should be available, not only a Carls Jr, and two starbucks along with other fast food chains. I think there needs to be more local businesses available on campus and vegetarian plant-based food. It is really upsetting, because students spend the majority of their days on campus and there is not good food available to them to help enrich their brain and body.
CSUF is a great school with a wide variety of just about everything. Both students and staff are very friendly, and make the campus very welcoming. There are tons of different clubs, and if there isn't one that interests you, you are able to start your own. Overall it's a great school with great opportunities.
California State University, Fullerton is a great college for people who enjoy a smaller campus lifestyle, but still want that big college experience. CSUF is on the smaller side of campus; however, they have over 40,000 students. You will meet a lot of interesting people, and living on campus is a fun time. The school hosts various events and each of them are a blast.
As a first time freshman, I like Cal State Fullerton very much. Especially the professors I had during my first semester. All professors are kind and really helping you to get the points in the class, we were able to communicate directly to professor. I enjoyed every classes I have taken. The only suggestion is my department, Biological Science Department, located in one if the oldest buildings in CSUF, called McCathy Hall. All the science and mathematic majors' departments are located in the same building. As what I said, the building is too old, the escalator stop on the fourth floor, the students have to walk upstairs to the classes where they belonged, and the escalator looks dangerous and old. But overall to my first semester in CSUF, I gave four stars because I did have a great time here.
The only thing that I did not like about CSUF is that it is a commuter school which means that most of the students do not make any effort to socialize. CSUF feels a lot like a community college.
I enjoyed visiting this campus because of the overall mood and campus feel. Every student I greeted was very nice.
I visited the campus. It was so amazingly fun and crazy how perfect I fit in. It is a beautiful campus. I know when I go there it will be the perfect college for me. I also feel like people there are more down to earth than other colleges. The buildings are so pretty and nice to look at. I saw a few classes in session and it seemed like the classes were smaller and closer together. I hope to attend that school one day. I really dp love the school and think it can fit anyone's needs. I love this school.
I have only been at Cal State Fullerton for a semester and I love it. The transfer process was easy and the staff did a great job walking me through the process. I was able to register for Spring 2019 classes. I am an English Major and all the classes that are course required are at really awkward times of the day. If I could, I would expand the time these classes are offered.
The diversity there is on campus, you get to meet people of different and similar backgrounds as yourself. The resources there are always helpful and available to one as long as one reaches out.
Csuf is one of the best business school in california. the school offers different programs and services to help students succeed in their studies
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The professors and college staffs in CSUF are very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to support me whenever I am in need.
I am currently a high school senior. I visited the campus about a month ago and I really like the diversity that is present at the school. I was talking to a tour guide about the businness program and I felt like CSU Fullerton had a great program based on past experiences she mentioned. Overall this would be my top CSU campus.
The campus is beautiful and full of diversity. I love it here, I feel so welcomed to be here. The children center is a wonderful place full of staff and interns who genuinely care about children. The child development department is one of the best.
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