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As a Latina, I was scared to start a new life at college. I was scared to meet new people, especially because they were different. I thought it might be too difficult for me or out of "league." However, my first day at Cal State Fullerton was honestly awesome. The teachers were honestly really welcoming and opened. They offered office hours, and that definitely allowed me to feel more comfortable with each teacher. I felt like my teachers were more like counselors and advisors since they were there more to help us learn than just teach and go home. Teachers really want you to make connections with our peers, so they enforce us to talk to others. That is how i have met friends in which have made my life at school so much easier. Cal State Fullerton really has changed my whole mindset on college and I am happy I chose to be part of the Titan family!
CSUF is a very diverse campus with many opportunities to grow as a person, however students do not take advantage of whats widely available to them. For instance, counseling and free tutoring are offered, yet many students push this off to the side. Professors are really engaged to students as well, yet do not get a great outcome of student showing up to their office hours. Student life is very vivid if you live on campus, but this experience is not able to be fully appreciated as most students are commuters.
I like California State University, Fullerton as an overall school. I like that it is close to home and the tuition is affordable. I don't like the parking. I am not too happy with some of the professors. They are not great in teaching students what they need to learn.
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My overall experience to Cal State Fullerton has been not what I expected. Of course there are many more experiences I have to go through but so far it has been just peachy. I haven't made any lifelong friends but I've seen a lot of diverse people on campus and learned about their culture. It has made me more of an open talkative person and I really like this feeling. One thing that I would like to see change is the campus, I would enjoy seeing a much more prettier campus such as cal state Long Beach, etc. but overall I don't mind looking at the palm trees after an evening class while walking to my car. Speaking of cars, the parking is terrible! Overall this has been my experience at Cal State Fullerton so far and I'm not entirely mad about it!
I like the atmosphere and overall how peaceful it is. It's my first year here but I definitely notice how much students and faculties try their best to engage students in activities and clubs which is nice. Even professors push students towards signing up for clubs which is pretty cool.
Great environment and very ethically diverse. The campus is always cleaning and the faculty and staff here are friendly. The tuition has been on the rise lately but it is one of the most affordable 4 years University you can enroll in.
It is a pretty average college that provides classes you need to take in order to graduate. There are a ton of places to eat that are nearby the campus and many clubs if you want to join and make friends. There aren't many parking spaces and there's competition when trying to enroll for classes.
My experience at CSUF has been a lot better than I expected it to be the first time I decided to attend. I love the diversity of the campus, there are so many different types of people. I really enjoy the atmosphere in all of my classes. The one thing I would like to see change at the campus is the struggle to find parking spots. You do have to arrive pretty early before a class to get a good spot, but I guess that is that price you have to pay for a lively and beautiful campus.
My experience thus far at Cal State University Fullerton has been diverse and overall pleasant. One of my favorite parts about my campus is the newly renovated recreation center. As a registered student, tuition covers a membership to their Rec Center. The Rec Center is equipt with an indoor track, rock wall, weight rooms and a state of the art cycling room. The Rec Center also offers drop-in fitness classes that start in the early morning, and continue throughout the day. These classes include cycling, kickboxing, yoga, and dance. All of the instructors of these classes are well trained and optimistic about what they do. The campus also offers a variety of food options including Starbucks, smoothies, Togos, panda express and Baja fresh.
CSUF is a great college with a lot of opportunities for students to get involve and grow as an individual . One of the major pluses I liked was that the library was open for twenty four hour leading up to finals week. That is not even the best part the library provides snacks throughout the night for our late night studies. Oh and did I mention Cal State Fullerton takes great safety precautions. While the library is open twenty four hours there is a security walking around on every floor checking student IDs. This school is great for getting involved with different groups,peers and leadership roles. I have to say coming to CSUF made my learning experience enjoyable.
I like the sense of community and support from teachers, even if they aren’t involved with me. All of the tutors are very supportive and we have lots of independence to get on with our own research and further studies. I love the diverse community that make up the student body on campus.
I love the campus. CSUF is one of the nicest CSU's in the state. There are many different ethnicities that you see everywhere. The school is big, but not too big where you have to sprint to get to your next class like other schools. CSUF has BEAUTIFUL scenery and greenery everywhere. There isn't anywhere on campus that isn't nice to sit at and study or eat your lunch. There is always something going on on campus to make it a good day and you're bound to see someone smile at you on the way to class. My only complaint about CSUF is the parking. Parking is the worst at CSUF due to so many students admitted and not enough parking space availability. Parking passes are too costly and you don't know where the money is going towards because there is still limited parking availability. I want to see another parking structure made available.
It is a commuter campus so definitely get connected in clubs, and you'll have a great experience overall
My professors have all been passionate about what they teach, making it really easy to learn. The counselors are all willing to help and the financial aid department as well. I love the environment this school has created.
I think that everyone here truly has the freedom to choose their own path. I have come to be familiar with many of those paths. I've had my time as a typical commuter, where I had went to straight for the parking lot and home right after class. I've also had my time involved at school and even working for the school. I think that this is a great place to learn more than just books but also on controlling your own future.
The system doesn't care enough for students. They use the excuse that they are "impacted" for everything. If they can't provide resources and help to their students and incoming students as well, then what is the point?
Cal State Fullerton, is a great school that has many resources for a variety of students. Most faculty cares about theor students, the only change id like to see is a stop to the financial increase to participate in what the campus has to offer
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I am an incoming freshman, and I have to say that my first impression of the school was very impactful and the main reason why I chose this school. The people are very welcoming and spirited, and the school's values are very moderate, which I appreciate.
Its a really nice campus, and most professors are really awesome. During my time there I've met lots of great people through my classes and club sports. The Club Sport that I played was Softball and it was honestly the greatest decision I made at Fullerton. School had just been such a rewarding experience there and I can't wait to go back next fall.
Love the students and professors! I recommend this school to everyone. Easy to navigate and the classes are awesome. I would like to see more food locations open up on campus.
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