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Programs are well put together and staff are friendly and well educated. Extracurricular activities are abundant and there is a strong sense of community. Only downside is how long the registration office takes to complete requested tasks. More funding in this department might be needed.
Finished graduate school from CSUF and I really enjoyed my experience. Faculty was knowledgeable and I completed in 20 short months. I really enjoyed the cohort experience and made connections which will last a lifetime. I'm very proud to be a Titan!!!
Its a very diverse campus with many resources to help you succeed as a student. All of the professors are committed to giving you the best education possible. The library offers a quiet place to study but it also has an area where you can have someone go over your essay if you need it.
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My experience so far has been good. I am a first year and I am currently housing in campus. The environment in this school is very calm and everyone minds their own bussines.
It’s a small campus with a close nit group of students and teachers. Everyone is very friendly and open.
I was an undergraduate from 2010 to 2014, the campus life wasn't that good. If you want to have a great experience you need to get involved and join a club or greek life. I really like now that they have added more new things like a new cafeteria and buildings.
The campus is very large and has plenty of food to eat in the area, as well as a cafeteria. The population is very diverse, which is great for group discussions and making friends! Overall a very good school with helping professors.
I'm an engineering major at CSUF. The professors are not too good overall, only 3-5 come to my mind when talking about good teachers. Extracurricular activities are pretty good, at least when talking about clubs such as Formula SAE and the Mars Rover project. These clubs can be fun and will definitely look good on a resume. The machine shop is also not bad either.
Campus itself is not too bad, but far too small to carry the 40,000+ student population that overpopulates the place to no end. On top of that the parking is ran by the most pathetic, miserable people one can scrape from the bottom of the toilet of any society, at least to me.
Local area is just trash. Downtown is interesting, but overall, Fullerton is definitely not a city to ogle at. Typical north OC/LA type of area.
This isn't the worst school you can go to, but definitely not the best. If you do come here, make your time worth it so you can find a good job/go to a better grad school.
I am a freshman at Cal State Fullerton and I've had so many memories so far. I love the diversity the University has. I went to an elementary school, junior high, and high school where the culture was mainly asian. It has been so much fun being able to meet new people. I've had some great professors. Some of my favorite classes include my oral communication class and my criminal justice class. I have thought about changing my major already from Human Services to criminal justice because my professor was able to introduce us to many of the people in the system.
I believe that California State University Fullerton is where I was meant to be. Growing up in the Bay Area, I was afraid that moving 7 hours away from home would be one of the worst mistakes I could ever make. It gives me great pleasure to say that I was wrong. This school has given me everything that I need to succeed both academically and personally. I've been given so many new chances at life that I never would've thought of before. What I love most about this campus is the diversity. I am so used to an extremely diverse environment in the Bay and being a woman of color, I was afraid that SoCal might not be so kind. However, not only do I feel welcome being at this campus, I feel empowered.
Cal State Fullerton is a beautiful campus, that is full of help for students. They offer tools such as ways of paying for books, and other forms of perks through working at the school. They have a great psychology program, which attracted me to the school.
It is currently my first year at this university. So far the campus is pretty great, but I noticed a lack of involvement in the students who do not dorm. It is harder for people who do not dorm to get involved in school, thus creating a barrier between the students.
I really like the culture and how the administration pushes students to interact with extracurricular activity inside and outside of school. No negatives.
I love how CSUF is a fast pace environment and students are very passionate about their studies. One thing I would like to see change is the student life on campus because it is a bit dull. Perhaps because it is a commuter school, but I do think it would help students succeed with their mental health.
I enjoy smaller schools that have few classes designed for 50+ students. Its nice having class options with 30 students because i can really learn more and am able to ask professors more questions than if all my classes dealt with 50+ students where it would be harder. The tuition is a little pricy, but they do their best to help you with the costs. The parking here, however, is very small and does not fit to match the amount of students that commute here. The prices for parking tickets is also a little absurd. It is also frustrating when it comes to registering for classes, because by the time i am able to register, half the classes i was planning on taking are filled up and i have to readjust my schedule. Its a very well kept campus, and i enjoy learning from the professors of my major because they really teach me new things and techniques to use very class that will help me in the long run, and i really am able to develop relationships with the staff and students.
California State University, Fullerton is a wonderful school with lots of diversity and professors that care for their students. The food on campus is amazing because they have popular restaurants like Panda Express, Togos, and Jamba Juice, as well as have food trucks that come onto campus. There are six Starbucks' on campus that can be a quick pick me up on those long days. The library staff is very helpful and can even help with research strategies, printing, and technical difficulties with your computer.
CSUF demonstrates what a true diverse college campus really looks like. It establishas excellent credibility in all majors and proves to be a fierce competitor in athletics and well as academically. This university, not only shows school spirit, but wears it like a badge of honor.
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I loved the community at CSU Fullerton because everyone was was as one. The campus was very nice and clean.
I am not a student at Cal State Fullerton, but I go on the campus to do my homework and stuff. From what I can see, this campus has a really peaceful environment. It has a Carls Jr. in the middle of campus. that is really cool
Fullerton is an excellent choice for college! The happiest place on Earth (Disneyland) is less than 20 minutes away from campus!!! Every Professor I have had so far has never been a disappointment.
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