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California State University - Fullerton Reviews

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Cal state Fullerton is a very nice and big campus. There is a lot of nature and things to do. I would like to see more food places added on campus.
Great at getting you introduced to the college. Pretty affordable option. A lot of diversity and plenty of activities and things to get involved in on campus and off.
I really am deeply connected to this school not only because it is a school I grew up around but because of its amazing programs available to not only college students but also to ambitious high school students. I attended one of their many spectacular programs known as the MISS programs whom a professor there Dr.Pagni personally sees that young disadvantaged girls whom have an interest in mathematics pursue their goal without barriers. The only possible downfall of the campus is that it is extremely impacted and it can be a little overwhelming at times.
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It has a good business program and I like the events and unity of the students. They have fun athletic games, like the Homecoming game where a lot of students go to support our fellow titans. We have really good study abroad programs. I have been a part of a summer one to Germany and it has been an amazing experience for me. It offers many clubs to be involved in and an overall nice community.
Don't let figures like Milo on campus. It disrupted the learning environment and not only that, but ruined a holiday for children.
I like the overall atmosphere of the place and the location. California State University is surrounded by great hangout places and is a short drive from anywhere you want to go.
I visited CSUF for a high school field trip. The environment was great. Everyone was minding thwir own business an everyone was friendly.
I love it here! A lot of my professors are great and really try to get in touch with you personally. I feel so comfortable and safe at Cal State Fullerton! Great environment.
It was beautiful college with such caring professors. It's close to home and has a great athletics program,I love the d1 football team.
I love my college, it was my first choice for when I was going for my undergrad and my first choice for Grad-school. I love the campus, especially in the fall when the trees in the quad are golden and brown. It is a fun campus full of life and diversity, and the professors are great and down-to-Earth!
This 4 year public university offers many resources to its students because they truly care for their success.
The things that i like most about this university is the academics. I chose this school because of their excellent business school, which i currently attend. The professors are fantastic.
What I really like about this university is its' diversity and kind environment. It's spacious for those who do not like tight places, and also has its quiet spots to study as well. It is easy to make friends and it is also extremely easily to get involved in some kind of club or activity!
My experience at the University, currently has been a great one. One that I am sure that I can, never find anywhere else.
Campus size is perfect and there are many opportunities to get involved. The academic environment is great because professors enjoy teaching and are passionate as well as the students. The only problem would be parking, but other than that everything you basically need is on campus.
I have had a 50/50 experience with professors. Half of the time they are very knowledgeable, professional, and enjoyable. The other half of the time it is clear that they are not qualified to teach the designated course, are incredibly inappropriate or unprofessional, and require serious attitude adjustments. The parking situation is idiotically managed. There is no cap on how many permits can be purchased, but the school refuses to add more parking. Currently there are about 30,000 more students that parking spaces. If you arrive on campus between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm you will not be able to find a parking space until you are either ready to get into an altercation to fight for a spot, or bribe students walking to their cars to give them rides to ensure you receive a spot (common practice).
Most people think CSU Fullerton was a commuter school, but the university has such a wide variey of clubs, activities, and events that take place on campus. I enjoyed the different type of clubs that they had and it really helped me get to know more people.
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There is a lot of diverse and very friendly people. If you smile at someone, they'll usually smile back. The teachers are young and very helpful. I was so used to older, more traditional teachers at my high school so it was nice to get a fresh start.
Cal State Fullerton is a great school. There are many opportunities and resources that students can use to their advantage. Most of the professors are great. The streets/area around Fullerton can get annoying. There's a lot of traffic and construction but there are still good food places nearby. It's good place to get the professorship full college experience.
I haven't had that many professors at my school that were good professors. Most of their grading is quite harsh and their presentations/lectures needs a little improvement.
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