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This school has provided me with an unforgettable experience. Being my first year in college, CSUF gave me such an amazing first year. Living in the dorms was the best decision I could have made because it allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people. I felt comfortable at this university, which is something I believe is extremely important for someone to feel at a place that they will be at for four or more years. The education system so far has been well, but I do hope for some better professors in the future. I did struggle a little academically, but the social experience of living in a theme community in the dorms helped me tremendously to get through the year because it guided me towards people that are going through similar situations as me, where we all helped each other out to get through any academic struggles or anything at all.
I genuinely do enjoy my time here at CSUF. I’m currently studying child and adolescent development and feel as though this program is perfect for me. The downside to Fullerton is that the parking situation is horrible unless you take night classes.
CSUF is very diverse and welcoming. They have many events on campus that invite students to come out and interact with each other and the student body. CSUF's environment is very safe and suitable for everyone. I believe that the campus is well prepared and equipped for anything a student needs. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for students to thrive and be successful. There are resources for virtually anything and CSUF comes at an affordable cost as well.
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California State University, Fullerton was my number one college choice in high school and it is still. The more I attend to college the more I fond with my peers and professors. Everyone is kind and helpful. Not know where a certain building is located, ask a student and you will be greeted with a smile and a response. California State University, Fullerton has an extended fellowship. It comprises of associations for every race, religion and culture. I would not change anything from California State University, Fullerton except that it should offer more counseling for students who do not know exactly what college consists of and what can someone do to apply for scholarships.
So far, my experience at Cal State Fullerton has been exciting. The classes I have taken have been very informative and interesting due to the passion of the professors in each of the classes. The many students and staff at this university are friendly and eager to learn. The only thing I would change about this school, is that I wish it were friendlier towards conservative ideas. I say this in only that the school prides itself on being inclusive and diverse; however, when it comes to a singular person or a club wanting to express their conservative ideas, the school lacks that same inclusiveness.
A lot of diversity! I commuted there from Los Angeles my first two semesters Monday - Friday. I have been meeting awesome individuals from different parts of the state. You get to really meet different kinds of personalities as well. Most professors are friendly and can be easy to approach. On finals week, there are many resources for students to ease there stress such as "puppy time" where students can pet adorable puppies to clear their mind and bring one joy. Although I have only been there for a year, I am enjoying the experience due to the self-growth I have been able to obtain. Like any college, the experience is up to the individual. You will most likely receive what you decide to make it as. The more you effectively invest in Cal State Fullerton, the more you will benefit from it.
I just finished my freshman year and I was able to experience living in the dorms. The school does a good job at keeping up with the maintenance and hosting social events monthly. There are many opportunities offered for help such as tutoring and free food. I would like to see more parking because there is never enough parking and students are frequently late to class no matter how early they arrive to school.
As a transfer student, it was very straight forward to attend Cal State Fullerton. Most teachers were good and willing to assist you throughout the semester. Online course were manageable, but I prefer to be in class as the conversations were more in depth and easier to understand material.
I really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere but some teachers should be more involved and allow more questions.
CSU Fullerton is a commuter college. You can live in the dorms, but the experience is not the same. I am changing to different college this fall, because CSU Fullerton moved my major (Athletic Training) to a graduate degree with no notice to students wanting to apply to that major.
This school was not my first choice coming in, but I become more involved and now I have small community in the school. I felt welcomed in all the clubs/organizations I joined and the environment of the school promote diversity which I enjoy. I also enjoy my professors from the Health Science department who try to help us students succeed by asking about the class or how they can improve as a professor.
Cal State Fullerton provides many services to support their students. They have an excellent fitness center that includes pools and an indoor climbing wall. Classrooms are nice and well-kept and the campus is beautiful! However, their over-inflated administration causes a multitude of issues such as miscommunication, slow response times and less funding each year. Also, parking is always a struggle, as this is a commuter school. Despite this, the University is a lovely place to attend.
All of my professors have been absolutely wonderful! Some of the buildings are in need of a remodel, and parking is a nightmare. However, the Irvine campus is perfect on all aspects.
GREAT TEACHERS! very friendly environment, close to mall, bars/nightlife, several study areas to choose from, and great gym!
he California State University of Fullerton is a beautiful campus which is home to many students from all around and many locals from the local High Schools. CSUF has an amazing music and choir program as well and I think its amazing that they have partnered with AUHSD to create a bridge program with the local High Schools and Community Colleges.
California State University, Fullerton is a great school for all different types of majors and interests. The faculty are super helpful and everyone wants to make sure you are successful!
What I like the best about CSUF is that the classroom sizes from my classes are very interactive. I don't have many hall lectures so it feels nice to have more interaction with the professor. And there's a lot of study spaces I love.
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I love the pride they have in their school, it makes you feel very welcomed and eager to be a part of the school.
CSU Fullerton overall was a great college. The school is not to expensive and does offer a large variety of courses. The college has a nice, quiet, and peaceful environment. The staff and students are typically friendly and approachable. The courses are challenging and force you to become a better critical thinker. This college offers online, on campus, and hybrid classes. However, there were a few teachers that were bad apples but for the most part the teaches wanted to help the students. The parking is very poor and additional parking structure is needed. Overall, i would recommend this college to others.
Great campus! You meet a lot of new people. They have a variety of majors you can choose from. I commute but i'm pretty sure their dorm rooms are pretty nice.
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