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I fell in love with the campus while I attended! I also had a great experience getting involved in on campus clubs even though I worked part time. You become close with those in your major and the experience becomes more enriching when you decide your educational path.
Cal State Fullerton is a great college for those that commute and want a low-cost, but high-value education. This school is one of the top in the country for teacher preparation and the professors here at this school are all invested in their students succeeding.
Being a transfer student to CSUF this semester, my experience at the university is excellent up till now. All of the professors I take this semester are good at lecturing. What I mean is, they’re knowledgeable and humorous, which makes the lessons not dull. I am taking Advanced Business Communication, Intermediate Microeconomics, Business Analytics, and Financial Management this semester. Therefore, creating a delighted and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom is very necessary. Furthermore, CSUF offers me numerous workshops, events to join. These’re great opportunities to learn from experienced people as well as interact with schoolmates who share my interests and goals.
The only thing that I want the school to change–enhance security. Since the beginning of this semester, there have been two accidents with one murder and one rape. I think it’s not just me, but the other students are questioning the school’s security.
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California State University, Fullerton is a place that makes me feel welcomed. Students and staff are so inviting and helpful, so many resources to help guide you on your path. I wouldn't change a thing.
My family members attend this school and it is very nice. The students are very helpful and are great with tours.
I really like how easy it is to navigate the campus and how clean it is. It is also nice walking around the quad or TSU to hang out with friends. The art professors really care about the growth of each individual student. They are always available during office hours to answer questions, so it has been very helpful. There are safety scares once in a while, so it may not be the safest campus though.
Very open about how to become involved with the school, constant emails on updates around facilities around campus and having emergencies updated through text and email. Events are always on campus and lots of food choices during lunch breaks. Has new walkways and remodeling library. Usually similar classes are within the same buildings, and will meet people from your major 90% of the time. Overall, a great school for higher education.
Cal State Fullerton is a very clean and diverse campus. The professors are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. My favorite part of attending this university is that the Criminal Justice program is exceptional.
The professors here have all been excellent so far. Many have provided with insight that make the educational costs of attending worth it. The professors also do a good job of instilling confidence in the students to not fear the subjects taught and the enthusiasm they provide during lectures make me excited to attend class.
Teachers are great, there are always willing to help. There are always different things going on campus for the students and they are always passing out different free things around campus throughout the year.
My high school choral director was an alumni of this school. He took our highest level choir, Vocal Ensemble, on a tour of the campus my junior year of high school. I immediately fell in love. Every day since then, I have been incessantly babbling to my friends about how much I wanted to go there. Cal State Fullerton shot to the top of my list. Two years later, and I am a freshman here. It has been such a wonderful experience these first two weeks, and I am excited to see how the rest of my college career will unfold.
My experience so far at the California State University of Fullerton has been amazing, although it is always hard to make friends. If you put yourself out there then you will be able to bond with the campus and your classes.
I like the campus community. There are many clubs for everyone with different interests to join. The professors are challenging, but I learn a lot from them. Always new improvements that are taken account by the student body responses/requests. Healthy choices of foods on campus and friendly and safe atmosphere.
This university is very friendly, and it is close to home. I am hoping to be accepted by this school, because my friends and family go there too.
The diversity among the community, it allows so many people to come together and achieve our dreams.
I really liked that CSUF fit into what I imagined college was going to be. It gave me all the experiences (dorming, clubs, on-campus job, study abroad, etc.) I wanted and more! However, one thing I would change is the parking situation. It's a hassle, but easily avoided if you arrive early!
I loved the easy accesable campus with all its beautiful scenery, also the large library which has more than two levels and has tables for students to sit down and have large study groups which is very beneficial from all types of students no matter how old they are. But some thing that could be changed about the campus is that there could be more descriptive details about wear specific places where.
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Cal State Fullerton is such a diverse campus that is ideal for anyone who wants to feel at home. I visited several college campuses and CSUF was the only one were I envisioned myself being an active student. The professors are great and love when you visit the at office hours. The faculty and staff are very friendly and want you to be successful. They strive to create a safe and supportive learning environment.
beautiful campus & great student life, there are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved if you look :)
I’m barely going to be starting my college experience here in CSUF and I’m excited for it! The school is very big and it has so much to offer to everyone who attends. It has many majors to choose from and very helpful counselors for each department. They genuinely all want to help you strive and will help you not just with school but with personal life because they want you to be mentally and emotionally prepared for school.
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