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California State University - Fresno Reviews

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So far, everyone here is very friendly and helpful! The professors are very kind and want to see you succeed.
I have loved attending Fresno State for my first two years of college. It's such a pretty campus when all the leaves start to change in the fall. I haven't had too many problems with professors, but I would love to see more of them who are connected with their students.
Very nice school. Students are very motivated making campus a fully learning environment. Professors and students are very kind and lend a helping hand when in need. Staff keeps everything in check. Makes me feel safe and secured.
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The teachers are well educated and very helpful. The school offers several resources for the students at no extra cost.
The library is nice, has multiple levels and available private study rooms. There are many different types of student: international, transfers, higher education, etc from all over the world.
I enjoy many different things that my college has to offer. there is a variety of programs on can apply to, for assistance needed in any way. such as tutoring services, sororities, mentor programs, and paid jobs that work perfectly around your schedule. not only does Fresno state care about your grades but your well being, mental health, and wellness.
The worst thing about CSUF is the parking issues and the lack of food options on campus.

The best part of CSUF is the many clubs and activities on campus.
Fresno State has been a great experience for me and I cannot wait to finish my four years and graduate from this school!
Fresno State University is a diverse community with great and outstanding scenery, within its community they're are many people with different skin colors. They also have a lot of majors and minors that interest me, like the ABBA, which is a Business course that can be finished in 11 months. They also offer many sports and many clubs that interested me. Student life is also fun with many fraternities and sororities, they have local restaurants like Panda Express and Subway.
Overall, I love the California State University of Fresno's diversity and pathways or programs that they provided for the students. It's really beneficial for me as a high school student because i want to know how to pursue my future career as an adult being.
California State University is a great college campus. It is diverse and there's kind people. Professors and tutors willing to help students. A lot of places to hang out with friends , quiet study areas, dining areas, etc. The central gatherings are mainly at the fountain or at the library.
It's amazing. Ever since I have arrived it's a new experience that I love. The campus is beautiful, there is a rally nice community, and the school spirit thrives here. In my time here so far my expectations of this place have exceeded.
It's a nice campus with a great student body, but the Professors can be a bit rough. They seem more interested with hurrying through a lecture than making sure the students understand the material. There are plenty of resources to help students with studying or understanding material outside of class.
It’s a really great campus. There is plenty of things to do and Fresno state offers variety of tools to help students.
I feel like teachers and counselors don't care about you and to even schedule an appointment it takes months. I wish that there would be more help from advisors and counseling about paying for tuition, careers, etc.
After living in the dorms for the past 3 summers while being apart of the Fresno State Upward Bound Program, I am glad to say that overall area that it's located in is just amazing. There is so much to do that you could probably drown in all the activities that Fresno State has to offer during the summer such as going for a 15 minute minute walk from your dorm to Maya Cinemas to going downstairs to the University Student Union and hanging out with your friends while they watch you dominate in bowling. I truly did cherish every second there and I can safely say that my overall experience at Fresno State was a really great one and I hope that all future Bulldog graduates can say the same. Go DOGS!!!
This is my first year here at Fresno state. So far I have loved all of my professors. I recommend going on rate my professor!! The school is always kept clean. There is a small variety of food. There seems to be events going on all the time which is awesome because you get to get involved! They have an amazing set of people on the board who are dedicated to improving our experience here at Fresno state. I can’t wait to spend my next two years getting a bachelor here and then hopefully getting my doctorate here as well. Also I might of chooser Fresno because there was a cute dog involved...because who doesn’t love dogs! Go bulldogs!
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Fresno State needs updating in many of its buildings. They are always either perfect beautiful buildings or completely falling apart and ignored. The staff on campus is very hit or miss, they are either great and very helpful or rude and make you feel uncomfortable.
I think that California State University - Fresno is a really good college. It is well known in the Central Valley and has a few strong points. The college does its best to make sure all students feel welcome, I especially felt that as a Freshman last year. They communicate fairly well with all of the students and information is always being exchanged. They also offer many supplemental activities to ensure that students will improve on their studies. The ambiance overall is pretty good.
What I liked about attending Fresno State is it is a diverse school so you'll meet others that you never thought you would be good friends with. The staff and teachers also care about the students and their grades in which the teachers will help you if you fall in between the cracks and make sure you get the help you need to succeed. They offer tutoring, research and internship opportunities and have very helpful programs that help you depending on what major you do. They have very good professors that have graduated from university’s and colleges so they bring what they learn to teach other students. Fresno State also has a nice open atmosphere so you feel welcome and safe.
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