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California State University - Fresno Reviews

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Weather is great, proximity to outdoor activities is excellent. Very good, understanding instructors and administration, affordable, strong academic, arts and sports programs.
Fresno State is a very diverse community where individuals are free to be themselves and explore what they wish to do after their years attending this CSU. Professors are all very understanding individuals even when the students are. very reassuring to see such great individuals help form the future of our country and world.
Well I am a senior at West High School, Bakersfield CA. I have liked this campus as many of my teachers have given me updates about the beauty of this campus. I searched the majors and minors provided by CSUF. The majors I intend to take are provided by this university, which makes this campus one out of the all I would love to apply for and be selected by gods grace. The diversity at campus is the influential factor, and the environment at the campus is interesting. Fresno is a city where I feel like home, and their I have a great opportunity to make relationships with people of my own community as well.
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I would like to be close but not to close to home and Fresno is exactly the perfect distance. Everybody knows that you have to pay to be in a university whether it's out of pocket, having financial aid or getting a scholarship, and since I am going to apply for financial aid it shows me that I would pay around $3,730 at Fresno and that wont be easy. After graduation, we not only need to understand the workforce but to learn how we will work in our major. Not only does Fresno give great job opportunities, but 60% of students who attend this school earned, on average, more than those with only a high school diploma, knowing this who wouldn't want to attend here. After high school, I will go to CSU Fresno to get my bachelor's degree as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).
Fresno State created a high level of education for an affordable price comparing to other state colleges. Additionally, I loved that the college has great diversity and we get to meet individuals from all over the world. The professors try their best to watch you succeed and are always available when needed. The campus is beautiful and always clean.
The diversity is amazing. The festivals and invents are attractive for everyone to participate in. Volunteer work is always available. Campus is beautiful and the people are great friends. You can get along with others easily. The programs are also superficial.
I love the campus and all the benefits of being a student athlete. The affordable ability of the tuition and all expenses looks very promising for me. I would love to have a official campus to see the teacher to student ratio and class rooms.
CSU Fresno was a great State University, but however I did not know why I do not want to attend it. Although this college was very diversity and the campus area and everyone feeling welcomed I still did not want to go to this college. After taking a child's development from my high school and knowing the programs that is offered at this California State University, I feeling like this is the place I should go to. Now that I know there wouldn't be any changes that I would want to change at this college.
There is a lot of food on campus, the library is super big and just a Starbucks on the third floor. There are a lot of clubs that you can join. The staff are really helpful, so if you have any questions you can just ask.
I really like the campus, how it is very diverse and academic wise, how each instructor I had was very helpful and professional. They have many resources, like a health clinic on campus (free for students), access to counseling, lots of functions and organizations to be apart of as well as help with job training. I like how Fresno State tries to keep the campus safe yet comfortable for its students. I love living on campus it is decent housing and walking distance from the school. In my opinion there is nothing Fresno State needs to change because for the past three years I've been having an overall great experience.
Fresno State is a campus that offers a variety of majors and is easy to navigate. However, it would benefit from further specialization in this majors by allowing for further research among things.
Amazing campus with great people all around it's simply one of the best cal states in California ! Fresno State was and is, my dream school I always wanted to attend a college in Fresno. It's honestly the only college that attracts me because of all the great reviews.

Amazing campus with great people all around it's simply one of the best cal states in California ! Fresno State was and is, my dream school I always wanted to attend a college in Fresno. It's honestly the only college that attracts me because of all the great reviews.
CSU Fresno is a very diverse school in very sense of the word. There are students here from multiple cultures and backgrounds, and there are many majors and programs and student resources too!
I'm currently enrolled in Fresno state as a student. Right now I am in my third year at fresno state. The Staff and student were all helpful and supported.
The professors at this college are amazing in terms of quality and how respectable they are. The professors genuinely want to see their students succeed and will try to help in any way they can. Something that I would like to see change is the flexibility of the tutoring that goes on. As some students such as myself cannot make them and if there were more tutors, different hours can be accessed that work better for some of the students.
My experience at Fresno state so far has been motivational. Seeing others work hard in pursuing their goals is very intriguing. It feeds my motivation and makes me want to work harder until my goals are met.
Fresno State is actually really great fun schools which tries to get student involved in anyway they can. This university has various amounts of different classes to choose from and has a lot of exciting people to meet. In fact, I meet couple of good friends there too. The only issue I would change from this school would be the parking situation because it’s a huge problem with it becoming over packed.
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Honestly, this university was not one of my top choices, so I may be a little biased. I actually wanted to attend Chico State, Monterey State, or UC Santa Cruz. Cost wise, Fresno State is definitely the cheapest option, but I don't feel drawn to the campus at all. There aren't a lot of online courses available either, and I had to adjust my major because they don't offer a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. So, that was a bit of a disappointment to me, because I had transferred there with the intention of getting my degree in Early Childhood Education. As for the environment, there is decent food, nice people, a good variety of clubs, and the campus itself looks nice.
California State University Fresno is a great campus, especially for the price. I have commuted for two years and lived in apartments near Fresno State for the other two years. Doing this has given me the full college experience and I do not regret anything. The campus is very clean and the library is modern and gorgeous. My professors push me and have prepped me for the real would as well.
Fresno State is an inviting school and most of the other students are fun to be around. You should for sure join some clubs though it makes it a lot easier to meet other people.
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