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California State University - Fresno Reviews

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Fresno state has excellent teachers and staff who are well qualified. I moved here from attending California State University Northridge and found myself at home. The staff are friendly and efficient when helping students. I have learned much about not just my field of study but about being a professional in the world and how to balance my life.
I attended Fresno state to get a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The courses where challenging most of the professors are very helpful. Great student Gym. Top of the line. The sport are always fun to go watch from baseball to football games.
Compare to some campuses it small, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.Its so diverse you can be walking around and see a little bit of every culture and ethnicity being fairly represented. Whether thats in the monuments they have, or the student and faculity, its very diverse, and proud of it. I just wish the health building was near the front, instead of the back...when I have to pay fees it like a 30 minute walk across campus...Also more bathrooms in the student union building...and the bookstore.
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I liked that Fresno State accepted me as a student and that the college has provided me with assistance to excel in school. Most of the Professors I've had were well-mannered, caring, and very articulate. Students who join clubs on campus receive many privileges in their college careers. Though I feel the dorm residents don't get their fair share of support. Reasons; poor service, poor food, poor security, etc. I would give Fresno State a C+.
I like the school, but the structure of the parking lot just makes no sense to me, especially P20. There are small ditches which I assume are supposed to be planters, but they have no trees or even grass. If those could be replaced with parking spaces, I'm sure many students would appreciate it.
I really loved it when I had visited the campus because it everything that I was looking for in a college.
I like the the living forms living style. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. The counselors and ease of sources are great.
Fresno State has a great diversity on campus which is good for students and staff since we all get to interact with each other and learn about different cultures and beliefs. I also like the campus because its a large school with many different programs whose main purpose is to make the students experience better while they are attending this university. I would like to see change the way some classes are set up for certain majors, because for example in my major, there are certain nutrition classes that we can't take until we have completed the one before, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to arrange classes for a given semester, but other than that I think Fresno State is one of the best in the area.
It's a good college and fairly affordable. Most of my teachers have been good thus far, and I've genuinely been pushed to succeed.
The atmosphere was good however it's hard to get into pre requisites for your major. I haven't come across too many professors I thought were great. It not a bad school it's just not enough to make me want to stay. I wish I would've started off at a city college. I feel it would've been more worth it so I could've gotten my pre requisites done faster.
As a freshman I have had a warm welcome to the university. So if things continue down this path it should have a great year.
I finished my first year of college and honestly it was the best year of my academic life. People are so vibrant but chill at the same time and it is amazing. The only thing I would like to see is more food options and possibly more computers in the library.
It's an awesome campus. Each semester I've met a new friend in my classes. It's easy to get around. Three events going on for student mainly everyday, it's a cool experience.
I felt that professors were fair and understanding of each students. I had an overall great experience as a student.
I do not regret my decision to attend Fresno State. I've had an amazing 3 years thanks to the professors I've had through the years. They've all been incredible instructors and I have learned a lot from them.
Overall Fresno State is an excellent university given the relatively low cost of tuition compared to the UC's and private schools. Although programs may not be as specific as other schools, there is a great deal of diversity in the types of learning environments and topics available to learn. As an engineering student is is amazing to have the ability to get exposure to all aspects of engineering and not a very specific, narrowly focused discipline.
Fresno State provides many resources to its student to help them graduate college and start their career. They have many study groups that you can attend as well as a very friendly career center to help with things like your resume.
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I liked the diversity they had and the environment. However I did not like how parking is so difficult and how much crime there is around the campus.
Fresno State is a nice campus which is neither too big or too small. It has amazing events ran by students such as the biggest one Vintage day. There is also a bowling alley on campus with many fast foods as well. The clubs are active and helpful in the community.
Wonderful school with great professors. The town itself is very boring but on campus there is a ton to do.
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