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Online courses are getting on great. The best thing about this experience is how students and teachers are collaborating closely together without hesitation or reservation. At the Craig School of Businesss, specifically, students and teachers are incredibly open to each other about everything, especially solutions to business assignments. We are quick to adapt to the new demands of the pandemic, and are always ready to take on challenges that comes with new innovation. While we may disagree on a lot of things, most of our disagreements are helping us getting closer to the real issues of online learning, thus provide us a vivid canvas of our mission and goals.
My experience with Fresno State thus far can be summarized in the word Awesome. Fresno State is a robust campus both physically and virtually. The campus promotes great gender equality seminars and advising sessions both on and off-campus. It also offers a friendly environment that genuinely respect freedom of religion. We also have a great sport culture and incredible players with national rankings. Currently, the campus and most of my professors are coping well with the pandemic. The university is doing its best to adjust with COVID-19 by offering students many free and accessible options of benefits such as technology lending service at the library, peer-tutoring online or on campus according to arrangement, and partnerships with leading tech corporations and services that offer students low-cost solutions for educational tools.
I liked the price and the professors . I loved the academic material. Nice campus, very outdated classrooms, stale hand soap
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Good structure for the online classes. Lots of work in them but it’s nice you can do it on your own time
The professors are there in case I need some extra help with some things I may not have understood during the class . Even though classes are online, that hasn't stopped me receiving good grades. I like to stay on top of all my assignments. All the information that my professors are teaching is really fascinating. The college learning experience is way different that the high school learning experience. There is a more wide variety of information to learn. Even though this online college experience isn't what I expected, I am trying to make the best out of it.
I love the teachers and I am learning so much information I previously did not know about. I didn't expect my college experience to be onlin, but I do not mind it. I try to stay on top of all my assignments to not get behind on any work. If I feel like I get behind on any work, then I feel like I don't do as good of a job and I don't like that. This is a college experience I didn't expect to have but all the Fresno State professors are there for you whenever you need help. When I send an email, they respond with detailed information explaining what I may not understand and they are even available for private zoom meetings to help you out with whatever you are stuck on. Fresno State has made my college experience one to remember.
After switching to online learning, all of my professors were able to navigate the course pretty well.
Fresno State was a pretty good school overall. The campus is a bit old compared to the other CSU but is under construction.
The school cares deeply to see students graduate. They care to make sure all students are taken cared of
The online learning experience has been a challenge but all the professors are starting to get better working online
What I like the most of California State University Fresno is the diversity and the staff members and people that make you feel connected and in a family.
So far my online learning experience has been very good, the only bad things about it is that students don’t get to make a connection with other classmates or meet new people in person.
I have had a great experience with online learning, my professors have been very understanding and patient.
There are many resources and ways to get involved around campus. I also feel that there is a strong sense of pride among the students, it is a great school to study at.
Meanwhile during this pandemic we moved to virtual learning. So far online classes are going great my professors are being patient and giving us gaps of time to turn in an assignment. Before going online the classes in person were great just being involved in student life was a great motivation to keep grades up and be focus with our classes.
Fresno State is beyond the great for many reasons they provide the students on campus many resources that will help us on our personal life and educational wise. Being a sophomore this year just gives me the wanting to never having to be consider a alumni. The involvement for students is far beyond the great they many clubs and organizations to meet new people and find our passions within ourselves.
It's not the greatest but it's not the worst. Most professors are doing their best and accommodating to this crazy year which is great.
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I really love how helpful all the professors and advisers are. When I first got my job the orientation time conflicted with one of my classes and I had a test to do and my professor was really understanding and didn't mind if I ran a little late and I found that to be super helpful.
Classes online are going to be different and you may not like it but keep a schedule so that way you can stay on track
I like the atmosphere of Fresno state knowing that this is my home. The staff is very friendly and helpful for the most part. I would like to change the way students feel to let them know that there is help.
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