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California State University - Fresno Reviews

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Fresno State is an inviting school and most of the other students are fun to be around. You should for sure join some clubs though it makes it a lot easier to meet other people.
I'm a transer student that is about to enter into this University. Although I have not go there much I know that the University is very spacious and comfortable. I walk a bit around the University campus and see students walking pass by chattering about their daily life. Even though this is a University it's not the high-end one but is one that is way~ cheaper than most other University in the state of California as was mention and heard in and out of the campus. Also, this place does have quite some famous Alumni and Professor that's one thing I know for certain.
I like the diversity at Fresno State. I get to meet many friends from different countries. There are always new foreign exchange students every year. The food court is pretty great but I do think that we should add some more healthy options.
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I’ve pretty much kept to myself, but whenever I’ve needed help with anything the professors have helped me. Some go above and beyond to help their students. Administration does a pretty good job at listening to students when it comes to important topics. For example, they’re very much involved with DACA and keeping their DACA students informed on everything that’s going on and making sure that the students know that the school supports them and their dreams.
I just finished my first year of college and I had the best college experience so far and I am so happy that I chose Fresno State! Out of all the other college options out there, I chose Fresno State because it was local and less expensive. Joining clubs and a sorority expanded my social experience as well and I gained a ton of friends and memories within my first year! This University really does care about it's students!
Fresno State has many programs and organizations for every student which is helpful because everyone is different. Fresno state also offers students cupboard for students which is great, because it allows students to have access to food when on a budget or if they are having financial struggles.
As a freshman who just finished his first year at Fresno State, I would say my first year experience was pretty good. Teachers want to help you pass their classes. Counselors are always their for you when you need to sit down and talk to them. Plenty of resources for the students. Athletics are very competitive. I thought the transition from High school to college would be hard but it was easier than I thought.
I really enjoy the diversity and the inclusion that Fresno Sate promotes and offers to students who attend the University. My short time here at Fresno State University has been filled with many memorable and character building experiences. For example, my first year I have made some amazing friends with diverse backgrounds that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make unless attending Fresno State. Another thing that I enjoy about Fresno State is that it provides students with many resources that help each student thrive in many areas of their life. For example the university provides free tutoring, great counseling services and leadership opportunities that push each student to become more independent and self-sufficient.
Pretty good engineering program. Plenty of extracurriculars from ROTC-Army and Air Force, to Major based clubs.
It’s a great school that provides students with great resources. The staff and students are very friendly and welcoming. Once you get to know people, you all just become one big happy family!
Fresno State is a beautiful campus, with amazing professors. Open-mindedness and acceptance of others is greatly exemplified here. It is a great place to focus on school, without the distraction of big city things.
Fresno State is an excellent university. I am currently majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and can from the bottom of my heart say that its science department provides all of the tools needed for students to succeed in their courses including labs as well as consists of respectful, passionate and driven professors and instructors. They clearly love what they do and it reflects inside the classroom, lecture halls and laboratories. I am grateful for the welcoming and homely environment Fresno State offers me on campus! I look to further my education in research at Fresno and owe my success to this university thanks to all options of diverse clubs, success-driven students whom surround me and the wonderful professors willing to put all of their time necessary for student achievement and success.
Fresno State has a diverse campus but like any college, the dorm meals are not great. fortunately, there is are several restaurants on campus and it is a quick walk or bus ride to the Wallmart. For the most part, the instructors are considerate and willing to go out of their way to help. I have not spent much time in the party scene but there are several on and off campus events including bubble parties and dead week for those who like that sort of thing.
This campus has high ethnic diversity as well as excellent resources. Some of the resources that have helped me throughout my college experience were the writing center, learning center, student cupboard, clothing closet, health center and many more.
I was originally reluctant to attend Fresno State, but after deciding to go I am glad I did. The classes are understandable and any good student with good study habits will have no problem getting A's .
Good school overall but could always use more work. Buildings need updating. Restrooms needs updating and a student union needs updating.
All of the teachers I've had have been engaged with their work and students, and have created a positive learning environment. The campus has many student support services and activities to participate in, and a comfortable atmosphere.
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Fresno State works hard and making you feel like you are part of their community. Overall, they are a great affordable school. Except the food for some reason, a sandwich from the downstairs lobby is ridiculous.
I attended Fresno State five years, until I received my bachelors in Liberal Studies. My experience was great, I learned so much and made many new friendships; which have lasted more then those in High School. Fresno State offers a variety of resources as well as teachers are always willing to help you.
Overall the campus has all the tools and services necessary for every student to exceed. One of the few changes I would like to see is variety of foods on campus. Currently, the food options are very limited on campus. Otherwise, the campus is great, tuition fees are very minimal and a great place to start anyone's undergraduate degree.
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