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The campus is nice. Its nothing special, but it is a nice campus to be on. It is a very diverse school and there are plenty of interesting people to meet. The professors are all highly educated and are very passionate about teaching their subject to anyone that is interested in their respected courses.
When I visited Fresno State I was able to see how successful this college is. This is why I am going to Fresno State this fall.
What I like about Fresno State University is that the professors, academic advisors, and the students are very kind. every signal staff members are and helpful and want you to be successful. The university provides students with many helpful resources such as workshops, that helps students with study skills, managing time, saving money, finding jobs, building a resume, plagiarism workshops, eating healthy, and so on. One of the things I feel needs to improve is the food. The food should be healthy and a variety of options. I also feel like many classrooms need to be remodeled and have comfortable desks. Overall Fresno State University is really good, safe place to learn.
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It's a great school to attend. There a lot of different resources that are offered here that i found very helpful and everyone here seems to care about my success.
I was a transfer student at Fresno State. I loved my time here and made the most out of it. There is so much that is offered to the students such as career development, clubs, counseling, food service, professional clothing, and staff support. This place will make you proud to be a bulldog!
I love Fresno State University because of the environment on campus, Fresno State is a very safe place to be and as students we are always informed of what is going on in our surroundings, to keep us safe. Fresno State is a very spirited campus and there are always fun events to take part in, such as our many athletic programs, group events and etc., there is always something to do. Even though college is very hard, our teachers take it upon themselves to ensure we get a good education and are very good about replying to emails when we need help or have any questions and about staying later if we need to review a topic we are unsure about. Even the teachers who are not as good about that, we have assistance called SI sessions, which is free tutoring on campus that we can go to for many of our classes. Overall Fresno State is a great school to go to and I would recommend it to anyone.
As a freshman attending Fresno State, my experience has been nothing but fun, hard work, and plenty of stress. Fresno State is a clean, friendly, and safe environment. It’s nice knowing I am on a safe campus, I feel safe here! The professors are very oriented, some really care about the students education and they are willing to help those who are having trouble throughout the course. The atmosphere around here is fulfilled with energized and motivated students. When I go into the library to do some work, the students are very committed into getting their work done. Living on campus has been such a fun and great college experience so far, and I’m glad I was able to experience the dorm life here at Fresno State. When I have questions, the professors are more than happy to help, and the staff on campus is just overall very helpful. Personally, I love to watch sports, and going to some sports games is really diverting. Overall, my experience at Fresno State has been very abundant!
As a high school student, I had visited the campus a few times: one for marching band and another for the Energy and Utility Career Academy from my high school. Since it was one of the first few colleges I have visited, I enjoyed the campus: the Bulldog Stadium was amazing, everything seemed comfortable, and the engineering college was interesting. What I would hope to see change at Fresno State would be the addition of more majors and programs, such as Mechatronics Engineering.
It is a lovely urban area place, that is welcome to everyone. Very diverse and campus is friendly. If you are a sports fan you will also love to watch the teams play.
You have your goods and bads, in professors. You'll get professors that will care dearly about your education and put in a lot of effort to help you understand the criteria.
I love it here. It's diverse, the campus is accepting of other views, and there are great social science and humanities programs. I really found my niche and place here and I am very fortunate.
I really liked the diversity among students in school. There really was no predominant race, so you could meet a lot of different people coming from differing backgrounds with interesting experiences. Everyone is nice and approachable and there really aren’t any problems in the school. It’s also considerably very quiet. Everything that is needed could be found on campus, which makes accessibility much more available. The only thing that I would like to see changed would be more student involvement for events in school. I’d also like more food options as food options become more plain, as you get used to the same food.
It's a good place to learn. There's not much to do in town, but the people on campus are generally friendly.
My experience at Fresno State has been one filled with fun, stress, and lots of hard work. I am involved in both the science and music colleges on campus, so I have seen both the very diverse sides of Fresno State. Both places have provided me with an incredible amount of opportunity in my future field and with friendships that have lasted me for my entire stay at State. There are also no shortage of teachers that are willing to help students get through their tough classes, and many of these proffessionals inspire me every day to continue to learn and pursue my dreams. As for athletics, being in the band has allowed me witness the amazing culture on campus surronding our athletics program. From volleyball to football, the students are so supportive of there fellow classmates and the enviroment is one of positivity despite what may happen on the playing field. Overall my experience at Fresno State has been a great!
It's a good school, but could improve on its communication. classes are mostly good. sometimes i feel unsafe at night
I like the scenery of Fresno State, everything looked very nice. Also, the employees were very kind to me.
So far for my first year it hasn't been too bad just certain things that could be better. I would love to see more windows for financial aid in the financial aid office and not just the 3/9. Overall my classes have been fine, and everything else is good like campus relations and just the push for student involvement.
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I found that many programs that Fresno State offer have been very helpful towards achieving and reaching my career goals. Most instructors have been great however there are those few that shouldn't be teaching.
I have visited the campus several times its nice especially the library you'll never be bored there its a nice environment.
Fresno State offers so many resources for students in order to succeed. There is also so much student involvement.
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