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I love it here. It's diverse, the campus is accepting of other views, and there are great social science and humanities programs. I really found my niche and place here and I am very fortunate.
I really liked the diversity among students in school. There really was no predominant race, so you could meet a lot of different people coming from differing backgrounds with interesting experiences. Everyone is nice and approachable and there really aren’t any problems in the school. It’s also considerably very quiet. Everything that is needed could be found on campus, which makes accessibility much more available. The only thing that I would like to see changed would be more student involvement for events in school. I’d also like more food options as food options become more plain, as you get used to the same food.
It's a good place to learn. There's not much to do in town, but the people on campus are generally friendly.
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My experience at Fresno State has been one filled with fun, stress, and lots of hard work. I am involved in both the science and music colleges on campus, so I have seen both the very diverse sides of Fresno State. Both places have provided me with an incredible amount of opportunity in my future field and with friendships that have lasted me for my entire stay at State. There are also no shortage of teachers that are willing to help students get through their tough classes, and many of these proffessionals inspire me every day to continue to learn and pursue my dreams. As for athletics, being in the band has allowed me witness the amazing culture on campus surronding our athletics program. From volleyball to football, the students are so supportive of there fellow classmates and the enviroment is one of positivity despite what may happen on the playing field. Overall my experience at Fresno State has been a great!
It's a good school, but could improve on its communication. classes are mostly good. sometimes i feel unsafe at night
I like the scenery of Fresno State, everything looked very nice. Also, the employees were very kind to me.
So far for my first year it hasn't been too bad just certain things that could be better. I would love to see more windows for financial aid in the financial aid office and not just the 3/9. Overall my classes have been fine, and everything else is good like campus relations and just the push for student involvement.
I found that many programs that Fresno State offer have been very helpful towards achieving and reaching my career goals. Most instructors have been great however there are those few that shouldn't be teaching.
I have visited the campus several times its nice especially the library you'll never be bored there its a nice environment.
Fresno State offers so many resources for students in order to succeed. There is also so much student involvement.
Fresno State is a great University and the educational level of the professors here are great. I also work here and the workplace is great.
I like how divers the college campus has become. One thing I would want to improve is the faculty. Some of the professors do not communicate with their students throughout the semester on their grades.
CSU Fresno is set up very well as an academic institution however the downfall is that you are located in Fresno. The weather is hot, the air quality is bad, and you have to drive about 2 hours to be anywhere that's fun.
I've toured the campus and it is very nice, very beautiful and just a very nice place to be and I would definitely love to go there as a college student if I get the chance
I like Fresno State! I've met some great friends attending here. Has some really good programs such as AG Business. Almost all facilities are nice.
I loved the campus and professors. People are very friendly and faculty want to see you succeed! It could use better housing and food spots.
The beautiful campus makes going to their College educational and relaxing. H has many great classes with amazing staff that answers any question I may have. I enjoy my time at this College and Look forward to continuing my education at Fresno State University.
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So far my stay at California State University, Fresno has a wonderful experience. The academic structure and services available to students are outstanding. There are so many research facilities and opportunities that students can take advantage of in order to get involved on campus.
I like the size of the campus and there are many places to go. The food is good but there should be more options for vegetarians. I would like to see more shading for chairs and more spots to sit further away from the main buildings.
I really like Fresno State. As a transfer student I felt very lost at first, but after my first semester I’ve pretty much got it down. Just wish I would’ve had a tour during orientation.
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