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California State University - East Bay Reviews

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Very good !!! East bay also have online class, hybrid (half online, half in person) class.
Science class come with lab class. But many general education classes can be taken online.
Very good !!! East bay also have online class, hybrid (half online, half in person) class.
Science class come with lab class, so it can't be online. But many general education classes can be taken online.
East bay is a great school, I would love to see a better line of communication and understanding between professors and students.
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We switched to online learning due to the pandemic once it was needed, and most professors were understanding and okay switching platforms, however other professors seemed like they made sure you struggled.
I was a 2-year transfer from Socal to East Bay, the transition was overall good. Most of my professors were easy-going, taught well, listened to students' thoughts. The administration could be better out giving information out to students during fire season, for example, due to the air quality didn't know if the campus was open or closed.
I have taken many online classes through East Bay, each had their own experience. The teachers, for the most part, were understanding and very communicative, however some were stricter meaning if you missed the deadline you missed the deadline. Other teachers let the online class have no due dates meaning most students procrastinated till the last minute.
I have received swift answers on all my inquires. I look forward to my transferring to the college and hope that I can by the Fall of 2021.
East Bay offer the online program for me to master money. I am entering the Business: Finance area of study and look forward to the opportunities that are offered at my school of choice.
It definitely taught me more than your average classroom could. I learned how to properly identify important people to me and choose my passions. I am grateful for the experiences I've had with those around me and for those I no longer choose to keep in my life, I have learned much from them as well. I rate my experience a 4/5 because I definitely would have appreciated more school spirit. No football team/stadium = less fun during the fall semester.
The later half of my spring semester was online and I had no problems using the resources given to me to communicate with my professors and advisors.
Online classes are easy to follow through. Very organized. Curriculum is pretty clear from the beginning.
Online and hybrid classes. Organized. Teachers and staff are helpful and understanding. Quarterly system.
In all honesty, I expected online learning to be difficult, but all my professors were super understanding and willing to help us during our transition. I didn't have trouble reaching out to my professors when I needed help, and they all provided enough online material that remained accessible.
I have found such a welcoming community at East Bay. The campus is pretty small, but offers a ton of resources (mostly free) that can help their students succeed. Class sizes are small, which helps students gain better connections to their professors. The campus offers a tutoring center that has tutors for multiple core subjects, as well as scheduled appointments that can be held one on one.
Personally, I like online classes better because I am typically introverted and better enjoy virtually learning, so I would say that the experience so far has been pretty good.
At East Bay, we have an amazing, supportive community of students, professors, and staff. In my experience so far, I have barely come across a staff member that gave me a difficult time; everyone has been very helpful to me.
I will tell you now that this school is underrepresented and should be seen as a diverse and welcoming institution. CSUEB has done well to ensure safety during the pandemic and has a great communication system to ensure students are not anxious by only having a few classes in person- such as field biology and test taking to ensure grades are true. I have gained research experience because the professors understand the hardships that students are facing.
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So far so good :) The pandemic has made me emit some ratings such as student life and campus food but before this all happened I felt very good about this school regardless (and even more so because of the price)
Learning experience was helpful, flexible, and beneficial. Our teachers would give us clear instructions to follow, but with a challenge to open our minds and ask more questions to grasp a deeper understanding.
While East Bay is a commuter school, and away from the city areas like Oakland and San Jose, I felt like the area was in a good place to find potential and explore what was around. The campus had done it's best to be school spirited, but when it did grab the attention of others, it would bring big crowds in.
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