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Its a very nice campus. The people are awesome. It is located very close to my dad's home thus making it convenient for the commute.
I really love how diverse the school is. The school also hosts a lot of different activities to make the students feel welcomed.
I really enjoyed the education I received. Teachers are invested in doing what they can to support studentsx
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I'm on the concord campus. its small but nice. you wont get lost in a crowded group. professors will know you. its a good campus.
Overall CSUEB is an amazing school. The number one thing I enjoy the most is the diversity on this campus. One can really tell that everybody is welcoming and open.
Very diverse and affordable education. There is a lot to do in the Bay Area, definitely recommend to those looking for a small and diverse setting .
The teachers are helpful and available for you when you need them. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, I’m so happy to be apart of Cal State East Bay.
Tons of online classes, two locations and many degrees to choose from including a ban in nursing which is what I want
I absolutely love this school. The business program was great, the vast majority of teachers were excellent and I loved the environment on the campus.
I have only googled the school, but my friend went and said it was beautiful and a great school. I used to live up north near this school and had always wanted to apply. I since moved but now that I am old enough to apply I am.
I came to visit this school as a high school student. As soon as we came in the staff made us feel welcome. They explained a lot about the school and also tried to relate to us and our stories. I liked how the staff was straight forward with requirements. They also have a lot of majors I'm interested in. The environment of the school is really cool. The students are really involved with the school. There is also a lot of diversity. So yes I rate all 5/5 stars for the school and I'm so excited to apply.
I love this university, The people over there are wonderful and it's so colorful because of the diversity.
I love the amount of help offered at East Bay by students and staff, everyone is always so willing to help! The only thing I would change is having to take a general studies class your freshman year because I find it redundant to take an unnecessary class.
I love California State University. I spend 5 days a week and spend more than 8 hours a day. The teachers and students made me feel like I'm in my house. The programs their to help you succeed in your studies are just amazing.
Cal State East Bay is such a beautiful and calm school. During my visit, I got to visit this school thanks to an AVID trip and the whole experience was amazing. I got to see the dorms. The dorms are okay, not too big and not too small. The dorms are near the gym for anyone who likes morning work outs. Another great thing about this school is that it is so calmed throughout the day and the weather is just about perfect here.
East bay has it'd own unique-ness to it. The school is very diverse though you don't have much involvement with other students. Until recently the school just got it's campus life.
the school is ok they're financial aid sucks and they don't answer or reply right away. they have a lot of issues to fix
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Overall, pretty good school to go too. Variety of different people and classes one can take. Tons of clubs and greek organizations to be apart of. During the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters very active and plenty of activities to take part in during down time between classes. Quite a big campus and very open.
I've only recently joined the CSUEB community because I just graduated high school. But from all the events I've attended so far and from visiting the campus often (because I live 10 minutes away), these are my impressions of East Bay so far. The students, especially the Orientation Team are very welcoming. The group of students that represent the school, such as ASI and the Orientation Team, display how diversity and friendliness of the people at East Bay. The recreation center/gym is very impressive and looks brand new. I'd only question why the science building looks like the oldest building on campus, which is the one that should be updated because of the advancements in technology for science. The dorms look very comfortable and new. The local area gets 5 stars because the Bay Area is beautiful. At first, I wasn't too happy with going to East Bay. But after seeing what they have to offer, I gladly look forward to starting my journey as a pioneer.
located on the top of a "mountain", quiet and safe, the campus was really big and seriously it is very beautiful. The thing I like the most is that there was a police department located next to the library. You can even call the police to drive you home if you were out at night.staffs were nice. Starbucks and Subway saved my campus living. However, the dinning common should receive a 1 star.
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