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I am still a Senior in High School, but I have been to this campus more times then i can count and every time I go I feel at home. Everyone there is so nice, the campus is great and the view is so beautiful.
I really like the university but it could use some renovation. The students are cool and so are some of the teachers and there's a lot that the school has to offer.
It was a great campus when I went to go visit and I love the environment. It was beautiful and is in a great are. Close to the bay and oakland. I love oakland because of the raiders
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This school can be fun if you meet the right people and it is very easy to make friends in the Bay Area. There is fun stuff to do around the area but you need access to transportation or else you'll be stuck on campus your whole school year. The teachers are sometimes great and sometimes suck but overall if you're working for your grade then you will receive what you put in.
I am a current student at CSUEB, studying Criminal Justice program. The campus is not very big, walking to the furthest building is about a 10-15 minute walk from the dorms. The criminal justice professors are great and want their students to succeed. The view is beautiful to look at when walking to and from class or even to watch the sunset in the quad.
What I loved most about Cal State East bay is the diversity there. I come from a high school where we are very big on diversity. Cal state East Bay I believe is the best fit for me because of my major as well. I would like to major in child development, and eventually social work. The city East Bay is located in,I feel will help accomplish that as well. The city around it is what catches my attention because everything that goes on out there. The school itself is not too big but also not that smile either, which is very neat.
My school has very friendly staff and I feel like I'm on the right track to graduate. As for right now, I don't think there should be any changes done.
I like how professors really work with students so they can do well in their classes and succeed in their future endeavors. Professors here are passionate about what they teach. There are a lot of resources available for students too.
I like that the school is trying to help me succeed in all areas of my life. Every person has made a difference to me while I’ve been there. I went from not knowing what I wanted to with my education, to being in a masters program and earning a job at a CPA firm. I couldn’t have done it without their guidance and support.
I believe that CSUEB has the potential to offer great academics to those attending. I recently transferred to Cal State East Bay, and I am enjoying my time here. Coming from a Junior College, I am not used to the universities environment, but that will take some time. In the future, I hope that the school will create a counseling center, where certified professions help you with your graduation path, rather than going to your major advisors and also the AACE for general ed alone. I feel like things might run more smoothly, and those who are new to the school, will find it easier to access academic help.
It was hard to get the classes I needed to graduate. As a transfer student, I was given a late registration date and could not get all of the classes I needed in order to graduate. Teachers are not that good. Would have been better if there were online classes for business majors.
There are many clubs and regular events in the college, helping new students and old students hang out with others and learn to be more friendly. The associations in college even has get together study groups during exams week, while offering food.
I enjoyed the small campus vibe, and it created a closeness among the students I did not feel on other campuses. If I were to change something, it would be to upgrade the buildings around campus.
CSU East Bay is a nice and clean campus. Administration is lacking in departments of communication and organization. Housing isnt organized either and often ignores its residents. Most professors are kind and unbias in their teachings save for a good handful that push political agendas and are unfair in the classroom. Student perks such as the gym (RAW) and medical center are overall pleasant experiences. Overall i enjoy East Bay but would never recommend this campus to anyone
CSUEB is very transfer friendly. I like the accounting department and staff. I feel like I am learning a lot. It seems like a lot of resources go towards the business school in general. I enjoy the many networking events that are hosted.
I actually love it here! Campus offers free shuttles to the BART station so you can get to surrounding cities pretty fast and cheap: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, etc. There are a lot of events put on by the school so it's super diverse. The cafeteria could definitely use an upgrade, it isn't as good as the UC schools but it's edible.
I love the diversity and culture associated with CSUEB. There are so many programs, clubs, organizations etc. to be apart of, it's difficult not to find somewhere you can fit in.
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As a former student, class of 2016 of the health sciences program, I am proud to say that I graduated from here. The program offered a variety of classes and well rounded faculty.
I like the campus is so welcoming. How the campus is near the beach. I like how the student is 23:1.
I really enjoy that there are a lot of cultures here so every one feels welcome! the professors are easy to get a hold of also!
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