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California State University - East Bay Reviews

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I really love our campus, it's not too big, it's not too small. Orientation team gave us a warm welcome. I also love the diversity we have here. We are basically at the top of a hill so we have breathtaking views of the whole bay area.
This college is a very decent college. It has all the things one may think to look for in a college and them some. Everything is amazing however, the only thing I wish they would work on is the application process because when I was applying last year I experiences a few difficulties. It was very difficult to reach them on the phone and I was on hold for a very long time. That being said after they did answer the phone they were quite helpful. I would recommend this college to those who want a medium size population, decent food, interesting professors and who wants to meet new people.
It's an overall really great university, with really passionate professors who care about connecting with their students and helping them succeed.
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My professors made me feel heard and a part of the department, which is a feat considering how large the student body was. The resources and opportunities provided were ideal and I loved how accessible everything was. -1 Star because housing was extremely difficult to aquire on campus, and student life/communitu suffered because of this. The city of Hayward is on the rougher side, but the campus felt sectioned off into it's own little world. Definitely affordable and generous to low income or 1st generation students.
East bay is a great campus with amazing professors and help on campus. Whenever there was help you needed there was a place in the library to go to.
What i like about East bay is the Majors they have especially that they have criminology and if that doesn't work out i will do photography as my other major. Another thing i like about this school is that it is in California and is close to San Francisco but also the diversity.
This school that I am attending is an extension of the main campus, but overall it is safe and easy to get around. It is a very small and intimate setting, especially in having some of the same people in my classes within the realm of my major. Overall, it has been a pretty solid experience and I have learned a lot from the professors that were willing to help and be a resource.
Personally, I appreciate the relaxed environment however the campus life is very bland at times. Food could be better along with a few other things. My peers would agree with me.
Its a very friendly environment thier are always new people to meet as well as everyone is very friendly. The classes are small witch makes learning easier and the professors are very understanding and are clear to understand when they are teaching.
Very diverse and the professors understand and are accepting of everyone compared to other CSUs. The campus was built on sacred Ohlone land and I am grateful to be able to attend.
The campus is very clean and the orientation that I attended was very informative. I was also able to meet with a counselor who sat with me and told me what kinds of classes I had to take. I really appreciate how I have been treated and helped so far.
I like the diversity and it's close to home. But the location isn't that great and there isn't much to do around town.
I loved East Bay. has a good campus life, and is also easy to commute to if you live nearby and want to attend from home. The faculty is great, I loved every teacher I had during the duration of completing my degree. There was also good financial aid compensation in order to enable students of all backgrounds with the ability to attend.
I have enjoyed my two year at CSU East Bay. They have many online programs which makes it easy to work and go to school off campus. I live farther away form the university so being able to still attend their school has been a blessing. Their hospitality and recreation programs are very straight forward and are full of classes that I have enjoyed taking.
With having no traditional HBCU in California, I was interested in doing my research on finding a school with the most diversity in the Bay Area, and I was lucky enough to find that at CSU, East Bay was the most diverse around. Being biracial makes it hard to find a sense of belonging, and I am thankful to have found that here.
California State University is an exceptional four year institution determined to provide students with proper support and guidance associated with academia and finances. The professors, campus faculty, and other available resources go above and beyond to deliver assistance to scholars. The campus is high diverse and contains a fusion from students all around the world. CSUEB contains a wonderful environment that allows individuals to prosper.
I enjoyed the variety of resources they provide, such as messages and therapy for students to distress on campus.
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So far I am liking what the school had to offer me in terms of academics. With a month before I start my freshman year. I do have at least a few things to look forward to before the school year begins. Despite its imperfections with the class enrollment process, I do look forward to the next chapter of my life and step onto campus for the first time.
I like how many resources you have while attending there and how eco-friendly the campus is. they have rental cars and a very good gym where you have yoga classes, workout rooms, and nap rooms. you get to see the bay area from the library and they phones out on the campus that immediately connects you to the police in case you don't feel safe.
Good school! Great selection of courses! The transition from quarters to semesters was a little rocky, but the school was quick to have everything ready for fall 2019! Online classes are easy! Financial aid office is very helpful! On campus, living is expensive, yet fun to live in! Recommend for students who want to branch out and live on their own!
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