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CSUEB is a fantastic option for students on a budget (time and money). My major was Health Sciences, I noticed a return on investment immediately upon graduation, as I was hired into the Healthcare industry. Teachers are incredible here and truly care about your education. Distance education is available as well for those who don't have the option to be in a classroom format. Again, I'd highly recommend!
What I like about CSUEB is the diversity that we have on campus. Each class that you take you see different people with different opinions, beliefs, values, and backgrounds. You get to know students, grow a connections, build life long friends. The campus is small and it is great for students that love small campus and is able to get to classes easier. Also you are able to enroll in different class from Japanese to Women and sports. CSUEB has many connections that you can join and be part of a family.
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This school isn't too big but its the perfect size for a person who came from a small school district. The weather isn't the best but the campus is very pretty and there are a lot of places you can go visit on your free time.
This is my first year at CSUEB and I love that it is affordable, local and flexible with their academics because some degrees can be earned online or on campus. This campus is beautiful up in the Hayward Hills with the view of the SF Bay. The only thing I would change about this school is lowering the all-day parking permit prices and even the semester parking passes. So far I like being a Pioneer.

I am in love with this school. The people, the faculty, the vibe, all of it. I am a Biochemistry major and love the department. CSUEB is so underrated. I have had the best experience
I actually really enjoy being at this school, I love my field of study and the teachers I've had so far have been mostly great. I hate how parking passes cost more and tuition is up the roof.
Love it this school is great for mellow people. If you want a tv college experience this might not be the institution for you.
My experience was great I had very supportive professors with great curriculums. Overall I had a small struggle coming from community college, transitioning into a university due to the wrong preparation for the big world. I got into CSUEB and conquered every disadvantage as well as over cane the statistics that my community college professor encouraged. What was expected of me was greater than what they said I was smart, ready and prepared for everything that was thrown my way
CSU East Bay is the best university you can go to if you live near the Bay Area. The professor there are nice and they just recently transferred into a semester system so classes time are shorter but will last longer. The only thing I would change is their financial aid office, they make a lot of mistakes on a lot of students applications causing their financial aid to be delay.
It's the perfect size school! Not too big or small. It is also very diverse and a great environment on and off campus.
I like how there is free easy access to transportation with shuttles to the bart stations. I also like how open it is and not as impacted as other campuses. I also like how the library opens late during finals week. it gives students to stay on campus longer to study.
The campus is nice and the views you get can be even nicer. Classes I've had so far have been chill, interactive and interesting
The diversity of the population is this university’s greatest aspect. With a wide array of faculty, staff, and student ethnicity, anyone attending this school will gain a wide array of perspectives and knowledge. Moreover, the services available on campus will help any willing, hard-working student succeed in their time at Cal State East Bay. Be aware though, as with many institutions, there are drawbacks. One drawback of East Bay would be their financial aid department, and the setbacks that occur on a regular basis.
I am currently a senior at Cal State East Bay, majoring in Health Science, pre-clinical preparation. The campus at East Bay is very small which makes classes enjoyable because I see familiar faces everywhere I go. Most professors, especially in the upper division major classes, truly care about helping their students succeed. I have established positive relationships with numerous professors, allowing me to feel comfortable asking them for help with obtaining a successful future for myself.
The campus was really nice! The people were friendly. Something that they can improve on is the dorms and the food but other than that everything was good like the student life seemed like everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves. Also seems like a very secure campus.
I enjoyed all the services offered at east bay; from free food, to work outs, and even free entertainment such as movies, concerts, and other events.
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As an incoming freshman I felt a really warm welcoming to the school the day they hosted a pre orientation.
East Bay is a better school than most people make it out to be. Whatever you put into your education is what you'll get out of it, and because I put time into finding things to do at school and joining programs and clubs, East Bay has turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me. They offer students so much to do and so many opportunities to make the most out of their college experience. There are Greek clubs, diversity programs, business fraternities, and plenty of other places for students to spread their wings and gain life experience while also having fun. East Bay is an amazing school with so much to offer the Bay Area.
What I liked about California State University, East Bay is the diversity. For the two years I've attended East Bay, I have interacted with different cultures, backgrounds, and grew as an individual that is excelling tremendously. Everyone that is going to East Bay is very engaged in their school work and helping the community grow with political and social problems. Overall, my favorite part of East Bay is the student life because this is by-far the best learning experience I have encounter since my childhood.
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