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My online experience has been difficult but beneficial. It has also been convenient because I work full time which allows me to have an income.
My experience has been great in the 3 years I spent at this school. Professors are friendly, helpful, and inspiring.
Dominguez Hills might not seem the best from outside but, the vibe is so great. I've made some great friends and have made some great memories.
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I'm currently taking online classes because of the pandemic, to be quite fair it's good. I would have thought this was gonna be hard but, I'm actually getting use it this.
They are doing their best but some professors really don't get how tuff it is. Overall it has been average.
The school is pretty average it's okay to to be honest. I wouldn't change anything it's more of a problem I have with university's in general
I like that most of the students come from hardworking, middle-class households. And I like that most the professors seem to understand that so they make adjustments for students who maybe working full time or have kids at home.
The professors leverage the online aspect of learning very well. They take their time and make it a point to let students know that they can reach out no matter what.
The online classes are okay. If they are general education then they would require lots of extra essays or discussion boards to right. For more computational heavy classes, there's more assignments and the drawback is that there is less opportunity to see relevant examples worked out in class.
Good school. I mostly commute so I don't really participate in the social scene. The professors I've had are extremely helpful and passionate about the subjects that they teach.
Professors are in it with you to succceed! BIO advisor, she is amazing and very helpful. Short walks to get to your classes. Need more parking spots tho, maybe a parking building can be built.
Instructors are very helpful and understanding in regards to new learning styles. Everything became online since COVID, and the instructors are very flexible.
It's a great school and has all sorts of incredible majors. Professors are good instructors and care about the students.
My online experience was difficult but it was manageable. I had 4 classes Mon-Thur and it wasn't much different from high school. the professors expect you to already know some of the content.
Although I have taken many online classes prior to the distance learning, I do appreciate how the professors take their time to assist their students on zoom and via email.
I enjoy attending this school because of the diversity the school has and the amazing teachers. I also like how attentive the professors are with their students.
The college is really great. They have different programs and resources that you can access. Everyone that you meet is very nice. Dominguez also has a nice little farmers market every Tuesday that you can get fruits or vegetables or snacks.
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With everything going on very professor has been able to give the material that is very easy to understand. Of course there are professors that don’t have much experience going online but they do make the effort.
It has been a great experience so far, almost all the staff is ready to help and willing which feels nice. Not a big campus but when you are on your own it benefits and there is always a friendly face near by!
Everyone is getting used to it! All are being kind during theses time and willing to work to get through.
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