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Small class sizes makes for more individual attention. Unfortunately it also means limited class availability, and if there's a teacher who doesn't work for you, too bad - theyre the only one teaching several major requirements!
What I liked at California State University - Dominguez Hills was that people there are friendly and the campus has this feeling of being alive. All of the Staff and administration were very helpful when I needed help on a problem I was having online with their website.
What I like about Cal State Dominguez Hills is that it’s a small university. Everyone there’s is nice and friendly. You get to meet a lot of new people and make really great friends. The professors are really caring and want the best for their students. The ete and eop programs offer lots of help and workshops. The change I’ll like to see is more resources for low income students.
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The only problem with the school is that, not all classes are offered every semester. Otherwise, it's a great school.
It was awesome to visit the campus that it was beautiful and there were many people who helped in the capus
I am barely beginning my second semester here so I don't have quite much to say. I like the teachers and the classes aren't so big which is something I personally like because it helps me learn more. I also really like the weather here and most teachers are very flexible and help a lot.
I'm a freshman student al Dominguez Hills Univesiry. During my first day, I felt a connection with this colleague because it is beautiful. It is not a big collegue, so someone can not loss easily. The Avisor and peer mentors are very friendly and very nice. And do not forget the campus. The campus have some amazing fils and clasroom. For example, some of them are pretty big or small. Specially for those who like small clases like me.
I like how i can commute to the university. I like how many professors are available to talk whether through email, office hours, or in class. I like how there are many clubs on campus that students can join. I like how there are places where students can get help such as tutoring, major advisors, career counseling, financial services, and many other things. One thing that i want to change is the university's parking because there are not as many parking ticket machines.
Dominguez Hills has paved the road for my physical therapy career. The kinesiology department is great! They are a huge help with how to prepare yourself for graduate schools, and what are some things you can achieve to heighten your name. I hardly had any trouble with getting the classes I needed, and luckily I haven't encountered any unprofessional professor.
Csudh isn't a big university which is great if you want to be truly involved in the community. Classes are mostly small and most of the professors that Ive had are very caring and make sure you understand the subject being taught. The only problem with csudh is that they don't offer many professors so you'll have one professor teaching history for the whole school. This often leads to limited space and not being able to take the class.
Great experience. i went for a tour and was treated very nice. The campus is beautiful and located conveniently to home.
Always a clean campus, friendly staff members and great professors who care about every student's effort into their work. There are many resources available for the students to have in academic studies and even applying for a job. Advisors and mentors always support the students in anything either personal or in education. Many events to hang out and interact with other people and make new friends either in the same field or from another field. The professors always push you and want you to do good in class while mentors become your friend and is there for you in anything. Good food is always available at the Locker Student Union and you comfortable and safe in the campus since the police is on the campus and close by for any danger that can happen.
From the first day I attended this school up to now, I have grown academically because of the dedication that professors and staff put into the students.
As soon as I walked on campus, I fell in love with the campus. The campus is just so beautiful. Everyone was so nice and friendly.
I have had a great experience. When ever I am having a problem I can contact someone who will advise me.
I love dominguez hills and the fact that most people don't know about this school. I am able to get all my classes and the professors are very nice and are willing to help every student. Parking is easy to find and the students are diverse and looking to network and get along with everyone.
My experience at Dominguez Hill has been amazing!!! The campus is beautiful because it resembles a park and the staff is friendly. The teachers are awesome and have a genuine interest in the success of their students. The counselors from the University Advisement Center are helpful and understand the students. More important than that is the fact that class sizes are small. I can only say good things about this school!! It has given me a sense of belonging and that is why I am proud to be a Toro!!!
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I love that there is free tutoring available to us. The tutors are very hands on and always have a small lesson for us to improve our performance in that subject.
The Disabled Students Department were exceptional. I possess a mental disorder of which requires special needs and of which the Department of SS were there for me. Regarding picking classes, extremely easy...but you must be on time or you will have a problem. Financial Aid, Admissions are extremely to navigate through. Monies are delivered on time. Finally, we have the Toro bus. I travel from downtown Los Angeles via Blue Line and it drops me off at Artesia station. The Toro Bus is waiting every 30 minutes and takes you right to the campus. Extremely convenient. And the same on the way back. Thank you CSUDH.
Very diverse campus. Professors make you feel welcome. Also, the size of the campus makes it easier for students to socialize and connect with other students professors. Overall, a very neat and good college climate.
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