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California State University - Dominguez Hills Reviews

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I like that the school is small and is easy to get used to. I wish it had more activities and was a bit more exciting. Seems too plain.
CSUDH has very bright goals for its future. Sadly, it is hard to graduate here within four years, I was lucky to have transferred from a two year. The school though is working very hard to make it more inviting and inclusive of everyone. They have a new dorms building going up due to the influx of applicants. A new science and innovation building is currently being built that is told to have great science equipment.
The professors are very helpful when you don't understand a topic. They all have different ways of teaching, but all are great for that course. It can be hard to make friends here if you don't know anyone or if you transferred from a different city/school, but the school does have different clubs you can join within your major or interest. They also send you emails about different events that can be an interest to you. Overall it is a very good school to go to.
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I went on a study trip to California State University Dominguez Hills in my freshmen year of high school. I really love the campus and academic life here, and I can see myself being in this college.
The campus is small so there’s a lot of opportunity to get one on one attention from Advisors and professors . This school is very comfortable and fun
California State University- Dominguez Hills is full of diversity and people from all walks of life. The staff members here are helpful and will guide you through anything you need. The campus size is small and so are the classes here. The classes have about 35 students at most, and it creates an intimate environment where you feel like you're getting a meaningful education since professors are so caring to each individual. The campus' PD is very alert at all times, and I feel very safe even when I'm walking at night. My experience here has been very great, and I'm glad I chose California State University Dominguez Hills as my school.
Small campus that packs a punch! there is a sense of community and everyone here has been wonderful in being helpful and open.
CSUDH is where I found my second home. I felt as is each of the professors and departments chairs really cared for their students as well as the counselors. Class sizes were kept at a minimum and the school offered many resources for all kinds of groups.
I really like the support the professors and the tutors give. I dislike the fact that the school is small compared to other cal-states. I believe the college is expanding and will expand in the following years.
The professors are amazing and very reasonable on how they teach. The campus is relatively small, so everything is in walking distance. The campus is also expanding with new buildings for business and the science departments. It is a shame that we do not have a football team, but our soccer teams and basketball teams are fun to watch. The parking is never a problem due to the amount of parking lots the school has. The school overall is a great college and I would recommend it to anyone who is deciding on what school they would like to attend.
It is a quaint campus. It's not too big but not too small either. People are quite friendly and there aren't any loud noises that distract you from actually studying.
I graduated CSUDH with a B.S in Health Science: Healthcare Management option and I must say there needs to be a lot of changes starting with the dean. The level of exposure that we got was not enough to go out and look for jobs. The whole internship process was a joke because the dean places her favorite students to good sites and the rest of students got the shitty sites. Overall, the campus is nice and growing but, as a Health science major I felt a sense of regret attending here because I did not get enough of out it.
I love DH’s diversity among the students and staff, everybody is welcomed.
There are amazing professors that have taught me many things that I know will help me for my future.
I’m proud to say that I’m a student at DH due to the amount of resources there are to help students of all majors.
The communications department has knowledgeable professors to help you in your career.
I love this school, not only because it is small but it has great professors. What it does miss is the school lack of food options, but other than that it is great.
I love how the staff and students are welcoming and helpful. The teachers are supportive and manage to get one on one time with their students. There are many resources available for student in need of services. I would like for the campus to have housing available for students that have children.
Dominguez Hills is a big school with that comforting home feel. The staff and advisors are always friendly and helpful, willing to talk and listen when needed and are always looking out for your best interest. The teachers are passionate about what they teach and do everything they can to ensure you not only pass but feel confident in your work. The school makes sure to have something for everyone with activities and clubs ranging from robotics to gardening to astrology. Dominguez Hills makes you enjoy going to school.
The university is smaller than most. Most professors will provide affordable alternatives for school materials if students cannot afford it.
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When I placed my first step on Dominguez Hills, I knew that the new environment was gonna change my life. They have alot of resources that can help me throughout my years in Dominguez Hills. For example, the important resource that I will use my advantage is the Disability Student Center. They provide assistance for all students and including myself because I have a learning disability through my education. So the people will help me for any support I need. So far, I enjoyed all the workers I encountered because they were helpful and supportive. I never had any issue when I entered and gaining information about all resources that Dominguez Hills Carry. I'm looking forward to have more experience in my university and interact with more people. I'm proud to be a toro at CSU Dominguez Hills.
I love attending Dominguez Hills. The campus is not too large. One thing I would change is the campus layout.
At first I was skeptical, but the more I stayed the more I liked it. It’s nice, small, and friendly. I’ve met awesome people as well as professors. I was also able to work on campus which helped me know the campus much faster. They also provided support for students in need.
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