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The environment at Cal State Dominguez is very different from high school, but in a good way. It is very evident that much of the faculty there does want you to succeed. There are many different outlets for one to receive the degree they desire at Cal State Dominguez.
What I like about Dominguez Hills is it's diversity. Many students in Dominguez Hills were not just your traditional college aged students. I have met students and alumni who were dedicated and serious about their courses, grades, and studying. Dominguez Hills offers a number of student services like tutoring, placement service, health service and health insurance. Dominguez Hills also offers campus safety and security services to help ensure safety for students. Overall, I'm having a great experience so far in Dominguez Hills.
Out of the schools I applied I've never been more content with my choice. I really like that the campus is small enough to know where everything is. I love the professors and my advisors. I love how helpful they are and they just want the students to succeed. I like that there is a lot of local places to eat off campus.
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This is my third year in Dominguez Hills, I'm a Biology Major and i am so thankful that im really close to all the staff in the Biology Department, they all care for your academic and personal life.
By attending Dominguez Hills it opened my eyes to how to get involved with the school. By going here it also made me become more outspoken and willing to meet new people.
I really like CSU Dominguez, it’s a small campus but it’s very peaceful. Everyone there is friendly. The events at school helps student get more involve in school. If there was more food choices at school it would be great but other than that everything else is fine
The school is beautiful and well-organized. The academic counselors are very helpful and are there for you till the very end.
It's a non impacted school . The school has so much diversity and offers so much help. It's small which I like becuase of the attention, class ratios are small which is great!
CSUDH is a pretty fun school. They have little events often which a lot of students attend. I myself like the campus because it is small and it is easy to get around. You don't get lost here and if you do, then we have dictionaries and people helping students finding classes. We also have a safe campus with the police on campus and we have the StubHub Center here too.
This school is a great environment to be in and everyone is kind. I’d love to go to this school. There’s even a learning center where they help people who need help which is very convenient for everyone.
I took the SAT test at this school. Staff was very organized. The campus was welcoming and clean. The school was safe and inviting. The school is small for a college so that allows students to socialize with other students.
Throughout my years at Dominguez Hills, I have met a lot of inspiring people, and also I have met a lot of great academic advisors and teachers who helped me get on the right track to graduating. Being involved in an organization has made a major impact on my social skills during my time at Dominguez Hills, because I am more confident to talk to new people and networking along the way. I would make an improvement just on having more activities for students throughout the semester. I would also like to see the expansion of more clubs and organizations on campus as well.
Dominguez Hills offers a beautiful campus to students and one on one time with profressors. Dominguez has a very calm vibe to it and the students are very friendly.
During my first year of CSUDH. I felt I did not belong because I was from a gang and people saw me as a gang member rather than a student. But I met some great people that help me through my first year college. Male Success Alliance really understood where I came from and my problems. Help become a better person in life. My professor that I was honor to have really show they care for their students and their education. Eventually CSUDH became a second home to me.
The thing I love the most about this campus is that buildings are close to each other, so you don't have to walk a mile to get to your next class. I also love spending time in the library it helps me get my homework done.
I am a graduate student and I absolutely love this school. The campus is very clean and nice, while the food court offers a great variety. The international and admission office employees are incredibly helpful and always friendly. The campus offers free parking during the first two weeks of the semester and has 30 minutes free parking areas, which most other CSU campuses do not have.
The campus is small and very organized. Also everyone is very friendly, and they always give the proper help needed.
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This university is a commuter school. Most people here are very kind with different cultural backgrounds. I love meeting the new international students!
I am taking my Bachelors Degree in Nursing and I like this online program because I can study with convenience. I am pursuing to advance in my career and CSU Dominguez Hills has been exceptional in their academics. The professor are very prompt in their response and very professional with high standard of teaching and experience in the field.
The campus isn’t bad, but it’s but It’s nothing like the other schools around Southern California. The food court is limited. There is an okay-amount if events, but they don’t always apply to everyone. The biology and chemistry department do try to accommodate as many students as they can that need classes, so that’s a good thing. And a good amount of professors here are actually interested in helping their students succeed. There are definitely trade-offs with this school.
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