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Well, it’s my first year as a theatre major and I really like how everyone is nice & makes you feel welcome.
CSU Dominguez Hills allows students to work at their own pace without the urgency and pressure of a huge campus. Classroom sizes are fairly small and rarely exceed 50 students.
I have been attending this school and so far the teachers, staff and fellow students have been great! I have a drive because I live in Orange county but that just makes me want to work that must harder in order to make my experience as memorable and accomplish all I can while I am there. The school is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good education as well as great experience!
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Csudh is like another home. So many staff/students around to help you at anything. There’s so many resources available and it’s affordable.
I have had an overall great experience at CSUDH. something I would fix is getting questions answered faster at the financial aid office, there are times no one answers the phone and you wait 30+ minutes.
The amazing thing I find about this school is the diversity. So many backgrounds, means more room for learning about different cultures. Another amazing thing about Cal State Dominguez Hills is the professors. Every single professor's priority is the student. For the professors, it is far more important for the student to understand the material than cram a lot of information. Each professor is available outside of class. They are not only there for there students academically, but morally too. They want to be seen as a friend and will try their best to help sort out any problems that may arise.
I love the environment, it feels like a home away from home. The professors here are great and very helpful.
My experience so far with Dominguez hills has been very eventful. By having summer bridge that let me receive the life on campus. Also how to get around the school without being lost. We also had groups builders to help network. But now that I have started in the fall I'm very comfortable with the campus and the people in it I even help new students find there classes so my overall experience has been great so far.
CSUDH is a good school and it helps out their students a lot. Tutoring is always free and a lot of the classes have their own personal tutors with own workshop hours revolving around most of the students in the class. Very diverse campus. Housing is not all great but still okay.
I really love how this school makes you feel welcome. I would love to see them change a few restrooms, other than that it's a really good school!
California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) was a great experience in that the campus and classes or number of students in a class is small so it provides students with the opportunity to get to know and work with professors, staff and other students. Staff and professors at CSUDH are helpful, caring and approachable in such a way that students don't feel stuck or on their own.
The campus is not large, so it is easy to get around and familiarize yourself quickly. Welch Hall provides many excellent resources for students. When you are having dificulty let's say with financial understanding then the financial aid department is more than happy to help!
First time freshman and let me say it is a beautiful campus, they are remodeling it :), the lsu is the best building. I love that they do so many events for the freshman they really do care about them, recommend going to summer bridge you will definitely meet a lot of people.
As a 54-year-old disabled student transfer from Los Angeles City College. I was interviewed and accepted by numerous universities (UCLA, USC, CSULA, CSULB, CSUDH) qualifying with my overall GPA of 3.57.
However, the manner in which the California State University Dominguez Hills "Disabled Student Office" received me was exceptional. Spent quality time with its director as he inquired extensively about my "mental disability." Special needs are required to succeed, (tutoring, testing accommodation, personal attention, etc). The "Disabled Student Office," ultimately, inspired my academic choice and overall experience within the California State University at Dominguez has proven to be superb.
I enjoy the ambiance of the relatively small campus. You avoid getting lost while enjoying tacos at the student locker union every Tuesday. I would one day hope that parking permit fees were non-extent and free for staff and students.
I love that this school feels very welcoming to new students and takes time to invest in each one. They have many programs for everyone to help support them in their future careers and hobbies. They also have a diverse group of students that will always be helping out others around. They staff is also very helpful and dedicated.
California State University Dominguez Hills makes you feel welcome and like you belong. There are plenty of people who can help you with whatever you may need.
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I really enjoyed the Chicano Studies Courses this school has to offer. The professors are really academically involved with the students. Student involvement is big at this school.
California State University Dominguez Hills is a racially diverse school that places a lot of emphasis on using their resources to graduate as fast as possible. The staff is always trying to work hard to make everybody feel that they belong there. The professors are always willing to put the students ahead of their own agenda by allocating extra hours to teach after lectures.
I love the fact that it is a campus that feels like home! It is not too big or not too small! Just right!
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