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California State University - Dominguez Hills Reviews

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Dominguez Hills is a great University to go to. I made new friendships and I learn alot from the professors. I think that each student in the university gets a chance to experience something new and exciting.
I enjoy all the opportunities that are offered by the university to guarantee the students success. Professors are encouraging and very obliging towards helping the students achieve success.
The CSU Dominguez Hills is one of the best colleges. My college is far away from my home. I live off campus, I’m glad I choose this school. The library is big, there is a small cafe on the first floor. Sometimes I buy hot cocoa or Vanilla bean drink. I can’t focus studying on the first floor because the blender is loud. I usually spend my time studying on the second floor. Sometimes I do my homework using the study tables. My GE adviser helps me a lot on my classes. There are many programs help students like Toro Learning Center (a tutoring program). The school is spacious and there are tall buildings. It is easy to find college and class locations. To able to find classes accurately is to check with the help desk.

The changes I would like to see is an extension of housing dorm. The vacant is easily get occupied by students.
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Well I’m a first year and I adore the school, everyone there are so nice, the administration is so helpful especially the toro nation, the professors are really nice and understanding in incoming situations but I really like it there and what I want to change is the bathrooms in the library
What I like about Dominguez Hills is the vibe that the campus gives which is calm and peaceful. One thing I would like to see change is a better map to the classrooms so some people wont get lost when transferring from building to building.
Overall it’s an okay school, it’s not terrible and the school environment is nice. The only reason why a 3 was given is the fact they are lacking compared to other Cal states.
Really nice campus with great teachers. The school is in the top 50 schools in the nation. I loved being here all of my two years. I enjoyed the campus life and great atmosphere.
I like the fact that they give you plenty of opportunities to find out about your major, to find a job, to find an internship and, the career center is always hosting events to help the students.
I like the fact that dominquez hills makes me feel good about my own culture since am mexican they have different clubs for different cultures and that is unique , its diversity is everything
Dominguez hills is a very helpful school. The advisors guide you to success. They tell you what you need and what to do in order to graduate so overall if you need help and or lost you have people that have your back and will help you. Also the school is very interactive their is always something going on campus such ass major fairs, internship fairs, job fairs, mental health seminars, etc. Overall, I believe Dominguez hills is a great school and it’s really diverse so if you feel that you wanna be apart of something new Dominguez hills is the choice for you.
I would like to see the University invest more in its maintenance. I see lots of bathrooms are dirty at times. Professors should also be evaluated on the experiences of their students because I feel like a few history professors perform their job poorly.
CSUDH has been a great school. They have plenty of useful resources to help make the 4 year experience run much smoother. A great place to get your degree
It is very easy to get into this school. They require the additional upper level math like many other Cal states do.
I transferred to this university from my community college and they made the whole experience enjoyable and easy. The counselors kept in constant contact with me and made sure I understood the process of transferring. Once I was admitted, they made me feel welcome and I felt like I was able to accomplish my goal of graduating on time.
California Stars University Dominguez Hills is a rather small college complex. If you are not too big on enormous campuses, Dominguez Hills is perfect for you. Not only that, but the overall aspect of CSUDH prides themselves on diversity. Though it is a bit hard at DH if you don’t plan ahead of time (kinda the same for all colleges) but since DH is a bit smaller, the class sizes are also just as small. Sometimes you have to register for a class 2 semesters ahead of time and leave it in your cart, as the waitlist may be that long. Overall though, DH is still filled with a large variety of activities and pretty good professors as well. The staff are there to help, but only if you take intitiave to ask.
Being my first semester, everywhere i go for information, i get what i'm looking plus more. Coming from a community college, you can definitely see the difference.
What I like about Dominguez Hill is that the school has many mix culture. The students that go to the school are kind. The environment is quiet and small.
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Cal State Dominguez is a great college for those on a budget. The main aspect I disliked about the school was the campus. There was by far nothing special about it and compared to other schools it was pretty small. The academics are okay but the dorms are actually quite nice.
I absolutely love my experience at this CSU, Dominguez Hills. I knew this was the right school for me before I even began my first semester. The staff and students truly care about one another. It is a diverse campus and offers a lot of opportunities for students to grow as professionals. This campus emphasizes academic excellence and community service experiences. I do not regret my decision in choosing this school.
CSUDH is a small, diverse, and very friendly campus. The instructors there are highly dedicated and qualified, and because it is a small college, have time for their students. Many students there are the first in their families to attend college; many have jobs and/or families. I received my degree there, being the first woman in my family to acquire a degree. It is, in fact, one of the most diverse campuses in the USA.
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