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California State University - Dominguez Hills Reviews

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I absolutely love my experience at this CSU, Dominguez Hills. I knew this was the right school for me before I even began my first semester. The staff and students truly care about one another. It is a diverse campus and offers a lot of opportunities for students to grow as professionals. This campus emphasizes academic excellence and community service experiences. I do not regret my decision in choosing this school.
CSUDH is a small, diverse, and very friendly campus. The instructors there are highly dedicated and qualified, and because it is a small college, have time for their students. Many students there are the first in their families to attend college; many have jobs and/or families. I received my degree there, being the first woman in my family to acquire a degree. It is, in fact, one of the most diverse campuses in the USA.
California State Dominguez Hills provides a very inclusive environment, provides students with the resources they need to succeed in and outside of the university. Professors are always available to help those who need it.
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I love the affordability of this school. It makes going to school a bit more affordable without sacrificing the quality of education. The school has developed a great school spirit, many clubs help in shaping this spirit. It is very centrally located and it makes driving a breeze!
Dominguez Hill is a great school because of it's diversity and the campus itself is very fun and chill. There are always events going on and tons of academic clubs to join. However, the only negatives that I would like to say are that the school does not have enough teachers to teach each subject. They usually have one teacher for multiple courses of the same major, which can be annoying for students because they do not have a choice in deciding which Professor they would like to learn from. The school is very full and class sizes are usually large. A lot of courses are offered online and sometimes only online. Other than that it is a good school of you want to be in a nice area and its a large campus.
Picking Dominguez Hills was a great move for me. I have family close to here so I will never get home sick. The people who attend this college are so welcoming and nice. My peers in most of my classes have grown to feel like family. He has been a great experience overall because of the professors. They go out of their way a lot to help us in any way they can.
I like the encouragement of the staff. I also like the education the knowle provided is excellent. I find my education very valuable. I am going to start on a terrific certificate program. I will utilize and learn within my career path. I look forward to utilize all of the resources the school has to offer.
Dominguez Hills has a very diverse faculty and student population. This makes for a very inclusive and equitable educational experience. The campus is beautiful and currently under construction for a new science building, and new dorms! Dominguez Hills is a hidden gem.
This fall it’s my first year in cal state Dominguez hills. So far my experience has been great so far. The campus is really nice with great security. The teachers are great as well, willing to help you out in class to pass and to make you stay. I feel very welcoming at cal state Dominguez hills because it’s a great environment to get your education.
My experience was great except for one instructor. She favors certain ethnic group above others, and I'm guessing it's due to mainstream stereotype about certain ethnic minority. I didn't enjoy her class at all.
My experience at California State University of Dominguez Hills is great! I’ve been attending this university for 3 years and this campus and many of its programs have made me feel comfortable and at ease. For example, on campus I can visit a peer advisor who can help me remain on track for graduation and can help me choose the best classes that will be beneficial towards my major. At first, I was hesitant and afraid that I would be confused while attending a university, however; many of my questions have been answered by faculty at my college and the learning experience here at Dominguez is by far the best!
CSUDH is a great school if you stay at home, work, and would like to commute. Since DH is a commuter school, it's hard to have that "college experience." I commute Mondays-Thursdays, and I don't mind it since I live 15-20 minutes away. Although my first semester at DH was tough (it was hard to make friends since I don't live on campus), I appreciated the opportunity to just go to school to get my education, then leave when I'm done with classes after a few hours.
DH was original my safe school but over the years I have grown to love it. Coming from a family that never went to college, I was scared to go to a huge school. Dominguez has small classes, fun activities , nice campus and a great masot.
Honestly, this fall 2018 will be my first semester at CSU Dominguez Hills but I have been there a few times before. I love the campus it is very small compared to other university campuses but that's what makes it better is that you are close to everything on campus and it is very home-y. I have a feeling I will love it even more once I start school.
The school itself is pretty wonderful. The thing is with the quality of education is that it is solely dependent on what types of professor's you get. The great professors of CSUDH are hidden throughout the school are truly the gems of CSU Dominguez Hills. If you happen to find one of these professors your quality of education will reflect it.
It is a very accepting school and it has many job opportunities that they offer. The professors are good. The campus is full of different sources that we can use. Along with a game room.
Its a great school and everyone is very nice and helpful. Its a big campus but there's maps all around for one to know where they are. You can also ask students and they will gladly help. Their coffee shop has great coffee. One thing I would like to change is the coffee shop closing time because they close at 7pm and sometimes one class ends at 8pm and a coffee after class is great if you have a long drive home.
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I love Dominguez Hills! I was looking for a diverse school located in the Los Angeles area and I found exactly that. DH may be a small school, but it is beneficial since a lot of people know each other. The professors at this campus interact a lot with students in classroom settings and even after you have taken their class for the semester. I am a resident at the dorms at DH and my experience has been amazing. Everyone is so welcoming and it can get really fun in the dorms. DH is not a large party school, but there are some things that go on at DH that students would hae fun attending. Guess you'd have to become a Toro to find out more!
Compared to other schools, Dominguez Hills is fairly small and very spacious. I love attending a small school because I feel like I am able to interact with my professors and actually get familiar with my peers. I don't feel like another statistic, I feel like my participation matters.
The environment at Cal State Dominguez is very different from high school, but in a good way. It is very evident that much of the faculty there does want you to succeed. There are many different outlets for one to receive the degree they desire at Cal State Dominguez.
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