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California State University - Chico Reviews

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Chico State is a really great college. It offers a great education with challenging academic courses. the campus is beautiful and green, and chico itself is an amazing town with plenty of character. Chico is famous for its party scene, but don't get distracted by that. many of the professors are caring and passionate.
The campus itself is beautiful and the people there are so welcoming, I truly feel that its my second home. The only thing is that the actual city of Chico is a very small town. Coming from Southern California (the LA area) it was a huge change for me so I'm not used to everything being closed so early. But on the other hand it's a much tighter community filled with kind people. There are approximately 16,000 student enrolled but my classes are a decent size so I can easily get help from any professor.
Academics are excellent, as professors tend to want to see success amongst students. Chico is a fairly small, home-y town yet the party scene from students is a bit wild. On campus housing is not the most affordable option, and the food can become repetitive. Despite all this, Chico State is amazing. Professors, students and everyone else is kind and Chico is a great place to become a second home.
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Transfering after freshman year. It seems many people aren’t there for school and only seem to care about partying. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere just like most colleges it seems to be more of a focus rather than education. The girls are very cliquey.
The people in Chico, ca are amazing I have met so many great people there . The vibes are great and wouldn’t change it for anything.
Chico State is very diverse and social. There are a lot of social activities going on and a lot of events and activities to participate in.
My experiences at Chico State has been great! I love everything they had, especially downtown Chico where it is right next to the campus. Chico is where everything is so close that it makes you want to go explore like trails, creeks, lakes, anything you can think about that is adventurous, and Chico also has programs for it, too! From the two years that I have been at Chico State, I would like to see changes in safety at most. This is a very important situation because I got two of my bike stolen in Chico State's campus. It was devastating because the bikes are my transportation to campus, not just that, but for others too. I would like to see a change in safety of bikes by having security cameras, securities, and better bike racks to lock bike.
Chico is a very small town. It is a college town so its nice to be surrounded by people your age who are also attending college with you. it creates a safe environment and gives everyone a chance to branch out and meet new people. The school is amazing. I wish I could just pick up the whole school and take it back home with me.
Chico State has a very beautiful campus and if you are someone whose into nature and the outdoors you will fall in love with the campus. The professors are great at their jobs and they really seem to care about students' overall academic success. This school could be a bit more diverse but overall it's a great school.
Chico State University is a great school with a good sized campus and a great student body and teaching staff. I would recommend this college to friends and family especially if you love California. Awesome parties too.
The campus is beautiful with all the greenery and I love all of my professors so far! The only complaint I have is the food in the dining hall. For the most part the food is good, I just wish there were more options considering freshman students typically eat there at least once a day. Other than that, it is in a nice location and is right across the street from downtown, so if you you're not feeling the food on campus and are willing to spend some extra cash, there's a lot of options close by!
I loved attending Chico State. However, there are some things that I would change. Our school is very open which isn't an issue. However, nearby in downtown Chico, it's filled with lots of transients. Walking around on campus or to nearby restaurants doesn't feel as safe as it should. I know that campuses can't control everything, however, something needs to be done about this.
College experience varies from student to student. I've had friends that just didn't fit in with the campus and some of my other friends love it. I, myself love Chico State, it is a perfect distance from my apartment. Downtown is extremely close to campus as well. There is also many opportunities for students to get involved around campus and to meet new people. I think Chico is huge on greek life. If you meet someone on campus there is a huge probability they are in a sorority of fraternity. Although it is a small campus, there is always something to do. There is always students hanging out in front of Kendall Hall lawn, hanging out at the Bell Memorial Union, or taking a picture with our recent Wildcat statue. there is always a new restarts to eat as well as there is many places to go in downtown.
Beautiful campus! I prefer schools that are in college towns because it makes it feel like much more of a community. Strangers say hi as you walk by them, professors genuinely want you to succeed. Some class buildings need to be updated but they're working on that.
Beautiful campus! I love it here. I am so glad I chose Chico. We also have one of the best teaching programs there is!
I love the atmosphere! I love how it is in the middle of town and is easy to walk to. I love the nature feel. There are many friendly people and Chico State also has many resources.
Chico is a great school and a great community for students. I really like attending this school and highly suggest it. It has a great art scene, beautiful nature surrounding and a really nice campus. The community really supports the students wants them to succeed.
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Chico State has been an excellent experience. It is not only the party school people make it out to be. Professors truly care about their students and want them to succeed. This makes learning so much easier and teachers are always accessible to help if you need it.
The school has a great program for nutrition students and there is lots of support in science classes with free tutoring and supplemental help. Some professors seem like they don't know what they're doing and are very unorganized. Also, there is not much to do around campus which is why it is such a big party school.
The people, staff, students, and faculty are all so friendly and open. Everyone is extremely accepting and kind, the university is designed to help you succeed.
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