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I chose Chico because I wanted a home away from home. Everyone is so friendly! I can't wait till we can be on campus soon.
For the most part, I like doing my classes online but I do feel that there is a big difference between learning in person and online.
It has the major I wanted to take. Appropriate classes for the major. Most instructors are great. It is affordable compared to many other 4-year universities. I don't love that it is in the middle of downtown Chico, but that is because I have to travel fairly far to get there, and I am not a fan of the traffic.
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As you can see from prior information, I am focused on the academic side of the school, not the part scene, or extra activities.
People only care about partying and you get shamed if you don't go out. Barely anyone cares about getting an education. People always say "why are you at Chico State if you don't want to party all the time." Diversity sucks, was told that I was the "only hot Black girl at Chico." Super offensive and messed up. Frats are a big part of the culture, but their parties suck. I've never been to one that I truly enjoyed. Girls are super cliquey. Classes were fine, but could easily pass them by doing less than the bare minimum. Athletics not a big thing at Chico. Dorms are disgusting, especially Whitney Hall. Never went a day without seeing some kid's throw up on the floor. Only good thing is that the campus is pretty. But that's it.
Classes are so easy it's embarrassing. I'm doing nothing and passing with flying colors. I feel for the teachers, it seems like they're trying, but it's just not really working out.
The online courses will always vary on the courses and professors' instructing. There are some online classes that are video recorded for the students present and the students behind screens. I thought that was pretty cool because it was a taste of both worlds.
Chico is a gem. The campus is breathtaking and relaxing. The best part is there is a creek that runs through campus. A big open field of grass, several locations to study outside, and beautiful in the fall. Chico is all about the friends you make. There will always be good and bad people anywhere you go. It is all about the experience. The WREC is an indoor gym. Very nice, to work out at. The best part is it is FREE to students and faculty. Then the outskirts of Chico has great hiking trails, rivers, and nature scene to absolutely visit.
Due to the quick transition online, professors who have not taught online before definitely struggled to make it similar to in-class learning. Most of my professors were very understanding of their students needs and challenges with the transition. I am hoping in the upcoming semester that professors will have a better grip on teaching virtually.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all the professors and courses I've taken in the last 2 years. I have had nothing but great encounters with the staff and faculty, as well as my peers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to transition online. This was a very difficult time for students and teachers, however, I wish I had a more structured transition to virtual learning.
The online experience at chico state was great. Online classes tend to be quite hard to stay on top of your work but chico State is great on making online experience really good and straight forward. The professors do such a great job on explaining the process and making online course so easy to stay on track. They give you a good bread on the lectures and quizzes to be successful.
Chico State University is such an amazing school with a beautiful campus and awesome staff. Chico stare is a great university experience on meeting new people and help each other be successful and have lots of fun at the same time. It has a lot of great programs such as engineering, arts, business, science and other programs. I believe you will enjoy going to Chico State.
The professors and students are very friendly, and everything is accessible, although I do wish that there were more programs for POC students.
Most of my professors were able to transition to online courses easily, while others had a harder time. It's difficult to turn in labs online as most of the labs should be in-person so we could have a greater understanding of what to do in a clinical setting.
I love how it feels like home instantly. It’s such an amazing community, with friendly people all around. It’s also close enough to home that I don’t feel “home sick” but far enough away to feel independent and get that full university experience. Chico is amazing, I love the green campus. I wouldn’t change a thing.
So far, Chico has done a great job adapting to online learning. They understand that us students are adjusting to a huge change as well.
Online classes can be hard to take, it just depends on your professor and how they approach the class. You also have to ho.d yourself accountable. In my experience, online classes are based heavily on readings so you have to stay on top of them. You also have to constantly check if there are assignments and when they are due.
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Chico State is a beautiful campus and has a very therapeutic environment, which helps a lot when you're stressed out over exams! All of the professors that I have had have been so kind and amazing. They've been willing to help students really understand materials that are being taught. In the future, I would like for there to be more professors of color at Chico State, representation matters.
The teachers were helpful and gave lots of examples to help strengthen understanding of material. When needed adjustments to deadlines were granted. The classes were easy to register for and the guidance counselor was helpful and informative in order to get all my classes in.
As someone who took online classes my experience was great. The blackboard system was easy to use and the teachers that used something other than blackboard also found nice options like Google+.
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