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So far, i love everything CSU Chico has to offer. Every professor I have had really cares about their students and wants to see them succeed. The counseling office as well as the Career Center are always open and very helpful, even if you just need to as a simple question. The people here in town are all very friendly, and I personally love the small town aspect of Chico.
This place is super nice and the people are so friendly. I love it here and definitely would recommend going here. I plan to go here in the future, if everything works out
Chico is a very interesting school. It's not as rigorous as other schools, but there are definitely challenging classes. Teachers are very understanding and they explain things very well. The party scene lives up to the expectation of Chico. Lit! Downtown is very close to campus so it's easy to get good food etc. Overall, it's a neat school.
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I really enjoyed my time and California State University, Chico. What I liked most about the school was the size. The school had a big school feel because it is mostly a college town but there student number is only about 15,000. The campus is beautiful with many trees and open areas. Campus was always clean and never felt over crowded. The campus is very bike friendly which makes it easy to get to and from class. I had a positive experience with all of my professors, they were all supportive and helpful. The campus gym was beautiful with many machines and exercise classes and an amazing pool.
It has a beautiful campus that makes the college experience even better. It also provides a quality education and social life. Its professors are there to help the students and genuinely care about them. This is a place were you can get a good education, and a good college experience. On top of the school, there is a good variety of activities to take part in, such as hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and intramural sports.
Chico State is not only an amazing institution when it comes to academics, but also encourages students to grow personally and learn the value of community. It is the perfect size university of about 16,000 students and the campus is gorgeous. I would not trade my experience at Chico for the world. From getting to learn from my professors to connecting with my peers, it has been the best 4 years of my life.
Although Chico State has a large reputation for being a party school, it also (from my experience so far) has many educational programs designed to enhance a student's experience within their major.
I really like how many programs and activities the school has to offer. They throw on a lot of events free to students to go get free food and learn things. The adulting 101 classes are actually pretty useful and fun. CAVE is also something I am proud that the school has. I would love to see more food places on campus.
This is a great for academics and fun weekend. Lots of outdoor activities and amazing people. Really enjoy the student body and the faculty glad I got the opportunity I did on this campus.
I like how Chico State vaules diversity and first generation students. Overall the school is amazing and the professors are so helpful and caring.
The place is beatuful! Rent is not expensive and people are relly nice! Most student are very active and atrend the gym. The Gym has a pool, jacuzzi as well as many different equipment for all tipes of sports. The school provides many interesting couses perfect for the elective which includudes wine tasting and hicking. Chico state has a river the runs thruough the middle of the campus and is very relaxing to hear the water run through. Many of the building are rustic which gives the school an unique touch. Also, the trees around the are very diverse, as a result, when fall comes, the color of the leaves on the trees are all different and vary in color and tone which makes a beatufin colorful view
When I went on a College tour with my classmates, I found that school open to everyone, there was diversity in that school, where you feel that you automatically fit in and I enjoyed that feeling. The class were small, which I felt that was very important to me while looking for a perfect college.
I dislike that they make you purchase a meal plan and the food is horrible. And the dorms are so out dated.
I am so thankful that Chico has a wonderful art program with teachers who really care about their students. I do not have a lot of complaints about the school. Downtown has been growing the past few years which has made my experience at the school improve. Sometimes the hardest part of going here is that it is such a small town with not much to do. I love that the library has so many spots to settle down and get some work done in a quiet setting. I wish that there was more support for students during finals week through the school such as the dog de-stress, breakfast/coffee and free food events, and I also think walk in tutor sessions would be very helpful. I also would like to see us get a football team.
I attend an Upward Bound program at Chico, so the campus has been my home for three summers. The college is beautiful, colorful, and really diverse. The around around Chico is also really peaceful, and full of really nice people.
I am a freshman attending this school so I was very nervous to see if this is the right school for me. However, I ended up liking it a lot and even though this is my first semester, I have a feeling I would be coming back. This school is a huge party school and very social so if you would like to network or meet new people then you might want to consider coming to this school. The campus is beautiful.There is a lot of nature and there is even a creek for all you nature freaks out there. The food is also pretty good here and there are vegan and vegetarian options as well.
I like how there is a lot of organizations to join and be involved in. There are many interesting classes to take so it makes it easier to pass the class. Also the town is very active with events, social gatherings, and performances. There are a lot of job and internship opportunities for your major.
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This is my first semester in college and so far I love it. Chico is such a friendly and energetic campus. the faculty and staff are all super kind and willing to work with you to make sure you succeed.
I have loved my experience at California State university Chico. The classes are small, the professors are thoughtful an intentional. I have made so many friends and had a lot of fun getting involved on campus and in the community
Pretty nice town when you consider downtown, the campus and all the places to go hiking. The only down sides I've noticed thus far is the lack of street lights making it unsafe to walk home at night, and the over populating epidemic of homeless people.
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