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California State University - Chico Reviews

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This is my first semester here, as a transfer. I absolutely love the campus. It's beautiful, warm, and inviting. I visited many colleges, but this was the one I easily felt the most comfortable in right away. The facility in my major, the financial aid, and counseling department have been unusually helpful and kind. My professors in the Animation and Game Development classes all have industry experience and are willing to give individual student time. There is an infinite number of resources at this school. The gym is HUGE. The library is HUGE. There are computer labs, and stores, and anything you could possibly need. Everyone seems to be so friendly here too. I absolutely love it. There are plenty of cheaper off-campus housing options. Don't go with dorm living. It's expensive and there are apartments VERY close to campus that are exclusively students.
I love everything about Chico. The campus is beautiful and the professors genuinely care about the students doing well. There are so many resources that are completely free to students such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, counseling services, classes at the gym, etc. Chico also has a variety of clubs and organizations for anyone to join.
Chico State is a great school, the Chico area is a great place to live. there is always something going on in the community and the school. All programs at Chico State are focused. The professors make sure the students are well informed about their career opportunities. On and off-campus events are always fun, it is a very good place to meet life long friends.
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What I like about Chico State is the diversity on campus. You will not feel like you don’t belong here. Everyone is welcoming, especially professors and facility members who are always doing their best to help students achieve their greatest potential.
California State University is a very social school. Most of the faculty care about student success, and if a student can put their full effort into academics, they can be as successful as they want to be. However, the area can be boring if a college student doesn't like to "party". There are a lot of distractions the first year of college, but as long as the focus and right motivation to succeed is there, anyone should be fine.
Chico State has so much to offer, so much guidance. many advisors, program coordinators, student life all there to help you be in the right path to success. Even a student has a simple question, chico state website has every to step on "How-to." I chose chico state because of the resources, the motivation to succeed, the friendliness, the area. I feel safe. I feel comfortable asking questions or asking for guidance. I am more than happy to be transferring to chico state!
I do enjoy the beauty of the campus, and the spirit that many of the faculty and students have. However, I would like to see the campus take a less hypocritical stance in politics.
I am having a great experience at Chico State because of the many clubs and great faculty for my major. The school is very friendly and full of peers that will help anyone out. There are many trees and spots where people can hangout and meet new people.
Chico state is electrifying! It’s an affordable school, beautiful area, nice college town insane party scene and an all around great school. In my opinion, Chico state is an underrated school, we have a great party scene, strong greek life, and respectable academics. If i could change one thing, i would change the lack of a football team. Overall, i love music experience at chico and would not want to experience my college years anywhere else.
Love the school and the atmosphere of the city. Felt accepted right away by others at the college and I can’t wait for my next three years
What is there not to like about Chico state! The campus is absolutely beautiful ! One of the best things about this campus is it’s location, it is right in central downtown so you have so many local shops and businesss within walking distance. Lots of places to eat and shop at in between breaks.
I loved the overall vibe of the little town. Everyone is super nice and helpful. The party scene isn't too overwhelming. There are other activities to do such as go to concerts/raves or go to the farmer's market. 6/10 times you'll find free, walking distance parking from campus. Other than that, .50 cents gets you a whole hour on the meters. The campus is beautiful, and I'm grateful to be there every day.
While I have experienced my fair share of passionate professors at Chico State, the overall population that makes up Chico lacks diversity and culture.
California state university, Chico is one of the best school in my opinion, it is cheap and affordable. The best part about Chico, is that a river passes right through the campus, not only that but there are places to hike or go swim. It is one of those towns you see in television shows.
I really enjoy the small school feel where everyone seems helpful rather than overly competitive. I do feel however that my program's administration is slightly disorganized which is difficult from a student's standpoint.
I have only taken a couple classes at Chico State but I am registered in the fall for a full load. Chico state offers everything you need. The location is perfect and there is great use of diversity. I am excited to attend in the fall and the only thing I may change is the tuition fees, which I am sure anyone would change.
Chico State is very welcoming and encouraging. Chico state offers many wonderful opportunities as well. However; I'd like to see more free parking to be available.
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Attending California State University Chico was a great decision. The campus is fairly compact and easy to make it to all your classes on time. The school is also small and as a result, professors actually teach the class instead of TA's. This for me was one of the best aspects of this school. Learning from professors who were present during the lectures and office hours was very enjoyable.
Chico is such an amazing little town. The enviorment is great , people are so friendly, and the school is beautiful. Theres never a dull moment while your in chico party wise and academic wise. I LOVE IT
I believe that I had a typical first-year experience at Chico. It was a pretty big culture shock but it was nothing that I could not handle. I mainly want to see a lot more students of color on campus and more people of color attending school events.
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