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California State University - Chico Reviews

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While I have experienced my fair share of passionate professors at Chico State, the overall population that makes up Chico lacks diversity and culture.
California state university, Chico is one of the best school in my opinion, it is cheap and affordable. The best part about Chico, is that a river passes right through the campus, not only that but there are places to hike or go swim. It is one of those towns you see in television shows.
I really enjoy the small school feel where everyone seems helpful rather than overly competitive. I do feel however that my program's administration is slightly disorganized which is difficult from a student's standpoint.
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I have only taken a couple classes at Chico State but I am registered in the fall for a full load. Chico state offers everything you need. The location is perfect and there is great use of diversity. I am excited to attend in the fall and the only thing I may change is the tuition fees, which I am sure anyone would change.
Chico State is very welcoming and encouraging. Chico state offers many wonderful opportunities as well. However; I'd like to see more free parking to be available.
Attending California State University Chico was a great decision. The campus is fairly compact and easy to make it to all your classes on time. The school is also small and as a result, professors actually teach the class instead of TA's. This for me was one of the best aspects of this school. Learning from professors who were present during the lectures and office hours was very enjoyable.
Chico is such an amazing little town. The enviorment is great , people are so friendly, and the school is beautiful. Theres never a dull moment while your in chico party wise and academic wise. I LOVE IT
I believe that I had a typical first-year experience at Chico. It was a pretty big culture shock but it was nothing that I could not handle. I mainly want to see a lot more students of color on campus and more people of color attending school events.
I've been attending Chico State for three years now and I'm about to go into my senior year this fall. Overall, the friendly atmosphere and beautiful campus make for a nice experience.
I enjoy attending Chico state and the city of Chico as a whole. It's a beautiful campus and city and there is so much to do in nature if you're into that, which I am. I have yet to get a professor who I didn't like and most people on campus are very friendly. What I definitely don't like, however, is that the same month administration announces a tuition increase they also reveal a brand new wildcat statue on campus. The money used for that unnecessary statue should have gone towards decreasing the tuition hike for the students. But, that's not administration's priority when they have six figures going into their bank accounts. Why should it?
Chico State has been one of the greatest experiences I could have been apart of. But in the end, what truly made the experience was the people who were in Chico that year as well as the class times I had to balance out having a job. I struggled when I first came to chico but there were a lot of helpful resources that were available for anyone who was willing to put in time to take advantage of the wide range of resources. The only downside would be the occasional bad person or bad situation that happened once or twice a year but ultimately, the goods outweighed the bads.
I've just started at CSU Chico; I'm going to be a sophomore! I can't believe my first year of college is over! I'm so thankful that I chose to attend CSU Chico. The campus is completely gorgeous with tall elegant trees, bright flowers, and the babbling Big Chico Creek cutting through. All the classes I've taken so far have been extremely interesting and well taught. The only complaints I have would be with the administration. It seems like they don't really listen to the students very well. This is specifically targeted towards the recent decision of the president of the school decided to enact tuition fee increases despite overwhelming negative student sentiment. It would be nice if the admin actually listened to us.
I like the nature an all the squirrels you see on campus. It is a very open environment and you always see puppies walking around.
I think the dorms were ok but the food got worse and worse. Thankfully they are thinking about getting more name brand food options in the upcoming years for more food options. I think the professors are for the most part ok but the books we get aren't even used most the time.
I really enjoy CSU Chico and everything they have to offer. They have a great selection of bachelor degrees to choose from sustainability to game design. It is a gorgeous location and truly makes you feel one with the community. They are always trying to improve their sustainability and the small town makes it easy to walk or bike to school from an apartment complex. The campus housing is a bit expensive for the quality of living they provide, but the academics are very tremendous as the school only hires professors that have life experience within the specific courses that the students are taking. I am a Game Design major and I find it wonderful to go to my classes and know that my professors have their own gaming studios and are working on the same assignments that we are, but they have to produce an actual game from it. There are quite a few parties in the downtown area but if you are able to balance school and life then you will do tremendously well at CSU Chico!
I had a good experience at CSU Chico. I am not a fan of the upcoming fee increase but I understand why it is being done. The teachers are great. The campus is gorgeous.
After visiting CSU Chico, last summer I was able to have a sense of what college will soon feel like. I enjoyed the atmosphere the campus offers, as well as it is less than an hour away from home.
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Chico State is a great small town school. My fellow psychology majors almost felt like a family. The professors are very approachable!
I fell in love with Chico State the second I stepped foot on campus. They provide an extremely accepting atmosphere on top of constantly keeping students in the loop on events that happen throughout the school year! Chico State offers a variety of helpful resources such as tutoring, aides, great places to study on campus, etc. I also love Chico State for being so involved in Chico's community as a whole. It has the most BEAUTIFUL campus with many trees and gorgeous greenery as well as original buildings.
To be quite honest the environment and vibe that the campus and town provide really make you feel alive and happy to be a part of the community
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