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California State University - Chico Reviews

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The campus is so well kept and the professors are really on top of assignments. I was also very impressed with how informative the Financial Aid Office has been, but wish there were more scholarship and aid offers available.
Chico State University provides a diverse environment that allows individuals to open up and flaunt their inner selves. It is a petite community that is very social, friendly, and free-spirited. The academics are superior and most of the professors are as well. One of the biggest challenges that Chico faces is the street darkness and the lack of lighting. The city would be so much safer if more street lights were implemented, especially since it is solely a college town. Other than that, Chico is an open-minded community that works as a team to bring everyone together.
Lots of resources to help you succeed. Despite the large population of students, the town still feels like home. Plenty of activities on and off campus.
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I like how there is a lot of support for first-year students. There are even courses offered to help them out. I also like the campus. It is not too big but still has a creek and lots of nature.
Chico state is very inclusive and has clubs that attend to all types of students. There are also great resources for academics and wellness in order to help students at all costs.
When I was a junior in high school, I went on a college tour with my high school AVID class. It was my first time visiting Chico State and it was truly wonderful. The campus itself was extremely clean and a perfect size for a campus. If I had to change one thing about Chico State, it would have to be the location of the school because personally, I think the city is too small and far from larger cities near by, such as San Francisco or Sacramento without traveling afar.
Friendly teachers who really give all the help you need! Interesting classes and great local area. I feel like I can really get the education I need from this University.
I love the friendly and communal environment of this college. The professors really care about their student's success. Their encouragement delivers an supportive atmosphere that all of the students also embrace!
Chico State offers a wide variety of classes and specific majors. It offers the chance to foster your growing skills with a support system of professional and helpful faculty. The only thing I would like to see change is the amount of help offered to students struggling academically. There should be more outreach and more resources, especially in courses known to be challenging.
I love the nature and the community value surrounding the school and town. Most people are extremely nice and welcoming. The only thing that I would like to see change is an increase in safety in the surrounding town, so we feel safer walking around.
I like that chico is a really good university that they really care about their students and that they are able to succeed.
When I visited Chico state for a campus tour, it was overall a great experience and everyone was very kind.
Wonderful community with plenty to do. Beautiful campus that feels very natural, with a creek running through the center and many lovely trees and landscaping. There are a lot of people on campus, so parking is generally terrible, if you do not have a class in the early morning you are unlikely to be able to park a car on campus. Luckily the town is very bike friendly. Some professors are pretty bad, but most are at least decent. I've had several incredibly good professors, and also a couple very bad ones. Lots of majors to choose from. There is no football team unfortunately, and sports are not very important here it would seem, though there is a great free gym for students.
I have recently enrolled and applied for a distance/online program at this university. So far, the process has been smooth because communications by the universities various offices and program coordinators are timely and clear.
I have had a great four years at CSU, Chico and would highly recommend it at a legitimate option to anyone looking at a University.
I love the campus and how clean and environmentally-driven the campus and staff is. In addition, I love how all of my professors thus far have been extremely passionate about what they teach and focus on effectively teaching the material rather than points or grades.
What’s not to love about Chico it’s like a little city put together. It’s like a home away from home.
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Chico State is a great university that offers a variety of opportunities towards its students whether it be on campus and through the community. They monthly hold events to help students with their needs.
I love the community and opportunities for students! However the buildings are very old and some classrooms are very small and not updated.
The people are cool, very chill community, college and party oriented. Everything I thought it would be, the WREC is nice, I spend a lot of my time there. Not a far walk, good university no problems.
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