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Chico State is a breathtaking campus that offers a variety of opportunities for all kinds of people. Personally, I have found home here and love it with all my heart.
California State University is located in a small agricultural town about an hour and a half away from Sacramento. Campus is beautiful, with a stream running through the middle and trees and flowers around every corner. Teachers are able to connect with students on a mentor level due to smaller class sizes. Chico is a great place to settle down and focus on schoolwork, but still have a classic college experience.
The environment is much different then schools within big cities. The people here are so friendly, the air smells and feels cleaner, and the trees are so pretty during the fall. It's a beautiful city. The professors are very nice and always willing to help out a student in need.
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I think it needs to be renovated. It's lacking that modern feel. They also need new equipment especially for the engineering students. The campus is old but that doesn't mean that it also has to look old from the inside as well.
California State University Chico is where I have received my Ag Education Credential and where I was accepted to the Masters Program for Ag Education. I have learned and grown so much while being a student at CSU Chico and I cannot wait to further my education at this prestigious university.
Chico State is a great college town and has allowed me to become more social. The athletic program here is amazing and i believe almost every sport makes it to the NCAA regional and National level. I would like to see Chico State be bigger and safety around campus much better,
Cal State Chico has been an amazing experience for me. I never thought I would get to the point of nearing graduation and now I have only 2 semesters left.
Would not consider it to hold the title of "party school" because you have to have connections to be able to get into most parties. Yes of course they have parties but every college does. Its a good school and good location. Everyone is very nice and has a great campus feel! If you are a small town person, then chico is for you!
This is a college that cares about it's students. There are many outlets on campus for people to find their community. Class sizes are intimate and you are able to get to know your professors and classmates. The town of Chico is also small enough to learn how to get around, but large enough to not feel so secluded.
Really amazing campus and good professors. It's a small area with many dining places near the University so it can be convenient.
I am in love with the campus! I am a freshman majoring in Animal Science and I am happy I made the choice to come to Chico. I am from Southern California so it was scary to be in a new environment and being 500 miles away from home but the people and professors are so friendly. It becomes really easy to get use to the college living because of how nice people are here. CHOOSE CHICO!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
I absolutely love this campus and the education I have received so far. All the staff is so helpful and will make sure you don't fail. Everyone here is so inspiring to help you achieve your goals
I attend California State Chico online, so I don't have much experience with the campus, student life, athletics, local area, etc. since I have never stepped onto the campus. However, their online program is excellent. Highly organized, plenty of help, and extremely knowledgeable staff and professors. I recommended this program to anyone that is considering online education.
Right when I moved up to Chico, I knew it was the perfect university for me. Chico campus is beyond beautiful along with great professors and students. If you are a student who loves outdoors then Chico state for you. The campus is very easy to get around and close to a lot of activities. A few of my favorite things about Chico state was I was able to ride my bike everyday to school and they have an amazing gym. The gym offers a bunch of free classes that I took advantage of almost everyday.
If you like to learn in a hands on environment, this is the school for you. As a student attending for a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, I have learned a lot about the technical side of this major as much as the book side of it. Be prepared to become well developed critical thinkers, and do-ers.
Overall it was fun to experience a small town. Wish there were more to do and more opportunities to grow in the area in terms of networking and jobs.
California State University, Chico is an excellent school. The teachers are very down to Earth and like to interact with students. The campus is filled with hundreds of trees and plant life which adds a refreshing atmosphere. There is a creek going through the middle of campus that creates a very relaxed environment for students. Everyone is quite friendly and there are many resources on campus for students to use such as Meriam Library, Student Services Center, Safe Place and the Zen Den. Most classes are around 20-25 students so teachers are able to get to know students and get around to helping those who may need it. Overall it is a great school at an affordable price that compares to no other.
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Chico state is named as a “party school”, and it shows. All around campus Friday and Saturday nights many students are loud and upbeat. I myself am not a party student, I am more chill and keep to myself so the social norm of this school isn’t quite fitting for me. As for the academics, I am not impressed. Most courses are very well executed, if they are upper division. I’ve noticed that the lower division classes here are held with newer teachers who are very unorganized, or teachers that think this is still high school and feel the need to be strict and treat us likechildren. My experience so far hasn’t been the greatest but as I go into upper division, I’m seeing hope.
A very welcoming community and school with opportunities for all students. The campus is connected with the community giving Chico the desired small town feel. The university has many outlets to help students with a variety of needs. They work hard to help students get connected with jobs after college.
Chico State is an incredible campus from its beauty to the faculty and staff on campus, my experience at Chico State has been one to remember. California State University, Chico is located in a small college town in Northern California with extremely helpful and supportive faculty and staff, it has become my home away from home.
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