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California State University - Channel Islands Reviews

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Education is very good here. But if you're looking for an ultimate "college" experience probably not the best school since student life is minimal and the athletics are eh. The location is really cool once you get out to see a lot of fun things to do. You do have to drive a lot though to get anywhere. Bring your car. Weekends are very very quiet here.
CSU Channel Islands is a small school but offers the feel of a large university. My time spent here has been beneficial to me in ways such as my academic knowledge and social interactions. The small feel gives off the essence of a home community which is what you want out of a university.
CSU Channel Islands has a beautiful campus and great weather. The teachers and admin are always willing to help guide you and make you feel welcome. The students are friendly and work together. I also love hanging out with my classmates after school at the beach which is only 10 minutes away.
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Absolutely loved CSUCI. Class sizes are less than 50. Teachers are understanding and care about your education. One thing they could improve is athletics.
Campus is small and cozy but there is still plenty to keep you busy. There is also plenty to do offsite, the location is amazing. Academics are thorough and growing in all majors.
CSU Channel Islands is a small (but growing) university that provides the opportunity for close relationships with both peers and professors. This school is diverse and also open-minded when it comes to the needs of the students on campus. Also, it is a truly beautiful campus.
As a student who lived on camps, I enjoyed the small community that one joins while attending Cal State Channel Islands. This campus is perfect for those who enjoy smaller classes and more one on one communications with their professors.
My experience at CSUCI has been amazing. Everyone there is friendly and super helpful. Classroom are filled with decent amount of students and learn a lot because there’s a lot of interactions depending on the class.
I really love this school. The student to professor ratio is the best feature to this school, you really feel like they are there to help you personally.
A wonderful college. Small school feel. Wonderful professors that are very supportive. Everyone I have had contact with is compassionate and helpful.
What I liked most about this school, were that the teachers were helpful, and that they want you to succeed. What I would want to change, would be to add more parking areas for both students and faculty.
My experience at the Cal State University University was amazing. I loved the campus and for me it felt like if I were to attend at this school I would feel at home and safe. I loved the fact that this university has my major and I love that everyone just seems so friendly. If I had the opportunity to visit this university one more time I would! I would recommend people to visit the campus.
Channel Islands is a beautiful campus to live on. It is quiet and quaint compared to other universities and the outside of town atmosphere makes it east to focus on studies. I have had wonderful professors here and am please to say that each professor has made a connection to their class and the outside world. Considering I am studying to be an elementary school teacher, this campus provides opportunities to network through service learning outside of campus. I have been privileged enough to work one on one with other students at elementary schools and side by side with teachers in the classroom. Student life is quiet here, however the campus puts on socials and events that are a great opportunity to take a study break and relax and enjoy being social. I love the campus.
I have a great experience at CI. I learned a lot and the professors are great! The school is small so there are great chances that professors will know you by name. To them you are not a number but a person with a name.
The education program is amazing at CSUCI. The professors are very passionate about teaching and encouraging you to succeed in you academics. The Special Education program is great. It is close to the beach and has all you need on campus. Great students, with a diverse campus atmosphere. Many different clubs and programs on campus. We have great food in town center!
The part I liked about the University was the student life because it was one of the reasons why I chose this school. It made me feel comfortable in the campus and also I felt that I was part of family when I arrived. I don't think anything should be changed in this school , its an amazing campus.
I believe that during my time at California State University Channel Islands, I learned a lot from my very interesting courses and great professors. The social aspect of the school however is not great. I commute and have only one friend here. I am an extremely social person so the environment is rough on me. The campus is beautiful and the employees are very helpful. My professors have been mostly great and personable, and I really enjoyed the majority of my classes. The school needs to grow and develop more of a unity so that the students feel more connected regardless if they live on campus or they commute. I would recommend the school to people who want to just come and get their coursework done for their degree, not to come and get a traditional college experience. I believe that the school will grow and so will the Channel Islands spirit.
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My experience at CSUCI is a good one. I love the campus and it is so close to home. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and i am hoping in attending.
I wasted four months of my life in this pitiful excuse for a university. Save your money. Go somewhere else. Join the marines if that's your only other option because you'll have more fun doing pushups for Sergeant Stick-up-his-ass than you will if you go to this school.
I really enjoyed the vibes I got from the campus. It was more diverse than I thought it would be. The professors seemed really nice and caring. The weather is not that bad it can be hot but not burning hot but it’s cold in the morning.
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