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My experience at CSUCI is a good one. I love the campus and it is so close to home. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and i am hoping in attending.
I wasted four months of my life in this pitiful excuse for a university. Save your money. Go somewhere else. Join the marines if that's your only other option because you'll have more fun doing pushups for Sergeant Stick-up-his-ass than you will if you go to this school.
I really enjoyed the vibes I got from the campus. It was more diverse than I thought it would be. The professors seemed really nice and caring. The weather is not that bad it can be hot but not burning hot but it’s cold in the morning.
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Channel Islands is a beautiful school and love how small the classes are. I am able to get the classes I need because it's such a small university compared to others. There should be more sports and fun activities to get distracted.
The campus is small, meaning little walking to next class. Professors and staff are friendly. The campus itself is warm and cosy with many trees and shady area for studying. The food is affordable and with $10 you can pick all you can eat or go to the external food court.
Channel Island is very beautiful and very safe. There are police officers around 24/7. The teachers are excellent, but it lacks school spirit. Sometimes it can be a little too quiet. Not a party school.
I have truly fallen in love with my school. I appreciate the small class sizes and that it is so easy to pass by a familiar face every day. All of my teachers have been so wonderful to me and I appreciate how connected they become to us and how willing they are to help us achieve our goals. The only thing I would love to see a change in is our food on campus. Being a vegan, it is sometimes very hard to find a substantial meal on campus, I believe having healthier meal options would greatly increase the beautiful vibe we have at this school.
I love that it is a very tightly woven community. Small class sizes allow for more 1 on 1 time with professors and the cultivation of many relationships.
I liked how it was lonely and everyone was doing their own thing, also the people attending the college. I would like to see more activities happen.
CSU Channel Islands is a great place for students who are looking to transfer to school that focuses on professors who want you to succeed and give multiple opprotunities to find resources for careers, internships, and jobs on campus. My on critique would the battle to get into classes you need to graduate because many students need similar professors in order to receive their bachelors degree on time.
I like that it is surrounded by nature and very close to the beach. Also the Camarillo Premium Outlets are really close by. The only downside is you cannot walk there, you would have to take the bus or get a ride there.
So far, so good. I really like my dorm, roommate, classmates, and professors. It's a really quite, small campus, but that it what I really like about this school. Everyone is really nice here.
I have seen CSUCI on various occasions since I am a part of the Teaching and Educational Careers Academy (TECA) at Pacifica High School, we visit the campus once a year. I really like that campus because it is local and gives me a homey vibe which I enjoy. I have had a positive experience on that campus and hope to attend it next fall.
I really love that I it's small enough to not feel super overwhelmed when first attending as a new freshman. I also think that the professors are passionate and easy to work work with. It is a very small laid back school; however, which can suck if you are looking for a huge party scene. You can find some cool parties though if you look.
I am a senior and will be graduating CSUCI in 2018, but I can not leave without giving my honest review about the campus itself. It a great campus, great location and great environment! Most all professors teaching at CI are warm hearted, especially all science professors. I give it 4 stars because I feel that advising and counseling could improve, its what most students complain about. It is a communter school, but there are many students and professors that will have the same interest or have great advice to help you throughout your undergrad.
I love that this is a small public school. The classes are usually only about 20-25 students. You really get to know your professors and vise versa. The campus is beautiful and full of interesting history. As an older student, I appreciate the relative lack of a party scene.
I wouldn't change anything from the university. The university has very good standards and what it whats to accomplish with its students. The staff and the students are polite and always greeting people with a smile. It makes you feel wanted in the school rather than being an outsider.
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Channel Islands is a very small school. Walking around to classes, you probably won't see more than 30 people on the way. There aren't many activities to do and the towns/ places with recreation are about 15 minutes away with a car.
This school is by far amazing, this was actually my first choice. I really like the classroom sizes compared to other Cal States. Also, the environment of the school feels very friendly, I consider it to be my second home. I have met some amazing friends and professors whom I get along with very well. I definitely don't regret choosing this University.
I enjoy how small and connected our campus is. It's nice when your professors know who you are and care.
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