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California State University - Channel Islands Reviews

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Great School, Small classes friendly faculty and staff. Alot of one on one time with professors who genuinely care about your success.
What I like about channel islands is, it's so peaceful and it's not a big campus, therefore since it's not a big campus that means the classes are usually small, which makes it easier to learn. Something that should change about CI is I think they should have more sports.
So far it is pretty amazing even though the campus is isolated from the city the people at the school makes it a great experience there are resources for each major and professors try there best to teach at there best ability even though it can be better it is good for a first-year.
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Many of the students that I meet that attended the college seemed as if they had a good experience and claimed that many of the classes they took helped them excel with their major. To them the experience in the school allowed them to be have better jobs. Personally I enjoyed the view of the beach and how peaceful it was considering that the school was much smaller then others.
My experience at CSUCI has been amazing! I have had incredible amazing professors and they are also so helpful as well as resourceful. They truly are there for you when you need them whether its academically or in other aspects of your life.
What i love about CI is the environment of the school is just feels right, it feels like home. The people are nice and understanding.
My experience at California State University - Channel Islands has been a roller coaster. The energy of the school is overall amazing but there are some things that could be changed. For example, I have been followed multiple times by random cars and I notified the police but they did not do much but ask me if I was okay. Other than that I have had a great time living in beautiful Camarillo and enjoy learning from the well-educated professors.
Beautiful campus! Perfect for anyone who wants to go to a 4 year University without the intimidation of a huge campus. 10 minutes away from the coast and is near the Camarillo Premium Outlets. Lots of fun things to do as well such as surfing lessons, parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc.
The ease of navigating through the transfer process. there is someone to guide you almost every step of the way. With two campuses and an online option there is literally something for everyone
I'm going into my 3rd year here at CSUCI and I can honestly say I can't see myself on any other campus. The small and hidden feeling of the school allows you to work on your degree and yourself without too many distractions. You also get really engaged with your departments, most heads of the departments are eager to work with students who show the initiative. The professors care deeply about students and go the extra mile to also learn the material and have it stick with you. While there isn't much to do in terms of partying and social outing (Camarillo isn't the best, you'd need to go to Ventura for a night out) the campus has so much more to offer. Diverse clubs and open minded people give you a chance to really discover who you are safely. There are many on-campus jobs in various departments for those who are interested in that and honestly, this place is perfect if you want to turn your life around and focus on school and self-development.
The teachers are doing a great job! They have helped me really get excited about my future in Anthropology.
Must give cal state Channel Islands a five-star evaluation. The professors and facilities are super friendly and helpful. Like professor Elizabeth Sowers, you must take her class as she really knows how to teach and help students pass a hard time. President Beck is an amazing principle, I took pictures with her! And the food is extremely delicious! Because of cal state Channel Islands, we will never go back to Northern California! We love Southern California!
After orientation and understanding the campus life while meeting many people who have some kind of relationship with the school, I was very surprised about what the school really offers in terms. Tuition after financial aid isn't too bad and housing would be a great option for undergrads. You can meet new people, make connections, and still have a social life depending how many classes you take!
So far I have had an amazing experience with my transfer process and all staff has been very helpful with all questions and concerns. I can't wait to start in the fall!
I love meeting new people. The staffs are friendly and helped me a lot on many things. I have good professors and peers who accommodate me for my special needs.
Although I'm only a freshman, I can already tell that CI is the perfect place for me. I love the home-like environment and aura that the school gives off, and I know that I have people to go to if I feel as if I need help with anything. I'm excited to start my journey!
Since I am just a freshman I really can't say all the good and bad things but, from what I have seen this school is very good and I am excited to pursue my education through it.
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CSUCI is a beautiful campus and everyone is willing to help each other out. The campus is very clean and well kept and the professors are all always willing to help you out.
My overall experience was amazing , the campus felt like home and there was many resources available.
I love the small campus and the friendly faces. The campus is small which is ideal for people who like small spaces rather than bug campuses. The class sizes are relatively small which allows for more one on one teacher/student interactions.
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