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Online classes were easy to follow. The teachers were great and I knew I could get in touch with them when needed. The zoom sessions I had were fun and made up for not being in person lessons.
Great teachers for the ECS program. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this program. I was very happy to attend this campus. The library is great and the food on campus is a plus.
My experience at Cal State Channel Islands has become very easy because of the supportive staff and administration that help in the transition from high school to college.
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My experience online has been very simple. The teachers are able to make the learning fun while also giving us the tools in order to stay on top our self-paced learning.
Online classes are a great opportunity to graduate faster and are super convenient. Channel Islands offers tons of online classes and they are offered in a very organizational way that you can pace your work out and not be overwhelmed.
Channel Islands had so many opportunities from research, to classes to job experience. For a new cal state it’s building up its name really well. The history and architecture is a plus and it is so cool seeing it from a psych stand point.
overall nice campus, good professors and classes, the only downside of this campus is the location and surrounding area.
the online experience here was average. I did feel like I did not learn much online versus in person.
Channel Islands makes students feel like their voices are important and heard. There is a huge team on campus that is dedicated to supporting students academically and with their personal lives. There is support that is always available and so many resources to turn to. There is loads of opportunities to get involved with the campus and peers. The small university really makes the campus feel like a second home.
The professors have been doing their best with he circumstances that have forced them to switch to online learning. So far they have been patient and very understanding with the students adjustment as well. They are offering support with technology and have opened up their office hours to any questions students may have.
I did take one class online and the professor wasn't really in touch as often as I would have liked. when we transitioned all of our classes online it was a hard transition but I think the professors did the best they could during these hard times.
I loved my experience there I loved the environment they provided. All the professors there are amazing always willing to teach students they help you succeed. They help you in every way they possibly can. I love this school nothing bad to say at all.
The school atmosphere has to be by far my best experience of attending this university. Being surrounded by nature allows you to appreciate the beauty of it. By being in a smaller campus than most universities, it allows to have more interaction with professors and have smaller classrooms. This is much more comforting since we are given more attention and each student can receive decent feedback from the professors. I’m so thankful that I chose this school to receive my bachelors from. Although the drive may be long, I will never referent choosing this school. It has really been the best place and I have truly enjoyed my time being here.
I currently only take classes on campus, and have only taken one online course. The one time I have taken an online course I believe the professor did a good job in explaining what was expected out of us.
I loved the small class size and accessible professors and numerous opportunities to get involved in the campus community and research. I would have liked the Santa Cruz dorms to be updated.
Small class size and accessible professors, many research opportunities but housing is pricey and sophomore dorms should be updated.
I think that my online learning experience has been great because my professors have been well-organized and I have learned a lot from my online experiences.
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I love CSU Channel Islands! I have grown so much both academically and professionally. I have made many great memories and friends and I have encountered excellent professors. I feel that the professors are encouraging and help lead to success. I have also had the opportunity to build rapport with my professors in a professional manner. I have also been able to get out of my comfort zone and network which has led to amazing opportunities, such as job shadows and special projects, that I could have never imagined I would have been capable of doing. The resources available on campus, such as the Writing and Multiliteracy Center and the Career Development center are invaluable to help us succeed. I truly enjoy studying at this university and the environment is beautiful.
I just finished my first year at CSUCI, and I had an amazing experience. The professors are very caring and so are the staff and faculty; they really care about school success. The school offers many resources so its students can succeed in their classes, such as free tutoring for all majors, workshops, and events on campus. I never had trouble accessing resources and the professors are always there to help you! The only downside I would say is that there isn't much to do on campus, so it can be boring or repetitive.
This Spring semester in-person classes switched to online classes, which was inconvenient for some classes. However, my professors reassured and provided me with the tools and information to be successful. My professors stayed in contact with their students throughout the semester and offered additional class time for more questions and help. Furthermore, I am STEM major so I had to take chemistry and math this semester and it was a bit difficult to understand some material. For these classes, I feel that I would have learned it better in person than online.
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