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California State University - Bakersfield Reviews

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This school is great for those who like a small school but still want the university experience. I live just 30 minutes away from campus and love that i'm still able to live at home while go to a university to get my degree. There was no need for me to worry about the cost of living somewhere else just so i can attend a different university when everything I need is offered at California State University Bakersfield. GO ROADRUNNERS!!!
I like how freely students come and establish connections with one another regardless of majors, but through sheer dedication to education and interests. Due to this, clubs and associations have an easier time interpreting student life and create events that will allow students some ease from studying, exams, etc. The dedication to student well-being and assistant is at their top priorities by scheduling important information and assistance such as tutors or areas of study and assistance.
Overall my experience at California State University Bakersfield has been pleasant. The school gives access to late library hours for students needing a quiet area to focus on their academics as well as provides other helpful sources that can be fundamental for students.
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I attend the AV campus in Lancaster. The campus is just right. It might be small but it works. Seems to be just enough classrooms. The faculty members are very nice and helpful. The campus is always clean. The room are usually set up nice and clean. The students and professors seem to be very nice. The dean is available most of the time and takes the time out to connect with students and make sure things are going well and work out overall. The majors offered are sufficient. The counselors are decent and are there to help whenever you need it.
I’m currently a sophomore at CSUB as a nursing major. The campus is quite nice and it is easy to find where the classes are. I just wish there were more stuff to do on campus where I can be more involved.
Most of the professors at CSUB have Ph.D. which is really good. Overall it is a nine University to go to and get masters.
The university has nice facilities such as the gym, library, and fabrication labs. Most of the professors are good, but some are horrible. Events are not broadcasted well and very few reasons to stay on campus besides classes.
It’s a good business school. Our campus is kind of worn down, needs improvements and new materials. Classrooms should be redone.7
What I like about California State University, Bakersfield is that it is a medium sized school that I was able to find my way around easily. I enjoy what CSUB offers students and I like how we are always in the loop with what changes/updates are going to happen and we are free to give our opinions.
It was a good start. I loved the small class rooms and the campus had good parking. The professors where a treat! Lots of opportunity to get mentorship especially in the psychology department. Is a commuter school so student life is a bit dull but overall its a great university to come and focus on your studies and immerse yourself in the learning.
I enjoyed the proximity of California State University of Bakersfield to my home and being close to Edward's as well.
Best decision I ever made. I make well over 200,000 dollars a year as a result of the excellent education I received at CSUB.

The Teaching staff is great, dorms are convenient and nice new library is stunning. The ratio of diverse students is amazing. The soccer team was from England, Swim team from Slovakian area, women's tennis from Sweden.

Amazing group of students and teachers very well rounded and bets kept secret / you are a person there not a number.
The people at CSUB are very helpful and motivated. The professors care and help. The school prepares you for degree or transfer
It is a great school with a wonderful campus and professors. The only bummer I found was the lack of community because it is such a commuter school.
The education and classes offered at CSUB-AV is impressive. Although the satellite campus only offers a few majors, it is a great campus and really focuses and works with the students in getting a BA degree. Teacher credentials are available as well which a big demand in Antelope Valley.
My experience at CSUB has been wonderful thus far. Any help that is needed can be found on campus. For example, if you're looking for someone to look over your assignment to check for errors. There's a student resource center that'll make you feel welcomed and offer lots help when needed. The help does not need to be school related you can get help on campus even if it's personal matters that you can not solve on your own.
Overall this University is a quiet and lovely place. It's campus is nestled in a small, yet busy, city and near local shopping. Great campus, great teachers and great people!
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California state university is a great diverse university that has amazing professors to teach various subjects. I have been here for about a year now and I have enjoyed the people I have met. It is really great to see how much this school is improving everyday.
California State University is one of the least expensive Cal States that exist. I am proud to say that I can receive my education as I would at other Cal States and Universities at a cheaper expense. I am currently a sophomore and I have lived in the dorms my freshman year. Living in a college dorm has given me the experience of living with strangers and growing as a person. The staff members could be more understanding when it comes to cost, but overall it is a great experience.
The school does not provide enough internships for their students. Students have to search for internships outside the college. The school does not provide opportunities for students.
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