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My experience at Cal State Bakersfield has been pretty good so far. The environment is a good place and there is a lot offered on campus to get involved. The only bad part is the food, there is not much you can just grab quickly and eat on the go. There is a few places on campus but in my opinion they are pretty pricey. There is one food truck but it is on the other side of the campus and not easily accessible. Professors are pretty nice and understanding from my own experience and from what i have heard from other students. I am glad i stayed in town because Cal State Bakersfield has been a good experience for me.
Some professors definitely aren’t good and don’t know how to explain things. Some of the advisors aren’t good at getting back to you in a timely manner. Other than that everything is great! They do have some really great, engaging professos, who i love.
I have graduated CSUB with a bachelors degree in Psychology and I returned to achieve a bachelors in Nursing. I have noticed that Professors want students to learn and do their best. They are open to questions and always open for students to come to for help. Very warm atmosphere. Students always helping other students.
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I love many things about my school and I’m proud to say I’m a runner but a few things really have made my experience great. The things that stands out to me right away is all of the great teachers and staff, you’d think that a small university wouldn’t have as many diverse professors but CSUB does. Every single one of my professors has been more than helpful, and has been so invested in helped their students. The teacher to student ratio is about 1:30 and that really matters, having a smaller classroom size allows the teachers to become more personal with their students and give one on one help. Another thing I love about CSUB are the amenities. The school gym is fully equipt and easy enough to get a good session in between classes. The student union is planning to expand and make for more available options for students and that is all because the students spoke up and voted on that. I think it’s amazing that we the students have a voice in the school and the community!
My experience at California State University: Bakersfield was average overall. I learned a lot during my undergraduate academic career. Although this may be true, I feel that the Nursing department could be more helpful towards their potential students, as well as work on their organizational skills.
I like all the help Cal State Bakersfield has to offer as long you are willing to seek it. I don't like how so much of the staff does not understand that students have jobs and other responsibilities that they cant assign certain activities outside of class.
I have taken a class at CSUB and the environment is a beautiful place to be. The people there are so nice that they helped me find what building to go to.
Overall, California State University has been a great school. I've gotten the opportunity to be myself and challenge myself in every way possible. CSUB is quite a small campus, but it's full of great people. The professors that I've had have all been great. California State University, Bakersfield is very diverse with many different type of people. I was definitely able to fit in. There are a variety of different clubs and organizations to be part of. CSUB is located near plenty of shopping centers and cafes where students are able to study or share some company with friends. This University is everything I've expected and even more.
The CSUB campus is not huge so it is very easy to get around and very hard to get lost. The campus has many features such as; the SRC, where many activities are always taking place, and the library, where many students come together to study in groups or study alone in a quiet environment. Professors are great in updating blackboard with announcements and assignments for students.
Overall CSUB is a great school to attend if you're interested on a peace and quite setting. Though I've had a stressful situation, I wasn't able to graduate on fall 2017 because I missed it by .6 of a unit which I was notified two days before their spring semester started and no I have to enroll and still pay for some of my tuition fee which is absurd because its their job to notify students on time to be prepared.
I love the atmosphere of the campus and its people. The only thing I would probably comment on fixing is advisor schedules. I lost a semester because I was not a freshman and they couldn't see me till after the date that we couldn't add anymore classes.
It's a studious place and everyone seems to know what they want to do and how to get there. And if you don't, any of the teachers are pretty willing to talk to you about it and help you out. There's a good variety of teachers and students alike, and once you have a major you'll get to know your classmates fairly quickly. CSUB isn't really a party school, but it's fun in its own right.
California State University of Bakersfield is a very resourceful and helpful place that has made my college experience an easy one. The professors are great and class sizes are not very big. The only thing I would change is the parking permit prices.
California State University Bakersfield is a growing commuter college that attracts a lot of individuals from other areas due to it being less expensive compared to many other CSU's. Although it does not have a strong student life for individuals to connect with their college on a memorable level, my experience there was satisfying knowing that I was going to receive a degree.
I was afraid that I wouldn't fit in my first semester but I was glad to make new friends, have a good relationship with my professors and achieve a great ending for the semester. I really like that everyone gets along here and no one feels left out. I would like to see more people socializing with one another because it's important to talk to each other, even as strangers. We're all on the same path and we all share the same goals in life and I'm sure we can relate on many levels if we simply TALK to one another. Overall, my experience here at CSU Bakersfield is great and I'm glad I made the right choice to stay.
California state university tries very hard to interact with there students. They have many activities and events on campus to keep everyone interested and interested. It would be great if there was more announcements about these events.
Small class sizes and most professors are interested in educating.

Financial aid office is the worst at getting a response.
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I loved the History department. Top notch professors and yet really push you in the area of writing.
After completing my first semester at California State University Bakersfield, I have found myself very happy with my choice in college. I have had a great experience in the short time i have been here, not only with my education, but with the overall environment that comes with being a student here. The professors are generous with their time, patience, and commitment to every student's education. The smaller campus and student to faculty ratio is appealing as well as being in the heart of California. Only two hours from the beach and two and a half hours from the glorious Sequoia National Forest, Bakersfield has been a great experience and I am happy to have came here.
California State University Bakersfild is a great school everybody treats everyone like a family member.
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