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My experience at the California State University of Bakersfield has been great. This school tries to help every student, for example, I was not eligible to go to CSUB but there was a program that I had to go for two weeks and it was called EOP. EOP stands for Educational Opportunity Program and if it was not for this program I would not be going to CSUB. This program was like going to college for two weeks. We had to move in and we had a class schedule from 8:00 to 2:00 and in between classes we had breaks and lunch. CSUB has tutoring available for every student that needs it, and the best part of it is that its free. Another great thing about CSUB is the professors, the professor put in a lot of effort in teaching their students, they also enjoy helping students on a individual level. I love CSUB and I'm happy I got accepted to be a roadrunner. One thing I would change about CSUB is they should put more benches for students to sit.
My experience at this university has been well so far. My only complaint would be that classes are cancelled often, at least for me.
Generally a great school. Nothing too big to complain about. Professors have awesome and so have the school events. Can't wait for 3 more years
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It's cool environment. I would tell to many people to go there. There is nothing really special about the school. They can do a lot better with things there
It is a nice warming school. Faculty and students respect one another. It is underrated on the university system. You will get a great education there.
I didn't like it so much, i feel the school doesn't have so much to offer, no research position or pre-health advising offered
My experience at California State University, Bakersfield has been memorable. I've met amazing classmates and interacted with insightful professors. As a student studying biology, the faulty I've encountered has been very hands on and gives individuals the help they need. They have always been available during their office hours, which enables student success.
California State University Bakersfield is a very diverse college you get to meet many new faces and different backgrounds. Every person you meet at CSUB gets you a chance to make new friends and be apart of their lives. The campus is very big but yet very united. Bakersfield is a very unique city there are wonderful areas you cna visit that will make you feel free and welcomed. Extracurricular activities at CSUB are also very fun and I have heard many great things about it for example; the connection you get to make with your teammates and the new strength you develop to want to win games. I am currently a freshman at CSUB and so far it has got me to a great start.
Cal state University of Bakersfield is home to the rowdy roadrunners. This college offers a great education along with a scenic campus in the heart of a great area in Bakersfield. It was currently ranked as the best college for the bang of your buck. In turn saveing more money for the struggling college experience. If you want a inexpensive education that will set you up for success, Cal state University of Bakersfield is your school.
The new Computer and Electrical Engineering program that is offered at CSUB is fantastic. The material is extremely difficult, but the professors know the material well, and many have been involved in the industry working for wireless communication giants. As far as the academics goes for the maths and sciences at the university, it is ahead of the competition.

I feel that faculty at admissions, financial aid, and academic counseling services leaves much wanted, however. I have yet to have a reasonable and logical conversation or solution to any problem I have brought to their attention over the last four years--and I have heard about people not receiving their diplomas until months after graduation due to clerical errors.
I love the environment its very nice and it will be my first year here at Cal State Bakersfield. So far I like it here I've heard there is so many opportunities here. I am taking classes in the summer and I love the campus.
What i like about CSUB was how they welcome freshman with great energy and support and how they cheer on everyone to reach there goals and career
I liked the extra programs or minorities. I did not like the faculty because they were rude and not very helpful.
Freshman year was tough especially, for those first generation college students. I came from rough beginnings and had no idea what I was doing in college. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend school, but I felt pressured to be there. California State University of Bakersfield provided a first year college student 101 class. That was the best stress relief for me. The course provided me with support centers on campus for financial, mental, and physically assistants. Which I needed help with all 3. What I would change about Bakersfield education system is helping students more that are in financial troubles like myself. I never received FASFA and kept getting extension to pay my tuition til I ran out. For example: My EFC is too high however, I was not receiving financial support from home. I found myself in debt and homeless. If there was more of an outreach for students like myself it'd make it all the better.
What I like about this university is that students are able to experience a one to one connection with their professors if ever needed.
My experience at CSUB has been great. The staff, faculty, and professors are great. I have had some very interesting classes and some very challenging ones as well. Despite that I have learned so much during my 5 years at csub and I am excited to be graduating soon.
Csub is really great at keeping the student body amped and in the school spirit for events and games. Every, and I mean every, faculty member from the admission office to the ladies in Peet's Coffee shop, are some of the nicest, friendliest and helpful people. You really feel welcome and at home on campus, and as a first year student, I know my remaining years here will only improve. There's so much school spirit, and anyone can tell we're very proud to be Runners by our demeanor and participation in games or other fun activities. Can't wait to see what's in store for us as we pursue lifelong careers. Go Runners!!
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So far my two years at CSUB have been great. There are many wonderful professors that show interest in you growing and going forward. There is also help all around campus that you can refer to.
My experience at California State University-Bakersfield, thus far has been life changing. I have learned a great amount of information at this amazing close niched school. Bakersfield has been amazing to me, I have made a lot of friends, at school events, class, and in the small events held at the dorms. Living in the dorms has been an extraordinary experience, although I am used to having my own room, it has been great to grow with people and understand them on a different level.
CSUB is a pretty average school, the teachers can be very approachable but there are many times when you need to jump through hoops in order to get the help you need. Also as a freshman you need to be prepared for the amount of self advocacy you need to do in order to ensure you do not fall behind on deadlines. Also do not except all your teachers to know the technology the shove down your throat in your first year many of my teachers did not even use blackboard let the student email they make all students use which can be a good depending on your proficiency in technology. However, one problem is the surrounding area I have noticed some car alarms going off as well a homeless population that can wander on campus. Essentially CSUB is a very decent school with stand out teachers but can be a little difficult for those not used to living alone and not able to get an eye on deadlines.
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