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California State University - Bakersfield Reviews

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This school have a very good campus for students and feels safe. All the staff are very kind and helpful. The class are taught by teachers that care for the students. I highly recommend you visit and see for your self what a wonderful college it is.
All the faculty members and current students are really helpful. I feel like we are all one family and I do not feel like an outcast.
A beautiful campus that offers so many opportunities to their students. They offer a variety of academics to achieve many amazing careers for their students future.
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I've only been there for two weeks but I love it. The staff is great and very helpful. I also like that most of their students have jobs on campus which is great. They offer so many clubs, and they always keep in touch with students via email. It's great!
It is my first year at California State University Bakersfield Antelope valley campus, I like this campus because it is small, so you can’t get lost when trying to find a class. The staff is very friendly and greets you with a smile and it makes you feel like you belong while on campus. The professors are friendly and understanding when it comes to their assignments they make sure that their students understands the assignments that are given.
The campus is a very big campus and the dorms are really nice also clean. I am a freshmen and i am loving what i am seeing for now. Go Runners
Overall I have liked my experience attending California State University, Bakersfield. It is pretty hard to make new friends there but that is not a problem of the university. Some of the professors are boring and some are strict but that happens in every college/university.
I like how friendly most of the staff is and there are resources to help students, like tutoring, financial aid, etc and I love the food options on campus. I would like to see the tutors not be older students, but qualified teachers, and also less politics.
My experience at CSUB has been very great. I really admire the dedication and care that some of the professors express with their students. Many of my professors have not only helped me excel in my studies but as well as in my professional life.
CSUB is a great University, very diverse and a lot of new experiences. There's a lot of help when needed, I feel safe knowing campus police have a very fast response time if needed.
Most of the STEM professors are more than willing to help you in your studies; however, I have noticed that some seem jaded. I've had some bad experiences with professors giving students mixed information regarding grading scales, what is testable, and where they stand in the class - these professors didn't seem to care. Most of these are outside of the STEM field, that I have had personal experience with.
My mom went to CSUB and loved it and now I will be attending in the fall. Being in my hometown I wasn’t very excited to attend but the campus has a lot to offer in activities and being involved. The gym or SRC is incredibly nice and offers various classes such as yoga, spinning class, and even kickboxing. The sport scene is also very apparent on campus being D1 and is overall a great atmosphere while getting a good education.
Deciding to go to California State University, Bakersfield was the best decision of my life. I love the atmosphere of the campus. It feels like we are all one when I am at school. Most of the my classes have been good, but some of the professors do not understand that their class is not the only one we are taking. I am on the golf team at CSU Bakersfield and I love it. My coach and my team have made my experience 100 times better than it would have been if I was not on a team. I would most definitely recommend my school to a friend.
I felt supported by my professors and that the faculty was more than willing to help ensure my academic success.
I have had several excellent professors but I have also had many negative experiences. Especially within my current academic degree program, I have encountered several professors who did not facilitate learning and target students they do not like.
What I liked about CSUB was the fact that it was so close to me as well as it being in my hometown Bakersfield. It's a great school that's only expanding even more throughout the years. As well as the food being pretty good the campus looks very clean the students there at the school are all pretty nice to be around. The teachers are pretty helpful to me and it's just an overall great experience. As well as the classes being pretty easy to go to you don't really get lost as much. Probably due to the fact the school is not as big as like a UC. The only thing that I would like to see change is to make the college even more bigger than it is right now. I do like bigger colleges that's mostly why I didn't want to go to BC. But if this college gets even bigger than it is now then that would be pretty cool. Don't really know what they should add to it but they should just make the campus more bigger than it is now.
What I like about CSUB is that there are always fun activities being held to get students more involved on campus. The staff is friendly and because I am part of the honors program, there is a special lounge that I can study in during library hours, which is a big help. I also love the spirit weeks we have, ESPECIALLY the days where they bring in therapy dogs so students can de-stress.
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I liked the price of tuition, and everyone was very friendly and nice. The professors were a mixed bag, but everything was good overall.
I am still a student for CSUB but, I have enjoyed studying at CSUB because the professors provide so much support for us that we have to take that chance and ask for any help we have. There are so many people from different countries and places that we have a very good chance to meet new friends and know the place more. There is housing and I did enjoyed living in the dorms because I met new people and the other residents were very nice.
What I like about CSUB is the environment of the campus. Being a first generation college student, I was pretty scared from the transition between high school to college, but when I arrived, there was nothing but greetings and smiles. This was the first step to me becoming more comfortable with the campus and with my surroundings. My first academic year is ending and I have to say that I have had a blast being at CSUB, I have found the love of my life and thats thanks to CSUB.
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