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California State University - Bakersfield Reviews

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It is a great school with a wonderful campus and professors. The only bummer I found was the lack of community because it is such a commuter school.
The education and classes offered at CSUB-AV is impressive. Although the satellite campus only offers a few majors, it is a great campus and really focuses and works with the students in getting a BA degree. Teacher credentials are available as well which a big demand in Antelope Valley.
My experience at CSUB has been wonderful thus far. Any help that is needed can be found on campus. For example, if you're looking for someone to look over your assignment to check for errors. There's a student resource center that'll make you feel welcomed and offer lots help when needed. The help does not need to be school related you can get help on campus even if it's personal matters that you can not solve on your own.
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Overall this University is a quiet and lovely place. It's campus is nestled in a small, yet busy, city and near local shopping. Great campus, great teachers and great people!
California state university is a great diverse university that has amazing professors to teach various subjects. I have been here for about a year now and I have enjoyed the people I have met. It is really great to see how much this school is improving everyday.
California State University is one of the least expensive Cal States that exist. I am proud to say that I can receive my education as I would at other Cal States and Universities at a cheaper expense. I am currently a sophomore and I have lived in the dorms my freshman year. Living in a college dorm has given me the experience of living with strangers and growing as a person. The staff members could be more understanding when it comes to cost, but overall it is a great experience.
The school does not provide enough internships for their students. Students have to search for internships outside the college. The school does not provide opportunities for students.
I love that it is somewhat of a smaller campus because its easier to get around. I also like the tranquility of the campus and how everyone is just out doing their own thing.
The best part about CSUB is the academics because most of the professors in this campus are really passionate about their subjects and are really there to lend out a hand to students. Another great aspect about CSUB are the students in terms of being extremely friendly and always helping one another whenever another is struggling. Because most of the students who attend CSUB live near, there is not much life in the school, and there are very few clubs that students can join in on.
The campus is beautiful and the staff is very caring of their students. The students are dedicated to their studies as well as bettering the campus, we have monthly campus cleanups. The teachers are dedicated to teaching and bettering their students, the classes are small and you are able to connect with the professors and better your education.
So far I have enjoyed the atmosphere at CSUB. It is close to home and has many trees, giving it a beautiful scenery. The professors are also very helpful and understanding. If you don't care too much about he party college life, CSUB is for you. Very peaceful.
I love CSUB. I think it is such an underrated university, and it is so beautiful and green. The faculty in my department were always so encouraging and helpful, not to mention, intelligent and incredibly knowledgeable about their academic discipline. The facilities are not what you would perhaps find in other more prestigious universities, and I wish CSUB had postgraduate studies available, but as a Bakersfield native, I saved a lot of money going here! I feel very confident about the education I received and I feel great about my degree.
Good school with decent classes and tuition. Campus life is a bit average, but there are things to get involved in. Class sizes are decent, and professors are great.
My experience at CSUB has been amazing. The staff is very helpful and the professors are always willing to help you understand the material. Housing staff are always informative and are willing to help send direct us if we need help paying our remaining balance without falling behind. Campus police is always available and are willing to walk with you to your car to make sure you are safe.
It has been a good experience with regards to professors and other students. Although miss information from the offices do tend to disrupt the flow of a new students' schedule.
CSU Bakersfield has offered me the privilege of earning my degree, and it is my desire to pursue a graduate degree on the same campus. CSU Bakersfield values diversity and inclusivity and the efforts of the student body reflect that.
I have really enjoyed the professors that I have met through out my experience at CSUB. They are all extremely helpful and educated. However, I do not appreciate that the financial aid office has students working rather than adults. Sometimes they are not qualified to answer certain questions and it makes solving a problem more difficult than need be.
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Cal State offers many opportunities to get involved in the school. They also offer help to students who seek it.
This university is awesome! Everyone on campus is super friendly and the staff truly cares about the students. Campus is always clean and there are lots of opportunities to join clubs and meet new people. Great atmosphere.
Overall i think Bakersfield is an excellent college. I feel like my safety and education really matters there.
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