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My experience although it has only been online for classes is great. i used to go there in the summers when i was little, so i am very comfortable with the campus, the only thing will be that i will have less experience in knowing where my classes are. The staff is doing a great job.
I really like how despite the pandemic and online classes CSUB reaches out to their every day. They make sure students are doing well and catch them up on what is going on both with school and the outside world. It is a bit difficult to learn but CSUB offer several help and options. I really like CSUB and i look forward to being able to attend the campus in person once the pandemic is over. CSUB took great precaution and was even the first university in this area to announce spring semester to be online. I think this was a smart decision to keep everyone safe. I also give the props for their super fast adjustment and overall how they dealt with online school.
Online classes have been pretty confusing so far. It's a lot and since its online, they throw more assignments at the students assuming we have all this free time now. I have to currently teach myself for my math class so that's not great.
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Because i'm a freshman and everything is online right now, I cant give an exact rating but so far its just average. Nothing too special. No football team.
Its a good school for a small city. I would really hope if they add more security cameras or actually watch the students carefully because there are many times when cars have been broken into and people steal items and nothing is done. A personal issue of mine with the police there doing nothing is, my car was vandalized and the police did nothing after they said they would contact me. Keep in mind, I parked right in front of the school, where there are cameras and parking police are at. The school also needs to work on getting better professor who care about teaching.
The online portion can be good and bad for me. one its bad because I prefer to learn physically with my professor and classmates, rather than doing it all on my own. When its online, the professor think they dont have to teach anything or help, which I think they should do something because Im paying for my school. The good part to it, is that it can be more convenient such as you can work on the class on your own time. Its basically easier if you're a mother or have many jobs and don't have time.
Adjusting to the online learning experience is very difficult. I do not have a quiet household in the day so the online experience is extremely frustrating and draining. It seems like some professors take this time to add on more stress since we are at home. I haven't had any problems with Zoom meetings. My professors have gotten the Zoom links out on time with no issues. It seems like the online experience has me spinning with so many emails and Zoom links cluttering my inbox, but I believe I am still adjusting.
There is a lot of help if you talk to the people around you. Usually any one person can point you in the right direction for the help you need. Most students are welcoming and offer help. The only details about this school I have had a bad experience with is the inefficient bureaucratic system that slows down paperwork/admissions, tuition was not lowered for the online only fall 2020 term, parking is expensive and a nightmare, and there are only a few classes for concentration courses. Other than that, getting through the school is easier if you just network a little bit.
I have taken online courses in the past so having all my courses online does not change the way I learn.
They overcharge for everything or want you to pay to have extra services that we do not have access to.
The online experience is new for me and honestly the school made it pretty easy to stay in touch with the professors. Although it wasn't the same as physically being in the class I still managed to learn.
The school environment is great and very welcoming. Even the professors and staff make it easy to talk to them if you need anything. I would recommend this school to any of my friends.
CSUB was quick to take students safety into consideration and switch to online instruction. The online experience was favorable in a sense that I was able to learn from home but still receive the same level of instruction. Fall 2020 will also be online instruction and professors have been thorough in outlining expectations. Despite not being in a classroom, I was able to receive good grades in all of my courses. CSUB was quick to adapt and was still able to put forth great educational standards.
Overall, CSUB is a great university. I have had great experiences with the faculty and with the students. CSUB is very accommodating to certain needs and is able to efficiently switch modes of teaching to accompany certain learning styles. The professors are very involved with their students and do their best to help their students succeed. The student life is accommodating to all differently people and it is easy to find and interact with people who share the same interests. The campus is safe and clean. The classroom setting is small in order for students to receive the best learning experience and maximize learning outcomes.
I’m only a freshman starting this year online due to the Pandemic so I don’t have much to say so far, but I have gotten help with a few things and the advisor that helped me set up my classes was so helpful and nice. So if that counts as a experience, it’s been great so far.
I’m barely starting my online classes this year since I’m a freshman so I don’t have much to say nor a review.
I love that it’s close to home. I love the services they offer one that I utilize the most is the food pantry, it has really helped my family out. I am not as involved in the social aspect of the university, not that I don’t want to. My timing is off, I was a transfer during spring, and I just had a baby. I have a 6 year old at home too.
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I had two classes online, I enjoyed and felt connected to the professors. It was not hands on, or face to face obviously, but it felt like it. The communication was daily, and the responses were detailed.
Being a student here is overall good. Everyone here is ready to offer help when needed and provide support.
The transition to online learning was smooth. I was able to finish all my remaining classes for the past semester with very few struggles.
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