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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

2,235 reviews
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Overall this college fulfills its purpose on helping you achieve your dreams for the future. Its facilities, professors, and employees/ers, are adequate enough to help if you are having a hard time. There is something to do for everyone. If I could change something then it would have to be the game lounge, it seems pretty small for such a big campus.
This campus is beautiful! The professors are very nice and want the student to succeed. Fellow students are very friendly and inviting. The clubs and organizations really try to get the students involved with the school and try to make it a more fun college experience. The resources they provide are also very nice and helpful.
I really like the diversity of the student body. For on-campus students, it is conveniently located to grocery stores and restaurants. Overall, I think the professors are great.
I really like San Bernardino because it is a campus that has a variety of people. There are all kinds of people and race and I enjoyed meeting many of these students. One thing that I would like to see change is that the Financial Aid Office should consider everyones' financial aid and not mess up other students' information.
This school has so many resources. There are programs here that can help you with your homework, note taking, studying, and so much more. The students and faculty here are friendly and thats what I enjoy about attending here. I have made some new friends from attending the SOAR program which was amazingly fun. I got to live on campus during the summer from the SOAR program for about 4 weeks and it was so amazing. I got a a bit of a glimpse of that actual college experience. I already made memories from those 4 weeks and I am still making more. The only thing I would change about CSUSB is the pricing of dorming here since I really want to, but unfortunately I can't.
The campus is not too big not too small. Student life is always a must on campus, with all of its's campus activities, sports events, and so many clubs and organizations to join. The professors all seem to be caring and considerate of students of all types. There is so much diversity and kindness that everyone just cares for one another because coyotes always stays in packs. There is not much of a party scene on campus; all alcohol, drugs, etc. are prohibited on-campus. With a concern of safety, they offer escort services to calm those worries and concerns. Lastly, the food is pretty good; offer a variety of food choices.
CSUSB has a fine campus filled with fun and educational facilities, The library has anything and everything you need. I also Admire the Health Office and the employees within it for their outstanding services and hospitality.
From my personal experience, the art programs on this campus are phenomenal in relation to others in the CSU system. There is an abundance of resources and work spaces, and many of the professors are engaged in encouraging your creative explorations. However, it seems that many students don't take full advantage of the campus resources because most have grown up in the area and aren't really looking for radically different ways of relating to academia. I believe this school would be able to support a healthier culture in the city of San Bernardino if the students were more engaged in sharing knowledge with their community.
Being not my first choice in university, this school has prepared me for future educational endeavors. As a declared biology major the professor in this depart are amazing to say the least. Professor I believe seer the tone for the success of future students wishing to find a vibrant careeer in a competitive work environment. Along side great faculty, research opportunities are also available for an insight in careers options and experiences.
Cal State San Bernardino is a great University with a beautiful campus. I love feeling comfortable when arriving to campus. One thing that I would love to improve is the diversity of food, preferably Mexican food.
For the first fall quarter at CSU San Bernardino, I enjoyed myself. I adored all of my professors and intrigued with what they were teaching me. CSUSB, is so much fun, campus events are spectacular and there are so many new and interesting people who go.
this is a great college to go the atmosphere is great and the people are super great and the foo let me tell you it sucks cx lol I miss my moms cooking
Many students come here because it is a lot cheaper than other universities. Most students commute therefore campus life is not very lively. Dorms are available and are conveniently located. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are many resources available but it is up to the student to take advantage of them, and sometimes the resources/faculty are not helpful. Majority of professors are helpful and knowledgeable but underpaid.
my experience so far at CSUSB has been great. The professors are great and very passionate about their subjects. everything is great on campus
I loved being a student at Cal State San Bernardino. They have a great staff and provide an awesome learning experience for students. I really felt like I was getting the most out of my education experience while attending this school. The only thing that they could probably change is making more space in impacted majors for students.
The campus is so nice at night when you are taking a night class in San Bernardino every year they have yotie fest the beginning of the academic year they also have coyote fest which is bigger and you can party all night it is a safe environment so basically a carnival that you can enjoy before taking your finals the reference desk in the library is helpful when you need to find information on a paper and tutors in the writing lab can help you critic your paper but you have to be part of the social sciences or political science student.
Cal State San Bernardino is a great school and I highly recommend anyone to go. The professors are so kind to there students, if you are in need of help during there office hours they will gladly help you.
My experience with this college is not a good one, but I only had contact with the Geology department back in 2006-2007. Dr. Britt Leatham is amazing, and a super genius right out of the Simpson's! Dr. Erik Melchiorre is out of the Lord of the Rings movie, part elf, part dwarf character. Dr. Fryxell and Dr. Smith are old antiquated professors that need to retire. We should have learned so much more than what they were teaching at the time, I am untrained in real world geological field work, thank god for the option to go to Geology field camp, which I did at Southern Oregon Univ. Way better program with better professors this is where I learned how to map and identify rocks in the field. One caveat, it looks like the department hired new professors,so it might be a better program now with Dr. McGill teaching again with new professors. What I got was a power struggle between the 3 professors mentioned with Dr. Leatham the only one knowing what the hell was going on in the real world.
It's an school that isn't appreciated the way it should be. Very pretty and nice people to. Classrooms are perfect size. I'd like to change the school spirit and get students more involved.
Great school but ended up transferring out for a different nursing program. The school was really empacted and it took longer for me to get the pre-req. classes I needed towards my major.
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