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California State University - San Bernardino Reviews

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It is one of the only schools to accept and I will be attending it next fall, so therefore I may be a little biased, but COYOTES4LIFE!!!! I heard really good things about this school from others too.
It is a great University even though the area may not be the best. It is composed of a great welcoming environment. The University does it's best to provide the best resources to help the students achieve their academic goals and beyond.
Well since I'm still a freshman here my experience so far has been pretty fine so far. I got to me a lot of new people which is great
Review California State University - San Bernardino
Throughout my four years at Cal State-San Bernardino, I really love the diversity and outreach that my school and English department has given me because not only does the diversity create this comfortable environment to walk around peacefully as well as connect with other people, but the events that are set up by my school has given me the opportunity to put myself out there and present my work with a large audience.
CSUSB is a great school. I met a lot of great friends and professors despite it being a commuter school. I also learned about what I wanted to pursue as my careers thanks to an Anthropology professor who was very passionate about her teaching and is result gave me the passion to follow my dreams.
This is a good college. There are a lot of diverse students. This college lacks extra curricular activities. There is not a lot of sports to watch. Most students go to the college to go to school then go home. It is a heavy commuter school.
The school is a very welcoming school. We have a very beautiful scenery and a friendly atmosphere. My first year experience was great. I could tell that the school is really set on trying to help their students secceed and graduate. The school provides many resources for students to feel prepared for their classes and life. There are tutorials cebters, supplimental instruction for difficult classes, and even a variety of clubs. I feel as though the school truly does its best on trying to be there for all students no matter the problem. The only reason i do not give CSUSB a full 5 stars is because of saftey issues. I'm in my first year and i believe i have been emailed about four to five times about a car robbery or a lock down. The school does try its best to be strict with security but maybe an improvement in that area would be beneficial.
Cal State San Bernardino is a very excellent place for those who want to pursue a career in becoming a teacher thanks to their amazing teaching programs as well as the variety of majors to enroll in. The campus is also incredibly beautiful especially to those who enjoy the desert scenery. The campus also has a strong diversity of people so there will be lot’s of new experiences to enjoy as well as the welcoming atmosphere as you walk around the buildings. The campus is also very calming because most students choose to have classes weekdays it leaves the weekends quiet making it easier to relax and study for exams.
CSU San Bernardino is a school that helps you grow physically by respecting one another and mentally by growing in new ways and ways to improve on yourself. The diversity is surrounded with many different type of people. Everyone is friendly and respectful with one another. I considered it as a home place. You'll never regret, if you decide to apply there. It's super fun! :)
So Far Cal state san Bernardino has been an amazing school,with all the nice professors crazy nice staff .
Attending Cal State San Bernardino has been a fun and good experience. Many people misjudge CSUSB but little do they know it is a great school. The professors are really helpful, they take time out of their day to help you out. Also we have a beautiful campus, it is not very big but it is a good size. People are friendly and you can easily make friends. Although CSUSB is a great school they also have things they can improve on. One thing would be that they could add more food courts around the campus since sometimes classes are so far from where the food court is at. There is sometimes no time to get a snack between classes because the food court is across the campus and you only have ten minutes to get to class.
The decision to attend Cal State San Bernardino was a no brain er. The entire faculty and administration is like family, they primary goal is to see you succeed.
It's a pretty good school. It's a nice sized campus, not too small but you're able to rush across campus to make your next class during your ten minute break.
I am a currently a junior at CSUSB. I enjoy going to school here. The campus is nice. It has been reasonably easy to get courses. CSUSB has good accreditation. I plan to continue and get my MSA here.
I got accepted to Cal State San Bernardino and I can say I already love this school. I get notified for ever event and I also have friends and they say they receive all the help needed.
CSUSB is a great campus brimming with diversity and opportunity. The campus is beautiful and the professors are friendly and knowledgeable. While the surrounding area can be intimidating, the campus police work hard to make it a very safe environment.
The school is actually not as bad as eveyone says it is,it's a great school with wonderful friendly people. Cal state San bernardino has lots of fun activities to help student get more interacted in school. Overall great school but could improve in the cafetería, with a better variety of foods and in full filling more openings in classes instead of having a competition to choose classes .
Review California State University - San Bernardino
Overall this college fulfills its purpose on helping you achieve your dreams for the future. Its facilities, professors, and employees/ers, are adequate enough to help if you are having a hard time. There is something to do for everyone. If I could change something then it would have to be the game lounge, it seems pretty small for such a big campus.
This campus is beautiful! The professors are very nice and want the student to succeed. Fellow students are very friendly and inviting. The clubs and organizations really try to get the students involved with the school and try to make it a more fun college experience. The resources they provide are also very nice and helpful.
I really like the diversity of the student body. For on-campus students, it is conveniently located to grocery stores and restaurants. Overall, I think the professors are great.
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