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Great professors. Nice campus. Hard to get certain classes, especially for impacted majors. cost of tuition isn't too bad but is rising. Need to hire more teachers to accommodate the number of students present
Sacramento State is a great college for getting your education, having some fun and getting out. Its extremely crowded and parking is a pain if you come any later than 8am. There are also constant parties at apartments around the school. I do not recommend it to people trying to find serious life-long connections and do better with fewer people. Its a great commuter school.
Sac State seems to be expensive for no reason. I hear no absence of students who graduate from there, but have no employment; as if the degree meant nothing. Also there is little to no help for students who need financial help to actually pass. I inquired about the cost of the dorms and found an average student on financial aid could not afford it. I am surprised how the "services" do not seems to know what it is like to be a student.
Review California State University - Sacramento
CSU Sacramento is perfect for students who are looking for a balance between challenging academics as well as an enjoyable atmosphere that will make your college experience not too stressful but pushing you to get a good degree. The campus is very beautiful and scenic which provides a stress free place to study in the midst of stressful finals. Most people here experience the full college experience but this is far from a partying school. Overall, this is a great school for undergraduate students and it's affordable for students who can't pay the cost of tuition for UC'S and other universities.
Sacramento state university is an awesome university where I have gained so much knowledge in my major. Professors and students are very friendly at the campus and encourage you to do your best in every class which leads to positive outcomes for my grades.
The location of Sacramento State is in a great place. Sacramento state is downtown near the american river. Since it is downtown there is always a diverse crowd near the campus.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. The student body is full of diversity. The professors are real with you and very encouraging. I have had some of the best professors from Sacramento State. The school has a lot to offer the students.
Although the music building needs major renovating, the music faculty is absolutely outstanding. I really enjoyed my experience here
California State University of Sacramento is a beautiful campus full of friendly people, squirrels, and lots of trees. Its environment is very welcoming which makes it a comfortable place to attend school.
Attending Sacramento State thus far has been a great educational experience. My courses are providing me with a solid foundation as I pursue a teaching credential. I do feel that the buildings themselves are dated and are in need of a face lift.
I have just recently been accepted to Sacramento state. I find that their call line is extremely helpful and their website to be easy and informative.
Sacramento State is overall a very good school, I enjoy going here. It is a beautiful campus with a lot of great study spots and endless things to do.
Sacramento state is such a beautiful, clean, and exciting campus. With many programs and learning opportunities that help push you in the right direction.
Parking is difficult sometimes, more in the fall and less in the spring. More students than parking spots. Overall good school. Very spread out.
Sac state is a really great university! There are more than enough FREE resources available and everyone you meet is very friendly and helpful. I
No matter what time of year, the campus is always beautiful and peaceful. There's always someone at Sac state to lend a helping hand and a wonderful smile. Sac state was my #1 choice in a college and I absolutely do not regret it!
Better than most, worst than most. Therefore, just right... Academic wise; it gets the job done. College life; none. Professors here are great and most are understanding. If you put in the work then there's no excuse for a failing grade. Location is pretty terrible as traffic becomes hectic during the start of the semester. Food is alright as they're expanding. Facilities are old and run down, but they do their best to accommodate. Overall, if you don't want to waste most of your earnings paying off college loans, then this is the school for you. Oh and beautiful campus. Trees, tress, tress!
Sac state is a great school but should offer more teachers and classes so everyone is able to get their classes as easy as they can.
Review California State University - Sacramento
My time at CSU Sacramento has been great. Many of the professors here are very knowledgable and the school is extremely diverse. The campus has a chill, relaxed vibe but all the students work quite hard. Parking is almost always an issue, but other than that it's a great school.
My experience is a little unique, seeing that my major only has about 70 people in it, but Sacramento State has by far exceeded my expectations. Not only is the campus absolutely gorgeous, filled to the brim with hundreds of trees and gorgeous architecture, but the professors are passionate and involved with their students. They really push for your success, which is what college is all about!
Very diverse and people are always friendly, the events seem very interesting, i like going to the well, the university is renovating and building more (parking spaces) for the students/commuters. Some professors are great, some not, it depends.
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