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California State University - Northridge Reviews

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California State University of Northridge is a beautiful lively campus. It has a very diverse population which is what I like the most, although sometimes it can feel a bit over populated.
I like the campus community and staff are very friendly and always helpful. I would like to see more activities going on around campus for students to be engaged in during their class schedule breaks. Saftey should be enhanced more.
I am having an amazing college experience at CSUN ! Everyone is very welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. It is a great environment for you to truly set forth your goals and achieve them. Though, I would change their food, they offer a lot of small markets around campus but meal wise it's not great.
Review California State University - Northridge
Northridge is a really good place to be. We see diversity everywhere. It doesn't matter the color you are, everyone gets along. Being here feels comfortable.
The various student organizations and resources available make the campus very welcoming. Professors do their best to offer office hours and additional resources when ever in doubt.
I loved that everyone always wanted to help me succeed. Every corner of the buildings there was someone either giving out water or notebooks.
It's been a good experience. I've been making my way through the MPA program and have had professors that are helpful.
CSUN is great as far as academics go. As a commuter, it's difficult to get involved in clubs and participate in on campus activities. This is definitely not the school to go to if you want the traditional, stereotypical college experience.
When attending CSUN, I originally applied as a Computer Animation major. When feeling unsure about my choice, I spoke with a peer advisor from the Child and Adolescent Development program and immediately changed to that major after having a friendly and helpful counseling session. The professors within the CADV department are willing and enthusiastic to help students outside the class to reach their full potential.
I like the flexibility of classes offered for working adults. However, classes are at a higher tuition price than on-campus, and classes have been modified to pass them effortlessly which is not challenging students.
My experience at Cal state northridge has been amazing. The environment is great and you get to meet a lot of people. The school provides many resources that students may need. The resources may include a learning resource center, tutoring lab, computer lab, etc. These resources come in handy all the time especially when you're struggling with a class.
It's a very affordable school compared to other universities. I'm currently working on getting my civil engineering degree here and there aren't many complaints at all. They have a great program and most of my professors have been great.
I love CSUN because its located in a part of LA thats in the middle of everything, so you are never too far from anywhere. The staff and professors are very helpful and there are so many resources on campus. Whether you need extra tutoring, printers, counseling advise, financial advise, or want to join clubs, CSUN has so many options for anyone and everyone .
This university is great. My major was biology and they have great professors that care about your success. And there is also great programs that help pay for your tuition and pay for research such as STEM, Marc and Rice, and Poder.
CSUN is a commuter school which means parking will always be terrible. Living locally and commuting on bike/skateboard or walking is the best way to save yourself from headaches every morning. Housing wasn't too ridiculously overpriced. Food options galore with a ton of restaurants nearby. The mall is also close by. The weather is a bit intense as it gets disgustingly hot. Squirrels that hang around campus are very people friendly and not scared to steal your food.
Everyone here is kind, the campus is clean, and the professors are dedicated. It is affordable and close to home.
So much diversity!!! I love the campus and the education is exceptional and the food is darn good. Actually I'm craving some crepes right now.
Review California State University - Northridge
School has great satire and Professors are always there for you when you need them. Campus is really clean and dorms are cozy.
Great environment, the atmosphere of the campus is extradorianary and really shows you true value of college life.
As a sophomore I have much more to experience. So far I have gotten involved on campus and it has been fun and educational. I've experienced communicating with people of different backgrounds and religions. You can meet a lot of people here but you have to put in the effort of talking to them. Most people have been nice. I enjoy walking around campus, the quietness of the library. Most of my professors have been amazing, they have different types of humours, I enjoy learning here for the most part. CSUN athletics is great I've had the opportunity of being a member as well as an observer, they have great teams.
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