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California State University - Northridge Reviews

3,988 reviews
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California State University Northridge possesses an overall accepting and compassionate environment. The university provides students with the opportunity to enroll in a range of challenging classes. The professors are aware of current social issues and strive to enlighten students on such matters.
I've been to CSUN twice. I love this school also its actually my dream school. I always want go there. Also, i got accept to this school. Im really excited to go there! My Majors for college are Deaf studies, Business Management and Liberal Art
CSUN is a diverse campus with various opportunities. They have plenty of amenities for students. Professors are great and helpful. Services are easily available to students.
California State University Northridge has great programs, but the overcrowding is a real problem. 100 people shoved into classes that should be less than 50, students unable to get the classes they need, and students taking longer to graduate due to the lack of class availability. CSUN qould be a great school if there were enough teachers for the amount of students they intake.
California State University - Northridge is a great school in terms of affordability, diversity, and opportunities for students with low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds.
Overall good university. However, it's extremely difficult to get classes in the beginning of the semester. Parking is also hectic. Professors are great though.
It's a decent school. It's good for a cheaper education and we'll worth the money. The classes aren't terribly difficult and most professors just want to see you pass. However finding classes can be hard since there are many students.
The Fall of 2016 was my first semester at CSUN. My experience with all of my professor was friendly, compassionate and educational. The DRES program was very helpful in providing handicap desks for each class that I was enrolled in. Administration met all my needs when I had questions and needed advice. I am an English Major working towards a Bachelors degree and also a minor in American Indian Studies. My poem was chosen for CSUN's Holiday Greetings card, in which I am greatful for. My overall experience was enjoyable, students were friendly as well as the instructors. I met people from the American Indian group who had a warm welcome. I look forward to Spring semester. Thank you John Nunez
Going to California State University Northridge has been a pretty enjoyable one. CSUN is very chilled on their students that go here. Professors are also extremely helpful with their student because most of the professor that go here want they're students to pass.Additionally, super diverse and extremely friendly people. Overall my experiences at CSUN has been great.
I love that the campus offers sufficient resources for students. We are a healthy and caring community.
I enjoy being student at CSUN, my experience with this school is wonderful. I like to see better for Deaf students like me that we can have opportunities to access equal with school and student lifestyle.
It was an amazing experience. Would highly recommend if you are an accounting major. A lot of fun activities to do and a great set of clubs and greek life. Met some cool people, got myself a job with an accounting firm upon graduation, tried activities such as rock climbing, racquetball, yoga and art workshops. Thank you Csun for an awesome experience.
CSUN is a very organized school, very large, and obtains a great attitude towards any visitors. Professors and staff are very kind and generous. I loved my experience at CSUN and I hope future students will too. Out of all the Universities I've been to CSUN is the best one.
the campus was well populated with friendly students. it seemed like everyone was a family. they studied together, played sports together and spent time together outside of school.
I am a first-year freshman at CSUN approaching the end of my first semester. My experience with the campus is great. The campus and facilities are all clean. The library is the best place to visit in order to get some of your work done. You can either go alone or rent a whole room to study with a large group. The resources available on campus are very helpful. The school is also very diverse. There are several clubs and educational groups that you can join for a better college experience. Overall, the campus is great and there is nothing I would change about it.
Everyone is so nice here and the school is huge and nice. If you try to put yourself out there you could meet more people. The school has a huge diversity so you get to meet different people. It's a really nice school apart from the heat during the summer.
I love the diversity. So many different ethnicities and cultures here. It's great. Everybody is so kind. Many resources offered as well. If you fail it's because you didn't utilize your resources.
I love this school; it's very diverse. Everyone is so social and friendly. You're bound to make friends on the spot.
I've been to almost every free event year and have had a lot of fun. Almost all events for students are free, if not, it's a really cheap price.

My classes are cool. I just hate having to take general ed classes. CSUN has a variety of clubs and sororities/frats so if you want to do any extra activities, sign up for them!
What I have enjoyed well living on campus is the cleanness of my surrounding that the fact that its a zero policy for smoking. I've also experienced a feeling of living in a community because everyone is polite to one another and a sense of acceptance to who you are. The campus has multiple programs to help students in difficult times( which I appreciate the most especially through finals).
Some thing that I will like to change since living on campus is the security since recently we have had multiple incidents involving the students safety.
My experience at California State University, Northridge has been great so far. What I love the most attending this college is the diverse environment that wouldn't be comparable anywhere else. Walking into the campus itself, one can tell how different the university is and it really opens students' eyes on how big the world can be!
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