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MY experience at Fullerton was amazing. When i went to visit this school i right away knew that i wanted to attend this school. Everything about the school was what i wanted for when i attended.
CSUF was a great place to attend for my higher education. I found CSUF to be much easier than community college in all the courses I took, including sciences. Most professors in my major made getting good grades easy, thus in my experience a challenge was lacking. Only a handful of professors were actually passionate about the subject they were teaching. In state tuition was very affordable at about $7000 per semester. The diversity found on campus was high with a variety of extra curricular activities and clubs available to join. Although I did not live in a dorm or on campus housing, visiting friends in that building was a pleasant experience. The dorms were new and well kept. The cafe for on campus housing was a gourmet cafeteria style with a ton of options and variety of cuisines. A brand new state of the art gym that included an outdoor swimming pool and rock wall were amazing to have access to. Student life at CSUF was great, but I wish the academic side was more challenging.
So I went for a tour on the campus the past summer going into my senior year and it was such a beautiful campus and peaceful and as well very open and kind people. As well as there programs and sports it very awesome knowing that it's very close to my house
Review California State University - Fullerton
The school provides many resources or their students, and there are tons of great programs and clubs. One down side I feel is that professors are not always approachable. Another downside is that for certain majors, every class is only offered online.
It is a very good school. They offer a lot of help like free tutoring for any class and even good quality of leaving rooms. It is very nice because they have some movies nights for students and even discounts.
My experience at Cal state fullerton has been one for the books. Upon arrival I was greeting with the upmost excitement and respect as I started my journey as a Titan. The campus is always so welcoming and clean, and the people I have run into have only been of the top tier selection.
Fullerton truly changed my life. I love the people here. I love the staff and faculty. I chose this school because it felt like home when I walked on campus for a tour and it truly is home. I love it.
My opinion on Cal State Fullerton varies, as I figure this is not always peoples' first choice for schools. I believe it is much like the "underdog" of universities. However, the university staff, professors, and lecturers alike create a wonderful experience because of their passion towards students will to succeed.
What attracted me to CSU Fullerton was their excellence in academics as well as the diverse population of students. I think those two aspects is what opened my mind up and began to learn new things in college. Meeting new people of different backgrounds and different interests made me enjoy CSUF.

What I would like to see change is how it was difficult to get the classes you want and need!
I am a commuter and the only problem i have is the traffic getting there. The student parking is always packed.
Like any other schools, CSU Fullerton has its ups and downs. Living in the dorms is nice, however the Residence Halls don't provide any type of place to cook food, besides a microwave. The food at the Gastronome has a wide variety, but it's a 50/50 chance of being really good or okay. Safety on campus is great, with emergency posts located everywhere in case of a real emergency. The campus itself is beautiful (especially the Arboretum), the professors are fair and have reasonable office hours. The local area also provides quick places for any needs, such as restaurants or grocery stores. All in all student life at Cal State Fullerton is nice.
California State University is an all around great school where the staff truly cares about each and every student, where the students feel safe, and where there is a great community and environment for learning.
Great school with even greater professors! Have not met one professor who did not want their students to pass. Class sizes are small despite what you may here my biggest class was 100 kids but my smallest was 12. The campus is constantly expanding and is student centered. Only downside is, is that if you are a commuter it is hard to find parking if you are not at school by 9 o'clock. However they offer a variety of majors and minors. Only thing is you have to get involved to get the most out of your college years!
Since starting here back in the spring of 2016, I have really enjoyed the student life here. The courses they offer are great and the class size if perfect. On average the class is from 16-28 students. One thing I would like to see is more parking due to have 40k students being enrolled.
Fullerton is in the ghetto. The neighborhood is unsafe and there is always crime happening. The students can range from nice and normal to weird and rude. The buildings and over atmosphere is outdated and does not compare to the other schools around. If you are looking to go to an expensive community college then look no further, however if you want to get the full college experience RUN AWAY WHILE YOU CAN. There is no football team, the greek life is very small and so seclusive and the dorms are disgusting. Living off campus if way too expensive and the meal plans are not worth the money because the food is sometimes undercooked, spoiled or plain NASTY.
So far, it's been a great experience. There is a lot of diversity and great opportunities at this campus. There are tons of resources and people that are available to help you out with any questions or issues you may have. Although it is a huge campus, everyone has their place here.
In my Experience at Fullerton I have encountered teachers and staff who are obviously just teaching to receive a paycheck. Many are uninterested in helping the student body however there are few that go above and beyond for their students and for that reason I score this school at a 3 star level.
Review California State University - Fullerton
I graduated from CSUF with a degree in Animation. The staff is determined to help you learn and the students are open and accepting here. There are also plenty of on campus events going on. The Art program could always use a bit more funding every now and then.
I am currently a freshman at Fullerton that commutes by train to get to school. While the commuting back and forth isn't always fun since as its known as a commuter school. The first day I was ready to begin a foundation of myself that would carry me long after I graduate. I enjoyed the classes I took part of met many friends that have always given me the incentive to work towards my passions in life. The first semester was tough for me in the sense of transition. Then one day I decided to enroll in the clubs that I have always wanted to do. I made it an effort to spend quality time with the people I know and love on that campus. My first semester gave me the skills to be determined and tenacious in any obstacle of my college experience. I grew and adapted to love my new educational environment and call Cal State Fullerton a school for those that can achieve what they truly want out of themselves and their major.
Our school has a lot of great professors. the tuition is cheaper than private school. A limited selection for campus food. The on campus housing is expensive. It is more than $1000 for a 4 room 4 bedroom dormitory. The price range are different based on different types of meal plan
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