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Currently attending: I love how pretty the campus is and I have had a lot of fun with unique courses like, Glassblowing; however, I have found that the GE required courses are excruciatingly boring and the professors often seem like they don't want to help out students.
My experience at Fresno State has been great. It is a well diverse university. There is plenty of help offered to students. The university has several sources students can go to for extra help.
I like the size of the campus it isn't to big or too small and I like how the campus is diverse and friendly.
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Honestly I love the diversity that the school has. I feel welcomed, if I ever need help I know where to go. As a freshmen I did not expect to struggle but I did, the school staff made sure if a student is ever in need of help they guide them to the right person or bulding .
Fresno State is a fair college.

It has decent facilities and classrooms. The professors they hire have great experience in their fields.

Although this school is affordable for most, graduation does not come easy. Each student averages five years in this institution and tuition is about to increase.
The diversity of the college is the best. I'm surrounded by people who are like me and people from other countries and or cities. The people make Fresno State feel like home. I have also gotten to see other people's perspective on politics, education, and the world in general.
People are friendly. I like the campus and the student involvement as far as student activities. I have not spent enough time there to really be able to rate the overall school itself.
I'm a 2016 high school graduate and just finished my first semester here in Fresno State. So far, I am exceedingly happy with my experience here. The institution really deserves more credit than what locals here assume to be an otherwise "lacking" university. The professors are great and the many facilities open for the students offer us whatever we may need. Granted it may not be the biggest or most expensive university, but Fresno State offers a high end general education for most degrees. The only problem I may have at the moment would be the expensive textbooks (but you can honestly find them from outside sources, past students, etc.) and the waitlist for pre-nursing majors.
When I first visited the campus, I believed it was going to be farmland. To my suprise I discovered that the main campus was modern and a great size of a campus.
I would like to see the cost of classes lower considering that Fresno is a city that has one of the lowest average income per household in California. The people in this city are struggling with everyday life and education becomes a burden in all ways possible. I noticed the campus has a great daycare program but it is understaffed and not big enough, with a wait list that is unbelievably long. It would be helpful to create parking garages that have security at night and during the day.
This college has given me a perspective on life. They have allowed me to prosper and learn from my mistakes while having guidance.
At Fresno State I was able to study my major with out leaving my home town, and the campus provide me with a good experience to learn and also it provided me with a good time and to meet with new people.
Fresno state is a great college for a great price. Professor's are caring and want to help you secede. Great school for Ag, business, and engineering majors. Overall campus is really nice. Student life and involvement is average.
One of the lowest costing schools in the CSU system, surrounded by about 1 million people in Fresno CA area. Great programs and resources. Plenty of student organizations and student life, the drinking scene can be big since Fresno, CA has been on the top drunkest city list a few years ago. Not uncommon to hear sports players and students getting into trouble unfortunately with the law, DUI, partying (even a threat last semester leading one student to go to jail) etc. Not the greatest city when it comes to crime. Guard your belongings and watch when you walk to your car, apt near school, leaving and coming to campus day AND night. When you enter FS and every year as a student(entire CSU as well), you are required to take an online assesment about abuse, drinking, and other social behaviors among students and relationships. The library was renovated years ago and its a staple of the campus. Great areas to study or get Starbucks Coffee (busiest location in Fresno)
I liked the beautiful campus and supportive faculty! I learned to live on my own and adjust to surroundings. It was convenient being right next to campus for studies.
The art program is very limited in classes and overall budget. The art building needs to be updated and expanded.
Fresno state has taught me a lot and has helped me grow as a person I want to be the first college graduate in my family
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California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) is a welcoming university. It boasts of opportunity and instills lifelong learning upon the students that attend the university. The students and faculty are always working together to achieve their goals, and presents plenty of open doors in which to achieve those goals.
I really enjoy the positive environment that Fresno State strives to offer its students. Fresno State is always making an effort to get students involved in the various programs, clubs and events that the campus has to offer. There is no better way to make a student far away from home feel so much at home. There is a wide array of both extracurricular and academic activities offered on campus. The only thing that I do not like about Fresno State is the parking situation. There is not enough parking available for the students that drive to school, but there is a lot of transportation services offered free by the university as well.
I like that it is a diverse campus. You get to see and meet people of different places and backgrounds. So far, most of my professors have been great as well. The campus is really good at telling students about the available resources as well.
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