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CSU East Bay opened the door for me to come back to school after a 20 year gap. Their online BA of Human Development program is awesome. For any others that need a BA degree as a springboard into a MA program, I would highly recommend this route.
My overall experience at California State University, East Bay has been great. I am a first year college student here on this campus. I come from Southern California and moving to Northern California has had a major impact on me. This campus is one of the most diverse schools in the U.S. and has brought me to a lot of life-changing opportunities.
One of the best things that I enjoyed about CSUEB was the diversity in the campus! I attended the school for two years and loved that about it. One thing that I did not particularly like was the lack of opportunities there was in the science field. Although it isn't promoted as a science-concentrated school, so I guess there is that.
Review California State University - East Bay
It's a great school, that offers a variety of courses for an affordable price. Professors are extremely personable and they are interested in your academic advancement and career development. In terms of improvement, the university should begin to focus on creating an engineering department that offers course across the science and mathematic disciplines such as computer science and biochemical engineering.
This is a commuter school. the area is very congested and people typically keep to themselves. There are not many clubs to be involved in and it is hard to make connections with other students. The campus is an urban setting, but it is very difficult to find parking and actually get on campus. The teachers and education are very proficient and the tuition for In-State residents is very convenient and manageable. Being in the Bay Area, the student life is very diverse!
I love Cal State East Bay. I always call it a hidden gem, the school has so much to offer and has really shaped me into a more mature person professionally and mentally.
I like the professors at CSUEB they are all helpful and know what they are doing. The faculty is helpful and the people that go there are really welcoming and nice.
People are great, friendly and diverse. The campus atmosphere is great and people are willing to help you find your classes. The overall view is fascinating.
My experience at East Bay has been outstanding since I have been a part of student body government, greek life and as well as Student Ambassador of East Bay. These components have shaped me into being the striving student I am today.
The place is fine. Visited it for a brief time and it was rather different from what I expected. Amazed at how the campus can take place at a higher level.
I like this school because it is so diverse and I get to meet so many people! I love how the professors actually care how we're doing and always make students feel welcomed to ask for help. I would recommend this school to everyone!!
Great experience here! They built the raw center (gym) with jamba juice located just right inside. I loved the different food options they have available like Taco bell, pizza hut, subway, and panda express. The professors that I have dealt with are really helpful and they really care about their student. My favorite place to go was the library; its quiet and allows free computer usage.
California State University East Bay is a great university. It offers a variety of programs. Instructors, for the most part, are great. They are knowledgeable and care about their students. The campus is not too big which makes it easy to navigate and find specific locations easily. It is a very nice and calm campus at the Hayward hills, with little to no loud noises-great for college students needing some peace and quiet in order to rest their mind and study. The only down side to East Bay is that for some popular majors, they do not offer a lot of classes and have a big waiting list. However, overall, California State University East Bay is a great University.
So far my experience with cal state east bay has been quite stellar; they offer lots of support to new students and have provided me with everything i need to succeed
It is a small school, not to big or small compared to others. The environment is very calm and relaxing. It does have wonderful areas to sit and study along with the view of the bay. There are also some amazing and supportive teachers. It is somewhat more affordable than other schools, but there may be a raise soon.
I went with my brother when it was his first orientation, the professors were really nice and gave help to those who were looking for it. The campus overall is very nice and I like how it is clean all of the time. The maintenance is good as well.
I commute from San Jose and to be honest its worth the 45min drive. A great campus, great teachers and the students are diverse and great as well.
Review California State University - East Bay
I at first didn't really appreciate East Bay. But now that I work for the school I see how much effort the school puts in order for students to succeed. New programs to help students with hard classes are always being created and the Student body is always trying to find ways to bring students together during concerts and etc.
Cal State East Bay is a college that alot of my friends go to, overall it is a nice looking school with good classes and teachers. It is up in the hills of Hayward so they have a beautiful view and it seems safer at the school. One thing negative I would say is that there administration is very unorganized and informative. I have seen friend struggle with financial aid, advice help and more. The councilers there are just the same I'm told, I really hope they change there methods when it comes to that issue because for a lot of students there its not working.
It is pretty cool here. There are many events here and there. It is a hilly place but the diversity is great.
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