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California State University - East Bay Reviews

1,596 reviews
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California State University East Bay is a great university. It offers a variety of programs. Instructors, for the most part, are great. They are knowledgeable and care about their students. The campus is not too big which makes it easy to navigate and find specific locations easily. It is a very nice and calm campus at the Hayward hills, with little to no loud noises-great for college students needing some peace and quiet in order to rest their mind and study. The only down side to East Bay is that for some popular majors, they do not offer a lot of classes and have a big waiting list. However, overall, California State University East Bay is a great University.
So far my experience with cal state east bay has been quite stellar; they offer lots of support to new students and have provided me with everything i need to succeed
It is a small school, not to big or small compared to others. The environment is very calm and relaxing. It does have wonderful areas to sit and study along with the view of the bay. There are also some amazing and supportive teachers. It is somewhat more affordable than other schools, but there may be a raise soon.
I went with my brother when it was his first orientation, the professors were really nice and gave help to those who were looking for it. The campus overall is very nice and I like how it is clean all of the time. The maintenance is good as well.
I commute from San Jose and to be honest its worth the 45min drive. A great campus, great teachers and the students are diverse and great as well.
I at first didn't really appreciate East Bay. But now that I work for the school I see how much effort the school puts in order for students to succeed. New programs to help students with hard classes are always being created and the Student body is always trying to find ways to bring students together during concerts and etc.
Cal State East Bay is a college that alot of my friends go to, overall it is a nice looking school with good classes and teachers. It is up in the hills of Hayward so they have a beautiful view and it seems safer at the school. One thing negative I would say is that there administration is very unorganized and informative. I have seen friend struggle with financial aid, advice help and more. The councilers there are just the same I'm told, I really hope they change there methods when it comes to that issue because for a lot of students there its not working.
It is pretty cool here. There are many events here and there. It is a hilly place but the diversity is great.
California State University East Bay is a great college to attend, especially the Concord campus. The Concord campus has a small college feel and is perfect for those who hate the hustle and bustle of the busy university life.
I like how the school is very diverse with people from all around the world.
I wish the school had more of a college feel because it is located on top of a hill and it is a commuting school.
It's a beautiful school, in the Human Development department the professors are great- they're helpful and want you to succeed.
Cal State, East Bay is a great college if you want to get your degree and get out quick, I'm very sad they are changing into a semester school. The professors are great, campus is nice, it is changing for the better and I am glad to be a student there!
I am currently a student at Cal State East Bay and am enjoying it. Overall, I feel that the school offers a fair amount of support. However, it also lacks in support for specific departments. I have run into many issues, from graduating on time, to payments not going through and then being dropped from classes (with no care from the school whatsoever). Overall, it's a great commuter school but also feels like an extension of a Junior College. Any type of Counseling and guidance services are lacking, yet I find that they have amazing professors and class opportunities. The largest struggle that I have faced is with registering for classes, and sticking to a graduation timeline, as certain classes are only offered at specific times, and there are limited seats in each class. Overall, the school is good but could definitely improve.
I like that I can be more independent in college. CSUEB has a fairly large campus with lots of events/organizations students can participate in.
Great school. This school provides you with many resources to succeed. Kind & helpful professors. I saved a lot by going to a CSU for my graduate degree and for some undergraduate. It was convenient off campus locations too.
I've joined a few organizations & I've met so many great people. My professors are caring & considerate. I lost a family member & had to miss classes and they were so kind & even sent me the homework I needed. The diversity & vibe everyone has is wonderful. I might transfer but that's because I'm a nursing major & the nursing program is extremely impacted. Athletics are good but we aren't school spirited. Party scene is fair but you have to know the right people. I know Greek throws a lot of parties. Greek seems fun & they're really more than just living the party life. Housing can be annoying because we have to check people in that don't live here after 8pm, & cuz of the other rules, but they're really just trying to keep us safe since people can be crazy in college, so you have to keep that in mind. The Bay Area is amazing & we're so united. I was scared I wasn't going to like the school, but I honestly love it & I'm glad I chose it.
I love the environment at this school. It's so diverse and everyone is so friendly. Small classes which means a better learning experience.
As a freshman, I was lost and overwhelmed. The resources offered on campus helped me find my way. I had a great experience.
I like the online program. I like the open University option because it gives you the opportunity to continue your education. The only bad thing about open University is that you start the class one week after the rest of the students. I like how the modules are divided and the blogs posts allows for discussion. Taken online classes online for me has been the best option because I work full time. I enjoy interacting with the students online and receiving feedback. I always learn something new everyday!
Something that I liked about this school is that you get to decided what professors you can pick and that there are police's walking around the campus. Another thing is how neat and clean the school is as well. Something that I don't like is the amounts of homework given to us, class hours and the food they provide on Campus
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