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California State University - Dominguez Hills Reviews

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Cal State Dominguez Hills is such a beautiful campus. All the people on this campus make you feel like you are home. The environment is very relaxing and welcoming. It is also not impacted at all so that is also helpful for us freshmen.
I didn't get accepted but I got accepted to sac state. I was super surprised at first but its okay I will definetly apply there again nezxt year I had good grades but my mistake was that I applies for nursing
Cal State Dominguez Hills offers more than just a beautiful campus but a chance to gain a higher education in a friendly neighborhood.
Review California State University - Dominguez Hills
The environment of this campus is very peaceful. The professors are great! I am glad I am attending this university.
It seems very friendly and urban as they do have many trees and opened places. It is in top 2 of financial aid therefore seems very helpful.
I loved the staff members at the school as well as the school's diversity. The staff members were all very nice and helpful. I remember at my graduation the staff members and President of the school all seemed genuinely happy for us that we completed our Bachelor's Degree. They even gave us a few small gifts at graduation which was really special. Also, the school is very diverse which I loved. There was many different students and staff members who come from all different races and cultures which is nice.
Dominguez Hills truly lives up to its statement as being an affordable university with quality education. The teachers are phenomenal and really do work with students. The counselors will check in to make sure you're finishing requirements or need some assistance graduating. Dominguez has good athletic teams and offer a variety of sports/sport classes. The campus has emergency call booths located everywhere and campus police offer late-night chaperons services. The dorms are spacious. It has it's own community which is great. Student life is amazing. Events happen all the time throughout the semester. The campus food is okay. You're better off packing a lunch or cooking in the dorms. Parties are usually a school organized event or someone hosting it in the dorms. The local area around campus makes up for the campus food, and the StubHub is a walk away for anyone interested in sports, concerts, or political rallies such as the Bernie Sanders rally held last year.
When I visited this school I meet a lot of wonderful people. I learned this college helps you earn and save as much money as possible.
My experiece so far with CSUDH has been amazing. In the past year I've came accross students and conselors that not only become helpful but family overall. Making me feel like I am part of the university is the best feeling.
California state University Dominguez Hills was my last decision after I realized that I have no way else to go, but overall it's the best school to attend. I got to meet new people during my early start during summer & got closer too. My professor are really excited and helping the student achieve their classes with good grades. Also the advisors are always on top of your business with the academics if it's bad or good, but they're are always there no matter what.
I am currently a second year student, and I have grown up so much just being on this campus with the amount of diversity that this campus withholds. I would not have been any more suitable at any other campus.
One of the things that I enjoy about CSU Dominguez is the diversity of people seen on this campus. I also enjoy the help professor offer to students and the encouragement among peers.
I became a new professional. Learned so much from my professors and the student body. CSUDH is a great school to inspire, educate and engage in new experiences.
CSUDH is a very cool school. DH offers many resource that will help you in every way possible. The professors will help you out and if you need extra help, they offer office hours.
CSUDH is a very welcoming campus for students who are focused on receiving an education. The professors and staff are excellent and help provide students with the best learning experience possible. The campus is very diverse and students are very respectful towards one another.
My first year as a freshman at Cal State Dominguez Hills has been great. The people on campus are out going and easy to talk to. I have met many new friends including staff who are really helpful. My classes are not much of a challenge, but my professors are extremely nice and understanding. Although, most of my professors have been easy to approach, there is one professor who is straight forward. Overall, I have had a fun experience at this college and I am looking forward to graduating from here.
I enjoyed the small sized campus. Attending CSU Dominguez Hills was an easy transition from high school to college life. They pride themselves in providing excellent programs for their students which I loved. I would not change a thing about this university.
Review California State University - Dominguez Hills
I am completely happy to be attending Cal State Dominguez Hills, it feels like home. I haven't engaged in the University's sports or dorms/housing, so I can't really critique it, so other then that I have no problem with my school.
California State University Dominguez Hills has provided me with the opportunity to take college courses as a high school student, with a year of chemistry, biology, and physics apiece. The quality of the professors does vary here, but generally, professors are great at what they do. Student life is usually relatively laid-back, and the campus provides most of the services a student needs. The Loker Student Union is a good place for students to grab lunch, get some work done quietly upstairs, or meet and network with other students. The local area consists of a nice community, although there are no markets within several miles.
I've only experience housing by going on the tour
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