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CSU Chico was great for undergrad - the town is super chill and the professors are (mostly) really great with feedback and want to get to know their students.

I went through the Psychology and Philosophy programs and found that most of my professors were on the cutting edge of their fields and well-respected by their colleagues at other universities (quite the opposite of what I expected from a "party school").

The campus is absolutely gorgeous, and the ASB does a great job of getting all the other students involved in keeping the campus that way as well as improving their lives by getting involved.
The campus is gorgeous. It is small enough to feel like a little mountain town. But is is big enough to have the necessitates to live comfortably. The academics are amazing. The are on of three schools to offer my major. I love Chico.
I attended that college for an FFA convention a few years ago. It is a beautiful campus that reminded me of the east coast colleges.
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This school has amazing professors and students. The people here are kind and they care about each other. I found my real passion here .
I did a college project in avid and my partner and I chose Chico state. The campus is amazing. My avid teacher graduated from Chico and all she had to say was good thing about it.
I am a third year student at Chico state and it has been truly amazing. Campus is beautiful, has a creek running through campus, the campus also leads you to downtown area which has some of the best places to go eat at and just hangout. Academics wise, I feel like Chico state offers really good majors, most of the departments are top of the state, such as the engineering department and business.
So far my experience at Chico state has been amazing! I have met a lot of people and really enjoy being here. I lived in Southern California my whole life, so I thought coming up here would be difficult but I found that it wasn't very hard to assimilate to everything up here. I would like to see a bigger change in some shops in the downtown area because there are some nice places but not a lot. Other than that I have really enjoyed my time up here so far!
Chico State has a completely different environment than in Seattle, where I grew up. The weather can be extreme at times, especially during the summer season.
Classwork thus far has challenged me in some way and has been more relaxing in other ways. I like the size of the campus because it doesn't feel too big or too small.
I wouldn't change anything about the school. If I were to change something, it would be a personal change rather than a general change.
Chico state is a wonderful school, just being surrounded by its students will make the quietest of students blossom and become a new person. The students and locals are super friendly making sure everybody is safe. The campus layout is such a relaxing feat many students take the time to do homework out in the open surrounded by the open nature.
Chico State is an amazing school. It sits in a charming little town. The campus is picturesque with its brickwork and flowing creek. It offers a wide variety of majors, clubs, and opportunities.
During my first year in college, I have recognized Chico to have a beautiful campus with a large diversity of students. I have yet to join any clubs but I do look forward to it! I am having a wonderful time so far with my experience. There are many events happening all of the time and it's so easy to get involved!
Chico State has definitely been a fun experience. It has its fair share of parties and local fun as well its exciting athletic sports events. The professors here are passionate about their curriculum and challenge students inside and outside of the classroom. The campus is gorgeous with tons of trees and beautiful red brick buildings all over. Chico is a very college town with most of the residents of Chico being very familiar with the school and its events. Chico has been a lot of fun so far to say the least!
Chico State has a small town vide witch I love because you become more interactive with thhe community. Since it is a small you also get involved with the school programs that thry have witch are amazing. My overall experince with Chico State is that it is the place for me and I wouldn't dream of going any other place for school.
Greatest college experience I could of ever imagined going into college. I was welcomed with open arms into the Wildcat family. I felt a sense of pride and eagerness to further my education.
I love that Chico State is surrounded by nature. The scenery is beautiful and everyone is so friendly. What I would like to see change would be the school expanding more and adding more buildings to it.
Chico is a small town but you get to know everyone and the school holds fun events to enjoy. The school is pretty big but the teachers are great and enjoy teaching. There are many places to enjoy school and Chico is one place to do it.
So far, I have attended California State University, Chico for one semester and I am excited to return for more academic success. The overall feel of the campus and all the advisers for different departments made me feel welcome and impacted to continue in my major career path.
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I love this school, the teachers, where I live and everything else since starting at Chico State. The meals are okay and could use some improvement.
The academic aspect blended with an array of social experiences can be keen to helping you become the knowledgeable and confident character an employer looks for. I would like to see more music related programs for extra curricular activities on campus.
I love the college town Chico has created for its students. As a business major I believe our department is full of great, caring experienced professors ready to share their knowledge with students. The only thing I wish would change would be the lack of participation we have for athletics on campus. I have never been to a basketball, lacrosse, or rugby game and neither have most of my peers. Perhaps if we had a football team this may change.
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