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The campus is so beautiful, it's more of a farm like environment away from the city everyone is so nice, the only problem is there isn't enough parking for commuters
Class sizes are small which allows you to interact with professors better. The campus looks nice and there are some good spots to hang out at. Also, the weather is really nice almost all the time. A downside is that parking permits may seem a bit expensive.
The parking situation needs to be looked into more and a high priority. Would like to see more food options, especially healthier ones.
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I love Cal State Channel Islands Although it is small. There is one soroity on campus and the food is pretty amazing.
This school is so student centered. What I mean by this is that the professors really take the time to help you if you have any questions or need help. Everyone is so kind and the campus is beautiful.
Overall, CSUCI is a very good school considering how inexpensive it is compared to most universities. The school is surrounded by farms, but outside of that you have Camarillo, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura all pretty nearby. LA and Santa Barbara are also about an hour away, and the beach is a short drive away. Despite being a small and somewhat remote school, there are great professors. Professors that I know include Dr. Sohn, former CFO at Wells Fargo and Vice Chairman at Forever 21, Claudio Paiva, worked for the IMF for 12 years, and Rhonda Rodrigues, accountant for Hewlett-Packard. Library is new, campus is beautiful, and food is good. 4.5/5 stars
My experience at cal state Channel Islands so far has been pretty good. I'm not much of a party person. So, I like that I don't feel preacher to party but, for my friends who do like to party there are still parties for them to go to. The school also has a very nice small town feeling that I love.
I am a 2nd year at CSUCI and this school is pretty much home for me. The staff, and students are some the the nicest people I have met. It is a campus that runs at a slower pace in a way that makes me appreciate everyday that I am here. I have made many friends and even joined some clubs this year. It is truly beautiful, close to the beach and lots of agriculture. Did I mention that it has paranormal activity too? Because it definitely does. However, even though this school is one the younger campuses of the CSU's it is just lovely and super family orientated. It is very peaceful and the scenery personally helps me when I do get stressed out. I wouldn't have wanted to end up any else!
Great college, especially for first generation students. Diverse in more than just culture but in ways that you actually feel like a community within the school. professors and staff are welcoming to the new and soon to be greatest csu
I was a transfer student. I transferred to one other school before coming to CI. Counselors were greta and the dean really helped me with accepting classes from other colleges which is not always he case as I had previous problems with that before. The teacher are great as well! I've received my best grades there because it is a nice small school environment which means you can get a lot of help! Overall it is a great school and I would recommend it.
Channel Islands is small campus local to the city of Camarillo. The campus is very clean and is fairly new, with more improvements on the way. Parking is definitely an issue with the school's population doubling in the past year and no new parking structures implemented. Classes are small and easy to get into. If you are wait-listed for a class, odds are you will get in. Having on campus police 24/7 is very reassuring to both students and parents, especially being that our campus is located in such a rural area. Overall it is a good campus, not the true university experience that a large university offers, but perfect for students who wish to stay focused and have classes easily accessible.
CSUSI is an awesome school. I am from Northern California and always thought I would want to go to college in Southern California. When I was accepted at CI, I was so excited. When touring colleges, I knew the second I stepped foot on CI's campus that it was where I wanted to be. Now in my third year at CI, I feel as if it is home. I have made so many friends and close relationships with Professors and learned so much. I have been given so many opportunities at CI and discovered my future career here- a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. I love CI's small campus and small class sizes. It's like getting a private education at a public price!! I have also lived on campus all 3 years and plan to stay my fourth year, I absolutely love it! Overall, I couldn't be more happy with my choice to attend CI.
Overall, a college experience to me is going to be amazing or not depending on what you make of it. And it was great for me, because of this. However, I have always felt like I could have had a more enthralling experience somewhere else because there are not as many "college" activities or events to be a part of.
Living on campus had been a huge milestone, and the housing staff had been so considerate of all students with their needs. The diversity in food had changed greatly, and is more vegetarian and vegan friendly. There are so many sports clubs, and non-sports clubs to choose but the most humble clubs would definitely be the karate and running club. They are a great group of people, and hearing that the professors and staff could join was really cool actually. It's nice to see that this campus has been growing over the last few years, but with that said the parking situation has to be resolved. The current issue is the commuter parking being taken away for housing, which isn't fair due to more than half of the students being commuters. I hope to see a plan to put in a parking structure or two where the dirt lots are at, because parking in the train station to take a bus is almost impossible due to no parking in that area too.
CSUCI is definitely a different kind of school. Most schools are either categorized as completely academic or focused on parties. To me personally, CSUCI actually has a well rounded scene for everyone. There are parties as well dances. Plus you have a ton clubs and other extracurricular activities that you can participate in.
The teachers on campus are really different. Since the student to teacher ratio is approximately 30:1 (same as a high school classroom), you can actually learn and absorb information very well. The teachers go out of their way to make sure you understand the material which is definitely a concern for a lot of college applicants. I definitely recommend this school for everyone.
Channel Islands is such a great college.Students and faculty are very friendly here and are willing to help you in any way possible. The food here is great thanks to our brand new addition to the cafeteria. Since I am a freshman, I had the opportunity to be able to live in the brand new dorms. I have met so many new people here at CI and have gotten along with everyone I have met. Some of the reasons I absolutely love CI is because you're always safe. Whether it be early in the morning or late at night you are safe because our security and police are amazing. We have a police station on campus which makes me feel safe no matter what time is it. Also, our school is very quiet and we aren't a party school unlike most colleges. We have block parties every now and then but nothing ever happens. Everyone gets along very well. My experience here has been nothing but great and I can't wait to see how the next four years of college will be like!
CSUCI is a very clean and quiet campus, totally awesome if you are trying to get in take classes and get out at an accelerated rate. It is conveniently located between a few world class surf breaks from Malibu to Pitas Point, to name a couple. If you are adventurous and independent, this school is a ton of fun.
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Being at channel State university is better than expected. I love how small the campus is and the class size. There is more of a intimacy with teachers and students.
I liked the fact that the classes were small and that the school encouraged students to get to know their professors. For the most part the professors were easily accessible and helpful. Although it is a great school, i wish there was more school spirit.
As a senior, I've enjoyed my educational experience on this campus. The professors I've had are and have been so professional and so helpful. I had transferred to the university from community college and I felt the transition was very easy and I felt well adjusted and prepared once I got to campus. The academic resources they have like the very modern library and writing center and the career center and academic adivising has definitely been such a wonderful help to my success of finally getting to graduate as a part of the Class of 2017 🤗🤗🤗
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